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My own personal online museum, of stuff I’ve made over the years but I’m not using anymore…I thought someone might like to see or listen to it.

First Message for the Diamond Raw Blog…


Date: December 09, 2018

I don’t have an actual date for this…but, since the Diamond Raw blog existed at, I figure this places the date at some time during 2011.

Diamond Raw was one of three blogs I had on that service.

This blog represented a second phase in the Diamond Raw project, which was originally based at YouTube.

The Diamond Raw Project


EQF Public Podium: 02 Aug 26, 2008 [Traveling Back in Time, to My Ten Year Younger Self]…


Date: November 28, 2018

Does anyone remember the EQF Public Podium?…

…I used to make these, and embed them at the EQF website. They were a way to touch base with my visitors, on a more personal level…a “what’s currently going on at the EQF”, sort of thing.

I stumbled across the second one of these I produced, just recently…and thought it was interesting enough to share…as an archived bit of history.

It’s interesting to listen back, and realize how I’ve changed since then.

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No More “Age Verification” Free Video Embedding…


Date: March 23, 2017

I’ve stopped using the embedding code, that sidesteps the YouTube age verification.

Potentially, you’ve noticed that a lot of the embedded videos from YouTube are all giving a playback error?

For years, I’ve used the embedding code that is supposed to let anyone watch a video outright, without worrying about logging into YouTube to verify their age…This was done as a courtesy to my visitors.

As always…YouTube has recently made changes to their website…and from the looks of it, they’ve disabled this method of embedding…whether intentional, or not.

This means for me, that I have already dropped the usage of it…To be honest, it was annoying having to deal with a few things about it, anyway…I’m glad to be done with it.

But, now a ton of embedded videos won’t play on this blog…Fortunately, this is why I’ve always included a direct link to the YouTube video page…So, there should be no real issue…Just click on the link…Watch it on YouTube.

All the best…

– Steve


A Public Statement: April 22, 2007…


Date: April 22, 2007

We have faced many trials and tribulations in our journeys…

…This is part of the history of the EQ Foundation, and Our Love Frontier…

I wrote and recorded this in the aftermath of the vicious deletion of “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of an Atheist BoyLover”, and the subsequent hounding I endured from a BlogSpot admin member [and their gaggle of nasty harassers they allowed on BlogSpot].

This was an important piece.