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How a self-promoting TV detective, obsessed with celebrity sex abusers, helped police ruin the lives of Sir Cliff and a string of other famous faces… who all turned out to be TOTALLY INNOCENT…

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Date: November 06, 2018

01) How a self-promoting TV detective, obsessed with celebrity sex abusers, helped police ruin the lives of Sir Cliff and a string of other famous faces… who all turned out to be TOTALLY INNOCENT

“• Sir Cliff Richard, Jim Davidson, Freddie Starr and Lord Brittan accused of abuse

• TV ‘detective’ Mark Williams-Thomas publicised names of high profile suspects

• He was the source of up to 20 suspects’ names submitted to Operation Yewtree

• Release of names at the early stage of the police ‘tainted the whole investigation’

• Top detective said it created the presumption of guilt and ‘ruined innocent lives’

Question: What do the entertainers Sir Cliff Richard, Jim Davidson and Freddie Starr, as well as the late former Home Secretary Lord Brittan, have in common?

Answer: They have all lived – and in the case of Lord Brittan, died – under the shadow of being falsely accused of historical sexual abuse, although none of them was ever charged with a crime, much less convicted.

And in every case their names have been dragged through the mud thanks in part to the actions of one man, a former policeman turned award-winning TV ‘detective’ called Mark Williams-Thomas.

Williams-Thomas was the man behind ITV’s 2012 documentary revealing the late Jimmy Savile was a paedophile.

Since then he has become a regular fixture on This Morning and presenter of further documentaries, including The Investigator, made by Simon Cowell’s company Syco.

Savile, of course, became a touchstone for a widespread belief that numerous powerful paedophiles had been allowed to get away with terrible crimes.

Understandably, perhaps, the author of Savile’s posthumous downfall became determined to build on this first success.

But a major investigation by this newspaper today poses a troubling question: in his zeal to claim further scalps did Williams-Thomas help ruin the lives of a string of famous men who turned out to be totally innocent?”

Mark Williams-Thomas should be sued into oblivion…and spend the rest of his life in a prison cell.

What he did, is terrorism.


Bobby Wolfe Deleted His Corey Feldman Videos…


Date: November 05, 2018

01) Bobby Wolfe Channel

This was probably inevitable.

…I think they threatened [or carried out] a law suit against him.

Has he given up?

On another note…

…I was thinking about featuring his “Monster Hunters” series…

…Though, it could end up falling into the same pitfalls, as the usual stuff “about pedophiles”…

…I don’t have it in me anymore, to deeply dissect and deconstruct long videos.

What do you think?

…Is it worth giving them a post?…I’ve not really watched a full one, yet.


Janice’s Journal: Pedophiles Deserve Death Penalty…


Date: November 05, 2018

01) Janice’s Journal: Pedophiles Deserve Death Penalty

“The son of Rev. Billy Graham, Rev. Franklin Graham, declared on National Public Radio this weekend [September 06, 2018] that pedophiles deserve the death penalty. He also declared that we are a nation of laws.

Not only is Rev. Graham’s first statement outrageous, it is undermined and contradicted by his second statement. Why? Because the laws in many states do not include the death penalty. Furthermore, most of the 31 states that do have a death penalty law do not apply that law to an individual who is convicted solely of a sex offense.

It is noteworthy that Rev. Graham made this outrageous statement during an interview that was not on the topic of either pedophiles or the death penalty. Instead, the topic of the interview was advertised as an evangelist’s view of President Donald Trump.”

I ask you sincerely, who deserves these words of vulgar abuse and hate, merely for daring to live, love and be loved?…

Have no doubt, that Child Love and Teen Love are a pure form of love…genuine and worthy of defense, no matter what some may say about it…


Drunk Driving Arrest of Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Brian Filipiak…


Date: October 29, 2018

01) Drunk Driving Arrest of Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Brian Filipiak

“On November 13, 2016 Lt. Brian Filipiak of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office was arrested on suspicion of “super drunk” driving in northern Michigan’s Montmorency County.


00:15 Montmorency County Sheriff Deputy Zachery Morrison passed the pickup truck driven by Brian Filipiak, an off duty Lieutenant of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office and turns around in pursuit.
00:45 The pickup truck is seen swerving over the fog line, into the shoulder, then back left over the center line.
1:00 Filipiak pulls his truck to the side of the road as he passes a Michigan DNR officer who was also responding to the 9-1-1 calls for a reckless driver.
1:20 Deputy Morrison approaches the driver
1:27 BODYCAM FOOTAGE BEGINS – The assisting DNR officer can be seen on the other side of the truck.
2:54 Deputy Morrison returns to the truck to have Filipiak take a field sobriety test.
11:50 Deputy Morrison beings to physically remove Filipiak from the truck.
13:25 Deputy Morrison and the assisting DNR office attempt to pull Filipiak from the truck.
13:48 Deputy Morrison warns Filipiak he’ll be tasered if he does not exit the truck.
16:53 Filipiak is placed under arrest.
20:08 Filipiak states he wants a “Cop to a Cop” deal
21:17 Both officers struggle to get Filipiak in the back seat of the police cruiser.”

My goodness!…

…what happens when a cop is engaged in a truly dangerous crime, and the shoe is on the other foot!…

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Q Gets Sent to the YouTube Deep, Dark, Lonely, Desolate Corner…


Date: October 17, 2018


” ( Q – The Plan To Save The World )
(Anonymous Information)

Certain features have been disabled for this video

In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. [YouTube]”

I’ve been wondering what YouTube Video Hell looks like…This is the first time I’ve seen it…

…You can’t even put this video on a list…It’s totally isolated, from nearly every form of sharing…or association…They don’t even make getting to the uploaders account easy.

This video was published just today…and it’s already banished.

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Del Harvey: A Name Curiously Absent From #TwitterGate [#opTwitterGate] Complaints…


Date: October 05, 2018

Del Harvey is head [VP] of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Team

01) Her Twitter Account

02) “Just an Ass-Backward Tech Company”: How Twitter Lost the Internet War

“Del Harvey, Twitter’s resident troll hunter, has a fitting, if unusual, backstory for somebody in charge of policing one of the Internet’s most ungovernable platforms. As a teenager, she spent a summer as a lifeguard at a state mental institution; at 21, she began volunteering for Perverted Justice, a vigilante group that lures pedophiles into online chat rooms and exposes their identities. When the group partnered with NBC in 2004 to launch To Catch a Predator, Harvey posed as a child to help put pedophiles in jail. In 2008, she joined Twitter, then a small status-updating service whose 140-character quirk was based on the amount of alphanumerics that could be contained on a flip-phone screen. She was employee No. 25, and her job was to combat spam accounts.

Harvey’s bildungsroman is legend inside Twitter, where she now serves as vice president of trust and safety, effectively commanding a massive, never-ending war between the company’s censors and a legion of Russian bots, sexual harassers, neo-Nazis, and Turkish hackers who have, at times, seemed to overwhelm the platform. For the past decade, she has been at the forefront of that battle…”

03) Meet Del Harvey, Twitter’s Troll Patrol

“Harvey was the 25th employee at Twitter, where her official title is vice president of trust and safety, but she’s more like Silicon Valley’s chief sanitation officer, dealing with the dirtiest stuff on Twitter: spam, harassment, child exploitation, threats of rape and murder.”

04) How to keep 240 million Twitter users safe: Del Harvey at TED2014

“Del Harvey is watching what you’re doing on Twitter. Head of the Trust and Safety Team at the social network, she develops ways to keep Twitter’s 240 million-plus users safe. With that many people — sending 500 million tweets every day — dangerous things are bound to happen, she says at TED2014.

For Harvey, the day-to-day is hardly boring. “My job is to ensure user trust, protect users’ rights, and keep users safe — both from each other and, at times, from themselves,” she says. “The vast majority of activity on Twitter puts no one in harm’s way; my job is to root out activity that might. [At Twitter], a one-in-a-million chance happens 500 times a day.”

What is #TwitterGate?

The people behind #TwitterGate are attempting to advance the narrative, that Jack Dorsey [president of Twitter] is actively, and intentionally, allowing “child pornography”, “child rape”, “child grooming”, and activities of the like, to run rampant on Twitter…

Their “proof” seemingly can be summed up, with their pointing to legal MAP accounts which openly exist on Twitter, and their baseless, false assertion that “Twitter is allowing the aforementioned activities to exist on it’s platform”…

In Reality:

What is factually happening, is that a bunch of zealots are attempting to spread a false story, stir up wide spread anger, in hopes of pressuring Jack Dorsey into expunging all MAP accounts from Twitter…Because they haven’t been successful with other avenues, in forcing the removal of people who fully comply with Twitters TOS and community standards.

This is a brazen hate campaign.

A Practical Question:

If Jack can bare the brunt of this blame…and all of this hyperbolic assertion can be laid at his feet…

…Then what does this say about the head of Twitters “first line of defense”, Del Harvey?…

…Because…these people are indicting her, by extension…In fact…Del is right down in the trenches…where as Jack, is much more removed…It would seem, Del has a much more immediate hand on these issues.

…Jack can’t “accomplish his [alleged] treachery”, without the acquiescence of Del…

…So…why are these people dragging Jack through the mud…but not Del?

…This makes absolutely no logical sense.

…She is mysteriously missing, in this blame game…despite that some of these bad actors definitely know who she is…They all have a history, together…But it’s very ‘hush, hush’, these days…likely for convenience.

Do You Know Who Del Harvey Is?…Or, What We Are Expected To Believe:

Many may not know this…but I’ve been watching this for well in excess of a decade…and a lot of us MAPs know exactly who Del Harvey is [including by her legal name]…We know her history…what she has associated herself with…and what she has done…

She was not just associated with Perverted Justice [an online hate organization, recognized as a cult and/or dangerous group, which employed terrorism, smearing and blackmail (and possible planting of child porn, to frame it’s victims)]…She was one of the three core members [the only members to attain large personal financial gain from the groups activities], who held legal responsibility [and authority] over “Perverted Justice”.

Despite their claims that “Everybody they targeted was caught in their stings, and hence had broken the law”…Perverted Justice actually targeted, threatened, harassed and terrorized MAPs, who they randomly found online…One of the most notorious examples of this, was their targeting of Free Spirits, BoyChat and it’s individual community members.

This led to a completely illegal and bogus “sex offender register”, entirely fabricated by Perverted Justice…because these petty sociopaths were angry, that they could not get BoyChat [Free Spirits] banned from the internet.

My point being…Del Harvey has a long history, being associated and in charge of criminal fanatic zealots…who were willing to do anything, just to injure a MAP…even if only for the petty thrill of it.

…This says an incredible amount about Del, herself…

…And while she has quietly tried to slink away from her past…and who knows…maybe she has philosophically softened, from the rigid, cruel individual that she was in Perverted Justice…it doesn’t change the fact, that she has been a ravenous enemy of MAPs…

…How is it…that we are expected to believe…that Del Harvey is complacent over “child grooming”, “child porn”, “child rape”, and so on…on the platform she is expected to guide and guard?…

…Again…this makes no logical sense…

…Nothing would lead a thinking, rational mind to the conclusion…that Del would tolerate any such thing…

…So…how is it that #TwitterGate could even be an authentic thing, given everything that we know?

It would demand that Del has done a 180 degree change, on all of her historical stances…and what she has put so much on the line for…

Supremacist zealots don’t change their stripes like that.

I’m Calling Bull Shit On #TwitterGate:

This is so clearly a ploy by bad actors…it is honestly pathetic.

Only people who aren’t aware of the history at play here, would buy into such a brazen lie.

…The bad actors pushing this narrative, are counting on your total ignorance.


TwitterGate: Anonymous is Harassing Jack Dorsey [9 days to answer their questions]…


Date: September 27, 2018

01) #TwitterGate

Now…this #TwitterGate campaign is being waged, under the assertion that “thousands of Twitter accounts are posting child porn, child rape, etc. and Twitter wont do anything about it”…

…Which, if you know anything about Twitter’s jolly enthusiasm for dropping the axe on these sorts of accounts [and abusive accounts of varying stripes]…and if you know anything about the penchant of “pedophile hunters” for smearing people, making up false stories and outright lying through their teeth solely to hurt their target…

…then you know, that their definition of “child pornography” can be just about anything at all…including content, which is absolutely not child pornography…

…You also know there is an excellent chance, that you’re dealing with a kleptomaniac…a sociopath who constantly lies.

I’m certainly not saying, there aren’t accounts that post that type of thing…There are billions of people on this planet…”Child porn” isn’t necessarily illegal, in every single country…and laws aren’t uniform everywhere…It’s not inconceivable, that somebody might post such content…

But, here’s the thing…

…We are witnessing the same old “PizzaGate” playbook in action, here…and these “pedophile hunters” intermingling their attacks on the legal accounts of law abiding MAPs, with all of their rhetoric…like a bait and switch…

#TwitterGate has all the aroma, of #PizzaGate and #PedoGate…in that they appear to be trying to dupe the public, work that public up into a frenzy of anger…and direct that anger at people who aren’t even doing anything illegal…let alone immoral, or unethical…or in violation of terms of service, for that matter…

…There’s also plenty of brazen, deluded calls to ban all MAPs and sympathizers from Twitter…All the crap you expect out of these sorts.

I don’t have a whole lot of faith, that they will succeed with this campaign…After all, you’d be talking about a death sentence for Twitter, if this type of subjective manipulation were allowed to set policy for the whole website…It would also be a nightmare for Jack and company to deal with, having all these self appointed “authorities” making constant [often unreasonable] demands of them.

I’m aware they’re all pissy and outraged, that they’re unable to deplatform anyone they feel like smearing and harming…This is the problem with “anonymous”…They have so many weak minded people amongst their ranks, who are extremists and sociopathic…just dying to exercise their “power” over other people. They’re no better than any other hysterical witch hunting crusade…In fact, they’re worse, because they try to hold themselves outside of all accountability.

That’s all Jack and Twitter needs…A self appointed, nameless, faceless group, which sanctions “proper” users of Twitter…As if Twitter doesn’t have enough cancerous problems, as it is…That is not something Jack wants to yield too…The demands and damage will be endless…on a platform which can ill afford this type of overbearing interference.


Alex Jones’ Cryptic Interview: ‘I’m Ready To Die… I’m Close To God’…


Date: September 24, 2018

01) Alex Jones’ Cryptic Interview: ‘I’m Ready To Die… I’m Close To God’

“Alex Jones said that his mission to destroy the globalist conspiracy has been completed and that he is at peace with himself and “ready to die.”

Patrick Bet-David, the host of the Valuetainment YouTube channel, a platform mostly dedicated to topics on business and entrepreneurship, sat down for a one-on-one interview with Jones that was uploaded to YouTube on September 13. During the interview, Bet-David repeatedly pressed Jones to answer whether he believed he was responsible for his de-platforming and what regrets he had, if any…



Behind the Bastards: Alex Jones…


Date: September 23, 2018

01) Part One: Alex Jones: The Godfather of Fake

“Alex Jones has been banned from Facebook, Twitter, the App Store and pretty much every other mainstream app that is capable of somehow spreading information. In Episode 22, Robert is joined by Noel Brown and Benjamin Bowlin (Ridiculous History and Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know) and they discuss how Alex Jones became an architect of modern conservative media.”

02) Part Two: How Alex Jones Got Rich at the Low, Low Price of Other People’s Lives

“This is Part Two of our trilogy on Alex Jones, Robert dives back into the madness with Noel Brown and Benjamin Bowlin (Ridiculous History and Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know)”

03) Part Three: The Fall of Alex Jones

Even I didn’t imagine Alex was bringing in twenty million dollars in a year.

I just figured he’s been out there for so many years, that he’s undoubtedly amassed a substantial amount of money…I didn’t think he was wealthy, on the level of being a serious multi-millionaire.


Valuetainment Exclusive Interview…


Date: September 14, 2018

01) Alex Jones “I’m Ready to Die” – Exclusive Interview After Being Banned

“Alex Jones opens up to Patrick Bet-David amidst all the large social media platforms banning him and his conspiracy theories.

About Alex Jones:

Alexander Emric Jones is an American radio show host and conspiracy theorist. He hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas, which airs on the Genesis Communications Network across the United States and online.

About Valuetainment:

Founded in 2012 by Patrick Bet-David, our goal is to impact entrepreneurs around the world through value and entertainment. We are the #1 channel for entrepreneurs because of the best interviews, best how to videos, best case studies and because we defend capitalism and educate entrepreneurs.

To reach the Valuetainment team you can email:

Because of the interviewer, this is a good interview…or, as good as it can get, with someone like Alex Jones. I’ve never seen an Alex Jones interview, quite like this one.

Of course…they have to eventually virtue signal, by both condemning “child molesters”…for no obvious reason to the interview…

…A weird period of this interview, since it’s not especially relevant…They just sort of dump it in there.

…How terribly cliché.

Alex is just as deluded as ever.