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The Untold Truth Of To Catch A Predator…


Date: September 20, 2016

01) The Untold Truth Of To Catch A Predator…

“Did To Catch a Predator perform a public service, or was it just another ratings-hungry reality series? However you feel about NBC’s hit program, we’ve dug up a collection of behind-the-scenes details that might change your opinion…”

Overall, this is a solid, brief, summary expo…

…Oh…and incase you weren’t already aware…Chris Hansen has returned to the well…

Hopefully…karma will really catch up to him in a serious way, this time around.

I don’t wish to rehash something I’ve already written [and spoken about]…that the same guy who spent years going after people seeking consensual relations of a stigmatized manner…himself decided to violate the spirit of his own moral superiority creed…by getting into a sexual relationship with a much younger, far less powerful [essentially subordinate] woman working for NBC…and destroying his own family in the process, while damaging this woman’s career…all for sex…But, it should be noted, at the very least.

Chris Hansen’s penis is obviously privileged, when it comes to poking around and messing up other people’s lives…

…Because when the high paid celebrities do it…well…double standards abound.

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And Now, A Note From Twitter…

Date: February 14, 2016

01) And Now, A Note From Twitter

“A resolution, of sorts, to my ongoing Twitter suspension and a look to the “Trust and Safety” future.”

Note: MykeruMedia is not someone I follow closely, yet seems to have a decent head on his shoulders. He got suspended from Twitter.

I’m not going to post much more, related to the Twitter “Safety Council”…But I wanted to feature this, because of the reference to Allison Shea, and Perverted Justice…

…Of course, their bankruptcy was an apparently intentional move…as the three principle owners gave themselves six figure, yearly salaries…and suspended all activity…They literally drained the considerable capital of Perverted Justice [well in excess of one million dollars], into their own, private bank accounts…They forced their ship to go down…apparently because they wanted the money for themselves…Which puts into perspective, their true commitment to child safety.

…They took the money, and exited the scene.

Admittedly, with as much underhanded activity as Perverted Justice was involved with [they were a brazen hate group, after all…and they didn’t even hide this fact, online]…it was only a matter of time, before all that capital would become an attractive target for justified lawsuits…

…I think they primarily disbanded Perverted Justice, to make it harder for anyone to sue them.

But, maybe that’s too generous of an interpretation…and maybe they did just want to have all that green, for themselves.

Point is…looking past the fact that Perverted Justice had trashed it’s own integrity…and anyone digging deeper into the group, would see this…as to their public persona amongst the majority, they were looked upon as heroes…And there was no practical reason, to bring something so well established and known [something they worked so hard to establish], to a screeching halt.

They knew they’d established their fundamental character…They knew they were headed towards the edge of a cliff…They knew they’d at least have to change vehicles…So, they ditched Perverted Justice?

…But they are still the same people, who have done all these scummy things.

…It wouldn’t be the first time, Perverted Justice abruptly brought one of it’s malicious projects to an end…or even lied about [concealed] the reasons why.

That ‘Amusing video’…


Date: September 12, 2012

During my first run on YouTube, at least one member of “absolute zero united” [azu] literally stole copies of my media productions, and used them as propaganda…This was separate from the person trying to steal my identity [by opening up a bunch of accounts that looked like mine, and claiming to be me], as well as the outrageous stunt pulled by that mentally ill sociopath Troy Riser…My goodness…that really was a wild, crazy year on YouTube…

…Anyway, fast forward all the way to about six months ago [a good four or five years on], and some individual at BoyChat decided they could make fun of me, by throwing this old video up in my face…and calling it “amusing”…

…Now, I don’t even remember what name this incredibly small, cheap individual went by…In fact, they may have been an unregistered nick…I literally forget, because I don’t dwell on these petty things…To be honest, I strongly suspect most unregistered [and many registered] trolling nicks on BoyChat to be azu/pj members…The cocky and nasty behavior, fits those two groups like a glove.

…No matter…I just ran across the original response I wrote to the forgotten troll…and I decided to post it here…Because it deals with azu, I thought I would include it in the PJJ series…If you understand the historical alliance between pj and azu…then you know why I consider azu to be a branch of pj.

I never actually posted this before…What I posted on BC, was different…But what follows, is certainly worth expressing.

That “Amusing video”…

…is an example of how the online terrorist hate group “absolute zero united” [azu], literally steals other people’s content and tampers with it, in a blatant attempt to smear the character of others.

It is noted just how quick on the draw you are, with this piece of propaganda you find so amusing…and no doubt thought would embarrass me.

…Never know, when keeping something exactly like that will come in handy, for someone just like you…huh?…

Thanks for revealing your true colors.

Oh…and anyone of even the slightest integrity, might think of offering an untampered, original copy of the media production that got misused in that “amusing” video. Technically, there were two…but the link below leads to a copy of the audio production…The second one is not online, but was a direct response to the abuses of azu…

It should be noted, if I had to do the above project all over again, I would probably change one or two things…though I’d not at all change the message…nor the fact that I put my own voice out there.

Lastly…a piece of historical trivia…The history between myself and azu goes way back…If you browse their blogs early posts, you will find that I was officially named azu’s third target [Rookiee and one other person, being the only people focused on before myself]. There is substantial history here…and I can tell you, the people of azu are completely abusive scum.


They’re very dishonest technicalities…


Date: June 6, 2011

…”To catch a Predator” show. How on earth can that NOT be entrapment?”…

In a literal sense, of course…it is entrapment.

…Yet, in so many regards, politics and law enforcement have “many devils hidden in the details”.

“Honeypots” are a very similar issue. For anyone unaware, this is what they call it when law enforcement sets up a decoy [ie: a website offering “child porn” for sale], and then simply nabs all the people naive enough to hand over their credit card number. But, all they did was put it out there, and wait for people to seek it out.

The “Predator” series is different, as you noted…because there is a lot more factual enticement and encouragement going on…re-assurance, that there is another person on the other end of the chat, who honestly wants this.

My understanding, is that LEO themselves still cannot get away with doing that [the charges wont hold up in court]…but, it does not stop them from arresting and charging a suspect, in the event that they “witness a crime taking place”…Which is where we get into the fuzzy logic, of “intent to commit a crime”…For this purpose, they consider the mere fact that the person in question traveled to the agreed upon destination and entered the scene, as being the earliest portions of “a crime in progress”.

…and nothing stops the cops, from merely being around to witness such…even though, they know it might be likely to happen, given that two other groups have conspired to lure people to that scene.

It was not the cops who entrapped…it was “perverted justice” and “dateline nbc”…

If you watched the first couple of episodes of that ghastly series, then you know…there were no cops on the scene, originally…and the person who got caught on film and “interviewed”, was allowed to leave the scene on their own…but knowing they’d probably end up on television, and have their lives turned upside down.

Someone with nbc decided to start having a team of cops present at every episode shoot…and this led into unprecedented territory [legal, ethical and media/entertainment]…and a lot of criticism.

nbc did not listen, until they got their asses sued, bad…and a reasonably prominent person committed suicide…Then, they canceled the series.

I recall reading a news story, a year or so back…where the author was predicting that we [in the USA] would be loosing one of the big networks [cbs, nbc, abc, fox], because the “new market/economy” simply cannot support them all…and he picked nbc as the likely one to fall.

…Personally, I hope his words prove to be correct…

…May nbc crash and burn.


Keep up the fine work!…


Date: May 31, 2011

01) put this in your pipe, absolutezerounited…

I hope you don’t mind, should I decide to cite/quote your findings…

I’m quite interested in collecting all the curious proclivities of that group…and letting it be known, what other people have to say about them.

Little known piece of trivia…

…When that terrorist hate group first formed, I was the third officially named target who they chose to focus on…So, this goes back quite a few years, and it is personal.

I’m all to happy to raise awareness to these expose projects…give them another place online, where they can be documented…garner more attention.

Cynthia…hmmmm…There’s already been a good bit of information about her out there…Isn’t she into bondage?…or was it sadomasochism?

It never ceases to amaze me…

…Lots of people have stones to throw, and there’s always something wrong with “someone else”…but never “themselves”…

The mentally unbalanced people of that group, obsessively target, stalk and hound, with extreme malice…but when their closet door swings open, you find out they like stuffing kittens up their ass for recreation…or, something equally astonishing…

Where do they get off, believing that they have any standing, to cast down judgement? They clearly do not, and never have had such.


How The Weirdos Behind ‘PJ site’ Blew $US1.2m…


Date: April 10, 2011

01) Original News Article

02) How The Weirdos Behind ‘PJ site’ Blew $US1.2m

I’m just waiting for the big news “shocker”…

…that gets blasted over the airwaves, when Philip gets caught with a terrified, hog tied and caged eleven year old, trapped in a dungeon room under his own home…and 39 dismembered bodies of children, buried under his home get discovered…and private diaries, detailing the grizzly details are found…

Philip is a cruel sociopath…

…Is it really such a stretch, to think that twenty years from now, he and his cronies might be behind such a thing?


Line In The Sand…


Date: January 05, 2011

Hi, TinyZipper…

I need to keep this brief, as I should have been in bed hours ago…and I just sort of came to, after passing out at the keyboard…[I’m surprisingly composed and with it, though].

Think of what I did, as a public “line in the sand”…

I want the game they are playing [with regards to me anyway], to be clearly understood…and I want it documented, available and findable in a web search…which means I’ll probably find a few other places to post this type of response.

Of course, I’d fall over in shock if any of those [or other] URLs I hold control of, ever got featured on that site.

But, I just thought I’d drive home a very stark point, by exposing this damning behavior of theirs.

There is a lot to be said, about defending written erotica [and motivations behind it], also. I am not embarrassed about any of that [nor of “BC Nursery Rhymes”]…and I will acknowledge these as mine, without hesitation.

I’m not so much mad, as I’m just fed up with this flagrant contempt…and just outright devious, intentional drive to mislead the public at large. I’ve been kind of strong armed into silence, out of a sense of duty to various people [friends, etc.], who may very well be outed on that site…because I don’t want to raise wider awareness of that site, on behalf of their better interests…but, this has been going on for years, and I am tired of saying little to nothing.

So, thank you for your thoughts here…but, I’m mostly just making a move to expose something, and prove a point.


…and somebody is fishing…


Date: January 4, 2011

01) LINK

…and somebody is fishing…

…who, oh who, could it ever be?…

You know, I really don’t mind that post being copied and posted elsewhere online…It is a respect worthy stance, anyone who knows who they really are, can take.

It’s more the idea, that the gutless wonder[s] doing this, have for years cherry picked little quotes from me, in order to present them out of context, without even linking back to the original source, and usually presenting it all to make it seem as if I was doing/saying something that I factually was not.

I see…they’re still crying a river over a series of homo-erotic stories I wrote…over a decade ago…

No, I don’t claim to be a great writer…but, they garnered a few positive responses…and for the record, if I can play [or have in the past, played] any role in helping someone cope with their issues [even if the solution includes masturbation], then it gives me great pride to know, that my stories played some small role in helping somebody keep it together, and not become an unstable person.

I think more people should write child erotic stories, and publish them…Certainly, so long as they are able to do so. I’m not encouraging anyone to violate laws…but I would take up this long past pursuit, if it struck me to do so again. Honestly, it was just a phase…and while I wrote a good bit after that [including a direct sequel of stories], some of it was only partially written…and never published. Presumably, I have it [my fictional erotica] somewhere.

For all these years online [I’m closing in on thirteen], “this” is what some people zero in on [an isolated posting of erotic stories], in an attempt to “represent” me?…

I’m wondering if I’m being too generous, by estimating that this accounts for 0.0000000001% of my entire contribution, online…

Not very scientific, at all…or accurate…

There is one other thing, so long as the smug, smarmy ignoramus are paying attention…

[Note: Many of these are dead links, for various reasons.]

Now, I could add to this list, but I will not…

Regardless, I want to see each and every single one of these URLs, to sites I actually have built and control, added to that pathetic, “Known Websites” section of your smear, hate and terrorism website.

You know full and well, that I have been maintaining active projects online, yet you spineless bastards refuse to link to any of them [so that people can actually see me, outside of your smears and berating].

What’s the matter?…

…You don’t want the general public to know, what indefensible, absolute liars you are?

You give four URLs…One of them to a group project, I’ve not participated on in years…and three of them, to websites that have gone offline [mostly, right along with their hosts], so many years ago…I could not even say exactly when.

If you’re going to “link to me”, then give people URLs, that are not five to ten years out of date, and utterly dead.

You have never, ever given a live link to me, despite having many to choose from, and the glaring fact that most of them predate your own terrorist/hate site.

You pretend to “cite” all this, with absurdly outdated/dead links…and also create the illusion, that I’ve only had a string of websites that have all been taken down [something which is actually quite rare, in the larger picture].

Anyone with half a brain, and who knows the facts, can see the bull shit game you are playing.


They Wanted My Attention?…


December 12, 2010

Firstly, I would like to thank all relevant members of the hate group “perverted justice”…They have become a catalyst, and chided me to action.

I’ve been aware of this noxious hate group for many years…However, my exposure to them and experience with them has generally been at a very substantial distance…This issue was very disconnected from my own life.

You see…in earlier years past, they’d never tried to pick fights, with people like myself…the humane, intellectual pedosexuals…who were out here being a supportive, nurturing lifeline to others…and who were trying to build bridges. They used to just focus on people in chat rooms, who were looking for sex [and entrap them]…Then, for no apparent reason, they decided that people like myself are “guilty” [of something], just because we exist and we are out here making our presence known, trying to make the world a better place.

People like me became targets, simply because they hate “pedophiles”…and yes, “perverted justice” is founded on the raw emotion of hatred…Hate is the guiding principle, of this group of sociopaths.

I do recall early versions of the “perverted justice” website…with all the pictures, names, phone numbers, addresses and alleged text conversations, of people who had been duped into thinking that they were talking with an “under age” teenager, who wanted to have sex.

There were also many passing reports, and news stories…which I’ve been made aware of over the years…Some of these were actual personal accounts, from people who had infiltrated the “perverted justice” website.

I’ve known for years, that there was something very fundamentally foul about this group…but, until they decided to target me personally [as well as some of my friends], I never really had anything concrete, which I implicitly knew well, to weigh against what they were typically doing in public.

It is because they decided to take aim at me [and some of my friends], that I received a first hand lesson as to how abysmal and rotten, the integrity of “perverted justice” honestly is.

We are talking about a hate group here [and yes, they deserve to be recognised as nothing but a hate group…well, maybe a terrorist group, also], which thinks absolutely nothing of smearing the names, and defaming the characters, of anyone they happen across…who just happens to have different opinions and life experiences, from their own…but, of course, their sociopath, fixated obsession, is with “pedophiles” and any conversation dealing with “pedophilia”. If you don’t parrot “the right”, politically correct script, then you might make it onto the hit list of this hate group, also.

Their so called “wikisposure” project [which I call wiki-smear] is jam packed with misleading, out of context quotes…all of which are cherry picked, to fit into a carefully designed hatchet job, which they attack [and if possible victimise] the designated target with…

Consequentially, quite a number of us have had grossly distorted representations of our character and viewpoints, posted online as some alleged “exposure”…All of this the reconstruction of some nameless, faceless “perverted justice” coward.

That is the kind of low brow, gutter level we are talking about, when we refer to what kinds of things the hate group “perverted justice” is known for, and reviled for.

So much of what “perverted justice” members do, can only be described as pathetically juvenile, petty, warped, sick, slanderous, abusive and in some cases criminal. They have engaged in both online, and offline, terrorism.

For years, I wasn’t really sure what to say or how to respond to this group, and all the things which are so starkly wrong about it…and it’s members…I simply did not have enough intimate knowledge…Until the day of stupid luck, where one of them happened across one of my blogs…and decided they were going to pick a fight with me [as well as stalk me, and issue malicious comments bordering on death threats, on a daily basis]…A very vulgar and nasty person, I must say…Never met someone online, so belligerently abusive and foul mouthed…Soon after, I found a whole group blog, populated by these sorts of people [a group which would later be exposed, as a satellite group, made up largely of “perverted justice” members].

I have found the sheer abusiveness, maliciousness, unbridled hatred and nastiness of these people…to be in a category all it’s own…And it very much fits previous descriptions of what I have heard about them…That they are a foul group, of very vulgarly hateful people, who believe they are “justified” in doing whatever they please, in order to attain their own ends…and that “destroying pedophiles lives”, is a game to them.

Of the things I have learned about them…they do employ lies and deception frequently…and always denial, in regards to their own wrong [and illegal] actions…But, they are factually a hate group, which engages in criminal activity [of various types, and often unethical].


…They wanted my attention…

I do things in my own time, and I’ve little more than noticed that they have an “exposure” [smear] page aimed at me…This is largely why I’ve barely even acknowledge their digs and jabs at me…despite them going online, what?…two?…three years ago?…

Oh, I took a full copy of it…and I may eventually dissect it…lay it bare, so that others can understand what “perverted justice” was trying to do…

…but, I think I’d mostly like to focus on other curiosities surrounding “perverted justice”, and it’s membership…It’s quite a sordid, tangled web…

Very well…

…”perverted justice” is going to get a bit more of my attention…

They asked for it…Who am I to disappoint?


Wikisposure Taken Down…


Date: November 17, 2010

01) Are You Profiled On Wikisposure?

My guess…

…is that the take down likely has something to do with some law suit…

Perhaps, the Jan Kruska law suit?

Wikisposure is amongst the websites named in this case.

It seems, not much has happened since late 2009…or, no updates, anyway.

The take down might be related to this case, or another court case…It was only a matter of time, before they got taken to court over it. At the very least, they were probably advised to take it down by their lawyer.

On a personal note, I’ve wanted to go into more detail about the page they set up “about me”, for a long time [because it is a good model, for how corrupt, manipulative and deceiving they are]…but, I refused because I know they have real information about others here [and elsewhere]…Some of the people listed, are my friends…and I want to do nothing, to bring unaware minds to the attention of Wikisposures existence…primarily, on behalf of those who are outed there.

This dilemma has always been a bit under my skin…I’ve felt considerably gagged, over these circumstances.