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“This” is the government we “deserve”?!…

Lindsey Graham’s DESPERATE Attack on ActBlue…

Date: October 22, 2020

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“Why Lindsey Graham is SUDDENLY worried about campaign finance.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who has seen a tsunami of Democratic small-dollar donations flood the South Carolina Senate race, says the sources of the massive amounts of money flowing through ActBlue and other groups need to be reviewed by policymakers.

Graham says that Congress has little idea who’s behind the huge inflows of money that have given his opponent, Jaime Harrison, and other Democratic challengers a major fundraising advantage over GOP incumbents in the final weeks of the campaign.

“Where’s all this money coming from ActBlue coming from? How easy would it be to just have a bunch of pre-paid credit cards?” he asked The Hill.


Poor Flimsy Sham.


Michigan Voters Discuss The Terrorist Plot Against Gov. Whitmer: ‘Absolutely Despicable’…

Date: October 12, 2020

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“Voters in Detroit discuss the rise of white supremacist and anti-government militias in Michigan with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi during the fifth stop of the “Velshi Across America 2020” tour, covering eight swing states before the election.

Michigan Voters Discuss The Terrorist Plot Against Gov. Whitmer: ‘Absolutely Despicable’”


Trump: I Caught Covid From Veterans’ Families…

Date: October 10, 2020

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“rump says veterans’ families gave him Covid-19.

Donald Trump suggested on Thursday that relatives of fallen soldiers could have given him coronavirus after they visited the White House – as the timetable for the remaining two presidential debates between Trump and Biden was thrown into turmoil.

In a phone interview with the Fox Business TV channel on Thursday morning, Trump complained about coming into close contact with the veterans’ families in a gathering one day after an event at the White House where Trump nominated a new supreme court justice. Many senior figures in attendance at that event later tested positive for Covid-19.

Of the Gold Star families event at the White House on Sunday 27 September, Trump told Fox he “went through, like 35 people” whose family members had died, “and everyone had a different story”, adding: “I can’t back up and say: ‘Give me room. I want room. Give me 12 feet. Stay 12 feet away when you talk,’” he said.