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Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts Believed To Have SPECIAL Powers!…


Date: August 23, 2019

01) Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts Believed To Have SPECIAL Powers!

“Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts Believed To Have SPECIAL Powers! From magical objects with supernatural powers to mysterious ancient but real magical relics, this top 10 list of mythological artifacts will amaze you!”


Here’s What Nobody Told You About Adam And Eve…


Date: June 04, 2019

01) Here’s What Nobody Told You About Adam And Eve

“Everyone knows the basic story of Adam and Eve. They were the first humans, created by God in the Garden of Eden. All was well until a snake tricked Eve into eating an apple, then Eve tricked Adam, then God kicked them both out, and it turned into a whole thing. Well, here’s the real story of Adam and Eve.

If you actually read Genesis, you’ll notice God creates the universe and everything in it twice, and the two accounts directly contradict each other in some places. If you don’t take the creation story literally, as many Christians and Jews don’t, then it’s not an issue, but it’s a huge problem for some Biblical scholars who believe Genesis was one story completely written by Moses.

Some people in history have gone to great lengths to make the two versions mesh, like when they made Adam a hermaphrodite. In the first version of creation, it says God formed Adam and Eve at the same time, and the story used the phrasing:

“… male and female he created them.”

Some early Christian theologians decided this meant that they were made to have both sexes, and while many church leaders were uncomfortable with that idea, it stuck around as a theory for centuries.

The two versions of creation are also where the idea of Lilith comes from, and Jewish mythology says she was Adam’s first wife. She later became a demon, as usually happens in these stories. Lilith is the woman mentioned in the first creation story, while Eve is the one made later from one of Adam’s bones.

Watch the video for more of What Nobody Told You About Adam And Eve!”

You have to be really, really, really out there, to take it literally.


Exploring The Abyss (Terence McKenna)…


Date: April 03, 2019

01) Exploring The Abyss (Terence McKenna)

“This is one of the first long public lectures McKenna gave, dated back to 1982.”

Strictly speaking…I’m not necessarily using this sub-blog series, in the way I’d originally envisioned…

…It was going to be something closer to The Bible Survey, or The Koran Study…actually delving into religious texts…

…As time has moved on, and that plan has moved further out into the distance…this idea has laid dormant…But I started running across philosophers [Alan Watts, Terence McKenna] who were in some way linked with Buddhism…or at least Hinduism…and I wanted to start posting them in a series, as I find them interesting [even if I do think there is some issue that can be taken with them, at times]…

…So…I decided to commandeer this sub-blog, to host such content…I hope I am not perverting it, too much…as some of this may stray outside of Buddhism.

I still would like to get back to the origins of this project, read and discuss Buddhist [and likely Hindu] texts and philosophy…Maybe, it will eventually happen.


Alan Watts – Acceptance of Death…


Date: May 01, 2019

01) Alan Watts – Acceptance of Death

“If you are afraid of death, be afraid. The point is to get with it, to let it take over – fear, ghosts, pains, transience, dissolution, and all. And then comes the hitherto unbelievable surprise; you don’t die because you were never born. You had just forgotten who you are.”


Alan Watts – Choice…


Date: April 30, 2019

01) Alan Watts – Choice

“Alan Watts discusses choice and the thoughts process behind it. Our choices are fundamentally what shape our character, and more importantly our life as a whole.

“The data for any situation is infinite. So what you do is, you go through the motions of thinking about what you will do about this. But worriers are people, who think of all the variables beyond their control of what might happen. Choice is the act of hesitation we make before making a decision.”


Saudi Arabia beheads 37 people, puts body on display (while still on UN human rights council)…


Date: April 28, 2019

01) Saudi Arabia beheads 37 people, puts body on display

02) Saudi Arabia beheads 37 people, mostly from Shia minority, puts body on display

“The Saudi Interior Ministry said that the men were subjected to capital punishment for their role in spreading extremist ideologies and establishing terrorist cells. Those executed, the ministry argued, were bent on fueling sectarian tension and plunging the country into chaos. Some were found guilty of killing law enforcement officers, staging attacks against security infrastructure, and assisting an enemy of the state.”


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