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NEW Affordable PREFAB HOMES Just Released!…


Date: June 29, 2022

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“The latest affordable prefab home options has officially been released! I’ve been following Azure Printed Homes for awhile now and they recently let me know they have a brand new concept that will retail starting at $39,900.00. They now have a lineup of homes ranging in size from 180 sq ft all the way up to a 900 square foot 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home. The last time I talked about Azure they hadn’t released floor plans or pricing and now we have access to their entire lineup along with how much they cost. In this video I talk about who they are, what they’re building and when you’ll be able to get one of their homes. Watch and learn more about a company looking to disrupt the construction industry with a completely new way to build.”


DALL·E mini – Generate Images from Any Text Prompt…


Date: June 22, 2022

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“DALL·E mini is an AI model that can generate images from any prompt you give!
The model is still training and keeps improving over time.”

02) DALL·E 2

“DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.”

03) ruDALL-E Demo

“Write a text query and get an image generated by ruDALL-E “

Not sure if this is the best demo, or my query was just to complex…but I entered…

“Scared Goat Piggy Back Riding Joe Biden On A Bicycle”

…And I got this:

My second query was…

“Cow Fighting A Monkey”

…And I got this:

It takes a few minutes to actually generate a picture.

There arguably might be a goat and bicycle in the first picture…But I do not see a monkey in the second picture!

Third attempt = Corn Cob Shark

…Well…my “hopes and dreams” that I just developed at breakneck speed, about twenty minutes ago, are thoroughly dashed!

Is there a better demo online?

01) A.I. software called DALL-E turns your words into pictures

“Google and OpenAI are among companies that have developed artificial intelligence models that generate images based on text.

Pictures from a publicly-available tool called DALL-E Mini have become trendy on social media.

As with other AI technologies, there are moral and ethical concerns about how the products will be used.”


Setting up a new Telegard BBS in 2021…


Date: June 18, 2022

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“#bbs #pc #dos A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon a printout of a CBBS bulletin board system session that happened 40 years ago last month. As a former BBS user and sysop, this was really exciting to me as CBBS is the grandaddy of all bulletin board software. I immediately wanted to set up a CBBS system afterwards and see what it was like, and how it compared to the Telegard system I ran as a youth, but…

Yeah CBBS is a *lot* more complicated to install. That will take a while for me to figure out, and then there’s the non-trivial matter of finding the right hardware. So that’s a future project. But I’ve got serious BBS nostalgia right now! So I decided to dust off Telegard 2.7 and install it just as I would have 30 years ago this fall, when my highschool had me set one up for them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane. I’d originally wanted to restore a backup of my original BBS that I made to tape, but alas, I cannot find it! So we’ll just have to start from scratch and see what I remember.. or not.”

I wish I’d had my C64 online back in the day…I probably still could get the hardware and do it, but…why bother?

From what I understand, some people still maintain an active BBS on old computers.

That’s kind of neat.


What Happened To Giant Hovercraft?…


Date: June 17, 2022

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“When the first hovercraft debuted in the summer 1959, it stunned the world as it appeared to almost magically float over any surface. It was a new kind of machine that could travel almost anywhere, on land, water, or just about any other surface.

The first prototype hovercraft, designed by British engineer Christopher Cockerell, was a mere demonstrator for the technology, but in just a few short years hovercraft would go from being a curiosity to promising to herald in a new transport revolution. Britain, the United States, and France poured millions into hovercraft development, both for civilian and military purposes.

The British would quickly emerge as leaders in hovercraft development and adoption. Small scale hovercraft transport services began popping up throughout the country only two years after the hovercraft first made its debut.

The pinnacle of British hovercraft design was the enormous SR.N4. The largest version was capable of transporting sixty cars and as many passengers as a Boeing 747 jumbo jet at speeds of up to 130 km/hr. By the end of the 1970s, these iconic hovercraft carried nearly a third of all passenger traffic on the English Channel, playing an important role in connecting Britain to Continental Europe.

But 50 years after they were introduced, giant hovercraft have all but disappeared. The transport revolution that was once promised, never arrived.”


Windows 11 Must Be Stopped – A Veteran PC Repair Shop Owner’s Dire Warning – Jody Bruchon…

Date: May 16, 2022

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“The requirements for Windows 11 include UEFI, Secure Boot, and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). This is how Microsoft will make every piece of computing hardware submit to their whims within the next decade. Do you own your computer or not?”

02) LINK

Windows 11 Must Be Stopped: THE SEQUEL – Jody Bruchon:

“This is a follow-up to my popular Windows 11 video. I respond to several of the common comments and criticisms and give a lot more detail. Unfortunately, it’s a long one, but none of it wastes your time. Feel free to speed it up, or listen instead of watch.”

Microsoft does whatever it wants, whenever it wants…and the nameless, faceless people behind all of this are entirely out of reach…or even contact…as far as I can see.

I’m currently dealing with the layered on bullshit, of the chronic reboot raping Microsoft has been doing to me for a year and a half, with rapid fire updates that wont stop coming…

…I literally rebooted to install…just to have this system tell me I had another update waiting for install, after it became stable again…So, I reboot the day after last reboot…just to have another fucking update appear the very next day, after two days of rebooting and waiting…Fucking Microsoft CUNTS!!!

This is the primary reason my activity has fallen off a cliff these last few days…and I still have to reboot for the third update…It’s complete bullshit…I cant even use this piece of shit computer…

I need to do some serious backup of data and work…do a reboot to get that out of the way…then I’m going to try installing something from Microcunts […Oh!…Excuse me…Microshit…Oops!…Microshaft…Oh!, you know what I mean!], which is supposed to reinstall and fix fundamental registries…code…whatever…critical stuff for WinBlows 10.

Why wont they just leave me the fuck alone?

I think…I just might go into “the big city”, and buy a Mac…Maybe I’ll do it tonight…Take my first step at migration…Jesus, I fucking hate this…I have no idea what all I’m going to be losing, where it comes to all my favorite software I am familiar with and use religiously…and what purchased licenses may no longer be of use to me…and all the pain in the ass, of moving my content to a new computer…juggling everything all over the place, so I don’t lose anything [which is highly probable to happen]…I don’t want to have to relearn new software, or buy any licenses.

I more less have this PC how I want it, software, links and folder structure wise…It’s logged into so, so many of my online accounts…and now I’m going to have to manually get an entire new computer up to speed with that…Fuck!…

I’m not buying another WinBlows PC…Those fuckers are to invasive, and they don’t give a single fuck about their customers.