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Chris Christie To Overturn Marijuana Legalization…


Date: August 02, 2015

01) Chris Christie To Overturn Marijuana Legalization

“Chris Christie’s on the warpath against pot. He appears to think hating marijuana more than other GOP candidates is his ticket to the nomination. He is likely incorrect. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“AT A TOWN Hall meeting in New Hampshire last night, Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie had a message for recreational marijuana users: enjoy it while it lasts, kids.

“I believe it should still be illegal,” he said. “If you’re getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it until January 2017, because I will enforce the federal laws against marijuana as President of the United States.””

Just another in a plethora of reasons, why Chris Christie is unfit to be in any position of authority. This thug’s political career needs to be over…completely over…in it’s entirety…forever.

Legalize Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Liberation

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Police are forced to give up investigating burglaries as the cost of hunting paedophiles hits £1billion a year…

Date: July 27, 2015

01) Police are forced to give up investigating burglaries as the cost of hunting paedophiles hits £1billion a year

“A top police officer has admitted that they have scaled back investigations into burglary and car crime because of a massive increase in allegations of child sex abuse.

Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey said police forces were scaling back probes into traditional crimes in an effort to hunt down paedophiles.

MPs have been warned that investigations into child sex abuse will cost Britain’s police forces some £1billion over the next twelve months due to an 80 per cent increase in allegations over the past three years.”

Are there any other “pedophiles” out there, who find it offensive and a menacing threat…when they use the term “hunting pedophiles”?…

This, in my opinion, is incredibly dehumanizing…demeaning…a sign of extreme, venomous and potentially violent aggression…against “pedophiles”.


…I’m finding it interesting, even if expected, that the witch hunt on “pedophiles” is becoming so severe…that the authorities are forced into dereliction of their other [commonly far more important and critical] responsibilities.

…Ah, but that is “progress” in a “progressive” world, for you…

Do you think they will ever figure out, what the real problems in this world are?

Minnesota sex offender program is ruled unconstitutional…

Date: June 17, 2015

01) Federal judge: Minnesota sex offender program unconstitutional

“A federal judge Wednesday ruled it’s unconstitutional for Minnesota to keep civilly committed sex offenders locked up indefinitely, setting the stage for major changes to the Minnesota Sex Offender Program.

“The stark reality is that there is something very wrong with this state’s method of dealing with sex offenders,” wrote U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank.


Observers, though, said the ruling repudiates the way the state treats civilly committed sex offenders.

“It’s a sweeping condemnation of this program,” said William Mitchell College of Law Dean Eric Janus, who sits on the state’s sex offender civil commitment advisory task force.


More than 700 civilly committed sex offenders had sued the state claiming it was unconstitutional to keep them locked up indefinitely and that they don’t get adequate treatment from the program run by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.


Dan Gustafson, a lawyer representing committed sex offenders, applauded the federal ruling, saying it “reaffirms that all people, no matter how disliked they are … are entitled to constitutional protection.”


Over time, Frank has reprimanded the Minnesota Legislature, saying lawmakers had to do something about a program he called “draconian” and in need of “substantial changes.”

“This judge has sent a number of clear signals over the last several years about his concern for the constitutionality of this program,” Janus said on MPR News Wednesday.

“It’s clear that the evidence he heard at this trial confirmed his very clear concerns about the program.””

There are some interesting audio commentaries provided with this article.

Nothing surprising here…the judge says it’s unconstitutional…and politicians continue to behave like politicians…sticking fingers in their ears, while going “La La La La La!”…and not wanting to deal with it.

…We shall see what comes of this.

Of course, it is unconstitutional…and just because Lucinda Jesson claims it’s not, because “the facility is nicer than prison”, and “it is treatment”, does not make it any less false imprisonment…She is just dancing around semantics, and denying the obvious.

Also of note, is the fact that these facilities are said to have serious inconsistencies, in who gets sent to them and how their cases are treated.

Some Reality about “Triggers”…

Date: April 17, 2015

01) Trigger warnings demean feminism. Here’s why.

I haven’t really written or talked about it a whole lot, but this issue has increasingly been on my mind…Mostly because, as Christina points out, it has become a tool for imposing hostility against open thought and expression.

…It’s even been used against me, amidst an effort to smear my character…

It’s probably a little known fact, that over a decade and a half ago…I went through a phase where I was writing short masturbation stories…They were mostly in the vein of reflective, young homoerotic stories…the kind you might have found in gay magazines, years ago.

I would not call myself great at this endeavor…but it was fun…it served an important need…and I was offering something that was useful, to people who lacked other outlets. It was a gift to the wider community, to help them cope…to ease and enhance their life, a bit.

They mostly existed in a singular collection…a series, which added up the narration of an over the top sex romp, between three boys…Nothing about this was meant to be taken seriously…It was submitted and published on two websites, specializing in just exactly this thing…masturbation stories…It was all buried several layers deep, on a website that forced you to knowingly self elect to see it…You’d have to go hunting around for this specific type of story, and stumble upon it…It wasn’t something that would just show up in a search engine.

…You can imagine my amusement, when something like a decade later…some bozos [at Perverted Justice] decided to publish a direct link to this story, on a webpage which was supposedly an expose of me…accompanied by a “trigger” warning…As in, they expected that some percentage of people would spaz out, should they click the link and encounter my rather lighthearted and amusing story.

…It is just plain nuts, the degree to which this “trigger” superstition has been taken…I know some people are sensitive…but good grief!…Honestly?…That is just outright stupid.

It has become even more incredulous…because after Perverted Justice dropped the website, and quietly distanced itself from what it had done…one of the idiots behind creating it, spent years getting kicked off of numerous hosts [for terms of service violations, because the website is online harassment, stalking and making tangible terrorist threats against people…and it’s an outright smear campaign of the worst sort]…all along, publishing a link to my story with a “trigger” warning…

…Today is the first time I’ve even acknowledged my porn writing past, in many years…I’ve not linked to that story on a public website, ever [it was against the rules of the websites to do so, anyway…They wanted every visitor to read and agree to the terms of service, which included acknowledgement that they willfully intended to access such content]. I only shared it for a short window of time, through private and personal venues [like IRC chat]…So, it’s a trivial piece of my deep past…which I am proud of, for the record…I hope my creativity served many people well…

…But for all this time I’ve not even acknowledged the existence of these stories…that deranged bozo has been, I believe, the singular and most prominent advertiser and promoter of my porn stories…all the while being “so concerned” about the possibility of “traumatizing” people, by exposing them to my stories.

…Yeah…”triggers”…Uh huh…

Of course…this person was just trying to rile up narrow minded people, who are already prone to become outraged at anything even remotely taboo…but this experience has always stuck with me, and made me realize just how watered down, crazy and meaningless the term “[mental] triggers” has become.

I don’t see the concept of “triggers” as being entirely invalid, because people can associate all sorts of things with a deep, personal trauma…But people have gone absolutely crazy, pro-actively associating this term with all manner of things.

Is my silly, whimsical story, about happy, enthusiastic boys having lots of happy sex, really going to “trigger” anyone into anything at all [other than arousal and orgasm]?

People who are that hyper sensitive, simply need to not seek such content out…Problem solved…

…though not in a world, where we have bozo’s who go out of their way to create problems.

There is a ton of problems with the concept of “triggers”, especially as it is being used today.

The Real Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse…

Date: January 26, 2015

…The Real Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse Page 1…

…The Real Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse Page 1…

…The Real Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse Page 2…

…The Real Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse Page 2…

…The Real Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse Page 3…

…The Real Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse Page 3…

“Among the atrocities that Frances and Dan Keller were supposed to have committed while running a day care center out of their Texas home: drowning and dismembering babies in front of the children; killing dogs and cats in front of the children; transporting the children to Mexico to be sexually abused by soldiers in the Mexican army; dressing as pumpkins and shooting children in the arms and legs; putting the children into a pool with sharks that ate babies; putting blood in the children’s Kool-Aid; cutting the arm or a finger off a gorilla at a local park; and exhuming bodies at a cemetery, forcing children to carry the bones.

It was frankly unbelievable—except that people, most importantly, a Texas jury, did believe the Kellers had committed at least some of these acts. In 1992, the Kellers were convicted of aggravated sexual assault on a child and each sentenced to 48 years in prison. The investigation into their supposed crimes took slightly more than a year, the trial only six days.”

In short…this all started with a girl who got spanked, deciding she was going to get even by creating lies about the Keller’s…including that one pooped on her head, and raped her with a pen…She later recanted, but the momentum of this witch hunt had taken a life of it’s own.

Twenty one years later…it was finally decided by the authorities, what has been blatantly obvious to many all this time…that the Keller’s never got a fair trial, and the whole thing was an invented sham.

This case is the justice system at it’s absolute worst…and it’s an example amongst many, of why the dangers of social hysteria are so real.

What is so staggering here…is that few of these charges were even credible, if any ever were at all…Yet, they still got convicted and sent to prison for 21 years.

The justice system is anything but rational and fair, when it starts getting paranoid about the fate of children…even when everything about a case is screaming, “You should know better, than to believe this!”…

I’ve always believed…that the people behind this atrocity, were people trying to push a social agenda…And the Keller’s were sacrificial lambs, to their ambitions.

…In fact, that is pretty well how I see the struggles of sexual minorities and the sexually active young…We suffer gravely, due to other people’s social ambitions.

…To call those people inconsiderate, cold, callous, abusive, exploitative and inhumane…would still be a massive understatement.

…Their “leadership”, has been a crime against humanity…and against the human species.

…You cannot criminalize what is going on biologically [and quite naturally], originating beneath the skin of most human beings on the face of this planet…then turn around and call yourself a decent, respect worthy human.

Today…it is not only starkly obvious…but it is down right obscene, just how unnatural we know it to be…that this “leadership” is forcing people to remain sexually celibate, well into their adulthood [for some minorities, well beyond that]…even when we know, masses of the public have their highest biological need for sexual intimacy [aka: their sexual peak], during these many, many years of forced celibacy.

…This is something very real, very tangible, stolen from these masses…

It is…in a very real sense…it’s own form of rape.

When are we going to stop tolerating this?…These people who think they can leave trails of devastated lives behind them, in their own social pursuits…all because they have decided on all of our behalves, that “we are the perverted sub-humans”?

I don’t know about most of the rest of you out there…but I feel really, really sick and angry, about the social horrors wrought, by people with these sorts of social ambitions…

…Those types of ambitions are ugly, inhumane…an example, of the worst our species has to offer…as close to evil, as I can see anything ever being…

…And it is an outrage, watching those sorts of people gain social power…or even a life of privilege and leisure in some cases…off the suffering, of those harmless and good natured people, who they destroy through their social ambitions.

Jessie’s Dad…


Date: January 19, 2015

…Snagfilms: Jessie’s Dad…

“Following the abduction and murder of his nine-year-old daughter Jessica, Florida truck driver Mark Lunsford transforms himself into one of America’s most formidable child-protection crusaders. This film follows the grieving father’s journey to seek justice for his daughter and protection for other children. After passing “Jessica’s Law” in his own state (also known as the Jessica Lunsford Act, which enforces strict penalties for sex offenders), Lunsford goes head to head with lawmakers around the country, urging other states to follow suit. Faced with public criticism and other controversies, he perseveres, determined to make a difference. From blue-collar beginnings to Capitol Hill, JESSIE’S DAD is an inspirational true story you will not forget.”

…There are a number of reasons why these types of cases drive me entirely up the wall…and here are a few of them…

As a Child Lover…this sort of thing I never want to see happen. Not only is it horrific for the child and family…but these things have a way of coming around and further devastating the social standing of Child Lovers. We undeservedly suffer the public [and legal] backlash…because people don’t take into account…most of us are not out there, taking part in things like what happened to Jessica.

As far as things which happen to people goes…what happened to Jessica Lunsford, falls firmly within the extreme freak fringe.

Statistically…what happened to Jessica Lunsford, does not happen to children…except for those ultra rare, freak instances where it does…But statistically, a child’s chance of being abducted, raped and murdered, is extremely close to non-existent.

When people like Mark Lunsford seek to create wide reaching consequence, based upon what happened in their own extreme fringe case…I take a very strong exception to it.

We should never be making decisions with extreme consequences, based upon things happening way, way, way out of the norm.

…Truth is…what happened to Jessica is not applicable, to the vast majority of cases where a legal adult is caught “getting to naughty” with a legal [but often willing] minor.

What Jessica’s Law did…was it created mandatory, minimum sentences for anyone caught having sex with a person under a certain age…twenty five years in prison, I believe…

…Even the prosecutors hated this…because 25 years is so extreme, that few people will fail to fight it…In which case, there is no plea deal…and it has to go to a costly, drawn out trial. The legal system largely depends on plea deals, to keep things moving along and not get clogged up…and it is generally harder to get someone convicted in court, than it is to negotiate a plea deal.

…So, prosecutors all over the place fought this law…and in some places, they allowed it onto the books but neutered it…

In this documentary, we see a lot of Mark’s frustration…over a lot of things…but what stuck with me, is his ill equip to deal with the political establishment…indeed, his ill understanding of it all…

I could say this of various people, who’ve tragically found themselves in Mark’s general sort of situation…and they’ve charged off to government, to “make something happen”…and force ill conceived, badly structured legislation down everybody else’s throats…

…Most of them don’t even realize, just what they are walking into…They don’t realize that it is a long standing establishment, of deeply vested interests and funds.

This establishment might use people like Mark…but only to the extent, that it serves the establishment’s existing agenda…Where people like Mark start to threaten whatever structures the establishment has already built…they will be brushed aside.

…Dirty truth is…the establishment is more interested in getting people into the criminal penal system, in keeping the beds of their private prisons full, and in fostering whatever keeps the “criminal justice system” employed and lucrative, than it is in protecting human beings of any age.

…That is not to say there are no good hearted people involved, who fight on behalf of true victims…But the system itself, as a collective…it is a disgraceful, money grubbing, human destroying, crime against humanity…One which places itself above human life, above human worth, above accountability…and which seizes the role, of enforcing public and private morals.

A few last comments…

…I am glad to see, that this documentary also covers the aftermath…how Mark’s own eighteen year old son got charged with sexual assault on a fourteen year old girl…and how Mark went on to sue his local police department…

At one point, Mark talks about how he used to be all about completely doing away with “sex offenders”…but how his own experiences with the system, has made him back away from that mindset…It’s just a quick comment, but I thought it relevant.

Early on, both Mark and his father were interrogated by the police…the father even being accused by an officer, of being behind it all [Jessica’s disappearance].

…His son getting caught up into the system, later…Mark thought it was retaliation…Though given that his son normally would have gone to prison, and been put on the “sex offender” registry for life…I find it curious, that they allowed him to plead down to a lesser crime…and essentially, he has averted all the worst penalties…including the registry…That does not sound like revenge to me…It sounds like someone was pulling strings, to be extra generous to Mark’s son…when other people’s kids would be sold down the river.

Of course…when his son’s case came about…that sexual behavior was something that Mark had no problem with…Maybe this has more to do with actually knowing the person who is caught in the system, and having a vested interest in their life?…Maybe once you actually have to realize, these are real people with real lives, and not some rapist caricature which gets fed to the system…just maybe, it starts dawning on you…that what they face is also a form of brutal injustice.

Clearly…Mark did not figure on the system being this cold and callous…

…And he wanted to expand it’s cold callousness?

See…this is why people like Mark need to remain distant from these kinds of social politics…

…They don’t understand it…They are entirely too tainted, to be objective…and they want to make mandatory rules for everyone else, based upon their extreme and irregular circumstances…

…That is just a recipe for complete havoc…and it also plays into the hand of the establishment.


Wikipedia: After Being Pushed Off The Fence…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: December 29, 2014

…”Wikipedia:Child protection”…

…”Wikipedia:Child protection”…

Thanks to Šimon Falko @simgiran for this heads up…

Since there is only a date specifying the page’s last modification, I have no idea when this official policy was adopted…But as anyone familiar with the historical plight of “pedophiles” trying to be Wikipedia editors can tell you…what they’ve put into words here, has been a long term, unofficial practice at Wikipedia.

There was always a problem, with regards to “pedophiles” having their articles and edits undone [or deleted]…and just a general atmosphere of condescension, nastiness and snubbing.

There was always a problem as regards to terminology neutrality, as well…wherever an article had anything to do with “pedophiles”, or the Child Love movement and the like. This was especially galling, when considering how much terminology with well known negative connotation got used, and painted “pedophiles” in a very bad way.

I might not be the best person to outline this problem…but having been behind the scenes at Newgon, while three or four others were attempting to edit on Wikipedia…I can tell you, I saw and read enough long discussion threads, about what was going on behind the scenes at Wikipedia…and how certain articles were being watched by certain editors [like a hawk], who would swoop in and delete any new edits they had made…some even violating community protocol, in their own actions.

One thing that became clear…is that any Wikipedia editor could disparage and slander “pedophiles”, even in the face of neutrality rules [where this was supposed to be against the rules of Wikipedia]…Another thing that became clear…is that anyone discovered to be a “pedophile” [or strongly suspected to be one], would be watched and targeted by other editors…No matter how neutral, well written or sound the content published by a “pedophile”, it would virtually always disappear within hours…In some of the worst outcomes, “pedophile” editors found themselves unceremoniously banned, because certain people did not like how they were writing or editing articles.

Initially, this led to a lot of squabbling on Wikipedia…and a lot of “tug of war” re-edits, concerning a few Wikipedia articles.

Jimmy Wales [the guy who started Wikipedia], refused to step in and stand up for the equal rights of all Wikipedia editors…and this unofficial practice of censorship, sometimes “quiet” banishment, went on for I don’t even know how long…But apparently, they’ve now made it official…They’ve finally owned their dirty practice, in a public way.

I think where the monumental failure of Wikipedia really sunk in for me…is when reading a beautifully crafted, very neutral version of a Wikipedia article on the Child Love movement…and realizing that it all got replaced with some shallow, slanted tripe, which could not even be called informative…It was a pathetic slap in the face, in comparison to what had previously been there [admittedly, a well written article posted by a “pedophile”] …And if I am not mistaken, that entire article page got shut down, when someone forced it to merge with the “pedophile advocacy” page.

It was an endless struggle for “pedophiles” to get an actually sound article on the Child Love movement onto Wikipedia, with people pulling various dirty moves to constantly disrupt it all.

So, let’s take a look at a few things on this Wikipedia policy page.

“Wikipedia regards the safety of children using the site as a key issue. Editors who attempt to use Wikipedia to pursue or facilitate inappropriate adult–child relationships, who advocate inappropriate adult–child relationships on- or off-wiki (e.g. by expressing the view that inappropriate relationships are not harmful to children), or who identify themselves as pedophiles, will be blocked indefinitely.”

Here we see some extreme, grotesque prejudice, being exhibited by Wikipedia. You can no longer even so much as identify yourself as a “pedophile”, without getting banned from Wikipedia.

…Amazing…Truly amazing…Such staggering ignorance.

If you’re a “pedophile”…then you are “not good enough, to participate on Wikipedia”?!…

It sounds like the people of Wikipedia are living in the wrong era…Because this sort of thing belongs with the militant racists and homophobes.

I am finding it impossible, to see any difference between the people behind this policy, and those who militantly spew hate and intolerance.

News Alert to Wikipedia: Being a pedophile is not a threat to child safety…Nor does it make anybody incapable of adhering to Wikipedia’s editing guidelines…

…Problem is, you people keep moving the goal lines and manipulating the parameters, whenever a “pedophile” gets involved…Your game you are playing, is nothing but a sham…And many of us have known this for years. You simply do not respect or treat us as fellow human beings.

Oh!…and I would be derelict, if I failed to point out Wikipedia’s blatant threat, against those who fail to accept the “all inappropriate adult/child relationships are absolutely harmful” slogan…chant…party line…mental conditioning propaganda…whatever you want to call this hive mentality, they are bullying down everyone’s throat.

…If you think for yourself, you are not welcome on Wikipedia!

“If you are concerned about the behavior of another editor, please contact Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee at…”

…Oh dear!…

…Here we get into something which quickly went through my mind, when I first started to read this policy page…

If they are going to be this brazenly in the wrong about people who admit to being “pedophiles”…what does this mean for individuals, who busybodies of Wikipedia simply suspect of being a “pedophile”…or who these busybodies merely don’t like, on the basis that they don’t like the way they’ve edited some articles?

…And they offer a discrete way to contact Wikipedia big wigs, to report the communists amongst them…Oops!!…I mean, “pedophiles” amongst them…

Sorry about that, but the parallels are striking…McCarthy era panic, and what is going on here.

Do you think they are all too deeply invested, to figure out that they’ve got an inborn witch hunt on their hands, here?

I see they also offer a way to report images…as if we are going to open up an account, and start uploading child porn onto Wikipedia, or something…

…Oh yeah…This is hard core, dementia level witch hunting.

…But hey…you might find one or two idiots who try that kind of stunt…Might as well paint the rest of us with that same brush, to make it clear what obscene bigots you are…right?

…Hey, it’s only aimed at “pedophiles”…and you don’t look upon us as being human at Wikipedia, do you?…No…We are “the other”…”the boogieman”…Right?

So, for all intents and purposes…a Wikipedia moderator can shut you down, if they simply don’t like the way you present anything related [directly or indirectly] to “pedophilia”?

“Advice for young editors: If you are a younger editor and feel that another person on Wikipedia is behaving in a way that you feel threatens your personal safety, or worries you in any way whatsoever, please tell a responsible adult, and ask them to look at this page. Do not continue to communicate with the other person – ignore them completely. Never give out information such as your address or phone number to anyone, including people who say they are trying to help you. When in doubt about whether certain information is too personal to share, do not give it out.”

On this page at Wikipedia, which is a clearly dehumanizing swipe at “pedophiles” [and frankly, constitutes hate speech as well as hateful behavior]…someone imagined it proper, to include this “message to young editors”, which is promoting a very injurious stereotype.

…In addition, there are parallels to the Hitler Youth, in this behavior…Get the kids to turn on whomever the social target is…Get them to turn others in…even if they just suspect something, or “feel worried in any way whatsoever”…

An honest reaction to this…

…I have no history of being a Wikipedia editor…I’ve never wanted to be one, and the insane depths of social politics on Wikipedia turned me right off…But I thought I knew enough about them, to suggest that they did not allow children to be editors…Am I wrong about this?…I’m not interested enough in the legal answer, to go dig it up…But my point is, I never thought there was any real chance of “pedophiles” intermingling with children on Wikipedia…Potentially teenagers, but still…That does not mean a “pedophile” would do anything at all inappropriate.

Even if someone were so ignorant, as to be sincere in their intent to include this content on that page…I have to ask a few questions…

…Did they honestly have a problem with this in the first place?…

…And why is this being mixed in, with your policy on people who merely self identify as “pedophiles”, and/or people who are suspected of being “pedophiles”, and whether they are allowed to be editors?

…You do understand at Wikipedia, that this is hyperbolic behavior?…You are not just tainting “pedophiles” who’ve participated on your website, but you are smearing all of us…by implying that we are some “obvious danger”, for merely existing and being there.

Wikipedia deserves to be considered a hate group.

…But thanks for the clarification, Wikipedia…and for putting out the “pedophiles not welcome” sign…It took you long enough to fly your truly ugly colors…but, there they are…And we can now point to it, when explaining what a truly disgusting organization Wikipedia is.

A curious piece of trivia: At the bottom of BoyChat [], you can find the backwards and upside down phrase “Jimbo Wales sucks donkey snot”…And it is related to Jimmy’s spineless lack of integrity, during all of this…A sort of protest, over his willingness to allow Wikipedia to become just another source of prejudice, discrimination and censorship.

…I’ve been saying for years, Wikipedia is garbage…I do not use Wikipedia anymore…Have not, for the longest time.

For this, Wikipedia is recipient of:

The Flushed Poo Award



Anonymous, Twitter and DDOS Against Chatango…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: December 13, 2014

…Chatango Main Page…

…Chatango Main Page…

…Chatango “Our Apologies” Page…

…Chatango “Our Apologies” Page…

“Our apologies is temporarily down due to a DDOS attack. The magnitude of this attack has been unprecedented in the history of Chatango and we are doing all we can to mitigate it. We are working with our internet service providers, DDOS mitigation services and the FBI.”

Real classy

…I was going to spend some time in live chat, today…But instead, I found this.

You know…hackers…self appointed online censors…

…You, out of all people, make me the sickest of all…Because the only things you do are destroy, cause injury and degrade others.

Your behavior and existence is a disease on the rest of us, who are actually fighting to do something positive in this world.

…You are a bunch of immature nobodies, with nothing to offer this world…so you try to drag everybody else down with you…and attempt to gain illusions of personal power, by imposing your will upon everybody else.

I hope the FBI finds whoever is behind this attack…This is a legitimate pursuit for the FBI, after all…And I hope whoever is responsible spends many years in prison, because of what they have done here.

…These are people who honestly deserve it.

They attack and halt the very thing which makes freedom and justice even possible…open speech.

These people are the enemy of everyone.

Oh…and some bozo on Twitter decided to make a threat against me, via private message…A female…and monumentally cocky, condescending…You know…all the noxious, abusive, nasty behaviors, which so many of us have been pointing out in those who attack and threaten us, for many years now.

…She threatened to “drop [my] shit”…Her Twitter avatar features a bullet [and a held, pointed gun], prominently displayed [oh, how typical of these sorts]…which is one of those forms of extreme personal threat of violence [potentially murder], which these psychopaths commonly get away with.

There has got to be a serious crack down, on people like this…They are not exercising free speech, in these kinds of behavior.

They are stalking [which is a specific crime]…They are harassing…They are making threats…They are spreading thinly veiled threats of violent assault [which is also a serious crime].

What in the world have I done to deserve any of this?…

…If you asked that individual, they would likely retort “being born”…

I’ve seen this sort of thing play out, with a number of people [not just myself]…And people like this one here, are mentally ill…dangerously so.

Something needs to be done about them.

You ask why I keep getting back up and fighting…

…This person and what they represent, is a prime example of why I stand up and fight back.

Nobody should ever have to face this degree of abuse and threat, just because they create an outlet for themselves, and they make themselves available to the world to confront complicated social issues.

If you visit this persons Twitter channel []…you will find all manner of abuse, venom spewing…blatant threats of violent assault and murder…even more graphical depictions of violent threat.

Why does Twitter allow this on their service? Much of this constitutes serious criminal behavior. Twitter may see the day, where it is held criminally responsible for fostering this and not cleaning up it’s service. They need to weigh this possibility, very seriously.

…This is something I have been saying for years…The true legacy and face of the online terrorist group “Anonymous”, is that it allows and encourages the worst, most violent and destructive sociopaths amongst us to run rampant…And they get into their hives, where they all reaffirm one another…no matter how wrong they are. They work each other up into these online fits of rage, and then go out looking for people to take it out on.

What you see here, is what results from what “Anonymous” has created.

As I’ve stated all along, including at the announcement of it’s own beginning…”Anonymous” is an indefensible train wreck, without any true redeeming value. It will just make things in society far, far worse. It is a structure for organizing subjective, emotion based assaults on people and resources…and it belligerently flaunts it’s violent tendencies.

I am all for free speech…but what “Anonymous” does, falls way, way, way outside of anything that could ever be called free speech. It is a blatant criminal organization.

For Reference:

This person is so self absorbed, so clueless…such an obsessed, hate filled screwball…that in the midst of all of this…she actually tweets a complaint, about someone allegedly “throwing Anonymous under the bus”…

You just cant make this degree of insanity up.

…They see themselves as some kind of righteous crusade on the internet…when in factual reality, they are possibly the worst social problem to ever arise on the internet, and in society.

To be clear…I cant guarantee whether the resources I use and link to on this blog, will continue without malicious disruption. We shall see how this unfolds.

For the record…I’ve done nothing on these resources to deserve this. I am using them in accordance with their terms of service.

My only “crime” here [and elsewhere], is laying myself bare to the world.

Some people hate it, whenever truth and reality disrupts their worldview…or obsessive compulsion, as the case may be.

Seems to me, this is their problem to work through…not mine.

I am trusting the integrity of administration, to not enable these malcontents in making their problem, my problem.

Twitter has critical issues, which need fixing…and the account is vulnerable to unscrupulous attacks, no matter how the channel is run. This is probably what is being targeted.

My other accounts don’t even host anything, for which they could get into trouble…Plus, I am the producer and copyright holder.

– Steve Diamond



Ring of Fire 10/19/2014 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: October 22, 2014

…Ring of Fire 10/19/2014 (FULL EPISODE)…

“Published on Oct 20, 2014
00:39 – “Republican Budget Cuts Are Breeding Corruption.” Michael Burg explains how austerity measures are leading to an increase in the amount of government waste and corporate fraud. #AusterityFraud

10:36 – “Shifting Costs To The Sick.” Howard Nations talks about the new way that insurance companies are trying to fleece consumers with higher fees. #Insurance

19:57 – “The Ticking Time Bombs on Our Highways.” David Haynes will tell us why most vehicle recalls go unheeded by consumers, dealerships, and even the government. #RecallDangers

29:20 – “The Forgotten Victims Of The Recession.” Joshua Holland, senior digital producer for in New York City, will tell us about the mental anguish that was caused by the Great Recession. #RecessionVictims

37:58 – “Are American Doctors Too Greedy?” Dr. Tom Schneider, author of A Physician’s Apology, talks about the rampant greed that has become a staple of the medical profession. #PrescriptionForGreed

46:35 – “How Florida Elected A Criminal Governor.” Farron Cousins, executive editor of The Trial Lawyer Magazine, explains how the state of Florida managed to elect a fraud-riddled candidate as governor. #RickScottFraud”

Fresh Air: One Lawyer’s Fight For Young Blacks And ‘Just Mercy’…

Date: October 20, 2014

…One Lawyer’s Fight For Young Blacks And ‘Just Mercy’…

“Bryan Stevenson takes on cases to exonerate people wrongfully convicted. “One of the things that pains me is we have so tragically underestimated the trauma, the hardship we create in this country when we treat people unfairly, when we incarcerate them unfairly, when we condemn them unfairly,” he says.”

“[It] just reinforced what I had known all along, which is that we have a criminal justice system that treats you better if you’re rich and guilty than if you’re poor and innocent,” Stevenson tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.”

“Stevenson is a Harvard Law School graduate and has argued six cases before the Supreme Court. He won a ruling holding that it is unconstitutional to sentence children to life without parole if they are 17 or younger and have not committed murder.”

“His clients are people on death row — abused and neglected children who were prosecuted as adults and placed in adult prisons where they were beaten and sexually abused, and mentally disabled people whose illnesses helped land them in prison where their special needs were unmet.”

The more I look…the more convinced I become, that the biggest villain of them all…is the system…

At one point, Bryan talks about going to meet with a fourteen year old boy…and having to console him as he broke down and cried for an hour…He was held and charged, because he shot and killed the man who beat his mother unconscious [potentially killing her]…and for this he spent his institutionalized time being repeatedly gang raped, by more inmates than he could recall…

Who is responsible for this?…I agree with Bryan, that we all are responsible to bring an end to this…but the guilt for this belongs to the system, and to those running it…and those responsible for the system.

When is there going to be any amount of accountability, for those who take young kids and subject them to this?

That is not part of “paying your debt to society”…It is insidious torture.

…There is no such thing as a person who you can throw away to the system, wash your hands of, and forget that they ever existed.

…Yet we find that some people, even kids, are treated just like that.

The true criminals here, are those running and controlling the system.

Well…I’ve spoken my piece, with regards to what really hit me hardest in this interview…The whole thing is worth listening to…It’s mostly about people on death row, and corruption in the “justice system”…But it touches on kids who’ve been sentenced to life without parole, sentenced to die in prison.

…It is easy to see why vulnerable and outcast groups get a raw deal from the “justice system”, when these sorts of things [and the people behind them] are allowed to achieve controlling power within the “justice system”.