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Larry Flynt, Hustler Magazine Founder, Dies at 78…


Date: February 12, 2021

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“Larry Flynt, the founder and publisher of Hustler magazine, died on Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles, his brother Jimmy Flynt told the Washington Post. He was 78.

Flynt was an outspoken First Amendment supporter, and his magazine was involved in the milestone Hustler Magazine v. Falwell Supreme Court case in 1988 that set the standard for defamation cases against public figures.

Throughout the years, though, Flynt became outspoken about the First Amendment and free speech and said that this desire fomented in 1978, when he was shot by a sniper and left paralyzed from the waist down.

“When I was gunned down in the streets of Georgia and paralyzed, I saw that pretty much as my life being over. I made a calculated decision to spend the rest of my life devoted to expanding the parameters of free speech. Forty + years later, the fight continues,” he tweeted in 2019.”

I remember well, when my cousins would sneak “dirty” magazines out of my uncles considerable stash…Some of them were Hustler…

I was never a huge fan of Hustler, of course…but I have a great deal of respect, for Larry’s free speech championing.

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John Lennon…


Date: December 08, 2020

Yesterday at work it was floating through my mind…how ironic it is that one of the funny stories about the Beatles…is how scared they were to come to the USA, because of their fears of guns in this culture…and how so many of us, even today, would laugh at that and call the fear ridiculous…

…And yet, one of the four Beatles was murdered by gun…for no sane reason.

Today…I learn via the radio, that John Lennon was murdered forty years ago today.

Synchronicity strikes again…What a trip.

Of course…I remember the news of it…but I’m not terribly familiar with exact dates.

On December 08, 1980, John Lennon was murdered.

…So, today I give a memorial to John Lennon.

WATCHING THE WHEELS. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) – John Lennon (official music video HD):


Well… (Baby Please Don’t Go) (Ultimate Mix) (Bonus Track)

WOMAN. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) – John Lennon (official music video HD)

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James Randi…


Date: November 22, 2020

01) James Randi, famed magician and skeptic, dies at 92

“James “The Amazing” Randi loved magic. He was a celebrated escape artist who broke records set by Houdini and performed everywhere from the White House to Niagara Falls (dangling upside down over the falls in a straightjacket, naturally). And with his long white beard, he certainly fit the part of a wizard.

But he had no time for quacks whose “magic” duped its believers and even defrauded them. When he wasn’t performing magic himself, he worked tirelessly to debunk the deceivers.

Randi, one of the original challenges to media misinformation, died this week at age 92, the James Randi Educational Foundation confirmed. He’s survived by his husband, Jose, and fans whose pocketbooks and belief systems were saved by his skepticism.”

He died in October…wonderful guy.

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Eddie Van Halen, Hall of Famer Who Revolutionized the Guitar, Dead at 65 …


Date: October 06, 2020

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“Eddie Van Halen, the legendary guitar innovator and virtuoso who led Van Halen through five decades and three lead singers, establishing himself as one of the all-time great players in rock history, died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer. He was 65.”

…Absolutely not prepared to learn of this…[though I had a feeling in my gut, we were about to learn of another huge death…and here it is]…

Had no idea he was sick…Was hoping for another album or two, before the end.

It’s “funny”…

…A few months back, I purchased a CD “single” of Crossing Over…which I still have to rip to MP3.

While classic Van Halen is something I naturally loved, I wasn’t really familiar with Van Halen when those albums came out…”My” first Van Halen album was 1984…which is pretty much a perfect album…”My” second Van Halen album was 5150…

Both of these were phenomenal, though very different…and they captured an era in my life where my love for music was at it’s height…and it made them completely unforgettable.

My favorite classic Van Halen song is “I’ll Wait”…

My favorite Van Hagar song is…really hard to say…I love “Summer Nights”…I love “Dreams”…I love “When It’s Love”…I love the sorta, but not specifically, Van Halen songs “Eagles Fly” and “Give to Live”…I Love “Love Walks In”…

There is so much they brought to the table.

It’s hard to believe it’s over…especially since I had no idea, Eddy was terminally ill.

I thought we might eventually get a serious third era of Van Halen…or maybe another album with Sammy…

“A Different Kind of Truth” was worthy of respect…It was a decent enough album to end on…But I’d have really liked to have seen something…more.

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Kenny Rogers…


Date: March 26, 2020

01) Country Pop Superstar Kenny Rogers Dead at 81

“Country Pop Superstar Kenny Rogers Dead at 81
What a life. What a career. He charted over 120 songs in different genres like country, pop and adult contemporary and sold 100 million records worldwide. He’s won all the big music awards Grammys, AMAs, ACMs and CMAs and he’s in the Country Music Hall of Fame.”

Very sad to learn about this…I always liked Kenny Rogers.

Love Will Turn Around:

Through The Years:

Lionel Richie And Kenny Rogers Lady:

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Marie Fredriksson…


Date: January 06, 2020

01) Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies, aged 61

“Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson has died aged 61, her manager has confirmed.

The Swedish star achieved global success in the 1990s with hits like Joyride, The Look and It Must Have Been Love, from the film Pretty Woman.

A statement said the singer had died on Monday, 9 December “following a 17-year long battle with cancer”.

“You were the most wonderful friend for over 40 years,” her bandmate Per Gessle said. “Things will never be the same.”

Very sad to learn about this…I did not know she was in ill health…Roxette just seemed to fade away.

“Listen to Your Heart” was having its run on the radio, when I was in basic training…I absolutely love that song.

I love a number of their songs.

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