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“This” is the government we “deserve”?!…

Trump Scolds Trudeau For Canada Burning Down White House (They Didn’t)…


Date: June 11, 2018

01) Trump Scolds Trudeau For Canada Burning Down White House (They Didn’t)

“We are now going to explain the War of 1812 to you. Why not?
We didn’t think we’d find ourselves here, either. But on Wednesday, CNN reported that the 206-year-old war figured prominently in a discussion between President Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada on May 25. According to CNN’s unnamed sources, President Trump asked Mr. Trudeau, “Didn’t you guys burn down the White House?”

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation then confirmed the CNN report. The Times has not independently confirmed the remarks.
It’s unclear if the president was trying to make a joke during what was, reportedly, a tense call about his decision to impose steep tariffs on metals imported from Canada, Mexico and the European Union.”

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It’s A Republican Campaign Ad Crazy-Off!…


Date: May 22, 2018

01) It’s A Republican Campaign Ad Crazy-Off!

“A Republican candidate for Georgia governor brags about his conservative credentials in a new ad released Wednesday, saying he has a “big truck” to “round up criminal illegals.”

Brian Kemp, the current secretary of state, is fresh off another ad in which he points a double-barreled shotgun at a teenage boy asking to go on a date with one of his daughters. Viewers complained to a local NBC affiliate about the ad, to which Kemp responded that “liberals in the media are losing their minds off a fake controversy.”

But now Kemp seems to be coming back for more controversy. In his new, and totally-not-compensating-for-anything ad, Kemp shows off his big chainsaw, big collection of big guns, and his big truck.


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Trump Is SCREWED: Cohen’s Money Web Has Been Revealed…


Date: May 12, 2018

01) Trump Is SCREWED: Cohen’s Money Web Has Been Revealed

Trump Melts Down As Michael Cohen Begins to Unravel:

“President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, contacted the drug giant Novartis after the 2016 election “promising access” to the new administration, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller later requested information from the company about the offer, a senior official inside Novartis told NBC News on Wednesday.

“He [Cohen] contacted us after the new administration was in place,” the official said. “He was promising access to the new administration.”

The disclosure came after an attorney representing the adult-film actress who says she had an affair with Trump released a summary of bank transactions that he says shows payments from various companies to a company controlled by Cohen.


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Paul Ryan’s Attack On House Chaplain Blows Up In His Face…


Date: May 05, 2018

01) Paul Ryan’s Attack On House Chaplain Blows Up In His Face

“After House Chaplain Rev. Patrick J. Conroy announced his resignation recently, the House was quick to point out that Conroy had been forced out of his position because Paul Ryan didn’t like his stance on poor people. With an outpouring of support from members of BOTH parties, Rev. Conroy decided to withdraw his resignation, and he’s now DARING Paul Ryan to come and fire him. Paul Ryan has lost a lot of fights during his career, but losing one to a Holy Man might be the biggest embarrassment yet for him. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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No More “Age Verification” Free Video Embedding…


Date: March 23, 2017

I’ve stopped using the embedding code, that sidesteps the YouTube age verification.

Potentially, you’ve noticed that a lot of the embedded videos from YouTube are all giving a playback error?

For years, I’ve used the embedding code that is supposed to let anyone watch a video outright, without worrying about logging into YouTube to verify their age…This was done as a courtesy to my visitors.

As always…YouTube has recently made changes to their website…and from the looks of it, they’ve disabled this method of embedding…whether intentional, or not.

This means for me, that I have already dropped the usage of it…To be honest, it was annoying having to deal with a few things about it, anyway…I’m glad to be done with it.

But, now a ton of embedded videos won’t play on this blog…Fortunately, this is why I’ve always included a direct link to the YouTube video page…So, there should be no real issue…Just click on the link…Watch it on YouTube.

All the best…

– Steve


Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election…


Date: November 09, 2016

01) Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election

“Donald J. Trump: “I’ve just received a call from Sec. Hillary Clinton. She congratulated us on our victory, and I congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign.”

I wont be celebrating Trump’s win…

…But I will be celebrating Hillary’s loss.

Too much entitlement…and too much arrogance with the “it’s my turn” chip on her shoulder…

…She got deservedly spanked.

If only her stooges hadn’t cheated Bernie…


…Oh no, it is not your turn, Hillary…It likely never will be.

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Hillary Clinton…


Date: September 07, 2016

01) Paul Krugman’s Latest Clinton Defense Reaches New Low

02) Julian Assange: ‘We Have Released Thousands of Cables Where Clinton Herself Has Used a ‘C’ in Brackets’

Why is this woman still considered to be a viable candidate, for U.S. president?

We need massive house cleaning in U.S. politics…And Hillary is a prime example, of what needs to be expunged.

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Bernie Sanders: ‘Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president’…


Date: July 26, 2016

01) Bernie Sanders: ‘Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president’

“Sen. Bernie Sanders delivered a rousing speech in which he implored the rebellious band of political revolutionaries who backed his presidential campaign to line up behind his former primary rival, Hillary Clinton.

After several minutes of roaring applause, Sanders addressed the elephant in the room. Many of his supporters insist they will refuse to back Clinton, the party’s presumptive nominee. Throughout the primary, Sanders and his team alleged the Democratic National Committee was biased in favor of Clinton. The leak of emails over the weekend — which showed that DNC staffers were working to undermine Sanders’ bid — fueled protests at the convention that even led to Sanders himself being booed earlier in the day. In his speech, Sanders acknowledged the anger many of his supporters feel.”

You know…I realize Bernie was a long shot from the start…and this was a probable outcome, all along…

…But given everything that has transpired…This should not be happening.

Bernie was supposed to stay on the campaign trail, and keep the momentum going into the Democratic convention…But it died, what?…a month ago?…

I get it, that we have something that we can harness…and I still love Bernie Sanders, as a human being…

…I just wonder if Bernie has been politically destroyed by this…and whether whatever it is we have on our hands, can organize…get a leader…and finally slay this corruption.

I wish Bernie had ran as an independent…The people would have rallied around him, just like they did as a Democrat…and he probably would not be bowing out, right now.

…We are in for another four year block of being screwed over…and all that that entails.

I predict Hillary will be the next U.S. President…And she will do so, entirely without my vote.

But then…given all of us who are refusing to vote for her…who knows.

Did you ever think we would get to a point, where both major candidates were so overwhelmingly disliked and unwanted?…Where they were both openly exposed as this corrupt?…and that the establishment just doesn’t give a shit…but expects us to pick one of them?

Take a snap shot of this, USA…and look at it everyday, for the duration of the next presidential term…

It’s time to get so angry…that this never happens again.

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The Intelligent Anti-Establishment Candidate Would Have Been Bernie Sanders…


Date: June 26, 2016

01) Clinton Delegate Beats Sanders Supporter With Cane (VIDEO)

We cant blame “the democrats”, for one ornery old goat who needs to be put out to pasture…But the way Sanders supporters had their microphones shut off on them?…That speaks volumes, and just continues showing us what contempt is held towards people who can see, “business as usual” is killing our country.

The people who are driving this country into it’s grave, are still in control.

As an extra slap in the face…they actually think that they will get our vote for their establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton…a politician who models, just exactly the sort of corruption the Bernie Sanders movement arose and swelled to depose.

They want us to shut up and hand them our vote…They do not represent us…They wont stand by us, nor fight for us…They’ll just keep advancing a path, which is hurting us all [except the super wealthy minority].

You know what is so enraging about all of this?…

…Bernie Sanders is the only genuine, anti-establishment alternative…

…Yet, because of a myriad of underhanded tactics, he has been pushed out of the race…And now, the only “anti-establishment” candidate left, is Donald Trump…

We’ve been robbed of our true anti-establishment choice…and given Donald Trump, as the token candidate…to make Hillary look “good” by comparison, in her scripted “destiny” to be shoehorned into the U.S. presidency…

That is the way it is being played on us.

…And they think we are going to flock to Hillary, in order to stop Donald Trump…and that this is all the motivation they need to give us?…Beyond that, it’s all middle fingers?

I’m just about prepared to vote for Donald Trump, just to spite the democratic party…in hopes of derailing the Clinton coup…Let them take their grand plan of making history, and shove it back up their butts…They are the last people on this planet, who deserve the accomplishment or the accolades…The way they would have accomplished it, is just despicable.

…It’s time to snatch it from their jaws.

I do not agree with Bernie Sanders, that Hillary must be voted for in order to keep Trump out of the white house…The Hillary people are already snubbing the Bernie people…The democratic party, is not the place where we are going to get anywhere…

I don’t know if Bernie made a mistake in becoming a democrat, and using their party to attempt becoming U.S. president…But I do think he is making a mistake, in bowing out and not jumping to a third party for it’s nomination.

I think he is making a major mistake, by supporting Hillary…someone who embodies, all that is wrong with politics in the U.S…someone who is opposed, to nearly all of the vital issues Bernie stands for. Bernie is becoming subordinate, because he thinks Trump would be a disaster…

…Well…Yes…Trump would be a disaster, and a shock to the system…

…We need a serious shake up, and a shock to the system in U.S. politics…right now…

…The establishment wants to snatch away our viable candidate [Bernie Sanders], and leave us with Donald Trump?…You want to corner us, by leaving us with an “anti-establishment” candidate so outrageous?…

…Do you really want to play chicken with our political system, like this?…

Very well…

…Unless I find some extremely compelling third party candidate, who is doing what Bernie should be doing right now…then I am going to vote for the dancing clown of wall street [Donald Trump], solely to spite Hillary and her sheep…in hopes of making certain, that she never becomes U.S. president.

You want to treat us like this?…Fuck You!…Your attitude, your self entitlement and your platform, are all rotten to the core…

…There needs to be a serious house cleaning in U.S. politics…and all of the Hillary people [amongst so many others], need to be gone.

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