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Surviving an Ambush Interview: Mike Wallace And The Art Of The Ambush Interview…


Date: January 13, 2020

01) Mike Wallace And The Art Of The Ambush Interview

“Looking back on his career, Wallace told CNN’s Howard Kurtz that he and the late 60 Minutes executive producer Don Hewitt “came to the conclusion that there was more heat than light that came out of that. We weren’t getting a lot of information from those so-called ambushes. So we quit … I have no doubt that what we started has become a plague.”

Although Mr. Wallace and Mr. Hewitt came to the right conclusion regarding ambush interviews, many other television personalities (some of whom I hesitate to call journalists) have continued his tradition. They imitate Wallace’s legacy by following a public figure down the street, racing them through a parking lot, or showing up to their office without warning.

Little scares media spokespersons more than the prospect of being ambushed. I recently wrote two posts about how spokespersons can survive ambush interviews (here and here), in which I wrote that:

“The single best way to ‘win’ an ambush is by denying the reporter a great visual.”

The two additional links in this quote, are probably worth the time to read and digest.

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A disturbing 3-minute history of the Adam Walsh Act…


Date: January 07, 2020

01) @syodertweets

“A disturbing 3-minute history of the Adam Walsh Act, recounted by Judge Mary Kate Huffman at mins 24-27 here:”

02) Judge Mary Kate Huffman

“Hon. Judge Mary Kate Huffman of Common Pleas Court in Ohio presents her perspective on the sex offender registry and management.”

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IMPLANTING FALSE MEMORIES. Here’s How Easy It Is To Convince Someone They Experienced A Traumatic Event When They Didn’t…


Date: November 21, 2019

01) IMPLANTING FALSE MEMORIES. Here’s How Easy It Is To Convince Someone They Experienced A Traumatic Event When They Didn’t

“Our memories are not computers capable of storing accurate data — especially during traumatic events — despite what many “experts” would have you believe. It is actually really easy to corrupt our memories, whether through hypnosis or not. In 1995, professor Elizabeth Loftus — a distinguished professor at the University of California-Irvine and expert on human memory —? conducted a study with Jacqueline Pickrell — a research scientist at the University of Washington-Seattle — that found people could easily “recall” a traumatic memory that didn’t actually happen with just a little help.”

Twenty to fifty percent of study participants accepted a false memory as “real”?!…

…That is horrendous, and deeply concerning.

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Just Because Someone Calls Themself a Fellow MAP Doesn’t Mean They Are Worthy of Your Trust…


Date: November 18, 2019

01) Separating Fact From Fiction – Why is the MAP Community on Twitter

“Todd Nickerson and Elliott discuss the reason why the MAP community on Twitter exists and what our ultimate goal is.”

I’m glad someone else broached this issue…though, frankly, there is a lot to raise an eyebrow over…and as usual…listening to something like this is extremely taxing…at times, insulting on a number of levels…

…I’m tired of feeling like I’m being treated as though I were stupid, for demanding transparency and full integrity out of a system that purports to study and report on us…

…and I’m tired of this judgement coming out of other MAPs who have the gall, to repeat the rhetoric of a system, fundamentally designed to create and perpetuate a distorted social view on MAPs, human sexuality and childhood/youth sexuality…and some, even acting as lap dogs for that very same system…

In Nazi Germany, I believe there was a name for these sorts of turncoats…

This is a hard issue to discuss…but it is out there…it does exist…and it’s important for us to understand that it is taking place…

…and that there are some self identified MAPs, who are themselves posing an active threat towards other MAPs.

Philosophically and ethically, I have never been opposed to any culture or society allowing for liberal sexual freedoms to all people, regardless of age, race, orientation, etc…I do not view such cultures as morally defective…They merely deal with human sexuality in their own way, sometimes different from the majority of other cultures…It’s nothing to lose our minds over.

I do, however, very strongly advise people to know and follow the laws of their homeland, and that of whatever land they are presently in, to avoid running foul of either.

If you have had some sort of a legally questionable past…know that there are certain types of MAP out there, who are all to willing to throw you under the bus…sometimes, even over the mere flimsiest of suspicions.

You should never run your laundry list of compromising traits and issues across anyone, solely because you presume they should empathize with you.

A number of them wont…Some of them will throw you to the wolves, based on their sole, personal perception of what you’ve shared with them…and whatever their suspicious mind presumes about you.

Sometimes, MAPs are a danger to other MAPs…and this has been one of the most frustrating things about this type of activism…It’s why so many MAPs go it alone, and keep other MAPs at a distance…You don’t always know who you can trust…Sometimes, there are MAPs who you should never trust, under any circumstances…

This is not about having any sort of guilty conscience…

…This is about the fact, that MAPs have no business doing this sort of thing to other MAPs, based on a hunch or a suspicion…

…Among MAPs…this is the line, which is literally the unforgivable sin.

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Child Abusers Run Rampant as Tech Companies Look the Other Way…


Date: November 12, 2019

01) Child Abusers Run Rampant as Tech Companies Look the Other Way

“A heinous case in Pennsylvania warns of a tsunami of new, hard-to-detect abuse content through live-streaming platforms.

More than a dozen men from around the world were logged in to the business conference software Zoom. They were chatting while watching a live stream that had nothing to do with work: A man was sexually assaulting a 6-year-old boy.

One of the viewers, according to court documents, asked the assailant to spread the boy’s buttocks. Another to “spit in his face.” A third to “rape him.”

The boy was orally raped and violently penetrated while some of the men, appearing on cameras of their own, cheered and masturbated for the others to see.

The men also broadcast prerecorded clips of young children — including infants — being raped, beaten and urinated on.

During the trial, an investigator said that offenders often knew that live streams are harder to detect and leave no record.

“That’s why they go to Zoom,” said the federal prosecutor in the case, Austin Berry, during his closing remarks. “It’s the Netflix of child pornography.” Prosecutions in other cases have involved live streaming on Apple’s FaceTime, Facebook, Omegle, Skype, YouNow and others.

None of the major tech companies is able to detect, much less stop, the live streaming through automated imagery analysis, although a technology executive at Zoom said the company had made significant improvements since the Pennsylvania case using other methods.

And while Facebook, Google and Microsoft have said they are developing technologies that will find new photos and videos on their platforms, it could take years to reach the precision of fingerprint-based detection of known imagery, according to interviews.”

Yes, yes…how awful religion is…all those raped and molested children!…

…And the nuclear family?!…Has there ever been a better, more prime model for the rape, battery and mental abuse of children?!…

We can find all sorts of examples of these, at their worst possible manifestation…Why don’t we just demonize and outlaw those?

Sad thing…it would probably do far more good, than the war on child pornography ever could.

Anyone can cherry pick content, and claim it is “representative of” whatever.

I’ll bet we all can guess what style and nature of content, which got completely ignored here, in this article.

If nothing else…there is a really interesting section explaining how PhotoDNA works. That’s probably worth checking out, if you are interested in such things.

We’ve been battered relentlessly, with dehumanizing social obsessions over “pedophiles”, childhood sex, “child” porn, “molestation” and thought crimes, over the past three decades…

…and yet, you’d be left to think that society is apathetic, if you actually believed the overwhelming volume of what typical media says to you.

They always focus on the extremities, and act like…well…”that’s just all it is”…

…And it’s all just “indefensible”…because, “what monster defends a six year old boy being anally raped?”…

There is no integrity.

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Florida Cops Went to Absurd Lengths to Entrap Man Who Showed No Interest in Underage Sex…


November 02, 2019

01) Florida Cops Went to Absurd Lengths to Entrap Man Who Showed No Interest in Underage Sex

Thanks to feinmann0!

“How do you catch a predator in Sarasota, Florida? You create one. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) is going to outrageous lengths to make law-abiding lonely guys into sex offenders. That’s according to Noah Pransky, a fearless journalist who has been covering Florida’s addiction to entrapment for years.

In September, SCSO arrested 23 men for allegedly soliciting underage girls for sex. Pransky’s most recent piece in Florida Politics chronicles the elaborate back and forth between one of those men and a police officer pretending to be a young female.

In one example from a 2017 operation, SCSO spent two days trying to seduce a 20-year-old man who showed no interest in having sex with a child. Detectives, who posted an ad for an 18-year-old woman on Tinder, matched with the young man and proceeded to swap getting-to-know-you texts for more than an hour; only then did detectives tell the man he was chatting with a 14-year-old girl, not an 18-year-old.

Undercover detectives continued to try and talk about sex with the man the next day; he again rebuffed the attempts, but continued the small talk because he indicated he was bored. Detectives then sent unsolicited, flirty photos to the man; a tactic that violates best practices and ethical standards for this type of stings.

The terrible thing about this case is that the sheriff’s office is not trying to save any actual kids. It is just trying to get an easy win.

Normally, the SCSO destroys the records of these stings, preventing the public from understanding the sordid process that produced the arrest of the supposed sex offender. But in the case highlighted above, the 20-year-old man was actually a civilian employee of the SCSO, and he preserved the chat log.”

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JCS – Criminal Psychology…


Date: October 27, 2019

01) JCS – Criminal Psychology

“Forensic Psychology, True Crime, & Social Science Channel”

I found this really interesting channel I had to share with you. I think it is very useful and instructive.

It shows videos of first interrogations [“interviews”] on suspects, by cops…It also salts in explanations of tactics being used, and why they are used.

These are highly educational, for anyone wondering what all a cop can get away with…Essentially, they can lie their asses off with impunity…and it can all still be used against the suspect.

For sure…it is likely most of the people being “interviewed” in these videos did something horrendous…But do keep in mind…these practices are used against people who fall on the wrong side of unjust laws, also.

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UK: More victims able to challenge ‘unduly lenient’ prison sentences…


Date: September 17, 2019

01) More victims able to challenge ‘unduly lenient’ prison sentences

“Under plans confirmed by ministers today (17 September 2019), the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme will be extended to 14 new offences.

* 14 new offences added to Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme

* prison terms for a range of sexual offences to come into scope

* part of wider action to ensure punishment properly reflects severity of crimes

Criminals convicted of stalking, harassment, child sexual abuse and other sex offences could see their sentences increased if victims or the public think their punishment is too lenient.

Under plans confirmed by ministers today (17 September 2019), the Unduly Lenient Sentence (ULS) scheme will be extended to 14 new offences – giving victims the power to query the sentences of a wider range of crimes.

The scheme gives anyone the power to ask the Attorney General to consider referring a sentence to the Court of Appeal for reconsideration – where it could then be potentially increased if deemed unduly lenient. In July, such an intervention increased the sentence of a mother who allowed her partner to rape her daughter from three to five years behind bars.

Crimes such as murder, robbery, and a range of terror offences are already covered, however the government has pledged to extend the scheme to further protect the public and make sure victims see justice done.

The move will bring offences including controlling and coercive behaviour within scope as well as further child sexual abuse offences, such as those involving the taking, distributing and publishing of indecent images of children and abusing a position of trust with a child.”

Sounds kind of like a revival on the Roman Coliseum…Take all the “undesirables”, and turn them into a manipulable object to satisfy a vindictive public.

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Kids on the Sex Offender Registry…


Date: September 09, 2019

01) Kids on the Sex Offender Registry

“The headlines today are full of stories of righteous indignation over immigrant children being separated from their families. While that dilemma is certainly newsworthy, the American public seems largely unaware of the fact that tens of thousands of our own children are being taken from their families each year and tossed into a rapacious legal system that chews them up and spits them out as sex offenders. As hard as it may be to believe, The Department of Justice estimates that there are at least 89,000 children on the sex offender registry, and it should come as no surprise to anyone that it’s destroying their lives.

Imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to have your child listed publicly on the sex offender registry, complete with a photograph, home address, and even a description of the sex crime that resulted in his (or her) inclusion on the list. Consider what kind of life your child would have if, because of sex offender restrictions, he couldn’t attend school, go to a park or swimming pool, or have a birthday party because other children will be there. Some states simultaneously have laws requiring minors to attend school while at the same time forbidding sex offenders from being anywhere near a school. 44% of sex offenders overall (and presumably juvenile sex offenders, as well) are unable to live with their supportive families due to residency restrictions. Many are forced into foster care, even as bills have been introduced to bar juvenile sex offenders from foster homes and other communal youth facilities.”

The SOR [sex offender register] is absolutely bankrupt of integrity and all ethical standing, at this point.

The TAP-Net Radar is becoming a sort of de facto place to share information about systems abusive towards human sexuality, which I want tethered to something a bit more structured…so they don’t get lost in everything else…

You’d be shocked how hard it can be to find things on this blog, if you don’t know specific titles or phrases to search for.

This is a large reason why the “sub-blogs” exist…They tie together a lot of related material.

Strictly speaking…this article doesn’t absolutely belong here…but it’s still relevant and important…It contains some good links.

Just thought I’d acknowledge the spreading out of this series.

There’s a lot of rarely shared information in this article…You should read it…It’s uncommonly good.

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Swatting Is a Deadly Problem – Here’s the Solution…


Date: August 26, 2019

01) Swatting Is a Deadly Problem – Here’s the Solution

“SWAT teams, in full military protective gear and armed with assault rifles, are being deployed against innocent, unsuspecting citizens all over the United States. Ten days ago, it was Kyle Giersdorf, alias Bugha, a 16-year-old Twitch streamer and reigning Fortnite champion, in Upper Pottsgrove Township, Pennsylvania. Giersdorf was unhurt—in part because an officer recognized him from around town and defused the situation. Last Wednesday, it was Ijeoma Oluo, author of So You Want to Talk About Race, in King County, Washington. Her son was home alone, sleeping. Last weekend, it was a resident of Lancaster, Ohio, who had not shot his girlfriend or taken children hostage. This Monday, it was somebody in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after a 911 caller wrongly reported a shooting and possible homicide at their address.

All of these people are the latest victims of an internet-age crime called swatting, in which bad actors sic the police on a fellow internet user who has angered, offended, or simply annoyed them.

It’s one of the worst “pranks” imaginable, with sometimes deadly consequences. It started as a niche crime, seldom seen or discussed outside of the gaming community. Swatting battering-rammed its way into the national conversation two years ago, after LA-based gamer Tyler Bariss, peeved over a Call of Duty dispute, attempted to send the police to another player’s door in Wichita, Kansas. Instead, he sent them to the home of total stranger Andrew Finch, who was fatally shot in the confusion. Even now, few officials seem to have any idea what to do about swatting.

One exception: Seattle. As of last October, the Seattle Police Department has maintained an anti-swatting registry that lets people who fear being swatted give the police advance warning by adding the concern to a profile associated with their address—in much the same way you might add a note about a serious allergy, a child with autism, or pets in the house in case of fire. If an officer is dispatched to your address, they’ll see your profile and proceed with appropriate caution. According to Sean Whitcomb, the registry’s inventor and a sergeant at the police department, it was a fast and easy fix.”

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