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Politicians who should not be.


“This” is the government we “deserve”?!…

The U.S. Already Has the Money For Healthcare, Housing, & Jobs For Everyone (w/ Steve Grumbine)…

Date: April 06, 2021

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One caveat…

There is a valid question of how much debt can be built up, before losing the ability to repay it.

How does that debt stack up, compared to the real world economy expected to repay it?

…Is that economy strong enough to repay it?…and what will the process of repaying do, to the people who have to survive in that economy?

Unless we expect capitalism to collapse and all debt to be forgiven, then these issues are not going away on their own.


Republicans Big MAD That Voters Hate Dark Money…

Date: April 05, 2021

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“In a recording of the call obtained by The New Yorker, conservative political operatives were upset that H.R. 1. — known as the For the People Act and, recently, S. 1 — has wide bipartisan support. They particularly took issue with provisions within the bill that would require disclosure of dark money donors, which they think could harm Republicans in particular.