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THIS Is How Democrats LOST The Working Class…

Date: March 03, 2023

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“There is no more glaring example of Democrats’ abandonment of the working class than the situation faced by the Warrior Met Coal miners in Alabama who have been on strike for nearly two years while receiving little to no support from prominent Democrats in that time.

Jimmy and Seattle City Councilor, activist and dedicated socialist Kshama Sawant discuss Democrats’ betrayal of working people and the need for a new working class party in the United States.

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DNC B*tch Slaps Progressives & Continues Raking In Dark Money…

Date: September 11, 2022

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“Despite efforts from the progressive wing of the party, the Democratic National Committee has refused to entertain the request that so-called dark money be banned from the party’s primary races. This despite the party’s claims, whether in statements or former platforms, to abhor dark money and its impact on elections.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger wonder how much longer progressives like Nina Turner and James Zogby will tolerate being victimized by the party’s establishment wing.”


Greens Beat Democrats & Get Back On Ballot!…

Date: August 25, 2022

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“The Green Party worked hard to compile the necessary signatures to qualify for this fall’s ballot in North Carolina, but then the Democratic Party worked nearly as hard to get that decision reversed, even going so far as to pretend to be Green Party representatives calling and asking petition signatories to remove their names, as if anyone from the Green Party would ever do that. Sadly for Dems the efforts failed and a judge has made the final decision to reinstate the Greens, who will be providing a legitimate third party option for North Carolinians come November.

Jimmy and The Dive host Jackson Hinkle discuss the Democratic Party’s antidemocratic efforts to expunge Greens from ballots.”


Biden Appointing “Brutal” Right-Wing Judges…

Date: July 29, 2022

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“Remember how liberals insisted that Joe Biden absolutely had to be elected for judges alone, and that another term for Donald Trump would be disastrous for the judicial system? Even though at the time Democrats in the Senate were fast-tracking Trump’s judges so that they could leave Washington to get home and campaign to tell people to elect Democrats to stop Trump from appointing more judges?

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger marvel at the way liberals were duped into thinking Joe Biden would be substantively different from Donald Trump.”


Democrats RIG Senate Race to Kick Green Party Candidate Off the Ballot…

Date: July 01, 2022

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Jordan interviews Green Party candidate for Senate in North Carolina Matthew Hoh on the realities of running as a third party candidate in 2022 against the American duopoly held by democrats and republicans.

Several republicans claim this happened to them, in my state. They claim their campaign was sabotaged, by volunteers submitting signatures that were obviously fraudulent.

It’s hard to tell given the republicans track records…if they were literally defrauded…or if they were just cheating their own way onto the ballot.

Maybe the DemoRats are playing dirty with the Repulsivans…