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Honda e: the EV that electric car haters love – Jonny Smith CarPervert…


Date: February 25, 2020

01) Honda e: the EV that electric car haters love – Jonny Smith CarPervert

“The Honda e is probably the most fascinating EV without a Tesla badge. In fact it’s probably more fascinating, because its design alone captured the attention and desire of legions of car enthusiasts who don’t even bloody like electric cars.
This 137 mile range Pokemon faced thing has a 35.5kWh battery pack which can be rapid charged in half an hour at 100kw. 0-62 takes 8.3 seconds with this 150hp launch edition car, but you will be able to option it with 134hp thereafter.

On paper it almost loses in every respect to its plug-in peers, but there’s a charm to the £27,000 e, and for some that’s enough. Using the power of finance you’ll be able to live with one from under £300 a month. Regardless of whether you give a toss about zero emission cars, there is no denying this kind of design is precisely what Honda does best. I hope they do more small, slightly-retro-but-not rear wheel drive cars in the near future. Oh, the power of dreams…”


15 Leading Vehicles All Electric for 2020 – New and Upcoming…


Date: February 18, 2020

01) 15 Leading Vehicles All Electric for 2020 – New and Upcoming

“As we move into the new decade, these leading all electric vehicles are swiftly charging ahead with radical changes in design and propulsion. The trend is clear, with technological breakthroughs and new materials paving the way, cementing their place in the future of transportation as their foothold becomes more prominent.

In this video, we’re bringing you 15 all electric vehicles that we’ve found to be shockingly amazing!”


12 Most Amazing Vehicles In The World…


Date: November 11, 2019

01) 12 Most Amazing Vehicles In The World

“Not every vehicle that’s built was designed to transport people or goods. Some of them have complicated and unique purposes, and they’ve been engineered to perform just one task. Others have been built just because a genius engineer wanted to show the world what they’re capable of! This video is full of spectacular and specific machines, all of which are spectacular feats of design.”


Data Dignity: Jaron Lanier Fixes the Internet…


Date: October 28, 2019

01) Jaron Lanier Fixes the Internet

“Computer scientist and futurist Jaron Lanier has a plan to fix the internet. This Silicon Valley maverick has a radical vision for how we can all earn money from our data.

Every time you click on a website — yes, even that ad right there — a company is keeping a little bit of your information, and someone somewhere is making money off of it.

Lanier argues that every bit of data out there belongs to the person who created it, and if anyone should be getting paid for it, it’s you. He has a plan to make this happen.



10 Awesome Houseboats and Future Floating Homes…


Date: October 24, 2019

01) 10 Awesome Houseboats and Future Floating Homes

“Today, we look a variety of houseboats, some available now, and some in the near future.

Highlights from this video include solar-powered houseboats, functional boat homes that use the water around them to keep heated and cooled, modular floating buildings, prefab houseboats with a minimal energy footprint, and floating hotel rooms.”

I think most of these qualify as tiny homes…if very expensive tiny homes.

I’d love to own one.