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Twitter Enables People To Censor EACH OTHER!!…


Date: August 21, 2021

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There is no word, to express just how utterly fucked that platform is.

They’re drunk on speech control.

…Just when you think Twitter cannot go any lower…they find a way and go lower.

Actually, Jimmy…Twitter has been allowing people to censor each other for a long time…

In order to get this platform privilege, you have to have an asshole member of the administration in your pocket…or become one of their lap dogs.

They love to throw their weight around, and send out trouble makers all over the platform…

…They just never like to own what they’ve done.

…And, yes…Mike is an asshole, that way…There’s quite a few of them, in the so called “progressive” movement.

Any asshole who doesn’t realize that free speech is a human right, doesn’t have the first clue what progress even is.

…I’m not sharing anymore of his media here.