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Westminster VIP abuse accuser [Carl Beech] ‘fled to Sweden when story collapsed’…

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Date: May 15, 2019

01) Westminster VIP abuse accuser ‘fled to Sweden when story collapsed’

“A man who made a series of “heinous” false allegations that prompted a multimillion-pound police investigation into an alleged VIP paedophile ring in Westminster fled to Sweden when his claims unravelled, a court has heard.

Carl Beech, previously referred to by police as “Nick”, is accused of lying when he claimed he was among victims of an alleged group of establishment figures including senior men in politics, the military and the intelligence services who raped, kidnapped and murdered boys in the late 1970s and early 80s.

Beech, 51, is on trial at Newcastle crown court where he faces 12 counts of perverting the course of justice from December 2012 to March 2016 and one count of fraud over a criminal compensation payout he pocketed.

The charges, which he denies, include that he made a false allegation of witnessing the murder of a child by the former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor. Beech, who worked for the Care Quality Commission health watchdog, is also alleged to have lied about claiming to have witnessed the murder of two other children.

Police found “a number of important claims” he made were “probably false”, the court heard. Opening the prosecution’s case on Tuesday, Tony Badenoch QC told the jury: “He had lied about the content of these allegations, taken active steps to embellish a false story and then cover his tracks when challenged. He made no response … when he was asked to account for this by Northumbria police and, ultimately … he took the only option that was really available to him: he fled the country and he lived overseas as a fugitive.

“That was until a specialist fugitive unit in Sweden worked closely with Northumbria police and the National Crime Agency to secure his arrest on a European arrest warrant executed overseas. He was then extradited back to this country to face these charges.”


Poor Paul…


Date: May 13, 2019

01) Paul Joseph Watson Predicts His Future

Being an outrage merchant who can keep eyes on himself…I’m sure some type of network will see lots of potential in him.

He’ll likely just go on doing what he does…but on an even larger platform.

I have a hard time feeling sorry for people like Paul Joseph Watson…who spend their lives profiting off of outrage culture, like a parasite.

He probably wont get the karma he honestly has earned for himself.

…His landing is likely to be a soft one…But, he’ll be crying about “the injustices done to him”, for years to come…

With people like him…they need to look straight into the mirror, when asking “What happened?”

I somehow doubt they are so oblivious…that the answer is even a mystery to them.


EQ Review 03 – Taking Off the Gloves…


Date: May 09, 2019

01) EQ Review 03 – Taking Off the Gloves

This is the last episode of The EQ Review I will be returning to the internet.

It’s bad enough not having the video this was responding to, to link to for context…But, I feel this was probably the single most relevant EQ Review published.

It touches on Perverted Justice, and the fraudulent, illegal “sex offender” register they put together, for the explicit purpose of harassing members of BoyChat, and various MAPs in the blogosphere.

I get a bit sharp tongued, and really speak my mind in this one.

This got published in the year following the loss of my blog, which they had a hand in…So, this was very much personal…very much raw…and I expressed things in ways, I’d likely not do so today..

If I were making this video today…I might still call them assholes…but I’d omit calling them human trash.

In response to the abuses and trespasses they committed against me [and numerous other MAPs]…it’s understandable why I have nothing nice to say about these people.

Sometimes…I’ve read some of my oldest surviving writings…and it even shocked me, how aggressive and emotional some of them got.

I don’t have a whole lot of recollection of myself being like that…But, exchanges and responses could get heated sometimes.

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Is There an Ongoing Pedophile Holocaust?…

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Date: May 06, 2019

01) “Make America Straight Again Conference” June 14-16

“Make America Straight Again”
June 14th, June 15th, June 16th
Pastor Tommy McMurtry Pastor Steve Anderson
Pastor Aaron Thompson Pastor Roger Jimenez”

This happens two days after the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Steve Anderson…this is the “sweetheart” who got into trouble a few years back, for instructing parents to inflict violent assault on their own [even young] children, should they come out as [or seem?] homosexual.

I usually avoid using the term “holocaust”…

…because most people are not prepared to face the reality of what any common MAP knows, by sheer fate of having to experience life this way.

Most people are not forced to live like this…They are not forced to experience the endless hate, abuse, threat, indoctrination and prohibition…

…They aren’t subjected to maniacs, who put on “conferences”…which call for a genocidal war of extermination, against people like themselves…

…They don’t have people calling for their cold blooded murder, right out in the open, public arena…under the guise of “a religious sermon”…

…They don’t have a vast, growing array of harmless activities, made illegal for the explicit purpose of forcing them to live in a cage, outside of society…

…They don’t have to worry about the prospect, of being sent to prison…and intentionally left in the general population…while the guards turn a blind eye to another “pedophile” murder…

…They don’t have to worry about state laws, which may send them away for life, over harmless behavior…

…They don’t have to worry about facing the death penalty [state sanctioned murder], which still exists in some states…

…They don’t have to worry about losing their ability to survive…

…They don’t have to worry about being abandoned…

…They don’t have to worry about the violence that could happen to them…or that they could be murdered/maimed by anyone…or that their loved ones could…

…They don’t have to worry about being stripped of their voice and person-hood…

…They don’t have to worry about losing their culture, nor their ability to build and be part of culture…

Many people forget…Jews were one targeted group in Nazi Germany…but sexual minorities [including MAP’s], made up a very large portion of the people slaughtered in the holocaust…

…Sexual minorities have consistently been subjected to a holocaust, throughout history…to varying degrees…

I am not suggesting…that there are not other atrocities taking place in this world, right now…nor that their manifestation is less gruesome, than the present fate of several sexual minorities in the USA, and various “western” countries…

…But I do acknowledge and embrace as objective fact…that MAP’s are living under a state of emergency, right now [and have been for decades]…That this state of emergency is imposed by the state…That this imposition is terrorist in nature…and that the general public is enlisted in the imposition of this terrorism…alongside state agencies…

I acknowledge the modern day status of MAP’s [nepiophiles, pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles], as well as that of sexually inclined children and youth…to be the spiritual, manifest successor of Nazi Germany’s holocaust.

Yes…we are being singled out and removed…

…Yes…this is a species of holocaust.

Everything about this state of being, points towards that end conclusion.

In what other setting, can an entire demographic of human being, have literally anyone publicly calling for their extermination, as the government and public sets by and allows [even encourages] it?


Trump DENOUNCED Censorship Retweeted Paul Joseph Watson And Lauren Southern…


Date: May 05, 2019

01) Trump DENOUNCED Censorship Retweeted Paul Joseph Watson And Lauren Southern

“Paul Joseph Watson opposes all violence?!…”

Being a MAP who witnessed this individual telling MAPs to “Eat a bullet” [in response to a simple media article, explaining and humanizing MAPs]…and having been subjected to way, way too much of this individual over the years…

…I can say with absolute certainty, that the above statement is an absolute load of horse poo.

This sounds like a simple case where the chickens have come home to roost, for an individual who’s spent decades attacking and dehumanizing other humans [with his buddy Alex].

He recently broke off from Alex Jones, and was planning on launching his own “InfoWars” type venture…

…I’m thinking Facebook may have taken this as a sign, to get ahead of the curve.

A distinction I hope most people wont miss, this time around:

Just like I have never even once called for the censorship of Alex Jones…I have also never called for the censorship of Paul [or any other “conservative” personality or venture].

I have absolutely spent years and years, wondering how in the hell Alex, Paul and company have managed to stay shielded from being recognized as a hate group, or even a terrorist organization [and some of their media absolutely would support this conclusion]…But I’ve never joined in the effort to get them thrown off of any platform.

I’m more of the philosophy…that the a-holes of this world need to be free to expose themselves as a-holes…

…so that the rest of us can recognize and warn…”Hey…that’s an a-hole!”…and be a tad bit safer, and more informed [by knowing where the violence spewing a-holes are], in this world.

I’m not celebrating…

…But I’m also not dumb…and I realize there is a very genuine, real mixture of factors at play here which led to this type of conclusion.

…Just because a few of them may be horse crap, doesn’t mean they all are.

The writing was on the wall, for many years.

Facebook’s Conservative PURGE Coordinated With Media Outlets, PJW, Loomer Banned:

Oh, good grief, Tim!…”You”, are likely quite safe from being banned…You are, over all, tame.

CNN FURIOUS Over Trump’s Defense Of Paul Joseph Watson:


Roger Stone BETRAYS Alex Jones…


Date: April 14, 2019

01) Roger Stone BETRAYS Alex Jones

“Roger Stone is on rocky terms with his longtime ally Alex Jones, telling a radio show today that he expected a “nice contribution” from the Infowars host to give toward his legal defense fund.

“Actually, I’m kind of disappointed in Alex,” Stone said on SiriusXM’s Jim Norton & Sam Roberts program. “He is not selling the iconic ‘Roger Stone did nothing wrong T-Shirts.’ Which you know, has been a mainstay of my fundraising.



Alex Jones Makes Stunning Admission + Alex Jones Sandy Hook Video Deposition…


Date: April 02, 2019

01) Alex Jones Makes Stunning Admission

“Alex Jones is claiming to suffer from psychosis.

CNN’s Michael Smerconish teed off on Alex Jones after the video deposition of the conspiracy theorist went up online yesterday.
Jones claims in the video––during a deposition in the defamation lawsuit against him––that a form of “psychosis” is to blame for why he believed the Sandy Hook massacre was staged.

Smerconish was bewildered by Jones trying to call his comments “punditry,” pointing out how victims and families are still dealing with their grief.

“These media provocateurs likes Jones,” he said, “they know that passion sells. That’s what this is all about. They need people to pay attention to them. And the best way to do that is to be shocking. Many times with disregard of decency.


Alex Jones / Sandy Hook Video Deposition, Part I:

“Videotaped deposition of Alex Jones in Lewis v. Jones, taken by attorney Mark Bankston of Kaster Lynch Farrar & Ball, LLP. For more information, visit:

Alex Jones / Sandy Hook Video Deposition, Part II:


How do we Parley with Silicon Valley?…

Date: March 31, 2019

01) How do we Parley with Silicon Valley?

“It’s time to rehabilitate some of the more extreme social media personalities to prevent things from further going off the rails. If #AlexJones actually is getting psychosis from #deplatforming and media coverage, perhaps it’s time to actually try to have a conversation.


Alex might be mentally ill…I don’t know…

…But I wouldn’t be too quick, to take his words at face value here.

He’s trying to avoid being sued into oblivion…and his integrity has a monstrously bad track record.

The base discussion in this video is important to everybody, however. This brewing situation is likely to impact all of us.

Alex Jones claims psychosis made him believe Sandy Hook was staged…


Date: March 31, 2019

01) Alex Jones claims psychosis made him believe Sandy Hook was staged

“Broadcaster and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones said it was a “form of psychosis” that caused him to believe certain events — like the Sandy Hook massacre — were staged.”

Alex Jones now claims mental illness, to avoid being sued into oblivion?