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A Piece of History: Phillip Greaves II…


Date: January 03, 2022

What happens when your very speech gets criminalized.

If you cannot speak, you cannot change what is so clearly wrong.

The day when I believed this sort of thing could never happen in the USA, is long gone from my life.

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Russian Teenage Mob kills a man who thought he was meeting a 13 year old girl…


Date: December 28, 2021

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“This is old news BTW, this was in 2016

What do we think of this shit?!”

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“A teenage lynch mob beat and knifed a suspected paedophile to death in Russia, say police.

Three youths have been detained after a violent film of the 47-year-old-man’s beating – shot by a female friend of the alleged killers – was uploaded to the web.

The man had arranged to meet a 13-year-old girl after telling her he wanted sex with her during a social media chat, say police.

The girl arrived for the ‘date’ with a gang of teenage friends, it was reported.

Footage shows the vigilante teens kicking and beating the alleged paedophile as he lay prostrate in long grass near Efremovo, in the Tula region.

A dozen or more males and females watch as the man pleads for mercy, blood streaming from his nose.

The spectators are seen laughing and cheering while the man is plainly in severe physical pain.

Then the group is seen walking away from the scene.

It is believed the man survived this attack but a group of youths, aged 16 and 17, met him next day on 26 July armed with a gun and knife.”

A man is being brutally attacked, and a mainstream United Kingdom website thinks nothing of parading the uncensored footage to the world…because the victim is “a pedophile”.

This world has completely lost all right to call itself good or moral…It celebrates the absolute worst in human beings, and thinks nothing of dehumanizing people out of their very right to live…

The Romans had coliseums for this sort of thing…Modern humans aren’t any better.

…And people wonder why so many of us have been pushing back for years, even decades…

…It’s because this sort of thing exists…it just continues, and keeps getting worse.

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S’porean blogger Amos Yee sentenced to six years’ jail in US for child pornography, grooming…


Date: December 09, 2021

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“WASHINGTON – Singaporean blogger Amos Yee was sentenced by a US court on Thursday (Dec 2) to six years in jail, after he pleaded guilty to two charges of child pornography and grooming.

Yee, 23, was also ordered by the Chicago court not to contact the victim, who was then 14 years old, for two years after his release from jail.

Yee had also faced 16 other child pornography-related charges, which were dismissed as part of a plea deal he accepted.

According to the first charge of child pornography, Yee solicited, persuaded and induced the victim to appear on video and other mediums and pose, which involved lewd behaviour, between February and July in 2019.

The charge, a class one felony and second-most serious type of offence under Illinois criminal law, carried a prison sentence of at least four years and up to 15 years.

According to the second charge of grooming, Yee knowingly used WhatsApp to seduce, solicit and lure the victim to pose for photographs, which he distributed on WhatsApp, over the same period.

That charge had a minimum jail term of one year and a maximum of three years.

Yee, who appeared in court via video link, was advised by Judge Carol Howard that pleading guilty to the charges meant he could be deported, denied admission to the US, or denied naturalisation as a US citizen in the future.

The convictions could also affect his ability to obtain housing, employment and other licences, including a driver’s licence, she added.

Yee, who wore a surgical face mask and orange prison jumpsuit, replied that he understood.

Yee, who spent most of the hearing replying to questions with yes or no answers, declined to speak when the judge asked if he had anything to say before she imposed his sentence.

The judge, as well as his public defender, both wished him luck at the end of the hearing, which lasted about 20 minutes.

Yee was 20 at the time of his offences, and living in Cook County, Chicago.”

This happened about a week ago…So, I should acknowledge it.

I guess they didn’t consider Amos to be a big enough fish, and allowed him to dodge a whole lot of years with a plea deal.

Not exactly a nice ending…but I figured it would be a lot worse.

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Chris Chan (Christine Weston Chandler) Case Analysis…

Date: August 06, 2021

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“This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of Christine Weston Chandler (Chris Chan)?”

I don’t normally address this specific individual…because the whole mix of themselves with the trolls tormenting them, is a circus freak show…

…I think it’s disgusting, that a lot of ill intention sociopaths have mercilessly targeted a mentally disabled person like this.

Now…he or she [depending on what time window/era we are talking about] has had previous, serious violations of the law…the first two mentioned in this video are clearly of a violent nature…one, potentially lethal…So, when he/she already had a substantial, violent criminal history…I expect the local authorities were tired of dealing with him/her…and could be jumping at the chance to put him/her away…even if that just means institutionalizing him/her…

They’re probably thinking his/her mother doesn’t have many more years left…and what is he/she going to be doing/like, after his/her mother dies…If they have no way to actually sustain themselves, that just means problems.

Though I personally respect gerontophiles and those into incest…I think the lesson to be taken away from his/her most recent legal woes…is that you cannot publish admissions of illegal sex acts, and expect that it will never have serious consequences.

This is both just pointing out one danger, in the minefield world we live in…

…and acknowledging a deep frustration, where it comes to the gagging and self censorship…of those in demonized, oppressed sexual minorities.

I don’t personally have a history of pedophilic relationships…nor do I have any ongoing pedophilic relationship…but there have been times when I’ve refrained from putting [already written/recorded] things out there…because I knew it was getting into expressively grey areas…where any ill intended scumbag could spin it into something else…and a similar fate to what is currently happening with Chris [being arrested, held, investigated and possibly charged (…tried and sentenced?) based upon what you’ve expressed on the internet], could happen to someone like me…A lot of people would love to see something like that happen to me…and that’s not mere paranoia speaking…My legal identity is known…Some people have made it a point, to let me know that they know…Some people like to even phone stalk me, and make it clear that they are watching me…and have been doing this for many years…

…In fact, that same idiot just did their typical call…pause…and hang up…while I was writing this.

It may seem hard to believe, given everything I have published here…but I have held back, and been more vague so as to not give malicious law enforcement something to attack me with…so as to ward off charges, I lack the financial resources to properly fight.

That holding back has hurt both my message, and myself [all oppressed sexual minorities, honestly]…This world needs full on, full disclosure, discussion on the facts…all of the facts…without apology…but so frequently, you realize that if you do force such a discussion…people will attack you in every way possible…One of those ways, as a member of a scapegoat minority…is people deciding you’ve violated the law in any possible manner, and employing the legal system against you as a weapon.

…So…anytime I come out here…and say “at age X, I did Y with Z, and loved it”…with “historic abuse” cases being a modern day thing, and with time limitations being struck down in many jurisdictions…it makes me question whether the simple, honest accounts of my own, human sexual experiences, could be treated as a de facto crime…

It’s a crime against humanity…that sexual minorities cannot discuss the relationships they are in, or that they have had…without fear of being criminally charged, and having their own words used as evidence against them.

I don’t know if Chris sexually assaulted his/her mother or not…I hope not…

…I just know that when a culture criminalizes nearly every single thing sexual about you…you better have your guard up and speak carefully, when you start talking about your own sexual past [and present], and what admissions you are willing to publicly make.

…And I give a hearty, full bodied FUCK YOU! to society, for allowing things to be this culturally fucked up.

No sexual minority should ever have to self censor, over concerns like this.

…And now…people get to give me the side eye, while questioning, “What is he aluding to?!”…

…and I get to ponder, whether this post should have went into the trash, rather than being published.

…Life is an adventure.


What Happens if a Client Confesses to Murder? – Counselor Limits of Confidentiality…


Date: July 25, 2021

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“This video answers the question: If a client confesses a murder to a counselor, does the counselor have to report it? I’ve heard a number of variants of this question as well, so not just murder, but other serious crimes like assault kidnapping, bank robbery, drug trafficking, and other crime. Now this may seem like a rare situation, but we do know that 40% of murders remain unsolved and of course high percentages of other serious crimes are unsolved as well. Many of these offenders do continue to commit crimes, so they could be in prison for something else and not the crime that they’re trying to hide. However, it is still possible and there have been counselors who have been in this situation before.

One key consideration would be the Duty to Warn / Duty to Protect as they may be applicable depending on the circumstances. This is combining the responsibilities of a mental health clinician to treat a client and help that client with this idea of protecting other people or protecting the public from the client. It gets into an area that a lot of counselors feel uncomfortable with and there are actually a lot of reasons to feel uncomfortable with it, because the law the duty to warn law or the duty to protect law is different in each state.
When we talk about the Tarasoff case, we’re really actually talking about two cases: there was a Tarasoff ruling in 1974 that provided this duty to warn (Tarasoff I), and Tarasoff II in 1976, which changed the duty to warn over to a duty to protect. The key finding in these cases was that the protective privilege of therapy ends where public peril begins.

Granich, S. (2012). Duty To Warn, Duty To Protect. New Social Worker, 19(1), 4–7.

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Citizens for Free Speech – #SolutionsWatch…

Date: February 14, 2021

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“Patrick Wood joins us to discuss a new non-profit organization he has founded to help combat the threat to free speech: Citizens for Free Speech. With 26,000 members, the CFFS seeks to activate people at the local level and teach them how to better communicate their ideas and combat the threats to fundamental freedoms that are facing us during this generated crisis.
Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)


“When communication stops, the fighting begins”…

…This is one of several reasons why we never tolerate the complete banishment of anybody, at all.

Individual expression is critical, regardless of what ideas one might express…Refusal to interact will only isolate, leaving people to become angry, extreme…and sometimes violent…

An individuals right to express their thoughts is down right sacred.

“…the channels for communication have been destroyed”…Yes!…and this is an obscene travesty, for all people!

In real open dialogue you at least have something to work with, and a way to avoid and heal social conflict [and the really shitty ways we maltreat each other]…

…Allowing these stupid tech companies [or roving mobs of zealots] to impose strict censorship, when they’ve proven time and time again that they don’t even comprehend what they are attacking, is as unjust and disgusting as social manipulation gets.

It is at the root of what causes violence and war.

This never ends well.

Why do you think there has been so much talk by some in the broader MAP community, about terrorist tactics?…fighting back?…making last stands?…potential for killing cops and politicians?…

…This is all a direct consequence of MAP’s being completely locked out of all social dialogue, and all common, peaceful avenue to political grievance solution.

If you are unaware of this…then you are not well traveled among the MAP communities.

No…it’s not everywhere…but it is absolutely out there…

…and people from all angles had best start taking it seriously.

Forcing people out of the public square is not helping anything…In fact, it is causing an alarming amount of hate, aggression and motivation towards real world violence.

This is what happens when you allow tyranny of the powerful, or the majority, to impoverish and terrorize any group habitually…and nobody stands up to defend the group being targeted…and nobody allows the targeted group to peacefully defend itself.

What is so galling to me…is that it is quite well established in research by now, that the simple act of allowing people to express whatever is on their own mind at the moment acts as a pressure valve…and has this massive social impact, on diverting people away from extremism and violent acts…

…Yet this simple, vital need is being aggressively denied to people…

…Why?…Who is gaining in this, and what are they gaining?

…Does it serve the people?

Disclaimer: I do not endorse everything that comes out of the Corbett Report…but the first half of this video is really darn solid.


Know Your Enemy: Panic! In America (w/ the You’re Wrong About podcast)…


Date: February 10, 2021

01) LINK

“Episode Summary

Matt and Sam discuss the role of moral panics in America’s right turn with Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes, the hosts of the You’re Wrong About podcast.
Episode Notes

Matt and Sam are joined by special guests Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes of the You’re Wrong About podcast to discuss moral panics—from tales of rampant Satanism in the late 1970s to the Stranger Danger wave in the 1980s and beyond—and their role in the rise of rightwing politics in America. What do such “Save the Children” stories tell us about the way the conservative mind conceives of morality and power? What do they tell us about American culture and politics? It all builds to a discussion of QAnon and both the promise and problems with empathy.


Sarah Marshall, “Remote Control: Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan, and the Spectacles of Female Power and Pain,” The Believer, January 1, 2014

Michael Hobbes, “Everything You Know about Obesity is Wrong,” Huffington Post, September 19, 2018

John Paul Rollert, “Going to Extremes: What Acting Taught Me about the Limits of Empathy,” Commonweal, January 27, 2021

Rebecca Jennings, “What we can learn about QAnon from the Satanic Panic: An Interview with Sarah Marshall,” Vox, Sept 25, 2020

Paul M. Renfro, Stranger Danger: Family Values, Childhood, and the American Carceral State, (Oxford University Press), June 2020.

Listen to You’re Wrong About here, support them on Patreon here, and check out their merch here…”

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Two FBI agents killed, 3 wounded in South Florida during child pornography raid…


Date: February 07, 2021

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“Two F.B.I. agents died and three more were injured in a deadly shooting in South Florida this morning. The man being investigated in the case was allegedly involved with child pornography, and was found dead. NBC’s Sam Brock joins Shep Smith to report.”

Let’s be honest…

…The only thing hard to predict about this scenario, was the question of “when?”…

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Sex Offender interview – Frankie…


Date: January 10, 2021

01) LINK

“Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Frankie, a convicted sex offender from the west coast of Florida.”

Hard to tell where to put this one…

…But I think this interview is an important watch.

I feel like I should type out some thoughts…I’m just not really feeling like doing so, right now.

It’s unfortunate that the system ultimately got into his head…and you’ll understand what I mean, near the end…Otherwise, this is actually a really interesting, very honest interview.

It ends on a bad note, I was really hoping it would avoid…but then, it probably would not have been published otherwise…”Have to give the people their expectations”, after all.

I don’t know this guy…Maybe he did violate some principle I would find critical…Maybe he was overly aggressive in finding sexual companionship at a young age…

…It just…I know there has got to be a better way to intervene [if it was such a problem in the first place], than sending them to prison and putting someone on a register.

Is this a case which honestly warranted such?

I know I cannot provide any kind of character witness for Frankie…But I also know humans well enough, to say that he does not carry himself as though he is burdened by deep shame…not for the simple sex acts…and I have to question whether or not, there even was anything there which warranted shame…or demanded an apology…

…It sounds like Frankie was taken advantage of…at least by the 13 year old hustler…

I’m glad he is able to talk about it openly…matter of fact…

People should understand…these are also the kinds of people and cases, which get destroyed by the system for the “crime” of “being a pervert”…

…Am I placing too much faith and grace into Frankie?…I don’t know…

…But I do know, that is not someone who strikes me as deserving what the state and society did to him.

There are good people who end up in these exact situations…Frankie may very well be one of those people.

In addition, I’m glad Frankie talked about a real danger to BoyLovers…That being, hustler boys who are literally only out to seduce and blackmail.

This is a real thing…BoyLovers have been devastated, by what these types of boys did to them.

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