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Anti-encryption bill in Australia…


Date: October 19, 2018

01) slvrspun: Anti-encryption bill in Australia

02) Apple sounds alarm over Australia’s proposed anti-encryption law

“In a rare show of public protest, Apple has berated the Morrison government’s proposed anti-encryption bill, calling it “dangerously ambigious” and “alarming to every Australian”.

The Access and Assistance Bill would see tech companies like Apple compelled to help federal authorities gain access to encrypted communications, which the government has said are increasingly being used by terrorist groups and criminals to avoid detection and disruption.

Under the bill, Apple’s own encrypted messaging service iMessage would be susceptible to breaches by authorities, as would third-party messaging services like Wickr, and locked iPhone devices.

“[It] could allow the government to order the makers of smart home speakers to install persistent eavesdropping capabilities.” – Apple

In a seven-page submission to federal Parliament that was made public on Friday afternoon, Apple said that, rather than protecting citizens from online criminal behaviour, the changes could undermine the privacy and security of smartphone users.

Although the Australian government says the bill’s intention isn’t to compel software “back doors”, Apple says the “breadth and vagueness of the bill’s authorities, coupled with ill-defined restrictions” leaves its meaning open to interpretation.”

Are they really this uninformed?…or just stupid?

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UK police force sends ‘C5’ leaflets to suspected paedophiles…


Date: October 19, 2018

01) Police force sends leaflets to suspected paedophiles including 10 children who they believe may be grooming possible victims to remind them that sex abuse is illegal

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“UK police force sends ‘C5’ leaflets to suspected paedophiles, including 10 children who they believe may be grooming possible victims, to remind them that sex abuse is illegal.


Communication – communicating with someone under the age of 18 about sex – either in person, on the telephone, or via technology and/or social media – may mean you are committing a sexual offence.

Think about who you are communicating with and the content of your conversation. Keep it respectful and safe.

Conduct – sex with anyone under the age of 16 is illegal. Don’t take advantage of someone because of their age or vulnerability.

Think about your sexual behaviour. Enjoy sex that is ased on mutual respect and understanding.

Control – it is a criminal offence to try to control someone under 18 by using violence, intimidation, persuasion or aggression so that you or someone else can engage in sexual activity with them.

Think about your relationships. Make informed choices about your sexual behaviour and let others do the same.

Consent – if you engage in sexual activity with someone who has not freely consented, you are committing a sexual offence.

Remember: you have a responsibility to check that the other person consents to sex. Consent cannot be freely given if the person is under the influence of drink or drugs, in fear or placed under pressure. Talk about consent with your sexual partner.

Consequences – Hampshire Police will be monitoring your behaviour in future. If you are convicted of a sexual offence at a later date, your life will change. You may go to prison and you will be placed on the Sex Offender Register. This means there may be controls placed on where you live and who you live with, the type of work you can do, your travel and your use of technology.

I confirm that I have read this notice and fully understand its content which has been explained to me by the serving officer.'”

Honestly…this is pathetic.

The UK Police think they are internet nannies.

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Legislators Pushing A Patriot Act, But For Human Trafficking In The Wake Of FOSTA…


Date: October 09, 2018

01) Legislators Pushing A Patriot Act, But For Human Trafficking In The Wake Of FOSTA

“[Rep. Ann] Wagner has made outrageous claims and pushed hard for outrageous legislation. She was one of the leading forces behind FOSTA. But she’s not done yet. As Elizabeth Nolan Brown points out in her excellent article for Reason, Wagner’s new bill is another Patriot Act — but with “human trafficking” standing in for “worldwide terrorism.”

Wagner’s bill (H.R. 6729)—the deceptively named the “Empowering Financial Institutions to Fight Human Trafficking Act” of 2018—is the latest in a long line of assaults on civil liberties disguised as attacks on the biggest crime panic of the decade, sex trafficking. Wagner alone brought us the SAVE Act in 2015 and FOSTA in 2018, both of which take aim at online anonymity, web publishing, social media, sex workers, and free speech under the guise of saving children from “modern slavery.”

Specifically, H.R. 6729 would allow financial institutions, federal regulatory bodies, nonprofit organizations, and law enforcement to share customer bank records between them without running afoul of rules regarding consumer privacy and without opening themselves up to lawsuits. Ostensibly, this would be done “in order to better identify and report potential human trafficking or money laundering activities.”

Wagner will strip immunity from websites and serve up immunity to banks. This plan to end sex trafficking isn’t being carried out in good faith. Distorted facts, distorted stats, and a whole bunch of made up data is par for the course. So, it makes sense the banks won’t have to operate in good faith either.

But these entities need not demonstrate that the “sharing was made on a good faith basis,” according to the current text of the bill.

This sounds like legislative encouragement for fishing expeditions”

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Florida Candidate for Circuit Court Judge Admits to Building Park to Banish Sex Offenders…

Date: October 09, 2018

01) Florida Candidate for Circuit Court Judge Admits to Building Park to Banish Sex Offenders

02) Linda Gaustad, Ryan Will tout experience in 7th circuit judge race

“Ryan Will, a homicide prosecutor with the 7th Circuit State Attorney’s Office who is running for Judge, admitted to the St. Augustine Record, that he helped communities install parks for the express purpose of banning persons required to register as sex offenders (who are subject to residency restrictions) from the area.

One of Will’s activities outside the courtroom is helping communities build parks in locations that use state law to keep sexual predators from moving into the neighborhood. Will led the effort to build the first one in his own neighborhood”

03) Floridiot persecutor Ryan Will builds pocket parks to remove registrants from their homes, and now thinks he can be an impartial judge

“In case there was any doubt that this guy gets his jollies kicking registered citizens from their homes, just watch the video. By the way, did you know he was publicly reprimanded by the Florida Bar Association? He’s barely holding on to his license now.”

I’ve been hearing about this problem, for several years now…

…Some of these “community parks”, are nothing more than a lone bench on a small strip of grass…sometimes in really awkward places.

…No area where a community can actually congregate, or hold any type of event.

Change.Org: Légalisation Lolicon…


Date: October 02, 2018

01) Légalisation Lolicon

“Since August 5, 2013, it is forbidden to draw, share or possess, even in the strictly private context of Lolicon content.

This law of article 227-23 of the penal code repressed only “the fact, with a view to its diffusion, to fix, to record, or to transmit the image, or the representation of a minor when this image, or this representation is pornographic “But now, the law adds that” when the image, or the representation concerns a minor of [under] fifteen years, these facts are punished even if they were not committed in view of the diffusion of this image or representation “.

Out in the anime, manga or fan art, it is already difficult to give an age to the character, unless the author has given it.

This update of the law is an indisputable & irrefutable violation of privacy, this law reminds us of dictatorship, an attack on culture and criticism, because indeed, some works like “Kodomo no jikan” are real criticisms about society and phenomena that people are afraid to address. We simply can not let these people take our most fundamental freedoms.

Do not forget the words of Benjamin Franklin: “A people willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security deserves neither, and ends up losing both.”

Moreover, the Lolicon, in the Hentai context is a good thing for the society, in fact starting from the fact that the pedophilia is certainly totally immoral, it does not remain less than a sexual impulse or of love, this which changes is the physiological attraction. Lolicon responds to the need for this satisfaction that we can never really fight with our current laws. It is not by putting a pedophile in prison that it will change, and castrate is to use barbaric methods, countries like Japan are doing very well with Lolicon. Lolicon is virtual and not real, it’s up to you if you prefer it to be our poor children who suffer the torments or imaginary characters. An alternative to sanctions exists, a method of appeasement is at their disposal. The argument “This encourages them to become pedophile” is false, we do not become pedophile, it is as for homosexuality. Let’s fight together to allow Lolicon and protect our children!”

The language is French…so, this probably has to do with France law…possibly Canadian…

Free expression, whether of a discussion or artistic nature, is a human right of the utmost importance…It is not to be tampered with!

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[Don’t Talk to the Police] The Right to Remain Silent: A New Answer to an Old Question…


Date: September 27, 2018

01) Don’t Talk to the Police

02) The Right to Remain Silent: A New Answer to an Old Question

“Regent Law Professor James Duane gives viewers startling reasons why they should always exercise their 5th Amendment rights when questioned by government officials. Download his article on the topic at:

These are essential things to understand, if you live in the U.S…or ever visit the U.S.

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Child abuse algorithms: from science fiction to cost-cutting reality…

Date: September 26, 2018

01) Child abuse algorithms: from science fiction to cost-cutting reality

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Community Submitted

“In an age of austerity, and a climate of fear about child abuse, perhaps it is unsurprising that social workers have turned to new technology for help.

Local authorities – which face spiralling demand and an £800m funding shortfall – are beginning to ask whether big data could help to identify vulnerable children.

Could a computer program flag a problem family, identify a potential victim.”

An invaluable tool within the sex-abuse industry’s armoury I would have thought, being able to predict which human beings a child comes into contact with are the child abusers, even though such people have never have touched a child. A bit like labelling all minor-attracted individuals as child sex abusers. Yet another nail gets driven into the coffin that was once societal cohesion.”

They’re never going to learn…are they?…

…It’s all “wonderful and lovely”…until the day somebody else’s “bright idea” plops itself into your life…and royally screws you over.

So…are they going to start dictating who, statistically, pops a boner for children?

Paedophiles viewing child sex abuse images once every 23 minutes in England and Wales as crimes rocket…


Date: September 19, 2018

01) Paedophiles viewing child sex abuse images once every 23 minutes in England and Wales as crimes rocket

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Community Submitted

“It means paedophiles are committing crimes at least once every 23 minutes in England and Wales, causing some senior police officers to call for the government to consider ‘alternatives’ to prosecution to ease immense strain on the criminal justice system.

A total of more than 22,700 offences were recorded in 2017/18, up by 23 per cent on the previous year. Offences included taking, distributing and possessing indecent images of children.

The NSPCC said every image viewed ‘represents a real child who has been groomed and abused to supply the demand of this appalling trade’.

Police are increasingly concerned about the rise of ‘peer-on-peer’ image sharing between minors. Last month an NSPCC survey of 40,000 young people revealed an average of one in 50 schoolchildren had sent a nude or semi-clothed image to an adult.”

I find this news item hilarious, I mean how unfortunate for the UK’s criminal justice system to have manufactured such a weighty rod for its own back … and how predictable it is that the NSPCC keep on using emotive words such as: ‘groomed’, ‘abused’, ‘supply’, ‘demand’, and ‘appalling trade’.

And still they don’t get it do they? Adults, both paedophile and non-paedophile find children sexy. All the child abuse hysteria makes people even more curious to see sexy images for themselves, free of charge online. As for the kids, evidently they are increasingly finding ways of expressing their capacity for sexual desire online … go for it boys and girls, there is absolutely no shame in behaving sexually if you feel like it.”

I was thinking the same…”All those darn, sexy children!”…Mmmmm….

The vicious fools of this world, are losing their own war…

…It was an incredibly stupid war to start, in the first place.

“Chief Constable Bailey said the police service had “reached saturation point” with the unprecedented volume of reports that is expected to rise further.

He proposed investigating and arresting all paedophiles, but giving those judged not to be a direct abuse risk a conditional caution that requires them to undergo an approved rehabilitation programme and be put on the sex offenders register so that they would be monitored.”

Yep!…These are the hallmarks of a totalitarian police state…

…Seeking and accepting vast volumes of reports, and neighbor snitching on private citizens…to bring them in, and intimidate them…and put them on a list…

…This is utterly evil.

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The DOJ’s Potential Plans To Create Title IX Sex Offender Database…


Date: August 28, 2018

01) The DOJ’s Potential Plans To Create Title IX Sex Offender Database

“Campus rights activists and some experts are alarmed by a notice in the August 1 Federal Register. The Department of Justice program “Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking” (SMART) plans to collect questionnaires from approximately fifty colleges and universities on behalf of its “Campus Information Sharing and Response Project.”

The forms are estimated to take 15 minutes to complete. The data on campus policies and procedures will include information on “individuals found responsible and sanctioned for campus sexual misconduct policy violations.” The public has until August 31 to comment.

SMART was established by the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006. The Act not only created a federal sex offender registry but also instructed states to post the personal data of offenders in their jurisdictions online, including addresses and photographs.

Walsh slots sex offenders into three categories: Tier Three consists of the most serious criminals, who must register for life and report their location every three months. Tier Two offenders register for 25 years and report every six months. Tier One offenders register for 15 years and report every year.

Failure to comply is a felony. Those who do comply confront severe limitations in employment, education, and social access. Some professions are closed to them; many universities will not enroll them; they cannot reside in areas with easy access to children. According to SMART’s website, the program provides “jurisdictions with guidance” and technical assistance to implement Walsh. One of its major functions is to provide funding to create sex offender registries

The alarm bell rings from several directions.”

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Viewing child abuse images as bad as direct abuse, says solicitor general…


Date: August 16, 2018

01) Viewing child abuse images as bad as direct abuse, says solicitor general

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Community Submitted

“‘Paedophiles who download or share child abuse images should receive the same punishment as those who abuse children themselves, according to the solicitor general. Robert Buckland QC said downloading and sharing such images was just as “insidious” as direct sexual abuse, as he announced plans to extend the unduly lenient sentencing scheme to indecent images offences.’

Oh, so if you are not a paedo, then it is OK to download or share? A distinct feeling of deja vue … didn’t the FBI claim several years back that every time a ‘child pornography’ image is viewed, the child in the photographed is sexually abused?”

Boy…Robert’s really out for blood, isn’t he?

Robert clearly believes in voodoo molestation…The thought, is the crime…

This is probably one of the better pieces of photographic, BL/MAP art…every bit as much for the words, as for anything else.

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