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The Kinderfolk MAP Flag…


May 19, 2020

The Kinderfolk MAP Flag Motto:

“In Service of the Child…the Weak…the Vulnerable…

United in Valor.”


Kind Folk…

“Kind” is an alternate in the MAP universe…lesser used, but embraced by some.

“Kind” and “Kinder” is connected in language to “Child”.

It’s more specific to actual pedophiles, like myself.

We are Kind MAPs.


It’s “all the rage” for minorities to have their own flag, these days…

Since there are so many hostile out there, demanding that MAPs have no positive, uplifting symbols or community…I figure this is absolute justification for us to have as many dignified flags and symbols, as we can possibly make.

In addition…a certain loud and obnoxious MAP minority, has decided to float and promote a “MAP flag”, making it clear that some MAPs are excluded based on ideological grounds.

The Kinderfolk MAP flag also represents the rejection of such discrimination.