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How child sexual abuse became a family business in the Philippines…


Date: June 06, 2016

Note: I hadn’t noticed or watched the video present on this page, until after I was done writing this. I was merely responding to the written article. The video does have a brief description of one account [getting naked, posing and rubbing her thighs]. If you ask me…this girl looks to be coached, and is probably responding to what the adults who have her in their custody have expected out of her. I felt it necessary to acknowledge this video…She seems like a perfectly normal kid, who’s frustrated at being taken away and kept in a strange place, away from her family. Maybe, she didn’t want to do the live streams? There’s likely better ways to intervene, than this level of response.

01) How child sexual abuse became a family business in the Philippines

Why is there no description of the activities being performed in these live streams? It’s simply being called “child sexual abuse”…So, what exactly are they doing in front of the camera?

“Children see abuse as normal

In the 2011 case, the police thought the children would welcome the operation. But the undercover agent says Nicole did not feel rescued; she felt betrayed.

“I know that she is angry with me,” the woman said.

Apart from the scene witnessed as the raid took place, police say they had a video showing the mother sexually abusing her children. It was submitted by an anonymous source from a western country who used his phone to film the abuse on his computer screen.

All six of the mother’s children – three boys and three girls – were moved to a rescue centre, a row of one-storey houses on a quiet path set back from the noise of the main roads. Trees surround the houses, and the staff have planted orchids by the path. In front of the children’s house is a small playground.

The day they arrived, the children played on the swings. Unlike others at the shelter, they showed no overt signs of abuse, their social worker explained. The staff, who had never dealt with a case like this before, wondered if they should be kept in the same shelter as other children who had been physically abused by paedophiles.”

See…This is indicative of the problem, with moral imperialists inflicting themselves onto a culture, where their ideologies and phobias are not looked upon as substantiated…And the imperialists cannot figure out, why the “rescued” people don’t want them in their lives, nor why they think they are crazy. They expect to be looked upon as “heroes”…when in reality, they just destroyed a families financial lifeline…and likely interfered with children doing something they greatly enjoyed.

…Again…why is this reporter concealing the specific activities these children were engaged in?…

…If we were told what they were…would we not be sufficiently horrified?

No child is being identified…So, it would seem a brief description would be reasonable and relevant to the report.

Truth be told…they were probably spending the day licking [and touching] each others genitals, and repeatedly experiencing orgasms…

…not something that could be construed as torture…And something it’s easy to see, why they would not only enthusiastically participate…but why they would be so angry, that anybody forced them to stop.

“The children appeared oblivious to the fact that they had been exploited and it could affect them badly to realise they were abused like others around them.”

…These “professionals” are so deluded.

They are talking about kids who were raised in such a way, that their sexuality was allowed to be experienced and developed…

…This is what happens when children are offered sexual relations…Commonly, they embrace it with much enthusiasm…This is normal

…If the child does not seem to understand that they cannot randomly engage strangers, sexually…this is more a question of teaching the child good social etiquette [and healthy practice], than anything else…

…Though, given the way these children were torn out of their normal environment, and forced to stop their regular behavior…I’d suggest that the people who took them, are most responsible for the awkward aftermath.

…You wont let them be with each other?…and you wont let them be with new people?…when they have something that they really, really, really want?

…This gets back to the whole “sexually abused children acting out”, strawman…wherein these idiots barge in on a child’s sex life, break it up…and then carry on complaining, perplexed that the children simply want to go back to their happy sex life…

…Yes…they’re not following the social mold…”so they cannot be happy”?

…A lot of these “heroes” are especially annoyed…that these children are enjoying the sex, want the sex, and are having the sex for their own purposes.

…Their prejudices are being proven starkly wrong, right in front of their faces…But they are in such deep denial, that they will never admit it.

“Directly after the arrest, the eldest boy, 16 at the time, did appear to be in shock, the psychologist Rosemarie Gonato said, but not from the abuse. “He was quite traumatised by the rescue operation.”

The two younger daughters had no idea that the abuse was anything but normal. “They said it was a business in the neighbourhood. It seemed natural to be involved in this as the other children were doing it,” she said. Police found that it was the children who first heard about live-streaming as a money maker when playing with their friends.

While the children have flourished – on the wall are photos of them, the two eldest beaming while wearing graduation hats and gowns – they are still unable, five years later, to understand the crime.”


…They have destroyed these families…done everything they can, to attempt convincing these kids they’ve been “victimized” [for sex with each other, in front of a webcam]…Yet, they are failing to successfully do such…And they cant figure out why?…The kids are described as “flourishing” in the aftermath…

…What does one even say to this degree of deranged incompetence?

A Radical Idea:

I would suggest…that these many children who discovered this opportunity, who went on to convince their parents to let them do it…were not victims at all…but conscientious pursuers, of something they were deeply interested in…I would suggest they contemplated what would happen, and decided it would be good, well before they started…I would suggest that they developed a persuasive enough argument, to convince their own parents to let them proceed…

…None of this suggests force, lack of personal desire and choice, or a likely source of personal trauma.

…I would also suggest that…apparently…sexuality is more open, in the Philippines…and that sexual activity amongst children, is more accepted…Which is astonishing, given that it is a “U.S. territory”…

…But, “they who know best” have moved in, to “correct the situation”…by inflicting senseless, extreme consequences, on people who are merely going about their lives.

Call me a perverted, idiotic degenerate, if that’s all you’ve got to respond with…

…But what I’ve expressed here, is pure honesty.

…A “news” story in The Guardian, about people who cannot figure out how human sexuality works, or why people would be angry with them for grossly interfering with their lives…

…Where do they find these clueless lunatics?

I’ve never seen the cognitive dissonance of the sex abuse industry, laid out more starkly than this…It’s utter madness.


Claire Fox: The fear of giving offence is killing democracy and stifles truth

Another week, another spate of mad assaults on free speech at British universities. American-style “trigger warnings” are being used in Oxford University’s law department to warn sensitive students before lectures dealing with “potentially distressing subject matter”, such as criminal cases involving rape or murder. Trigger warning: don’t hire a barrister from this cohort of Oxford undergraduates — they might faint if any evidence is too disturbing.  

Source: Claire Fox: The fear of giving offence is killing democracy and stifles truth

Kid Gloves, Egg Shells and Mass Mental Seizures: Why So Many MAPs Hate Dealing With the Mainstream…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: January 18, 2016

01) ‘How the hell do you sleep at night?’ Salon blasted for ‘trying to mainstream pedophilia’ – The Twitchy Staff

02) Responses to Salon on Twitter

I agree with Todd…What we are seeing here, is the effects of psychological infantilizing…which produces many people, who you cannot even communicate intelligently with.

The Todd Nickerson Salon article fallout, is a prime example of total comprehension shutdown…and attempted strangulation, against dialogue which is at least a step in the general right direction [something which is so painfully rare, in this field].

You can check out the two links…and the responses…

It’s mostly a sea of hyperbole…lots of people who didn’t likely even read the article, and never even dreamed of looking closer at the tenants of Virtuous Pedophiles…

…If they had done such…they’d at least know VP does not support sexual contact with minors, nor child pornography…They are pronouncedly against these things.

VP members can correct me, if they feel they must…but from what I’ve seen…their mission is two fold…

…They wish to stop sexual assault and abuse on children…and they wish to make the life existence of “pedophiles” [MAPs] bearable, supported, stable, ethical and legal.

Both of these are objectively good [even if not everybody agrees with the nuances of their stances].

The only people out there in the mainstream masses, who could possibly object to these things…are those who harbor an inhumane, homicidal cruelty towards “pedophiles” [MAPs]…

…And frankly…those who don’t even understand who we are, as a demographic…nor the issues surrounding and affecting us…even though many of these people falsely believe that they do know, “all that they need to know”.

…What they know, is rarely nothing more than grotesque ignorance…And it is a pitiful disgrace, that they are making these types of reactions, based upon such pitiful lack of coherent knowledge.

What you are seeing here…is unbridled emotion…It is hysterics.

…And it really brings to light, why so many of us hate dealing with “the masses”…

…What they are saying, is not based in objective reality…Their heads are not engaged in objective reality…And they barrage you, in large [even massive] packs…often with an outright vicious onslaught.

Their effect…is often intimidation…and deliberate hijacking of an issue…or of an attempt at constructive dialogue.

Notice how so few of the commentators on the massive Twitter feed, fail in being absolutely wrong [and indefensibly so] in their characterization of the article, itself.

…They don’t even display a working comprehension, on what just got discussed…despite that it was laid out for them, very simply.

VP has got to be one of the least socially controversial “pedophile” [MAP] groups out there…So much so, they pretty much mirror popular public sentiment, on issues involving children and sex…Their only divergence I can see, is that they don’t accept the many inhumane ways in which society abuses “pedophiles” [MAPs]…

…Their reasons for taking this divergent stance, are well explained, highly logical…and to my mind, have always been the obvious social evolution forward.

You cannot viciously mischaracterize people…and treat them according to your vicious mischaracterizations…and expect that this somehow works out for the best, in society.

It’s an abysmal recipe, for total disaster.

…Members of VP understand this…and do so on a personal level.

They also understand [just as I have, for decades]…it is imperative that we “pedophiles” [MAPs] fight on behalf of your children…Because many of them are MAPs…and we know what it is like, to grow up MAP in this world…And looking at these responses…it is clear that many of these children, have parents who outwardly express a desire to violently murder them…

…Have you any idea what this psychologically does to a person, let alone a child, subjecting them to this over a lifetime?

The people who are flooding this kind of noxious behavior onto others, are the problem…not the “pedophiles” [MAPs].

With regards to people like that…

…You often feel like you have to put on “kid gloves”, and walk on egg shells, just to create this sort of psychological buffer…when trying to hold a dialogue with “the mainstream”…Because they prove themselves, in large part, of being incapable of rising to the occasion.

…You cant just talk straight with them…because they cant deal with it, when someone speaks honestly about these issues.

…No matter the intent, nor how constructive the dialogue…they just act to shut it down.

This is not just my opinion…It is consistent observation, over decades of watching and dealing with them.

…Most display an obsession with hysterics, and a violent overtone.

Some make outright terrorist threats.

…All while remaining completely divorced, from the actual dialogue and facts at hand.

These are the reasons why I tell other MAPs, you cannot let yourself drown in that kind of a setting…You cannot let “the mainstream” dictate the pace and flavor of the discussion [you must hold that control, yourself…or only share it with those, who demand a constructive dialogue].

…It’s why I don’t apologize, for accurately placing these “masses” in their rightful categories…as people who are there to provide resistance, helping us hone our own stances, arguments, tactics and behaviors…and who are there for us to use, as tools for our own purposes.

There should be groups of MAPs, screen capturing and documenting these types of vicious onslaught, aimed at tame, mild and constructive dialogue with MAPs [and the people engaged in it].

We should have a massive database of this…have it on display for the world to see…and be demanding that there be real world consequence, for that type of online terrorism [much of which openly threatens murder and violence, in a world setting where real MAPs have been the victims of murder and violence].

We should be holding the feet of society, government and law enforcement to the fire, even if only based on this issue, alone.

What’s so pathetic…is that groups like VP bend over backwards, to cater to the dominant world view on adult minor sexual relations, held by most of the exact same people commenting here…

…They are on the exact same page, more less…Yet these people cant even be bothered, to take a little time and figure this out.

Instead, they just want to spew bile and act like lunatics, against people who overwhelmingly agree with them on adult minor sex issues…

I guess they enjoy shooting themselves in the foot.

What we are witnessing here, is prejudice and fanaticism at it’s worst…

…They cant even figure out, when they are attacking people who are key to making the world safer for minors.



9-Year-Old Faces Sexual Harassment Charges for Love Note…

Date: November 13, 2015

01) 9-Year-Old Faces Sexual Harassment Charges for Love Note

“A 9-year-old boy has been disciplined by the school principal and threatened with legal action for writing an “unwanted” love note to a classmate, according to the boy’s mother.

The note in question appears to be innocent, containing words like “I like you” written inside a heart, and “I like your eyes because they sparkle like diamonds.”

The mother, of Tampa, Fla., who has asked not to be identified in an effort to protect her son, told WPTV that a principal in the Hillsborough County Public School District informed her the school would file “sexual harassment charges” against the boy if he writes another note”

Well…yes…This sounds about typical…A boy gives a few love notes to a girl who’s not really interested in them, and the school wants to make a criminal out of him for it…

What on earth could ever be wrong about that?…

Police are forced to give up investigating burglaries as the cost of hunting paedophiles hits £1billion a year…

Date: July 27, 2015

01) Police are forced to give up investigating burglaries as the cost of hunting paedophiles hits £1billion a year

“A top police officer has admitted that they have scaled back investigations into burglary and car crime because of a massive increase in allegations of child sex abuse.

Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey said police forces were scaling back probes into traditional crimes in an effort to hunt down paedophiles.

MPs have been warned that investigations into child sex abuse will cost Britain’s police forces some £1billion over the next twelve months due to an 80 per cent increase in allegations over the past three years.”

Are there any other “pedophiles” out there, who find it offensive and a menacing threat…when they use the term “hunting pedophiles”?…

This, in my opinion, is incredibly dehumanizing…demeaning…a sign of extreme, venomous and potentially violent aggression…against “pedophiles”.


…I’m finding it interesting, even if expected, that the witch hunt on “pedophiles” is becoming so severe…that the authorities are forced into dereliction of their other [commonly far more important and critical] responsibilities.

…Ah, but that is “progress” in a “progressive” world, for you…

Do you think they will ever figure out, what the real problems in this world are?

Wikipedia: After Being Pushed Off The Fence…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: December 29, 2014

…”Wikipedia:Child protection”…

…”Wikipedia:Child protection”…

Thanks to Šimon Falko @simgiran for this heads up…

Since there is only a date specifying the page’s last modification, I have no idea when this official policy was adopted…But as anyone familiar with the historical plight of “pedophiles” trying to be Wikipedia editors can tell you…what they’ve put into words here, has been a long term, unofficial practice at Wikipedia.

There was always a problem, with regards to “pedophiles” having their articles and edits undone [or deleted]…and just a general atmosphere of condescension, nastiness and snubbing.

There was always a problem as regards to terminology neutrality, as well…wherever an article had anything to do with “pedophiles”, or the Child Love movement and the like. This was especially galling, when considering how much terminology with well known negative connotation got used, and painted “pedophiles” in a very bad way.

I might not be the best person to outline this problem…but having been behind the scenes at Newgon, while three or four others were attempting to edit on Wikipedia…I can tell you, I saw and read enough long discussion threads, about what was going on behind the scenes at Wikipedia…and how certain articles were being watched by certain editors [like a hawk], who would swoop in and delete any new edits they had made…some even violating community protocol, in their own actions.

One thing that became clear…is that any Wikipedia editor could disparage and slander “pedophiles”, even in the face of neutrality rules [where this was supposed to be against the rules of Wikipedia]…Another thing that became clear…is that anyone discovered to be a “pedophile” [or strongly suspected to be one], would be watched and targeted by other editors…No matter how neutral, well written or sound the content published by a “pedophile”, it would virtually always disappear within hours…In some of the worst outcomes, “pedophile” editors found themselves unceremoniously banned, because certain people did not like how they were writing or editing articles.

Initially, this led to a lot of squabbling on Wikipedia…and a lot of “tug of war” re-edits, concerning a few Wikipedia articles.

Jimmy Wales [the guy who started Wikipedia], refused to step in and stand up for the equal rights of all Wikipedia editors…and this unofficial practice of censorship, sometimes “quiet” banishment, went on for I don’t even know how long…But apparently, they’ve now made it official…They’ve finally owned their dirty practice, in a public way.

I think where the monumental failure of Wikipedia really sunk in for me…is when reading a beautifully crafted, very neutral version of a Wikipedia article on the Child Love movement…and realizing that it all got replaced with some shallow, slanted tripe, which could not even be called informative…It was a pathetic slap in the face, in comparison to what had previously been there [admittedly, a well written article posted by a “pedophile”] …And if I am not mistaken, that entire article page got shut down, when someone forced it to merge with the “pedophile advocacy” page.

It was an endless struggle for “pedophiles” to get an actually sound article on the Child Love movement onto Wikipedia, with people pulling various dirty moves to constantly disrupt it all.

So, let’s take a look at a few things on this Wikipedia policy page.

“Wikipedia regards the safety of children using the site as a key issue. Editors who attempt to use Wikipedia to pursue or facilitate inappropriate adult–child relationships, who advocate inappropriate adult–child relationships on- or off-wiki (e.g. by expressing the view that inappropriate relationships are not harmful to children), or who identify themselves as pedophiles, will be blocked indefinitely.”

Here we see some extreme, grotesque prejudice, being exhibited by Wikipedia. You can no longer even so much as identify yourself as a “pedophile”, without getting banned from Wikipedia.

…Amazing…Truly amazing…Such staggering ignorance.

If you’re a “pedophile”…then you are “not good enough, to participate on Wikipedia”?!…

It sounds like the people of Wikipedia are living in the wrong era…Because this sort of thing belongs with the militant racists and homophobes.

I am finding it impossible, to see any difference between the people behind this policy, and those who militantly spew hate and intolerance.

News Alert to Wikipedia: Being a pedophile is not a threat to child safety…Nor does it make anybody incapable of adhering to Wikipedia’s editing guidelines…

…Problem is, you people keep moving the goal lines and manipulating the parameters, whenever a “pedophile” gets involved…Your game you are playing, is nothing but a sham…And many of us have known this for years. You simply do not respect or treat us as fellow human beings.

Oh!…and I would be derelict, if I failed to point out Wikipedia’s blatant threat, against those who fail to accept the “all inappropriate adult/child relationships are absolutely harmful” slogan…chant…party line…mental conditioning propaganda…whatever you want to call this hive mentality, they are bullying down everyone’s throat.

…If you think for yourself, you are not welcome on Wikipedia!

“If you are concerned about the behavior of another editor, please contact Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee at…”

…Oh dear!…

…Here we get into something which quickly went through my mind, when I first started to read this policy page…

If they are going to be this brazenly in the wrong about people who admit to being “pedophiles”…what does this mean for individuals, who busybodies of Wikipedia simply suspect of being a “pedophile”…or who these busybodies merely don’t like, on the basis that they don’t like the way they’ve edited some articles?

…And they offer a discrete way to contact Wikipedia big wigs, to report the communists amongst them…Oops!!…I mean, “pedophiles” amongst them…

Sorry about that, but the parallels are striking…McCarthy era panic, and what is going on here.

Do you think they are all too deeply invested, to figure out that they’ve got an inborn witch hunt on their hands, here?

I see they also offer a way to report images…as if we are going to open up an account, and start uploading child porn onto Wikipedia, or something…

…Oh yeah…This is hard core, dementia level witch hunting.

…But hey…you might find one or two idiots who try that kind of stunt…Might as well paint the rest of us with that same brush, to make it clear what obscene bigots you are…right?

…Hey, it’s only aimed at “pedophiles”…and you don’t look upon us as being human at Wikipedia, do you?…No…We are “the other”…”the boogieman”…Right?

So, for all intents and purposes…a Wikipedia moderator can shut you down, if they simply don’t like the way you present anything related [directly or indirectly] to “pedophilia”?

“Advice for young editors: If you are a younger editor and feel that another person on Wikipedia is behaving in a way that you feel threatens your personal safety, or worries you in any way whatsoever, please tell a responsible adult, and ask them to look at this page. Do not continue to communicate with the other person – ignore them completely. Never give out information such as your address or phone number to anyone, including people who say they are trying to help you. When in doubt about whether certain information is too personal to share, do not give it out.”

On this page at Wikipedia, which is a clearly dehumanizing swipe at “pedophiles” [and frankly, constitutes hate speech as well as hateful behavior]…someone imagined it proper, to include this “message to young editors”, which is promoting a very injurious stereotype.

…In addition, there are parallels to the Hitler Youth, in this behavior…Get the kids to turn on whomever the social target is…Get them to turn others in…even if they just suspect something, or “feel worried in any way whatsoever”…

An honest reaction to this…

…I have no history of being a Wikipedia editor…I’ve never wanted to be one, and the insane depths of social politics on Wikipedia turned me right off…But I thought I knew enough about them, to suggest that they did not allow children to be editors…Am I wrong about this?…I’m not interested enough in the legal answer, to go dig it up…But my point is, I never thought there was any real chance of “pedophiles” intermingling with children on Wikipedia…Potentially teenagers, but still…That does not mean a “pedophile” would do anything at all inappropriate.

Even if someone were so ignorant, as to be sincere in their intent to include this content on that page…I have to ask a few questions…

…Did they honestly have a problem with this in the first place?…

…And why is this being mixed in, with your policy on people who merely self identify as “pedophiles”, and/or people who are suspected of being “pedophiles”, and whether they are allowed to be editors?

…You do understand at Wikipedia, that this is hyperbolic behavior?…You are not just tainting “pedophiles” who’ve participated on your website, but you are smearing all of us…by implying that we are some “obvious danger”, for merely existing and being there.

Wikipedia deserves to be considered a hate group.

…But thanks for the clarification, Wikipedia…and for putting out the “pedophiles not welcome” sign…It took you long enough to fly your truly ugly colors…but, there they are…And we can now point to it, when explaining what a truly disgusting organization Wikipedia is.

A curious piece of trivia: At the bottom of BoyChat [], you can find the backwards and upside down phrase “Jimbo Wales sucks donkey snot”…And it is related to Jimmy’s spineless lack of integrity, during all of this…A sort of protest, over his willingness to allow Wikipedia to become just another source of prejudice, discrimination and censorship.

…I’ve been saying for years, Wikipedia is garbage…I do not use Wikipedia anymore…Have not, for the longest time.

For this, Wikipedia is recipient of:

The Flushed Poo Award



Fresh Air: One Lawyer’s Fight For Young Blacks And ‘Just Mercy’…

Date: October 20, 2014

…One Lawyer’s Fight For Young Blacks And ‘Just Mercy’…

“Bryan Stevenson takes on cases to exonerate people wrongfully convicted. “One of the things that pains me is we have so tragically underestimated the trauma, the hardship we create in this country when we treat people unfairly, when we incarcerate them unfairly, when we condemn them unfairly,” he says.”

“[It] just reinforced what I had known all along, which is that we have a criminal justice system that treats you better if you’re rich and guilty than if you’re poor and innocent,” Stevenson tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.”

“Stevenson is a Harvard Law School graduate and has argued six cases before the Supreme Court. He won a ruling holding that it is unconstitutional to sentence children to life without parole if they are 17 or younger and have not committed murder.”

“His clients are people on death row — abused and neglected children who were prosecuted as adults and placed in adult prisons where they were beaten and sexually abused, and mentally disabled people whose illnesses helped land them in prison where their special needs were unmet.”

The more I look…the more convinced I become, that the biggest villain of them all…is the system…

At one point, Bryan talks about going to meet with a fourteen year old boy…and having to console him as he broke down and cried for an hour…He was held and charged, because he shot and killed the man who beat his mother unconscious [potentially killing her]…and for this he spent his institutionalized time being repeatedly gang raped, by more inmates than he could recall…

Who is responsible for this?…I agree with Bryan, that we all are responsible to bring an end to this…but the guilt for this belongs to the system, and to those running it…and those responsible for the system.

When is there going to be any amount of accountability, for those who take young kids and subject them to this?

That is not part of “paying your debt to society”…It is insidious torture.

…There is no such thing as a person who you can throw away to the system, wash your hands of, and forget that they ever existed.

…Yet we find that some people, even kids, are treated just like that.

The true criminals here, are those running and controlling the system.

Well…I’ve spoken my piece, with regards to what really hit me hardest in this interview…The whole thing is worth listening to…It’s mostly about people on death row, and corruption in the “justice system”…But it touches on kids who’ve been sentenced to life without parole, sentenced to die in prison.

…It is easy to see why vulnerable and outcast groups get a raw deal from the “justice system”, when these sorts of things [and the people behind them] are allowed to achieve controlling power within the “justice system”.

Hate Speech Against Pedophiles, Is Still Hate Speech…

Date: July 29, 2014

…Response to This…

…Response to This…

“Interesting, those countries that have outlawed hate speech (like Canada) haven’t adopted the kill the paedo stuff as a form of hate speech.”

…And it’s very troubling, that they have not.

The thing about only “special classes” of hate speech being covered, is that it sidesteps the problem for certain demographics. By omission, they essentially encourage certain types of hate speech…when they are having a law, supposedly to curtail hate speech.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve harped on this issue, in the past.

…I don’t want people locked up for expressing nasty things…But if anyone is going to have the nerve to write and maintain laws against hate speech…then they have no business picking and choosing what flavor of hate speech they want to go after.

I’ve seen the kind of stuff you mention, nitro…and I think it is a disgrace, and shows how honestly uncommitted to the cause lawmakers are, when hate speech against pedophiles is not even acknowledged in these laws…It is one of the worst, most saturated and vile forms of hate speech in existence.

It’s like I was saying when they wrote and passed these laws in the U.S…when it comes to pedophiles [and ephebophiles], you are not going to find any demographic in more dire need of the protection, that these laws claim to provide…Yet, it’s only going to the politically correct gays and lesbians.

If that doesn’t tell you that these laws are a politically correct sham, and that nobody honestly cares about fighting hate speech where it actually counts the most…then I don’t believe anything will.

Chief Chitwood is a Derelict LEO…

Date: July 19, 2014

…Florida Dad batters teen who was ‘molesting son’…

…Florida Dad batters teen who was ‘molesting son’…

…’Send an ambulance – he’s going to need one’: Father who walked in on a man molesting his son, 11, beat him to a pulp before calling cops to say ‘I have him in a bloody puddle for you’…

…’Send an ambulance – he’s going to need one’: Father who walked in on a man molesting his son, 11, beat him to a pulp before calling cops to say ‘I have him in a bloody puddle for you’…

Before anything showed up [on BoyChat], I read a much shorter account of this on Yahoo!…I wrote something longish, and bordering on scathing…with regards to these cases where accused [but not yet charged and proven guilty] sexual minority members are violently assaulted, in a way and to a degree, which cannot be sanely justified…and nobody, not in law enforcement or anywhere [will gay and lesbian groups even say anything?]…nobody does anything about it.

I don’t think I am going to post what I wrote anywhere…Not sure how many people honestly appreciate my writings of that nature, anyway…and with a few more details being introduced [are they truth or lies?…who knows!…It’s the media.]…I feel like I should already make changes to it to reflect these allegations.

Bottom line is…If Raymond [the eighteen year old] was not resisting and was not behaving in a way that posed a threat [did not argue, throw a punch or pull a weapon, etc.], then the father had zero justification in laying a finger on him…to say nothing, of inhumanely beating him into unconsciousness.

If he was honestly raping the eleven year old, and threatening him…let the legal system deal with him.

Normal protocol is to only interfere, until whatever threat is going on stops [and sometimes not even then]…If he runs, let him go. It sounds like the cops would have just picked him up in some other part of town, later.

The degree of vicious, violent assault the father gave Raymond…I don’t care how fucked up the laws and common sentiment in Florida are…This is not legal…full stop…There is no room for tolerance, for this type of thing.

Even though I tried to separate my base rant from this specific case [because of the unknowns]…it still remains true…Of all the people caught up in these kinds of cases and violent assault, it is the people accused who most need their human rights guarded.

If Raymond did wrong…he will face not only the legal system, but pure hell…

Unless Raymond pulled a weapon, attacked the boy or the father…then the father needs to be brought up on charges…Because what the unnamed father did, is no small or simple act of “saving his son”. He crossed a line, in a severe and cruel way…At what point during this violent assault, did Raymond continue to remain a danger? How long did the father continue, when it was not even necessary?…Obviously, it went on for a while, even after Raymond was incapacitated…

That kid was likely smaller, weaker, stunned and mortified that he was caught…possibly stunned, by an unexpected attack…likely little more than a disoriented, bloodied punching bag…

…and on top of all this, the eleven year old gets to watch his own father violently “murdering” someone else…

There is no argument to be made, that justifies this.

…Getting caught or accused of something, does not mean that your own human rights are no longer protected by the law.

It is staggering, and even sickening, to witness just how quickly Chief Chitwood has dismissed this brutal assault.

He is a good example of why so many people are disgusted with law enforcement.