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Don’t Pretend to Be What You Are Not: Anti-child abuse activist arrested for pedophilia…


Date: June 27, 2020

01) Double life: Anti-child abuse activist arrested for pedophilia

Thanks to Flashraid99!

“A co-founder of a sexual violence awareness group, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, has been arrested on charges of child pornography and attempting to sexually exploit children.


Here we have yet another guy, playing both sides of the coin…

…a MAP who was behaving as someone, who fights against exactly what he wants and does himself.

Things do not end well for these sorts.

People often scoff at us, when we talk about this phenomena in the anti-MAP community…but it’s an extremely real thing…These sorts surface periodically.

These sorts are very commonly among their ranks.

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Vigilantes Aren’t Heroes; They’re Criminals…

Date: May 24, 2020

01) Vigilantes Aren’t Heroes; They’re Criminals

“I was recently lectured by someone on social media who felt compelled to defend vigilantes who target sex offenders. He claimed that “vigilante” was some sort of badge of honor, and that no vigilante would ever harm innocent people. He then qualified that statement by adding, “And if they did, they wouldn’t be vigilantes any more. So, you’re using the term incorrectly.”

I beg to differ.

First, he’s obviously confusing what he thinks they’re supposed to be doing with what they actually do. That’s a little like saying, “Cops aren’t supposed to kill innocent people. And if they do, they aren’t cops anymore. So, you can’t say cops kill innocent people!” Au contraire, my friend!

They do, and I can. You don’t get to change the meanings of words in the middle of a murder, just so you can absolve yourself of any moral responsibility or legal complicity. Sure, the English language is wonderfully flexible and evolving, but that’s abusing your parlance privileges.

Let’s start with the history and meaning of the word vigilante…”


‘HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND’ – Five-year-old autistic boy ‘registered as sex offender’ for hugging one classmate and kissing another on the cheek…


Date: February 20, 2020

01) Five-year-old autistic boy ‘registered as sex offender’ for hugging one classmate and kissing another on the cheek

“Nathan’s devastated family say a teacher accused him of “sexual activities” at East Ridge Elementary in Tennessee.

They claim they were told Nathan has been “labelled a sex predator” and will have it on his record forever.

His guardian, Summery Putnam, said she received a call from the school near the start of September that made her “sick to her stomach”.

She told ABC7:”First of all, I didn’t understand… He’s a five-year-old, he’s a child.

“The teacher called me. She said, ‘You need to have a talk with Nathan about boundaries.'”

Ms Putnam said the teacher also accused her son of “sexual activities”.

“I talked to him. I said, ‘You can’t hug children.’

“He said: ‘Why?’

“I said, ‘Because, Nathan, it’s not allowed.'”

“To bring something like this against a child, a special needs child, that really doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong.”

When anything, including the “sex offender register” becomes this vile and unhinged…it is time to end it…completely.

This is not about any form of justice.

In fact…it sounds like they are trying to use it to ruthlessly punish a small child, for being a small child…

…hell…possibly for even being a decent, loving human being.

How does evil aggression like this, come out of a small child’s hugging and kissing?

Do they want us to all grow up isolated, and maladjusted?…

There is research involving this type of deprivation, and the serious damage it causes…

…They want a world like this?!

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Utah woman fights charge after stepkids see her topless at home…

February 06, 2020

01) Utah woman fights charge after stepkids see her topless at home

Thanks to feinmann0!

“A Utah woman charged with a crime after her stepchildren saw her topless in her own home is fighting the case that could force her to register as a sex offender, citing a court ruling that overturned a topless ban in Colorado.

Attorneys for Tilli Buchanan argue that the law is unfair because it treats men and women differently for baring their chests. They are asking a judge to overturn her misdemeanor lewdness charges and declare that part of the law unconstitutional.

Prosecutors counter that nudity is commonly understood to include women’s breasts in American society and that courts have upheld laws based on morality.

Judge Kara Pettit heard the case Tuesday but said it was ‘too important of an issue’ to decide immediately. She plans to rule in the coming months.


So this judge needs a few months to mull over a non-issue inflated into an issue solely to sustain a corrupt sexual abuse industry. Those evil puritans most assuredly have full control over the minds of US society, and no-one seems to be sufficiently enraged to speak out?

We seem to have lost a vital component of our democracy: the ability to prevent the state from becoming fascist. Fascism: a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society.”

It is ridiculous, isn’t it?

I’m at a loss as to what supposedly happens to you, resulting from seeing naked body parts prior to reaching a certain age.

Seems like an awful lot of superstition.

Of course…as you mention…all that juicy, delicious money to be made, has got to have motivating effects.

The sex abuse industry really has been the perfect form of slave business…

They can dictate into existence “a problem”, for which their utterly worthless “solution/service” is “the answer”…

…And countless people can climb aboard that gravy train.

I expect most of these people never had any clear direction in their own lives, and pretty much anything that gives them a paycheck while making them sound like some sort of social “hero”, tickles their fancy quite well.

Courts Overturn Kansas and 3 Other States Ag-Gag Laws For Being Unconstitutional…


Date: February 03, 2020

01) Courts Overturn Kansas and 3 Other States Ag-Gag Laws For Being Unconstitutional

I have mixed feelings about some of the actions of animal rights activists and their groups…and I wouldn’t say there are never any valid reasons to prosecute some of them…

The “terrorist” thing, however, is a gross, obscene overstep, and a straight out abuse of human rights.

The fact that they actually constructed laws just so, that they criminalize what rightly should be recognized as documentation, speech and expression…and all for the benefit of shielding big businesses?…That is just dead wrong.

But, you know…they’ve been doing this sort of thing, including at the federal level, long before they started targeting animal rights activists…

…The primary difference, is that we still have not seen any form of legal push back, nor striking down of what is clearly unconstitutional…Even the U.S. supreme court is absolutely useless, as it refuses to do anything about it…deciding that “sexual deviants” are throw away human beings, who are perfectly acceptable to exploit, discriminate against, violate and “strip” of all human rights.

Anyone could be voted a “sexual deviant”, and subjected to these laws and regulations, given an extreme enough government.

Our right to tell and show the truth, is overwhelmingly criminalized and stigmatized…

…It should never be this way, for anybody…ever.

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Human Rights Violations in the Netherlands: Unlawful Silencing, and Searches and Seizures of Pedophile Activists…


Date: January 27, 2020

01) Norbert: search and seizures in the Netherlands

“On January 21st, four addresses in the Netherlands had a search and seizure, including mine.”

02) Norbert: a first brief English-language statement

03) Raids, arrests in investigation into banned pedophile club

“The police arrested two men and raided four homes in Hengelo, Arnhem, Haarlem and Lelystad on Tuesday in an investigation into the possible continuation of banned pedophile association Martijn, the Public Prosecutor said in a statement.

The Supreme Court banned and disbanded the pedophile association Martijn in 2014, because the association sought to create acceptance for sexual relations between adults and younger children.

In 2019 the police received a report that Martijn’s former directors may be continuing with the association, resulting in this investigation being launched.”

04) Twee mannen opgepakt in onderzoek naar pedofielenvereniging Martijn

“Two men arrested in investigation of the pedophile association Martijn

The police made two arrests on Tuesday because of the criminal investigation into the forbidden pedophile association Martijn.

In addition to the homes of the two men, two more houses were searched, in Arnhem and Lelystad. Among other things, mobile phones, computers and digital data carriers, such as USB sticks, were seized. The house in Hengelo that the police raided on Tuesday afternoon is from Marthijn U., the former chairman of the pedophile association Martijn.

Marthijn U. is not the arrested man according to the Public Prosecution Service (this is years younger). However, U. is considered a suspect in the investigation into the continuation of the Martijn association, according to the OM.

Private mail group

In June last year, Marcel Jeninga, founder of the Fight Against Abuse foundation, reported two former Martijn board members who would continue their work in a closed mail group. According to RTL News, which was part of the mail group for a longer period of time, one of the members in the group shared a 170-page handbook describing in detail how you can abuse children. At the launch of the mail group, U. said that the mailing list was intended solely “for people who agree that sex between adults and children should be legal.”

05) Wie is de uitgesproken Arnhemse pedofiel die zegt niemand kwaad te doen?

“Who is the outspoken pedophile from Arnhem who says he will not harm anyone?

ARNHEM – Who is Norbert, who was visited on Tuesday in Arnhem in connection with the investigation into the pedophile association Martijn?

The members of Martijn continued underground after the ban. In a closed mailing list, they gave each other tips on how to best abuse children. Justice sees the mailing list as the continuation of the forbidden pedophile club Martijn.

The members see their mailing list purely as a private matter. For justice, however, the e-mail group, which had 34 men, is Martijn 2.0. After the Fight Against Abuse Foundation filed a report in June 2019, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) started an investigation.

“Handbook for pedophiles”
As mentioned, the members of Martijn gave each other tips about abusing children. These tips can be found in the so-called “pedophile handbook”. The existence of the book was revealed by RTL News. The news channel infiltrated a closed e-mail group, in which sex with children was glorified.

“This is all too late,” judges Marcel Jeninga of the Fight against Abuse Foundation. ,, Justice should have intervened much earlier. Soon after 2014, it was clear that the men would just continue. They were completely ignored. Until five years later we started the business. ”

If the Netherlands does not prohibit the pedo manual, I will go to Brussels”

06) Buurt blij met huiszoeking bij pedofiel Norbert: ‘Zo iemand moet niet vlakbij kinderen kunnen wonen’

“Neighborhood happy with search of pedophile Norbert: “Such a person should not be able to live close to children”

“I am happy that they are finally doing something,” says Danny van Velthoven. He witnessed yesterday how the police invaded the Norbert de J. apartment in Presikhaaf, Arnhem.

The action was related to the police investigation into the pedophile association Martijn, in the context of which two arrests were made on the same day.

De J. is an acquaintance of Marthijn U., former chairman of the forbidden pedophile association. One of the suspects was arrested in his home in Hengelo.

Together with U. De J. was also a board member of the Party for Charity, Freedom and Diversity (PNVD), who argued for legal sex between adults and children from the age of 12. Fourteen years ago, Radboud University Nijmegen refused to admit him as a student because of his pedophile orientation. De J. has always denied having sexual contacts with children.”

Adolph Hitler and his Nazis would be so proud of the current Dutch government…Surely, they are their spiritual successors…Not to imply the U.S. government, or that of other countries, aren’t fighting for rights to that claim.

What is so sickening, is that the Netherlands only a few decades back, represented the pinnacle of progressive open mindedness, safely open speech/discussion and literal research of pedophilia, hebephilia and ephebophilia.

Many of us believed that this is where sound research on MAPs and related issues, was destined to come from…We imagined it was the only viable place, it could be conducted…because they weren’t all losing their minds over the topic, and not only were people willing to have the conversations…there were experts willing to talk frankly about it all, without apology.

Then the zealots came into power…and seeing as how they could not deny or fight against the facts…they decided to crush all dialogue and documentation of it, except for the most hyperbolic condemnation and fear mongering against it.

This is how these violently intolerant cowards work.

They cut people off from their voice, from association and from the public dialogue, all while re-framing and distorting “what was happening”.

This world, and all good people in it, are being run into the ground by the power crazed zealots.

You wonder why I must speak out, and spend so much of my life doing something about the state of things?…

…It is because we must stand up, and push back against these types of gross human rights abuses against MAPs.

If good people do not put an end to this…the hostile, abusive people will continue doing this exact thing, to whomever they please.

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Surviving an Ambush Interview: Mike Wallace And The Art Of The Ambush Interview…


Date: January 13, 2020

01) Mike Wallace And The Art Of The Ambush Interview

“Looking back on his career, Wallace told CNN’s Howard Kurtz that he and the late 60 Minutes executive producer Don Hewitt “came to the conclusion that there was more heat than light that came out of that. We weren’t getting a lot of information from those so-called ambushes. So we quit … I have no doubt that what we started has become a plague.”

Although Mr. Wallace and Mr. Hewitt came to the right conclusion regarding ambush interviews, many other television personalities (some of whom I hesitate to call journalists) have continued his tradition. They imitate Wallace’s legacy by following a public figure down the street, racing them through a parking lot, or showing up to their office without warning.

Little scares media spokespersons more than the prospect of being ambushed. I recently wrote two posts about how spokespersons can survive ambush interviews (here and here), in which I wrote that:

“The single best way to ‘win’ an ambush is by denying the reporter a great visual.”

The two additional links in this quote, are probably worth the time to read and digest.

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A disturbing 3-minute history of the Adam Walsh Act…


Date: January 07, 2020

01) @syodertweets

“A disturbing 3-minute history of the Adam Walsh Act, recounted by Judge Mary Kate Huffman at mins 24-27 here:”

02) Judge Mary Kate Huffman

“Hon. Judge Mary Kate Huffman of Common Pleas Court in Ohio presents her perspective on the sex offender registry and management.”

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IMPLANTING FALSE MEMORIES. Here’s How Easy It Is To Convince Someone They Experienced A Traumatic Event When They Didn’t…


Date: November 21, 2019

01) IMPLANTING FALSE MEMORIES. Here’s How Easy It Is To Convince Someone They Experienced A Traumatic Event When They Didn’t

“Our memories are not computers capable of storing accurate data — especially during traumatic events — despite what many “experts” would have you believe. It is actually really easy to corrupt our memories, whether through hypnosis or not. In 1995, professor Elizabeth Loftus — a distinguished professor at the University of California-Irvine and expert on human memory —? conducted a study with Jacqueline Pickrell — a research scientist at the University of Washington-Seattle — that found people could easily “recall” a traumatic memory that didn’t actually happen with just a little help.”

Twenty to fifty percent of study participants accepted a false memory as “real”?!…

…That is horrendous, and deeply concerning.

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Just Because Someone Calls Themself a Fellow MAP Doesn’t Mean They Are Worthy of Your Trust…


Date: November 18, 2019

01) Separating Fact From Fiction – Why is the MAP Community on Twitter

“Todd Nickerson and Elliott discuss the reason why the MAP community on Twitter exists and what our ultimate goal is.”

I’m glad someone else broached this issue…though, frankly, there is a lot to raise an eyebrow over…and as usual…listening to something like this is extremely taxing…at times, insulting on a number of levels…

…I’m tired of feeling like I’m being treated as though I were stupid, for demanding transparency and full integrity out of a system that purports to study and report on us…

…and I’m tired of this judgement coming out of other MAPs who have the gall, to repeat the rhetoric of a system, fundamentally designed to create and perpetuate a distorted social view on MAPs, human sexuality and childhood/youth sexuality…and some, even acting as lap dogs for that very same system…

In Nazi Germany, I believe there was a name for these sorts of turncoats…

This is a hard issue to discuss…but it is out there…it does exist…and it’s important for us to understand that it is taking place…

…and that there are some self identified MAPs, who are themselves posing an active threat towards other MAPs.

Philosophically and ethically, I have never been opposed to any culture or society allowing for liberal sexual freedoms to all people, regardless of age, race, orientation, etc…I do not view such cultures as morally defective…They merely deal with human sexuality in their own way, sometimes different from the majority of other cultures…It’s nothing to lose our minds over.

I do, however, very strongly advise people to know and follow the laws of their homeland, and that of whatever land they are presently in, to avoid running foul of either.

If you have had some sort of a legally questionable past…know that there are certain types of MAP out there, who are all to willing to throw you under the bus…sometimes, even over the mere flimsiest of suspicions.

You should never run your laundry list of compromising traits and issues across anyone, solely because you presume they should empathize with you.

A number of them wont…Some of them will throw you to the wolves, based on their sole, personal perception of what you’ve shared with them…and whatever their suspicious mind presumes about you.

Sometimes, MAPs are a danger to other MAPs…and this has been one of the most frustrating things about this type of activism…It’s why so many MAPs go it alone, and keep other MAPs at a distance…You don’t always know who you can trust…Sometimes, there are MAPs who you should never trust, under any circumstances…

This is not about having any sort of guilty conscience…

…This is about the fact, that MAPs have no business doing this sort of thing to other MAPs, based on a hunch or a suspicion…

…Among MAPs…this is the line, which is literally the unforgivable sin.

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