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The WordPress Block Editor…


Date: May 21, 2020

They tried to push this thing on us a few years back…and now, allegedly, they are going to force it on us…by June 1st, I think the notice said?…

As far as making posts go…I don’t care, so long as they leave at least one of the following alone…the really old “classic” editor [which still works just fine]…or the primary WordPress editor…Leave them accessible and usable as they are…and I will not have a neurotic meltdown…

I have my private links set up, so I can get to either one of these good and competent editors…

As to the “block editor”…This nightmare of a monstrosity is not made for people who just want to write…or who just want to paste their completed work into the straight forward, clean and obvious text boxes, pick their categories, pick a publishing time and hit the “publish” button…

No…this piece of garbage is made for smart phone users…and tablet users, who want to endlessly fiddle around with a myriad of unclear options, and waste a whole lot of time composing a post…by dropping in “this”, “that” and “whatever”…

Worse still…this stupid “editor” doesn’t even appear to be capable of producing posts for me, anymore…as it’s constantly screwing up my HTML…I’ve spent the last hour or more, trying to find a “block” setting that behaves like the large form in the main posting form…but, to no avail…It seems there is no way to make the “block” editor behave like the trusty, simple WordPress editor which I both need, and am entirely happy with.

I compose all of my posts outside of the WordPress editor [both the good editors, and the shitty block editor]…I’ve been doing this for so many years, that I have it down to a very tight process, which rarely makes me go back and redo anything…

Normally, I just copy from original copies on my hard drive…and I paste the content directly into the main post form, and then into the title box…pick my “settings”, and press post…I can post ten or more posts, fairly quickly…because most of my posts follow a certain form…and use much the same HTML…

…And I have not only years invested in this personal system…I have insane amounts of personal work invested in it…and the prospect of having to re-figure and rework a massive ton of stuff…just to figure out how in the hell to get it to work with this piece of shit “block” editor…which I never asked for, and sure as fuck do not want any part of…

The method I have been using the last several years has been working beautifully, thank you…I don’t need you being an ass, WordPress…I don’t need you throwing this obstacle riddled piece of garbage in front of me and demanding that I figure out how to work around such a senseless pain in the ass.

This “block editor” does absolutely nothing good for me, and only represents an outrage inducing degradation to this service.

What pisses me off even more…is that this came out of nowhere…So many of us have already rejected this stupid thing…I am a fucking, paying customer on this platform…and now, when I need to edit one of my pages [web pages and websites]…I cant just click on the “edit” link at the bottom of their page anymore…because I get taken to the stupid ass “block editor”…and I’m not going to let that screw up my webpages/sites…So, now I have to hunt every single page down in page editor…so that I can click on the “classic editor” link and be taken to the editor that actually works and wont screw up my hard work…

Thanks for turning so many things into a burdensome chore…you inconsiderate shitheads.

I’ve put so fucking much work into making this blog function like a well oiled machine…

…Wordpress was pretty well perfect, the way it has functioned these last several years…This is already, exactly what I want.

Remember…the internet still functions on the back of computers…not these piddly tablets and toys, you’re so obsessed with catering too…

You cant just ignore the vast number of us who use computers, and try to force us into using software trash, that was designed for tablets and smart phones.

This is so fucking senseless and stupid of you, WordPress.

Why are you working so hard, to piss off good members of your user base?


EQF Community Links Updated & Censorship of Male Sexualists…


Date: March 16, 2020

The EQF Community Links Page has been updated.

I’ve added some nice additions.

I have a huge backlog of URLs to go through, and vet for inclusion…The work around here is never over…in fact, it just keeps growing.

I do appreciate those who alert me of links that have gone bad…not that it’s happened very many times…but when a links page gets this large, hunting down broken links is a chore.

A Little Side Note:

I’ve noticed the Male Sexualists suffering some degree of censorship, even here on WordPress.

Far be it from me to tell anyone else how to behave…

…I just know from experience and what I’ve witnessed…that a lot of times in life, especially for those of us who are marginalized…we have to reign in our own emotions and disconnect from them, if we want to have a place on mainstream platforms.

If you let your emotions and anger dictate how you blog [etc.]…you’ll probably end up with a blog [etc.] taken down by it’s host.

One of my primary hesitations in fully embracing the Male Sexualist community [and adding many of them at the EQF Community Links], is that I’ve witnessed a lot of degradation and vulgar bile towards various people…

Perhaps those people deserved a stern, derogatory response…but here is the thing…

…This is not a level playing field…and “you” are the odd man out, who will not be treated fairly…Which is why “you” have to be better than they ever could be, just to have a chance to make any meaningful response.

…That’s just something to think about, if you don’t want to be kicked off of a platform.

– Steve Diamond

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I’ve “Provided Nothing” to Establish My Point?…Really?!…


Date: January 06, 2020

I guess you can say I’m responding to something someone expressed to me, a few years back…after they’d approached me wondering about my rational, in arriving at the worldview I hold…most especially as relates to legal, open and free “pedophilia”, and acts associated with it.

I was told something akin to…

“You didn’t prove shit!”

Mind you…I sent him to In Self Defense…which really is more of a massive collection of personal writings I’ve made, over the last fifteen to twenty years…It’s a testimony to my human thoughts and human nature…It’s essentially “a pedophiles diary”, published out in the open…It wasn’t meant to be a dissection of the research available…It was just a very personal, long term project…the value of which I will leave to be judged, by people of the future.

I do provide a lot of valuable links regarding topics such as pedophilia, however…They are part of The Equality Foundation [EQF] Website…it’s EQF Community Links, to be exact.

There are quite a number of excellent books and websites linked there, which go into this at greater detail than I ever personally could.

Our Love Frontier is not primarily focused on “pedophile” issues…”Pedophilia”, and related issues, just sometimes get brought up here, on this blog. If you want something much more focused and authoritative on “pedophilia”…explore the EQF Community Links page…The overwhelming number of links there, are in some way related to MAPs, and issues affecting MAPs.

I know there is a ton of content here…and a lot of it gets lost, just due to the overwhelming volume of it all. Our Love Frontier has been something of an experiment, in that I have tried to create a sincere buffer, around my far more controversial opinions and content…so that this blog does not come off as “all about legalizing child adult sex” [which some people presume, because I am open minded to some expressions of it]…I already have too much experience with this, where the topical focus of my blog was all around “pedophilia”…and I don’t have it in me, to keep fighting like that…So, I expanded and evolved…becoming a lot more armored and careful.

But fact is, I’ve always had a lot of excellent resources linked at this [Wordpress] incarnation of Our Love Frontier…You just have to do a little bit of looking around…or follow the “Welcome! Click Here First!” link, at the top of this blog…which points you directly to the EQF Community Links page.

I’ve put a ton of work into that resource over the years…I’m quite pleased with it.

Telling me I’ve “provided nothing”, is complete nonsense.

It needs updating…but I’ve probably got one of the better MAP focused links pages, on the internet.

– Steve

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‘Where to Find the Links’ – And a Facelift for the OLF Welcome Page…


Date: March 04, 2019

I finally gave Our Love Frontier’s Welcome Page a facelift, and an update.

I’ve also more directly addressed one of the issues, which sometimes comes up on this blog…creating a recording to explain things…which I’ve embedded into it’s own section of the Welcome Page…and included in the OLF Audio Message Forum, on the righthand side of this blog.

For those unaware…the primary links I am responding to [or giving as citation] are hyperlinked via a small graphic…It may be a button…a jewel…a spinning ball…

I chose to do this, because sometimes web URLs get very long…and I’ve been blogging for so many years, that I’ve simply gotten tired of fussing with them so they don’t disrupt the structure of the blog post [ie: keep running on, way off the side of the screen]…and the obscenely long URLs just plain look ugly, in my opinion.

The URLs are concealed behind some sort of small graphic, next to a 01) ‘Link Title Here’.

This is how I do things, here…

As a rule…if I bring over links out of things I’m quoting, I just link them as they appear in the original quote.

Finding the Links:

This information has always been available at the Welcome Page, in the audio welcome message…But, it’s 13 minutes long, and a lot of people apparently don’t like listening to it.

I confess…the recording is a bit wordy, and slightly rambling at points…but for all the information it imparts, it’s also fairly compact for an orientation to this blog.

Hopefully, I’ve still got the raw text I used to create this file…pretty sure I do…Eventually, I plan on redoing that recording…slimming it down, and leaving out the “noise machine” intro and outro…

I hope todays work has helped things run more smoothly, around here.

– Steve


Updates and On the Horizon – January 21, 2019…


Date: January 21, 2019

WordPress has been doing a lot of behind the scenes work, and making changes…which means this blog can get a bit glitchy, sometimes…Keep this in mind, if you regularly leave comments on this blog…It pays to copy your comments to the clipboard, prior to hitting that submit button…Make sure you see a confirmation, that your comment is awaiting approval, before you move on…WordPress has been known to lose peoples comments, sometimes…and your comments are important to me.

I’ve finally given the EQF Tools Page some much needed attention…Let me know what you think.

It’s been a little while ago, but I’ve also had an update on the EQF Community Links page.

The IBLD website has had it’s “next observance” dates updated.

I’m going to actually get off my arse, and start using the “Recent Updates: (The EQF Bulletin)” feature, at the top of this blog…It’s been idle, with only a test audio file, ever since I set it up…The down side, is that you will likely get a voice synthesizer…The up side, is that you’ll get a quick heads up, on the recent changes and updates related to the EQF and Our Love Frontier.

Oh!…and the WordPress incarnation of Our Love Frontier turns six years old, on January 29th, 2019!

Beyond that…I’m working on a project…video game related, and total fluff…But I find it amusing…Progress is kind of slow…I have to figure out a thing or two…But, it should be fun…for me, anyway…The rest of you might think I’m just a total dork for doing it…I don’t know…

…That’s on the horizon.

– Steve

EQF Tools Page

EQF Community Links


First Message for the Diamond Raw Blog…


Date: December 09, 2018

I don’t have an actual date for this…but, since the Diamond Raw blog existed at, I figure this places the date at some time during 2011.

Diamond Raw was one of three blogs I had on that service.

This blog represented a second phase in the Diamond Raw project, which was originally based at YouTube.

The Diamond Raw Project


EQF Public Podium: 02 Aug 26, 2008 [Traveling Back in Time, to My Ten Year Younger Self]…


Date: November 28, 2018

Does anyone remember the EQF Public Podium?…

…I used to make these, and embed them at the EQF website. They were a way to touch base with my visitors, on a more personal level…a “what’s currently going on at the EQF”, sort of thing.

I stumbled across the second one of these I produced, just recently…and thought it was interesting enough to share…as an archived bit of history.

It’s interesting to listen back, and realize how I’ve changed since then.

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