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Montana Man Allegedly Leaves Boy ‘Bleeding Out of His Ears’ and ‘Seizing on the Ground’ for ‘Disrespecting the National Anthem’…

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Date: August 07, 2019

01) Montana Man Allegedly Leaves Boy ‘Bleeding Out of His Ears’ and ‘Seizing on the Ground’ for ‘Disrespecting the National Anthem’

“A Montana man allegedly assaulted a 13-year-old boy who he believed had disrespected the American national anthem at a county fair in the state. Curt James Brockway, 39, of Superior, is accused of assaulting the boy at the Mineral County Fair and Rodeo at around 11 p.m. on Saturday.

“There was a little boy lying on the ground,” Taylor Hennick, who was [at] the rodeo, told Missoulian. “He was bleeding out of his ears, seizing on the ground, just not coherent.”

According to KPAX, witnesses saw a man pick up a boy and throw him to the ground. Brockway reportedly tried to justify his actions to nearby fairgoers. Hennick told Missoulian: “He said [the boy] was disrespecting the national anthem so he had every right to do that.”

The unnamed boy’s parents said his ears bled for six hours after the incident and that his skull was fractured. He was taken by air ambulance to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane.

Brockway, who has a previous assault with a weapon charge from 2011, and who Missoulian reported is a registered violent offender, will be released on his own recognizance Tuesday.”

Jesus…all the things wrong with this…

Who in the hell does this?

It’s people like this, who belong locked up for a very long time. He [allegedly] inflicted grave bodily injury on a thirteen year old…with intentional, brutal violence.

This guy inexplicably will walk free “released on his own recognizance”.

If the crime had been performing highly appreciated oral sex on this same boy…the accused would have likely never been released at all.


Support to remove statue of painter John Glover, although sculptor denies model was convicted paedophile…


Date: August 06, 2019

01) Support to remove statue of painter John Glover, although sculptor denies model was convicted paedophile

Thanks to feinmann0!

“Advocates for sexual assault victims have called for the removal of a bronze statue of a famed landscape artist said to bear a resemblance to a convicted paedophile.

Tasmanian paedophile John Wayne Millwood helped found a society to commemorate 19th-century painter John Glover, and Millwood’s photo was given to the sculptor when he was commissioned to do the bronze.

The sculpture of Glover stands at the entrance to Falls Park Pavilion at Evandale in northern Tasmania.

Abuse survivor Steve Fisher said the statue looked like Millwood and should be taken down.

Millwood served half of a four-year sentence for the prolonged sexual abuse of a young boy, and is now out on parole, but is prevented from returning to Launceston.

There are no photographs of painter John Glover, just paintings. Advocate for sexual assault victims Dayna Dennison said anything representative of Millwood needed to go, including the statue if people objected, and any plaques in Tasmania listing Millwood.”

Scrubbing away everything that even so much as “reminds” you of someone…or something?

This is a large part of what we are fighting…

…this wide spread belief, that people can mistreat us however they like…and then they can turn around, and act as though we never even existed.


Selling Drugs to Sex Workers Could Be Human Trafficking Under the Senate’s New ‘PROTECT Act’…

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Date: August 06, 2019

01) Selling Drugs to Sex Workers Could Be Human Trafficking Under the Senate’s New ‘PROTECT Act’

“The bipartisan bill says “using drugs or illegal substances to cause a person to engage in a commercial sex act” or in any kind of labor counts as human trafficking.

Much of the U.S. government’s effort to “stop human trafficking” consists of defining a larger and larger subset of activity as trafficking, then cracking down on this ancillary activity. New legislation from Sen. Sherrod Brown (D–Ohio) would expand this territory even further. Under Brown’s bill, “using drugs or illegal substances to cause a person to engage in a commercial sex act” or in any kind of labor would be punishable under federal criminal laws related to human trafficking.

Well, hey…

…when there just isn’t enough people being legitimately sex trafficked, they have to get those numbers up somehow…right?

Might as well go back to the same old well they always go to, and just expand the legal definition…

It’s pretty well all they ever do…

…It’s not like they have any integrity left, to worry about defending.


Fantasist Carl Beech, 51, is guilty of perverting the course of justice and fraud…

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Date: July 22, 2019

01) Outrage at Britain’s ‘paedo-finder general’: Tom Watson faces calls to quit after fantasist who invented VIP child sex ring – and was championed by Labour’s deputy leader – is found GUILTY of lying

Thanks to feinmann0!

“Outrage at Britain’s ‘paedo-finder general’: Tom Watson faces calls to quit after fantasist who invented VIP child sex ring – and was championed by Labour’s deputy leader – is found GUILTY of lying

• Fantasist Carl Beech, 51, is guilty of perverting the course of justice and fraud
• Convicted of child porn charges – carried out while claiming to be abuse victim
• Metropolitan Police swallowed his lies and launched £2.5m investigation
• But none of the officers on the scandal-hit probe will face sanction, it emerges
• Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson refuses to apologise for backing Beech”

I’m not going to say “I told you so”…

…Instead, I am going to share what I find most ironic in all of this, where it comes to the angry mobs…

For a handful of years now…we’ve had countless conspiracy theorists and “pedophile hunters” who sneer at those of us MAP’s, who’ve steadfastly said this situation reeks of spectacle and incredulity…

We were told to shut up, and that our voices don’t matter…because “pedophiles cannot be trusted”…”pedophiles only lie”…”we were only trying to cover up, and excuse what Nick was exposing”…

…And yet…these exact same, mouthy fools…placed all of their completely unjustified faith…into the outlandish words of a child porn collecting pedophile…And they got behind him, as if he were their hero…their pedophile exposing messiah…

And now, their hero is going to prison…

…I guess they aren’t much of a judge in character…nor in common sense deduction.


Myths about Pedophilia…


Date: July 22, 2019

01) Myths about Pedophilia

“Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse – click on this link:

Pedophiles seem to have narcissistic and antisocial (psychopathic) traits. They lack empathy for their victims and express no remorse for their actions. They are in denial and, being pathological confabulators, they rationalize their transgressions, claiming that the children were merely being educated for their own good and, anyhow, derived great pleasure from it.

The pedophile’s ego-syntony rests on his alloplastic defenses. He generally tends to blame others (or the world or the “system”) for his misfortunes, failures, and deficiencies.

Pedophiles frequently accuse their victims of acting promiscuously, of “coming on to them”, of actively tempting, provoking, and luring (or even trapping) them.

The pedophile – similar to the autistic patient – misinterprets the child’s body language and inter-personal cues. His social communication skills are impaired and he fails to adjust information gained to the surrounding circumstances (for instance, to the kid’s age and maturity).

(From the book “Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited” by Sam Vaknin – click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 3 DVDs with 16 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships:”

We are being accused of being “narcissists, antisocial psychopaths and abusers”?…

…Wonderfully horrible foot to start off on…My optimism for this one, is very, very low.

I feel like I’m shirking this off, by not giving much of a response to it.

This is from 2012, hence the reference to an “upcoming DSM 5 debate on pedo-hebephilia”.

There’s a lot of stereotyping here…

…Little, to nothing, I recognize as a positive comment about pedophiles.

Near the end, there are some interesting acknowledgements on the history of pedophilia permissive sex laws…and cultures which incorporated pedophilia.

He has a heavy accent, so I find it a bit harder to stay focused and pick things out…it’s also four in the morning, right now.

I’m mostly posting this, because I’ve been setting on this post for over three years.


Mayor, doctors and social workers arrested in scheme to brainwash children into believing they had been abused and sell them…

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Date: July 01, 2019

01) Mayor, doctors and social workers arrested in scheme to brainwash children into believing they had been abused and sell them

Thanks to feinmann0!

“Italian police have arrested 18 people, including a mayor, social workers and psychologists for allegedly “brainwashing” children into believing their parents had abused them, in a scheme to take them away from their families and sell them to foster parents.

To brainwash the children and deceive authorities, the network is also accused of using small electroshocks that they called the “little memory machine” while with children.

Their other methods allegedly included forging childlike drawings to add fake sexual details, falsely describing their parents’ homes as derelict, and enacting plays in which social workers playing the children’s parents disguised as monsters trying to harm them.”

Absolutely nothing shocks me anymore.

I would not suggest this is the norm…but it likely happens a lot more than most people realize…and through various methods.

“Sexually abused children” can be quite profitable, for the unscrupulous.

…They’ll even create false ones, in pursuit of that money…

…possibly even create authentic new ones.


NSPCC Wild West Web Petition: “9 in 10 children back new online safety laws”…


Date: July 01, 2019

01) Children have told us that they want tech firms to keep them safe from abusive content online. So Gov must create a new social media law to keep children safe online and end the #WildWestWeb

02) 9 in 10 children back new online safety laws

“A new survey has revealed that 9 out of 10 children agree that tech firms have a legal responsibility to keep them safe online1.

More than half of the 2,004 11-16 year old children surveyed had accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, YouTube and Snapchat.

Children thought social media platforms should protect them from sexual, self-harm, suicide and violent content online.

These figures come on the day that we handed in our Wild West Web petition to 10 Downing Street.

The petition has almost 46,000 signatures – showing the overwhelming public support for the Government to bring in an independent regulator to force tech firms to keep children safe on their platforms.

We’re now calling on the next Prime Minister to ensure they act quickly to introduce legislation. We believe that criminal sanctions and corporate prosecution are vital for this to be effective.”

You ever find yourself asking questions like…

…How leading were the questions in this survey?


…How well was the importance of open dialogue explained to these children, prior to [or during] this survey?

Few people like the way a large section of the online community behaves so abusively…

…but this comes off like just another cheap censorship campaign, and online power grab.

The tools to deal with this already exist, on major platforms [and some platforms already exist, which are enitrely dedicated to children, and are heavily moderated]…

…Anyone can block and mute, to their hearts content…

Shouldn’t the NSPCC be educating children on the perfectly adequate measures, which are already their at the child’s disposal?

Kids eventually have to learn how to navigate this sort of thing, after all…

…The government being an obsessive nanny, and regulating everything they see, hear and read, is doing them no favors…and is far more dangerous in the bigger picture.

This is stunting human beings…It’s removing their ability to adapt and grow, in a healthy way.

This looks to be nothing more than a measure imposing draconian measures, on the rest of the internet.

Does this organization have integrity?…

03) Hello. FGM is illegal and a form of child abuse. The evidence on MGM isn’t strong enough to suggest that male circumcision should be considered a form of child abuse, when considering the physical, religious and social implications.

The_Wall_WWF007_NSPCC Wild West Web Petition

This is an organization which takes a strong stance against female circumcision…while at the same time, it cannot figure out that male circumcision is any form of child abuse [let alone, violent, injurious and life threatening], at the very least.

Is this organization even valid?

I know they do some good work in this world…but…Jesus Christ…

…This level of total disconnect from reality, is outright horrifying.

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Melissa Chen: Can’t ignore the elephant in the room that is Amos Yee…


Date: June 24, 2019

01) Can’t ignore the elephant in the room that is Amos Yee [December 10, 2018]

“Can’t ignore the elephant in the room that is Amos Yee. Apologies for hastily-made video in the airport lounge.

My statement:”

This is a woman who fought to get Amos Yee out of Singapore, when he was being persecuted for voicing his views.

…Allegedly, Melissa is a professional free speech [and human rights?] activist…

…And yet…when the speech is concerning “pedophiles” and “pedophilia”…Melissa is not so much of a champion for speech…

In fact…it seems the people who want to push back against pedophile hysteria are “okay to throw to the wolves”…if we are taking Melissa at her word…and, well…she can tell you in her own words.

…Amos was pushing back against the pedophile hysteria, after all.

I am glad I kept Amos at a distance…I don’t have any bad experiences with him…I barely have any experiences with him, at all…but I’m too cautious, to go running into any type of relationship with someone that rambunctious…and I wanted to see if/how he would establish himself, first…I wanted for time to vett him.

It raised a great deal of concern, when the claim surfaced that Amos was outing NOMAP’s…

…Regardless of what you think of NOMAP’s…that sort of behavior is not something I take any positive view on…

It’s one of the unforgivable sins, in fact.

We as a community, exist by delicate balance…and we cannot be violating the very principles which keep us safe and functioning…Nobody can just move in, and decide they are going to impose this sort of thing on the wider community…and I will never side with anyone who does such a thing.

That is a different issue from the subject of this post, however.

We fight…because even the “free speech and human rights champions”, have largely turned their backs on us…

…They are derelict, where it comes to the free speech and human rights of MAP’s.

If they are supposedly the line of defense we are expected to rely upon…

…then we are absolutely screwed.

We are forced to be our own defense…often times, standing alone.

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Infowars host Alex Jones accused of threatening Sandy Hook lawyers after child porn is found in his electronic files, court document says…


Date: June 19, 2019

01) Infowars host Alex Jones accused of threatening Sandy Hook lawyers after child porn is found in his electronic files, court document says

“Electronic material that Infowars host Alex Jones turned over to the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims who are suing him contained images of child pornography, according to a court filing.

The filing also accuses Jones of threatening Christopher Mattei, a lawyer for the families, and his law firm, during an online broadcast of “The Alex Jones Show” on Friday in which he angrily claimed that unnamed people were “trying to set me up with child porn.”

The suit claims that Jones and others have “persistently perpetuated a monstrous, unspeakable lie: that the Sandy Hook shooting was staged and that the families who lost loved ones that day are actors who faked their relatives’ deaths.” Jones has said more recently that he has “had a chance to believe that children died” at Sandy Hook.”

…an online broadcast of “The Alex Jones Show” on Friday in which he angrily claimed that unnamed people were “trying to set me up with child porn.”

01) Alex Jones sanctioned by court after child porn dispute with Sandy Hook lawyers

“A Connecticut judge on Tuesday sanctioned InfoWars founder Alex Jones after he threatened one of the attorneys representing families of Sandy Hook shooting victims. Jones lashed out after the families’ lawyers alleged that Jones sent them child porn. Jones is being sued by the families for spreading the false conspiracy theory that the shooting, which claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults, is a hoax.

Bridgeport Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis said Jones crossed a line by personally targeting one of the Sandy Hook families’ attorneys in a segment on his web show about the allegations, according CBS Hartford affiliate WFSB-TV. As part of the sanction, Jones lost a special motion to dismiss the case, and he’ll be on the hook for plaintiff attorney fees related to the child porn investigation.

In a motion filed in court Monday, the families’ attorneys said that when a consultant was reviewing documents Jones turned over for the case, they found “an image that appeared to be child pornography.” They immediately contacted counsel, who then went to the FBI.

The FBI found “numerous additional illegal images” in the documents, which had apparently been sent to InfoWars email addresses.

“It is worth noting that if the Jones Defendants had engaged in even minimal due diligence and actually reviewed the materials before production, they would have found the images themselves,” the statement said. “Because the Jones Defendants did not do that, they transmitted images to the plaintiffs that if they were knowingly possessed is a serious federal crime.”

01) Alex Jones’s Legal Team Is Said to Have Sent Child Porn in Sandy Hook Hoax Case

“You’re trying to set me up with child porn,” Mr. Jones said. “One million dollars to put your head on a pike.”

Norman Pattis, a lawyer for Mr. Jones, said that the allegation had already been investigated by the F.B.I. and that Mr. Jones had been cleared of any wrongdoing.”

01) Alex Jones accused of sending child pornography to lawyers representing Sandy Hook victims

“Attorneys representing victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre who are suing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for defamation have accused the InfoWars host of sending them files containing child pornography.

The Connecticut Post reports that court documents filed on Monday show that the law firm representing the Sandy Hook victims claims that it discovered several inappropriate images involving children in a large stash of electronic files that Jones had been ordered to turn over.”

01) Alex Jones allegedly sent child porn to Sandy Hook parents

“…lawyers say when Jones complied with the court request, he also sent over electronic files containing child porn, per CT Post.

Jones has since claimed that the child porn was placed on his servers in a malware attack, and offered $1 million to whoever found who did it, per The Daily Beast. On his Friday Infowars show, he implied that Christopher Mattei, the attorney representing the Sandy Hook families, planted the material.”

01) Lawyers for Sandy Hook victims allege threats from Alex Jones during tirade over child pornography

“During his Infowars internet radio show last Friday, lawyers for Sandy Hook families who are suing Alex Jones say the controversial radio host threatened one of them when he discussed the presence of child pornography in emails from his program’s computer server.

A Superior Court judge will hold an emergency hearing Tuesday in Bridgeport on the alleged threat. Jones appeared to threaten Chris Mattei, a lawyer for the Sandy Hook families, when he announced a $1 million reward for any information and then the conviction of the person who he said planted pornography on his company’s webserver.”

01) Alex Jones’ Lawyer: Claim Jones Sent Child Porn To Sandy Hook Lawyers Wildly Misleading

“It appears, according to a report from The Daily Beast, that Jones was ordered to hand over a trove of data to lawyers involved in the Sandy Hook defamation suit against the controversial media personality. In about a dozen threatening emails sent to Infowars “by one or more anonymous people,” Sandy Hook lawyers found images of child pornography, which, according to Jones attorney Norman Pattis, were never opened. Sandy Hook legal representation sent over the material to the FBI in late May, when they received the messages, sparking an investigation.

“I spoke to federal prosecutors last week. They report that there is no indication anyone at InfoWars knowingly possessed child pornography,” said Pattis, according to the outlet. “The items were embedded in emails sent to folks at InfoWars without ever having been opened.”

01) Alex Jones sent child pornography to Sandy Hook victims’ lawyer, court documents allege

“Court documents allege that InfoWars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was in possession of child pornography and sent it to the legal team defending the families of Sandy Hook victims.

Lawyers from Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, the firm representing the families of Sandy Hook victims, filed a statement on Monday stating that they discovered child pornography in documents that Jones’ defense sent as part of the discovery process of the lawsuit.

Upon discovering these items, the counsel immediately sent them to the FBI for further inspection — which confirmed that they were indeed pornographic images of children, the counsel said.”

There’s an actual response from InfoWars included in this collection of links…

It’s only fair that this not be weeded out, considering they have a right to unimpeded response to such accusations.

It’s plausible that someone sent them “child porn”, unsolicited.

Given the inhumane B.S. people are put through when they’re found to possess “child porn”…I wouldn’t even wish this sort of karma on someone like Alex Jones…

…even though he is an a-hole, who’s been awful towards MAP’s…and it would be mighty satisfying, to watch him walk a mile in our shoes.

…I would never be so cruel, as to drop “child porn” onto anyone.


“[YouTube] Censors Everything But Pedophilia”?…

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Date: June 17, 2019

01) YoutTube Censors Everything But Pedophilia

“YouTube is purging or demonetizing more channels from its platform as it implements a new hate speech policy which includes videos discussing such topics as immigration status, while at the same time promoting videos that attract child predators. The hypocrisy means discussing illegals preying on children is bad, while showing showing children that arouse pedos is a-ok. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!”

Apparently…David Zublick is living in an alternate universe, where YouTube has no history of zealously deleting the types of videos he references [and terminating the accounts they were uploaded onto]…

…As a pedophilic MAP, myself…I would find it very intriguing to encounter this version of YouTube, for once in my lifetime…

…As things stand…I am forced to classify this “pro pedophile YouTube” in the same category as leprechauns and unicorns…pretty certain none of them actually exist.

What often gets me…is that you have all these people up in a huff, who’ve clearly never followed anything at all where it comes to the existence of MAP’s on YouTube…and they point to these certain types of videos, claiming “that is pedophilia on YouTube”…

…Well…No…No, it is not…

What David is talking about, is a subsection involving MAP’s who create tasteful, respectful videos [usually with music and pictures], as well as moles who upload content and frame it in the most crass way possible…And then there’s just the stuff the YouTube algorithms pick up and dump into the suggestions…

Some people have figured out how to intentionally game the algorithm, and consciously do such to get more views on their video…others unintentionally find their content being grouped in with this sort of thing.

…But these videos are not “the pedophilic content” on YouTube…

You’d be hard pressed to find any human demographic, that has been more viciously censored on YouTube than MAP’s.

A lot of us don’t even pay any attention to this “child exploitation videos” sideshow, which people are currently losing their minds over.

Now…MAP’s who start a YouTube channel where they upload no such videos, but commence to offering social commentary, sharing news, information, etc., and talking about personal issues?…

…I cannot even tell you how many times over the last decade plus…I’ve witnessed MAP accounts unceremoniously terminated for no sane or sound reason, other than it was discovered to be hosting the content of a MAP who was simply saying things.

…In fact…YouTube seems more concerned over [and hostile towards] the level headed content of intellectual MAP’s, than it is over videos of minors “showing to much skin”, or being “sexually inappropriate”.

That is probably my misconception…as I know they delete videos with kids in them, frequently…but I’ve rarely seen a seriously worthwhile, honest MAP account that remains active, last more than a couple years…often being struck down within a few months of opening up.

This is one of the biggest problems MAP’s face on YouTube…We’ve never been able to establish a solid presence on the platform, because we are constantly being treated unfairly and discriminated against, regardless of what we are using the platform for.

…And here we have David…acting as though YouTube has any sort of history, of being supportive towards us.

This is gross ignorance.

This is one of the main reasons, why so many of us MAP’s have tried to create and maintain good YouTube accounts…

…To combat the fact, that people who don’t even care about getting the facts correct, are running wild with these kinds of distortions, and corrupting the dialogue surrounding MAP issues.