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The Number One Thing I Would Tell Boys About BoyChat…

Date: August 31, 2015

01) Re: Boy Allies/Boy Actors/Boy Imposters

“People here complain about unfair repression of their views, whether in the sciences, law, culture, or the arts. But they are guilty of having the same attitudes towards boys, as well as clinging to a view about boys that very seriously undermines any message that depicts their “love” as sincere: the current message from the boychat community is one that the boys themselves overwhelmingly reject as loving. In short, this community routinely complains about external oppression, but refuses to examine how much their own internal views and attitudes are holding them back.”

The number one thing I would tell boys about BoyChat…

…is that there are so many diverse, different factors and motivators behind the “why” and “how” people post on BoyChat…that much of the content posted here gets judged and saddled, quite unfairly.

We have people here, dealing with a lot of things.

The phenomena of angry posts, offered by those on registries…often made hours after making their regular, required, humiliating visits to the local PD…or being visited in their home.

People who simply want to share something with others, who they reasonably know will likewise appreciate…when they don’t know anyone else who will.

“Soap Boxing”, because something in this world rubbed you the wrong way…

Sometimes you’re just in a good mood, and want to create something whimsical to share, and brighten the world a little bit…at least for those who appreciate such.

Claiming and asserting our human worth, and that we belong…

Every here and there, someone wants to get serious about something…like research…people who attack us…

BoyChat is a place of exchange, for legal content created and/or shared by BoyLovers…It is tailored to BoyLovers, and their needs.

It is way to easy, for people to impose their own interpretation on what gets posted on BoyChat…without looking under the surface, and allowing a lot of leeway and empathy for the many things driving this place.

…I would ask boys not to impose to harshly, their own “cover all” judgments on what appears here…Because so much of it, is just people working through their issues [or sharing a happy moment in their life], in a place that’s supposed to be available for that exact thing.

I’d ask boys to understand, the toll it has taken on so many of us…being out here in the world…We are human…and BoyChat is one of our outlets.

I’d also ask them to not place to much emphasis on BoyChat…to not take it to seriously…to let those of us who are here be human, and have our place for being human.

As a side…it would be nice to have genuine boys posting at BoyChat, again. As I expect you are aware…we once did…though it was very few.

BoyChat has lost a deeply valuable, balancing voice and perspective, in their absence. That observation is dead correct.

I have little hope, in seeing the day this changes…though I hope I am wrong.

We all know it is complicated…We all know, there are dangers lurking out there. Some days I am glad there aren’t boys coming onto the radar, by associating themselves with this board. Sometimes, I think it’s for the better that we remain apart…especially in forums like these.

By the way…Thank you, for this post…and I mean that sincerely. There is a lot of importance, in what you have expressed here.

Blackmail Is Wrong…

Date: August 31, 2015

01) BoyChat: Dangerous…

“I would like to find a way to persuade him, blackmail him or force him to tell the truth. But I don’t know how.”

I would not give an answer to this, even if I imagined I had one. Blackmail is a serious crime…and deservedly so.

My advice is, Just don’t!

You’re likely to end up in more legal trouble, or worse.

In the past, I’ve had to watch one of my dearest BL friends get snared by the legal system…and refuse to ever accept the realities of his circumstance in the aftermath…He decided he was going to do what he wanted [including manipulation of other people]…Over a handful of years, he went from this beautiful, loving person…evolving into someone constantly dancing around the fire, till it burned him again…after which he went completely off the rails, became someone I don’t even recognize…did things that were way, way crossing the line, the likes of which I [and I think most of us] would only have condemned without reservation…became abusive and estranged, cutting off all contact…Three or four years later, he turned up in the news, for something particularly heinous…

Again…I don’t recognize “that” person, who is now likely to die in prison…and who betrayed…everyone of us, and everything good about BoyLove.

If you want to blackmail someone…you are looking down that same road. Even if you think you aren’t…you have no way of knowing how this will play out, or what you’ll be sucked into.

He became obsessed with hurting someone…Initially, it was a boy who he previously tried to make his YF [Young Friend]. Gut wrenching, sickening and personally horrifying and embarrassing, watching him turn on that kid…Apparently, he eventually took out his rage on another hapless boy, he gained access to.

Bad things happened to him, which he did not deserve…but that never justified him forcing bad things onto other people.

You cannot…you must not, deal from the darkness…not even when you think someone deserves it. It will consume you, and possibly those close to you.

I’m not aware of many BoyChat cases, of this specific nature…But what I am aware of, is too many…I don’t want to see anymore.

Don’t be a sociopathic criminal…Don’t imagine you can get away with manipulating people these ways.

Rethinking “Consent”…

Date: March 25, 2015

…I’m a little fuzzy…

…I’m a little fuzzy…

I like this response…

…Though I’m sorry to learn of [slipperyshota’s] ordeal with sex trafficking.

“Consent” is honestly a complicated ordeal, when we live in a world that forces it to be complicated.

…In a better world than this one, “consent” would hopefully not be the hang up point that it is today.

I’m guilty of using the word “consent” a fair bit…but reading BFG’s post, I started thinking along the softer lines of “agreeable sex”…Which, in part, is why your post caught my eye and made me respond.

“Consent” as the holy grail it is today, is really quite unhuman…And it does not reflect well, on how we honestly live and interact with each other…It’s more of a lofty ideal, than anything else.

…At it’s worst…it’s an impossible barrier to navigate.

I do agree, however…with those who say, if you agreed with a certain type of conduct and broke your commitment knowing the consequences…then you are in some type of fault…

…But I also agree with those who say…In a better world, people would be far more open minded, than to box everyone into tight social restraints.

I don’t know if what I’ve said answers anything for BFG…But I kind of like it…It’s deep, and off the beaten path…I’ll probably post it on my blog…

Knowing the Cause…

Date: February 25, 2015

…Do you want to know?…

…Do you want to know?…

“If there were an oracle with the ability to tell you exactly what caused the pedophilia in you and could explain it to you in simple details, would you ask it?”

I’m at a loss, as to what I would do with this information if I had it. I don’t believe I could be scared of knowing it. I just don’t see what good it would do, to know it…Plus, if in the process I were endowed with some additional knowledge on how to uncommonly manipulate myself this way…I do have concerns, others might expect me to undergo such manipulation…whatever that may be.

“What if the truth is so horrible that you loose the will to live forever? Would you risk it anyway?”

I don’t see how this could happen. I mean…I don’t wish to re-tell the story of that first moment, where my homosexuality suddenly hit me…It’s late, and I need to go to bed…I’ve told the story many times…

I did not really even understand it, the first time I experienced it…There was no physical contact, of course…but I had a sudden rush of sexual attraction, complete with arousal, when one of my friends from school came over to play…I was about six or seven years old…It was spontaneous, and there was no sexual intent in what we were doing.

I’ve never seen any distinguishable difference between my own onset of sexual awareness, and that of any other human who just naturally discovered what they are attracted to sexually.

…And I reject the notion that anyone can impregnate a sexual orientation into you…I still more sternly reject the notion, that a traumatic sexual experience could ever make you want to repeat a perpetual cycle of trauma.

So, I am at a loss…to imagine what could possibly horrify me…

Nobody raped or touched this into me…It’s just how I am.

Because my orientation didn’t evolve where some people want it to be…some people claim it to have been “arrested in development”…Which is a kind of curious admission, that children are sexual on some level…

…But I disagree with the notion, also, that my orientation was supposed to evolve towards adults. This orientation has been around throughout recorded human history…At some point we have to relent, that this is a natural part of the human makeup.

‘Posting on BoyChat is a Privilage’…

Date: February 15, 2015

I should clarify a thing or two, about the atmosphere on BoyChat in which I made the following post…I will never speak ill of Melf [aka Maintenance Elf], and consider him a friend…But it has also been torturously clear, that for the last couple of years especially, nobody has really stepped up and enforced the rules of BoyChat [except in the most extreme and dangerous cases]. It is as if the Cogs [the administration and moderators] have been a non-existent group.

A hands off approach to moderating, in my opinion, has led to a state of anarchy on BoyChat…and if you know anything about BoyChat’s history, then you know there are some individuals who will absolutely refuse to reign in their own behavior…Some will relentlessly push the envelope and run rampant, until someone with the ability stops them.

The last few years in particular, have been an absolute heyday, for certain malcontents on BoyChat. Watching this relentless [and I would suggest, malicious] degradation of BoyChat, has been very hard and frustrating, especially given how much our collective community has poured into this resource over the decades…and given how much it means to us.

We have been unjustly dragged through some absolutely bat shit insane behavior and antics, of outrageous span and nature, over the last several years at BoyChat…And it is almost always caused, by this small group of a relentless few, who are perpetually and mercilessly importing unrest, bile and endless problems onto BoyChat and it’s community.

For some…their obvious reason for being at BoyChat, is to habitually attack the people there, and by extension, the resource itself.

…A lot of us older community members are war weary, and extremely fed up with this…to the point where we are outraged, that these purveyors of vulgar abuse and constant trouble, have been allowed to turn BoyChat [our virtual home, online] into such a disgraceful place, with such a dark cloud constantly hanging over it…warding off those who might otherwise be inclined to offer something good.

These people who have been hanging around for years upon years, who are obviously unhappy with BoyChat, but they wont just peacefully leave…instead choosing to poison the board endlessly…Someone needs to step up, and do something about them…You know…Like things used to be, way back. If someone was relentlessly causing problems on BoyChat, they would eventually be shown the door…Until recently, I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see even a glimmer of that era return.

…BoyChat desperately needs it, now more than ever.

I have found myself greatly encouraged, by the obvious presence of at least two Cogs…who are actually enforcing rules now…This has me genuinely excited, and optimistic about the future of BoyChat.

For reasons I am not going to repeat…It has been on my mind quite a bit as of late, that some kind of change in the stewardship of BoyChat is inevitable…And I had made the logical leap, that because of this change in policy…some sort of change in stewardship was taking place.

…I mistakenly associated midnite with this change, thinking they might have managed to arm twist him into a figurehead “webmaster” position…due to his dramatic change in posting style…the maturity he was bringing back into it…He also called the Cogs “My Cogs”, in a recent post…

I will own this misconception, and not edit anything out of the original post…But I am explaining it, so that you can understand it.

While it is clear that Cogs are willing to stand up to bullies and put their foot down…It is unclear how far they are willing to go, to confront the root problem of bullies and unbridled sociopaths on BoyChat. I hope to see far more of this…We need Cogs with some moxie, who aren’t going to take any shit.

…BoyChat Response…

…BoyChat Response…

After years of unbridled anarchy on these forums [of the worst kind, existing at the detriment of Free Spirits]…this wind of change [what looks to be a changing of stewardship] is giving me hope for the future of FS and it’s resources.

A resource like BoyChat is like a living garden…Of course, if you leave it unattended, things will still grow…But if you want a useful and productive resource…you need to weed, prune and sometimes tare a whole plant up, casting it out…Otherwise, you wont have a place where people actually want to come.

…Thorn bushes may have their place in this world…but they have to be heavily tended…If they take over an entire place, then they alienate those who would otherwise be there.

“That the cogs should not feel the slightest obligation to account for their actions to a coward who would attack unsuspecting posters…ambushing them and devouring their happiness like a greedy wolverine….as he did yesterday.

Such a person obviously does not have the welfare of the people of this board in mind when he makes demands of OUR cogs to justify themselves.

Would any of you justify yourselves to a coward scoundrel who picks on, what he percieves, the weakest among you?….I doubt it…you would tell him to take a hike…even IF he was right.”

…I am pleased that someone with standing responsibility around here, has finally made a public statement like this.

This persons behavior, has been an ongoing, relentless trauma on these boards, for years…collectively, perhaps spanning as much as a decade. Nothing of true substance has resulted from this. It has been personally sickening, watching how they freely attack people here…and how they have imposed a cruel siege on BoyChat, over a relentlessly vast portion of the boards entire existence.

This board has shown that poster staggering degrees of tolerance, forgiveness and grace…just for them to habitually go back to their tired bag of tricks, and vile abuse.

…I can scarcely name another poster in BoyChat’s history, who rivals the reign of abuse [and intimidation, harassment…] this poster has successfully waged against the people here.

Many of us remember a day…when the phrase “posting on BoyChat is a privilege, not a right”, actually meant something…

…Maybe it is finally time, now that we have competent stewards of BoyChat who are willing to take their responsibility serious…that the weight of this phrase be given much more consideration?

“Policing The Internet Properly”: What Do They Want?…

Date: January 14, 2015

…’Will nobody think of the children’…

…’Will nobody think of the children’…

…Breck Bednar was murdered after being groomed on the internet. When are we going to start policing it properly?…

…Breck Bednar was murdered after being groomed on the internet. When are we going to start policing it properly?…

“You have to steel yourself to read the victim impact statements of the parents of Breck Bednar, the 14-year-old boy murdered by an internet predator four years his senior, Lewis Daynes.


I would go further in wanting the police and authorities to have as many tools needed to deal with online criminality – not only by predatory groomers like Daynes and child pornographers, but terrorists and cyber-criminals. As much as it pains my pre-motherhood self, who was an enthusiastic supporter of civil liberties, now I am a parent I am afraid I agree with the Prime Minister’s renewed attempt at allowing the security services to snoop on internet data. Civil liberties should be protected, but not at the cost of our freedom from terror and crime.”

…What will ever be good enough?…

Nothing will be good enough…because they lost their child and nothing, not even this endless fight against internet phantoms, is going to make up for what they have lost.

Poor kid…it is tragic…

…The internet does get used for bad intentions, sometimes.

…It also gets used for really complicated, yet necessary, things too.

People who have been traumatized…it seems they have to keep busy, fighting in any direction…otherwise, they may just go crazy with their grief…

There has got to be some way, to guide this in a better direction.

Chemical Castration: A survey…

Date: December 28, 2014

…Chemical Castration: A survey…

…Chemical Castration: A survey…

“Please indicate (by number) which of these statements best represents your position on this issue:

1. I think that sometimes this treatment gets abused but most doctors are conscience and know what they are doing.

2. I think chemical castration is a bad treatment and is wrong.

3. I think people should listen to the professionals when this treatment is recommended.

4. I have no opinion.”


…People know themselves, where their limits exist…and when they’ve crossed a line into where they can no longer live with something.

This is the base premise I start from, when weighing the rightness or wrongness of “chemical castration”…Because an individuals personal experience and needs, are every bit as important…and probably the most important factor, in most cases.

A lot of us, and at one time I did this also…we start from the viewpoint that “chemical castration” is just imposed upon us…either by the legal system directly, or as an effect of extreme social intolerance which leaves us with few options we can live with [aka, we are strong armed into it, but would never do it otherwise].

It is my opinion that, yes…implementation of “chemical castration”, as it commonly occurs today, is both alarming and troubling…I cannot call it ethical. I cannot call the cultural atmosphere it is being conducted in ethical, either.

…I think it is important, however…to not forget that some people might honestly need this type of thing. It may be wrong, to deny them of it.

I will not stand in the way of anyone, who has an obsessive and compulsive fixation with sex, for whom it is causing a real disruption in life, from seeking out such a thing.

While I personally do not understand the inability to put your sexual needs aside, or just deal with them discretely on your own…I understand that some people have a much harder time with it, than others.

This world is not fair…and I think it is wrong, that “chemical castration” gets targeted at so many people, without their choice or true consent…I think that it needs to be put on a leash, and reigned in. I think there should be serious and severe consequences, for wherever this imposed drug causes injury…I would even support criminal prosecutions, long prison sentences and large fines…But we are a long way removed, from sanity of that nature…It’s something to fight for.

In a nutshell…It is not my place to assess you, and tell you whether or not you need, or can have, “chemical castration” available as an option to you…I will, however, condemn anyone trying to force you to be “chemically castrated” [or physically, for that matter].

This is my stance on “chemical castration”.

As to your list of responses, I cannot choose any of them…The first scenario is tainted by social prejudice, and I don’t have any mechanism to assess doctors on this issue…The second is too absolute…The third gets back to the social atmosphere of prejudice, all this is occurring in…The fourth is obviously just wrong…I do have an opinion…It’s a complex opinion, on a hazy, controversial [and heated] topic.

A last note, I feel I should make…

…I appreciate and acknowledge the gravity, of the fact that our social demographic has been treated so inhumanely, so abhorrently, by the system…that a lot of us are going to naturally, and understandably, have justified hostile reactions to the issue of “chemical castration”.

…I accept that the system deserves no trust or goodwill from us.

What I wont embrace, is a “cover all” stance to this issue, that is rooted in our collective retaliation to social abuses we’ve suffered.

I endorse this…

Date: December 07, 2014

This thread is in response, to what appears to be a young gay activist writer, who has taken it upon himself to tell the rest of us [who he deems not to be sexual minorities], that we cannot use the term “coming out” when speaking of our own…well…our own coming out.

…For Reference…

…For Reference…

…Post from Eric Tazelaar [which I endorse]…

…Post from Eric Tazelaar [which I endorse]…

…In fact, this statement covers my reasons [most of them] for identifying this type of behavior as “hate speech”.

…If the socially privileged perverts are going to be hypocrites, then this needs to have an enormous spotlight glaring down on it.

The guy who wrote this goes by the name halfwrite, halfwrite89 and “Callum Hunter” [Not sure if that last one is a creative pseudonym, or legal name]…The version I was made aware of, appears on his personal blog []…Not sure how long he’s been writing, but he’s not been blogging there long.

My take is…he appears to be a mid-twentysomething who is gay or bisexual, and who has been brought up in the whitewashed, politically correct, sanitized and carefully packaged “LGBT rights” world…Hence, the painfully obvious sense of self entitlement, when it comes to being territorial about words and phrases…and the lack of hesitation or qualm, in dehumanizing other minorities.

…And what Callum did here, is in fact dehumanization…It is dehumanizing propaganda, implying that we are beneath people like him, and that we have no right to stand or behave on equal footing with people like him.

I would recognize this as clear hate speech…because it is the very thing.

The danger posed by people doing this sort of thing…is that they have the potential of steering large and powerful social groups, towards hyperbole hysterics…stripping whomever they’ve demonized, of any manner of human rights.

In this specific case…creating a conflict over the use of “coming out”, when no true conflict even exists [this is something Collum has made up and thrown out there, possibly because he is trying to lite a fire under his freelance writing career?], is an act of defying our human rights to self identity…as well as to self determination, and ability to communicate.

His implication that we should be banned from “coming out” in preference for “revealing ourselves” [Doesn’t that just sound like “something sinister has been exposed”?], is extreme condescension.

I’ll throw out the title of the post I am planning to write [or record vocally, maybe] for my blog…and just inform Collum right here, that “Coming Out” is a Human Experience…There is nothing about it, which was ever reserved for the LGBT community…Heck, Atheists have been using the term for years.

In fact…”coming out” is every bit as deeply engrained in our culture, as Child Lovers and Teen Lovers, as it is in the LGBT culture…The only real difference here, is that the LGBT culture stands in a place of far greater privilege than we do…and they have gotten away with incorporating the term “coming out” into their own integration strategy [ie: “coming out day”].

…But we have been using the term “coming out”, as far back as I can recall…And frankly, Collum is extremely late to this issue, which he looks to be trying to pick a fight over…

…Or, maybe he is just this naïve, and I have no right to read all of this into his intent?

I’ve been bemoaning for years, the way politically correct LGBT groups have been sterilizing their own past, and grooming sexual minority kids towards this dangerously unaware, uncritical and self entitled outlook on not just life…but on themselves as a group…

…Paired with the monstrosity the LGBT cursed this world with, of mindless chanting retorts, yelling so loud as to drown out everyone else, general bullying, and just doing everything within their power to manipulate and damage people of differing viewpoints [ie: lots of garbage, I believe was heavily influenced by “the jerry springer show”]…and turning this noxious behavior into the norm, when what we really need in this world will never be possible, because of that type of behavior…

…I can see clearly, that the LGBT movement has done a tremendous amount of damage, to the only world I have to live in…And I am very displeased.

The LGBT as a group is an oxymoron…It’s a group self purported to fight hate, discrimination and misunderstanding…while simultaneously pumping out drones who produce hate, discrimination and misunderstanding…and they do nothing to correct this.

I do not equate individual gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people with the LGBT movement…I treat them the same, as I would treat any other human being, be they “normal”, Child Lover, Teen Lover…whatever…Which is why I am very supportive of individual gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered rights…

…But LGBT seriously needs to crash and burn, in a blazing death.

The Endless Harassment of Dave Riegel: It’s a very old fight…

Date: November 22, 2014

Note: Whenever Dave Riegel posts on BoyChat, it is virtually guaranteed that his posts will be followed up by a parade of over the top [often tacky and tired] mockery, and vitriol of a style that is degrading to BoyChat [our community] itself, and fully uncalled for…I would suggest, at times it rightly would have warranted bans and post deletions…But, apparently, nobody who is capable is ever going to do anything about it.

This chronic problem on BoyChat has been posted, enquired and complained about, even protested on many, many occasions…but nothing ever changes…Maybe Dave has too many enemies in the online BoyLove community?

Here, we receive two perspectives, from two relative newcomers [Shrink Wrap and Eric Tazelaar]…And I think they make good points, ask good questions…and offer important feedback, as people who weren’t there at it’s genesis, and who have not spent a decade plus getting habitually dragged through this feud, again and again and again and again and again…and nausea.

…At times…BoyChat is worse than a bickering, old, married couple.

At times I ask myself…Can this collective grow up, and get past this petty nonsense for the betterment of BoyChat and it’s community?

I have lost a lot of faith in the integrity and human decency of various BoyChat participants, over this issue alone.

There is no forgiveness…and it’s an issue that just wont come to an end…Worse still, some seem to be taking a disturbing pleasure, out of their participation in all of this…

…And this is not what BoyChat, or being a decent BoyLover, is about.

From what I have seen…I would hope most of all, that no boy is ever subjected to the people behind these infantile campaigns against Dave…People with these ugly, petty, infantile and nasty character traits, are the last people who should be influencing any young person.

It is time for a number of people at BoyChat to take a long, hard look in the mirror…to realize they aren’t so pristine and perfect, themselves…Maybe, they have a lot to ask for forgiveness over…And maybe, it is finally time to bury this stupid, senseless and destructive fight?

It only serves to continue tearing BoyChat apart, and causing [or dragging on] hard and bitter feelings within the community.

…Link 1…

…Link 1…

“Otoh, is it really necessary to criticize this man’s work at every turn? Perhaps he is not the Einstein of the BL world, but he is getting this published which put us in a positive light.”

“Why do we cannibalize ourselves from the inside? There have been any number of people who have been absolute geniuses in one sphere while being perhaps horrible people in others.” – Shrink Wrap

…Link 2…

…Link 2…

“Regardless of the merit of Riegel’s work, there is another issue here which needs to be addressed: why is there an effort to personally degrade and humiliate him, by both posters identifiable and not, at every possible opportunity?” – Eric Tazelaar

…Link 3…

…Link 3…

“What it looks like to someone who has no familiarity with the history here is that they’ve just walked into a den of vicious, utterly ruthless villains. A kind of ‘Lord of the Flies’ for alleged grownups. It looks pretty twisted to anyone just arriving onshore.”

“I can tell you, I would never have guessed that there was any legitimacy behind any of this because, frankly, y’all have managed to totally de-legitimize them. ” – Eric Tazelaar

…And you are correct…This community [BoyChat] comes off looking generally horrendous, and embarrassing to someone like myself, because this feud is relentlessly drug out for the world to see.

…It’s pretty much an impermeable wall, getting in the way of whatever good communication and action might come.

The meat has rotted off of that dead horse, years ago…They are kicking dried up, brittle bones, today.

Considering how many years this has been going on…these offenses [real or perceived] are extremely old…

Many of us wish they would mercifully be left in the past, so that the present and future are no longer relentlessly haunted by them.

But obviously…too few people care what I think about this.

There’s a reason for my last sentence…

Date: November 15, 2014

01) That’s all wrong

There’s a reason for my last sentence…

…and I had you pegged perfectly, didn’t I? 😉

What you are doing here, is pushing a philosophical social paradigm.

…And that is fine, but it does nothing to change the realities of our world right now.

I am different…and I see how the world works today, as our starting point…and the factors we have to deal with.

If any of us boycott the concept of pedophilia…this will do painfully little…and likely nothing, to stop any number of the rest of the 8 billion or so humans on this planet, from “talking about” pedophilia.

Your paradigm of a blissfully unaware world, has a great deal going against it.

…Even if it were to eventually happen, however unlikely…we are alive today…we live today…with all that is going on today…and the “talk about” pedophilia, is part of the reality of our lives.

…This alone, makes it a valid topic of discussion for us.

And as for cultures who don’t care about their children being boys or girls…I don’t see how this is much of an argument…Being a boy or a girl, is not controversial…It is not an activity, a lifestyle or a behavior…it’s just a biological sex.

Fine…so they don’t have any words to distinguish the sex of their children…I believe you, and that is an interesting piece of trivia…but do they also lack all means of expression, when their children start behaving sexually?…or when socially uncommon relationships come about?

You know…look…there are days in my life, when everything feels like it is just “too much”…even speaking any word feels like overwhelming effort…And on those days, I am all into the notion of taking a vow of silence…and never speaking another word, the rest of my life…And in my fantasy world, I live in some Zen type place and state…where everything is just communicated in the eyes, and by touch…where people are free to flow with an activity, or turn it away from them to opt out…

…I understand, words are complicated and they often get in the way…Sometimes, they make life harder than they need to be.

I just don’t buy into this idea, that we are going to reject other people’s words…and this is somehow going to change anything…