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Date: April 06, 2018


“1.Moley chef


3.Embr Wave

4.Nintendo Labo

5.Scentee Machina






The kitchen robot is awesome.


Becoming Anonymous: The Complete Guide To Maximum Security Online (2017/2018)…


Date: February 27, 2018

01) Becoming Anonymous: The Complete Guide To Maximum Security Online (2017/2018)

Notice of Raw Links:

“LINKS (By Order of Appearance):

Techlore Scoring PDF Guide:

How Secure is my Password:

Free Password Manager Video:

Google Authenticator (Play Store):

Google Authenticator (App Store):



What is a VPN?:

NordVPN Review:


Signal Messenger:




uBlock Origin:

Privacy Badger:

HTTPS Everywhere:

Google My Activity:

F-Droid Store:

LineageOS ROM:

CopperheadOS ROM:

Tor Browser:

Orbot (Play Store):

Orfox (Play Store):

Firefox Focus (Play Store):

Red Onion (App Store):

Firefox Focus (App Store):

Coinbase Referral Link:


Delete Your Account:




SOURCES (By Order of Appearance):

Harvard Gazette Online Security:

The Verge Facebook Lawsuit:

CBS News Data Broker:

NBC News Equifax Data Breach:

Good Security Questions:

NordVPN on SMS 2FA Security:

How a VPN Works? (Lego Video):

Makeuseof FB Messenger Privacy:

FindLaw Email Privacy Concerns:

LifeHacker Chrome Data Collection:

PCWorld Linux More Secure:


Stephen Wolfram’s Take on Artificial Intelligence & The Future of Humanity…


Date: February 20, 2018

01) Stephen Wolfram’s Take on Artificial Intelligence & The Future of Humanity

“Stephen Wolfram is a computer scientist, physicist, and businessman. He is known for his work in computer science, mathematics, and in theoretical physics. He is the author of the book A New Kind of Science.”


AI Codes its Own ‘AI Child’ – Artificial Intelligence breakthrough!…


Date: February 02, 2018

01) AI Codes its Own ‘AI Child’ – Artificial Intelligence breakthrough!

” Citation:


Organic Computing…


Date: January 09, 2018

01) Organic Computing

” Organic computers are based on living, biological “wetware”. This video reports on organic computing research in areas including DNA storage and massively parallel DNA processing, as well as the potential development of biochips and entire biocomputers. “

I’m wondering what you have to do, to maintain such a thing…It’s living matter, after all…If it does not get nourishment, wont it die and rot away?

Do we have a future in front of us, where we have to literally feed our computers?


Google’s self-learning AI AlphaZero masters chess in 4 hours…


Date: December 22, 2017

01) Google’s self-learning AI AlphaZero masters chess in 4 hours

“Google’s AI AlphaZero has shocked the chess world. Leaning on its deep neural networks, and general reinforcement learning algorithm, DeepMind’s AI Alpha Zero learned to play chess well beyond the skill level of master, besting the 2016 top chess engine Stockfish 8 in a 100-game match. Alpha Zero had 28 wins, 72 draws, and 0 losses. Impressive right? And it took just 4 hours of self-play to reach such a proficiency. What the chess world has witnessed from this historic event is, simply put, mind-blowing! AlphaZero vs Magnus Carlsen anyone? 🙂

19-page paper via Cornell University Library


CHIP $9 Computer…


Date: October 22, 2017

01) CHIP $9 Computer

“This video reviews the CHIP $9 single board computer that at the time of upload was sold by the Next Thing Co, but which is now apparently discontinued.

Weekly videos on other single board computers and a wide range of computing-related topics can be found at:

CHIP v Raspberry Pi Zero:

This is just fascinating…

It’s to bad you cant get these CHIPs anymore.

They could be quite useful, if you need a quick, inexpensive computer…or, you want something dispensable, where you can surf the net and not worry about picking up viruses and such things.

…If you can get more…this is the type of computer you could afford to lose, and not even so much care about it.


No More “Age Verification” Free Video Embedding…


Date: March 23, 2017

I’ve stopped using the embedding code, that sidesteps the YouTube age verification.

Potentially, you’ve noticed that a lot of the embedded videos from YouTube are all giving a playback error?

For years, I’ve used the embedding code that is supposed to let anyone watch a video outright, without worrying about logging into YouTube to verify their age…This was done as a courtesy to my visitors.

As always…YouTube has recently made changes to their website…and from the looks of it, they’ve disabled this method of embedding…whether intentional, or not.

This means for me, that I have already dropped the usage of it…To be honest, it was annoying having to deal with a few things about it, anyway…I’m glad to be done with it.

But, now a ton of embedded videos won’t play on this blog…Fortunately, this is why I’ve always included a direct link to the YouTube video page…So, there should be no real issue…Just click on the link…Watch it on YouTube.

All the best…

– Steve