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VOAT is Not Sure What to Make of Our Love Frontier…

I Am Not Angry:

Date: March 10, 2017

Beware that this looks to be hostile territory, in the event you want to follow the link below.

01) Our Love Frontier – Possible sarting point for investigations into online pedo networks

Let me explain something to the people in that thread:

We get sick to death of you sorts, who relentlessly project onto us MAPs, whatever is going on in your own heads. We are tired of you sorts, who pull “facts” out of your own ass, and try to drag us MAPs into all of your psychological bullshit.

What happens on Our Love Frontier, is the logical outcome of a human being who owns his own sexuality, and who is no longer going to take any shit from other people for being this way.

…It’s the product of a person who figured out decades ago…that the social system he lives in is based on a lot of smoke and mirrors…a lot of horse shit…and it’s never going to work, to heal the social issues which have most impacted his own life…Therefor, the job of representing myself and the issues which impact upon me, falls upon scrupulous people like myself.

Over a decade ago…I seized this stance of power…at the very least, for representing myself…but also to give a human voice, to pedophilia…and to the experience of it’s being.

I am proud of being a pedophile, yes…This is a beautiful state of being, with a beautiful attraction, to other beautiful human beings. My consequence on this world, is one of a net positive…not a net negative…And you clueless people who don’t even know me [nor my history], have nothing to say of relevance on this matter.

I belong in this world…and this world needs people like me.

I will not be used in every way possible by the system [military, disabled war vet, taxed worker, etc.], just to be treated as though I’m not even human, by that very same system…or as if I have no right, to take full part in that very same system.

I will not hide any part of who I am, just to appease small minded people who are chronically offended.

You have no right to expect, that you can take and take and take, abuse and abuse and abuse…and that we are not going to stand up and fight back for ourselves, and for those we love.

Point is…you sorts crossed a line…and you crossed it many years ago…And you should have known better, than to just keep pushing and attacking us…We are not a bottomless well of pacifism…not when our very lives and freedom are at stake, over the coddling of your extreme and warped phobia…and the appeasement of your endless aggression.



…I am…”honored”?…to be chosen as a possible starting point, in your witch hunt.

Our Love Frontier has roots in my personal writing, which goes back about twenty years. I brought it to blogging, with a fresh and invigorated perspective, a decade ago. Since then, this blog has branched out in a number of ways…including the inclusion of my personal creative projects…the highlighting of diverse MAP viewpoints…politics and social issues…things I believe go into making a decent human being…and nostalgia and entertainment.

I’m going to level with you…

…Your fantasies and delusions about “PizzaGate”, are bullshit…and you should be embarrassed of yourselves, for not having enough common sense to know this on your own.

I’ll say this much, though…

I’ve taken no hard stance on John Podesta, or whether there exists a “pedophile ring” [cult, or whatever] he is part of…other than, it’s not been established and proven, so you have no business trying to pass it off as fact.

A concept most people get…but you sorts, inexplicably don’t get at all.

You sorts are taking a ton of weak “evidence”, and stringing it along into a narrative, to suit your own paranoid fantasies of “pedophile cults in power”…That much is absolutely clear…

…And a lot of us MAPs are fed up with the endless bullshit, that comes out of people like you…We don’t need another round of your mindless, idiotic hysterics, to emotionally rile up other mindless idiots, and stoke the social panic over pedophiles all the more.

You are not welcome to your trouble causing idiocy, where it harms other people…and you will be held accountable for it.

I don’t owe you this, but I will clarify a few things:

I don’t know Charles Doherty…I just know that a group of people under the title “Heart Progress” arrived on twitter, about a month back, and they were highlighting articles and content that were of interest to me, as a blogger and a writer…I thought I’d keep an eye on them, and see what they had in store. Some douchebag at Twitter suspended their accounts.

You found “Heart Progress” in the sidebar of my blog, either because it was a recent blog post and included in my “most recent 25 posts” list…or because it was in the “top ten” trending posts and pages list.

“Look on the sidebar: (“OLF BLOG PAGE LINKS” down to the lower right of the page) at all the pedo topics listed.”

Yeah…look at all of them…Did you bother to read them?…I put a good bit of work into them, to lay out my base viewpoints and philosophies. You might have learned something, had you bothered reading them.

“You can still access Boy Chat”

BoyChat got hit by a DDOS attack, and it’s URL was disabled for roughly two months…Various MAPs visit my blog…including some who visit BoyChat. I was giving information, on how to access BoyChat. BoyChat is a discussion forum, on which BoyLovers discuss various issues and offer peer support as a community.

“and that is as far as I went. This looks to be a front facing tendril of an online pedophile network. The link to pizzagate would be that there would be a possible overlap between people affiliated with these groups and pizzagate. They also mention pizzagate directly in their article, so the fact that this investigation is making them uncomfortable is definitely the smoke in the “when there is smoke there is fire” way of looking at things.”

Oh dear…No, you didn’t go very far at all, did you?

…Typical of you sorts.

Oh!…I get to be “the front” of “an online pedophile network”?!…Wow!!!

I’d like to think that I was part of a network…I have been part of a few fellowships, over the years…But I’ve been flying solo, for the past decade…Sometimes interweaving with other MAPs, at places where I am welcome [like BoyChat, or the comment sections of MAP run blogs]…Heck, I wish there were a few other MAPs I trust, who I could grant writing/editing privileges to on Our Love Frontier…But, alas…I’ve been overwhelmingly alone, since I started blogging.

I’m pretty certain it’s tainted me in the minds of many MAPs…being out here, and exposing myself like this…Many don’t want to get to close, because I’m an exposed target.

I’d still like to have someone to turn this blog over to, if the day comes I can no longer run it…someone who shares my vision and passion…But that likely is not going to happen.

So…you imagine there might be groups behind my blog…and that those groups might be associated with “PizzaGate”?…Right…Hmmm…Eh…No.

This is something you’ve made up entirely, in your own paranoid mind.

“PizzaGate investigation making me uncomfortable”?…

…Beg your pardon?!…”uncomfortable”?…

Promptly go back to the top of this post, and keep rereading it until it sinks into your head…

…I’m not “uncomfortable”…and there is no “smoke”…I am fed up [a very important distinction] with you sorts, who keep making shit up about MAPs, and passing it off as “fact”…It’s people like you, who keep working yourselves up into paranoid, delusional frenzies, who make this world utter shit to live in for the rest of us sane human beings.

Hell…you even started taking our community symbols [which have nothing particular to do with any of your hysterical conspiracy theory], and you started spreading them around, claiming that we who use them are somehow implicated in your idiotic story.

You clueless twits don’t even understand what you’ve stepped on, do you?

The BLogo, GLogo, CLogo and LBLogo are not associated with your stupid story…not even if they were somehow used [or incorporated] by any of the original people you targeted…

Even if it ever turned out that those people were running something like what you claim…they still would have been an isolated and hidden group, even in relations to the broader MAP community.

These symbols exist on their own, to represent groups within the MAP community…And that is all they do…Are you to stupid to understand this?

My frustration with idiots like you, is rooted in your pompous, arrogant dismissal of MAPs, our integrity, our individuality and our moral compos…

How dare you suggest, that because any MAP uses these symbols, they are somehow involved with your delusional, vicious accusation, “PizzaGate”?…You brain dead liars.


“these fucks…on another fucking planet…humanity’s fucked…these assholes…cryptic images/messages”

This one doesn’t speak the language, and doesn’t have the first clue whether anyone they’ve pointed at here is involved in any way…but, what the hell?…It’s a juicy excuse to demean and talk trash about other human beings…And these sorts never like to miss an opportunity for that.


“The rotating banner is insane”

What on earth, do you have to complain about regarding my header banners?

I put a lot of work into those, and take a lot of pride in the upkeep and freshness of this blog…Their monthly release [the “parade of headers”], is almost an event on this blog.

“literally has all the known symbols and variations of it combined with perverting quotes from people like Nelson Mandela (the whole reversal/corruption theme).”

Oh!…I get it…More projection from you sorts…

…I’m a pedophile, so I don’t get to have decent moral ethics in your mind…because that kind of a reality, is far to big [and reality based] for your mind to handle.


These are universal, human themes and bits of wisdom…I have perverted nothing, in sharing them as wisdom that has molded and guided me.

“I archived the two articles”

Very good!…Hopefully, one day, a person who can think will come across them…and they will grow as an individual, from having read them. I do encourage the syndication of my writings…Spreading them wider, pleases me.

“Also noticed the “accessible pedophile” It’s extremely disturbing, essentially describing how they want to do their PR and make it accepted by the public via “accessible pedophiles”, which I can only imagine would be famous ones, probably from Hollywood or similar. Unbelievable how blatant this site is.”

That’s Accessible Pedophilia…and I think it’s one of my better writings.

It went entirely over your head…didn’t it?…Yes, it did.

That piece is about the absence of real “pedophiles” in the public arena, and public discourse…and all the lies that people like you, release into the vacuum left from our absence.

It’s about being present and being recognized, as a MAP…or, what happens when we are not.

It has nothing to do with Hollywood…What a novel reinterpretation…likely rooted in your own delusion, that I’m an “elite pedophile”…

I’m the real thing…a thick skinned scrub, living in the real world and facing real world issues…I’m not your fantasy of “what a pedophile is”.

…And yes, I am blatant…Get used to it!


“in the “accessible pedophile” link, it passes beyond disturbing. he doesn’t simply justify pedophilia but also blames parents who do not let their child have sexual contact, the true abusers. this man is very confident of himself and his circle of pedophiles.”

Oh…You’re not accustomed to encountering a MAP, who’s not going to be placed in a box…Quite the culture shock for you, isn’t it?

“Yeah, this is clearly beyond just pushing for acceptance, there’s a sense of confidence that he/pedophiles can influence society in such a way as to reverse roles of abusers/victims (in a way it’s kind of like MKULTRA ritual abuse, confusing the victims into thinking their victimizer is also their protector/one that actually loves them) and turn society against the parents because they are absuing their children for not letting them be abused.”

We do influence society…And “Stockholm, ritual abuse” is quite the spin.

I don’t support any such thing.

“It’s really insane and scary stuff, and I get the vibe from that page that this guy is actually bragging, essentially saying that he knows this is what is happening and will continue to happen, and is slyly playing it up like he’s making it “acceptable” when he really knows that’s the plan all along. Kind of a nod to elite pedophilia and government complacency in the abuse.”

LOL!…Oh My!…

If you can’t even be bothered to read the links off the sidebar on this blog…what am I even supposed to say to you sorts?…You’ve made all this up in your own head.

I go over my personal motivations at least once [maybe two or three times], and come right out saying I don’t expect any changes to laws, governing adult minor sexual relations.

Why are you even expressing these kinds of ideas about me, when you cannot even be bothered to look into where I stand on the issues?

If you are spouting out this ignorant rhetoric, then you have no business saying anything about me at all…You don’t know what you are talking about.

It’s relatively simple and straight forward…I’ve lived a long life as a MAP, understanding the hardships and injuries…and the experience of being driven to my wits end, by hyperbolic nitwits like you…

I’ve opened myself up to the world, taking a heavy toll in the process, in order to attempt prying some minds into reality [and some heads out of arses].

What I am doing is a solely human gesture, attempting to help heal the ravages of social phobia.

…And “government complacency”?!!…What world do you even live in?

The U.S. government has been absolutely atrocious towards us, in every way imaginable…There is no end in sight, you idiot.

This is another reason why I do what I do.

In addition…the U.S. government has a history of turning on it’s own…Anthony Weiner…Dennis Hastert…Mark Foley…[I’m sure we can find more]…You imagine any of these former politicians are enjoying the aftermath of their exposure?…You imagine the government is privately celebrating parties with them?

Are you seriously this deluded?


“My god this is disgusting… Some of these people are in positions of authority too. We ought to dig into their backgrounds see what they may be engaged in.”

A subjective judgment…Not really worth a whole lot.

I suppose, if you want to dig into my background…knock yourself out.

It usually drives you sorts mad, coming to the realization that a MAP isn’t doing anything illegal…and you can be sued and/or imprisoned, if you do anything malicious to us that causes us harm.


This is a comment left by someone else, on my blog.

I don’t disagree with it…but I expect a few of you are hyperventilating over it.

…Boo Hoo…


“These old perverts are disgusting. Ernst Steiner is the leader of that group. Here he is crying about the ‘bigotry and hatred’ of people who don’t like paedophiles. His narcissistic and sociopathic thinking is blatantly obvious. He cares not one jot for the rights of children to a safe and happy childhood; for their rights to decide on what they will do with their bodies when their brains are fully grown. For pedophiles, all children are simply sexual objects for them to masturbate over, and manipulate, groom and prey upon”

I can’t give an assessment of Ernst…I don’t know him…but, I can say that what you’ve generalized about “pedophiles”, is bullshit…You are a liar.


“I wrote about a guy that referenced that site on twitter. Looked too creepy for me to click on. Seriously sick, they fancy themselves not a rapist when talking about sex with children, just openly. Wtf. Think researching the contributors and supporters of this blog, plus the orgs at which those folks work, makes sense.”

Oh!…A menacing posture!…Go after me, and harass the people I work for!…

…Yes, that’s what cowardly, impotent people do, when they encounter anything they don’t like listening to, or thinking about.

…And what do we have here, yet again?…

…Another person who wants to step forward, and say their piece…without ever having even visited me [my blog], to see what I am all about…How revealing.



“Maybe this is a repository of talking points for their side?”

“Talking points”?…Oh Please!…

Our Love Frontier is a kind if scrapbook, of my personal content, mixed in with a lot of other content…Much of it concerns what is going on with MAPs in this world…I allow diverse viewpoints, but give preference to non-mainstream voices.

I don’t rely on “talking points” for anything…I just offer simple speaking of genuine truth.


“I did not click on any of these not sure what is in any of these:”

…Not terribly useful…But look!…Still another person speaking up, who could not be bothered to even visit and read my blog…So they give some…

…What even is this?…I recognize some of the titles of posts…but that seems mashed up with other stuff…and the links are incomplete.


These people clearly don’t understand what Our Love Frontier is, nor why it exists…nor why it needs to exist.

It’s honestly pathetic, how little effort they place into “researching” someone, before they start up with this kind of crap.

Evil-Unveiled: Am I a hypocrite for sharing links, which expose a select group of people?…


Date: August 28, 2016

Am I a hypocrite for sharing links, which expose a select group of people?

If I haven’t already made this clear…

…I find doxing to be a deplorable, despicable and dangerous behavior. I have always condemned it. It is indefensible, and should be prosecuted. It is something I want nothing to do with, in every regard.

I am a very long term victim, of a high profile doxing project…It has had a rather severe psychological impact on me, given that I know my private information has been discovered by these people…and they’ve been holding it over my head, for years…I’ve experienced people trying to torment me, because of this…and it’s been a very long term issue, I’ve been forced to live with.

Despite my demeanor, and the fact that things continue on “as normal”…I’ve been living under the stress of this cloud, more intensely, for more like four to five years…because these deranged, malicious sociopaths wont leave me alone…and continue, mostly covertly, trying to make problems for me.

Previously…and for nearly all of my almost two decades of being involved…I’ve never crossed that line, of intentionally exposing people’s private information…and I’ve never done so, out of a personal malicious intent.

Over the years, I’ve become increasingly alarmed and fed up with the way certain people have abused the online MAP community…and since we came to know who some of those people are…it only became an obvious fact, that victims of said people deserve to know who is doing this to them…and I did start using the legal names, of certain people…whenever they came up in conversation.

Keep in mind…we are talking about people who have no qualms over straight up lying about individual MAPs, and launching smear campaigns against them…attacking MAPs in their private lives, on multiple levels…merely because they identify as a MAP, and discuss it online. These are people who think they have a right to destroy you, because you are part of a minority class they harbor ill will towards. You don’t have to do anything even remotely wrong [or illegal], to be targeted by these sociopaths…and yes, they are sociopaths…Some of them have been lingering around our communities, for a decade or longer.

That is the situation we are looking at, and dealing with.

My more recent efforts of documenting this [at least as it relates to myself], are for the purpose of having the true facts out here and accessible, in the event that something happens to me…as in anything from being murdered, to having trumped up charges filed against me…or whatever may fall between.

I’ve become far more concerned about my personal safety in the last few years, and different threats which have become obvious…and I’m fighting back, by exposing these people who are behind it.

I want people to know clearly, what is happening to me…and the history behind it.

I don’t want to reach a point, where I am no longer able to explain what is happening to me…where I’ve not taken the time to previously lay out these points of fact…and where the only people putting out statements, are the malicious sociopaths.

I want the actual truth to be out there, and known.

I am going through all of this, because as a MAP…I have steadfastly taken a stand, on various complicated issues…and certain sociopaths think they have a right to torment me for it…

…No…They do not have any such right…and I will respond to them, for the sociopaths they are…

My motives in exposing the people behind this, are entirely different from the motives of those people when harassing me [or other MAPs].

Don’t you even dare suggest, that this is in any way equivalent…

…They couldn’t be more different.


More on the Nevada Democratic Convention Debacle…

Date: May 19, 2016

01) Hillary Supporter Reveals Corruption At Nevada Democratic Convention

“A Hillary Clinton delegate in Nevada, explains just what went on inside the Nevada Democratic Convention.”

02) The Thom Hartmann Program (Full Show) – 05/18/16

Things develop [or become less veiled], concerning the issue discussed in a previous post.

The people running the Democratic party…we may very well be witnessing them [quite unintentionally] destroying their party, as they cling to control of it.

I have to agree with a commentator I read the other day…in that I, also, am pleased to see this finally coming to the surface.

It’s undeniable what the Democratic party has become…what it is…

…The only real question, as I see it…is whether anything remains that is worth being salvaged.

It looks to me like a sinking ship, at the moment…right alongside the Republican party.

VIP paedophile ring investigation closed without single arrest…

Date: March 21, 2016

01) £1.8m VIP paedophile ring investigation closed without single arrest

“A fiercely-criticised police investigation into claims of a VIP paedophile ring has been dropped.

The Metropolitan Police probe, called Operation Midland, was launched in November 2014 after claims that boys were sexually abused by a number of public figures more than 30 years ago.

It cost £1.8 million up to November 2015 and did not lead to a single arrest, but saw raids on the homes of 92-year-old D-Day veteran Lord Bramall and the late Lord Brittan.”

I’ve been keeping an eye on this for a long while…and it stunk of untruthfulness, from the very start…Which is why I’ve been critical of this witch hunt, all along.

It was clearly brazen hyperbole…by people who were not even interested in the facts, nor what is true.

…They just thought it was a prime opportunity, to strike out at “pedophiles”.

So much of what was being thrown around [the accusations], was just insane…and so few people even seemed to care.

Now, it’s officially fallen apart…

…Why did I know this was a fraud, right from the get go?…

…Because I’ve witnessed this general kind of hysteria before…and unlike many people, I have learned things from those spectacles…And I know better, than to be led around by the nose…by those peddling extremely fantastical stories.

…I’m tired of the boogey man myths, being put forward as “fact”…So tired of it, that when I recognize it…I call it bull shit.

…No apologies.

If paedophilia is innate, should we isolate paedophiles before they commit a crime?…

Date: January 08, 2016

01) If paedophilia is innate, should we isolate paedophiles before they commit a crime?

02) Connected Essay: Natural-born paedophiles

“Some paedophiles might be hard-wired to commit their abusive acts. Should that alter their crime in the eyes of the law?”

The question posed…

“If paedophilia is innate, should we isolate paedophiles before they commit a crime?”

Short answer…No!…Don’t be ridiculous!

Slightly longer answer…How exactly are you going to make distinctions and draw lines, when you are supposing who is allegedly a public danger? Age of consent is commonly a matter of dispute…and highly subjective.

This is nothing but a witch hunt.

However…If the day ever comes, where society supposes it has a right to restrict me to limited quarters…I expect [nay…I demand], that I be treated to the lavish life of a king…No expense should ever be spared on my comfort, my needs, nor my entertainment…I should eat only the finest of foods…lots of lobster, crab legs, shrimp, scallops and calamari…with the best fruits and vegetables…and awesome salads…lots of them…prepared by the finest chefs…And I expect a limitless allowance, to spend on…and I want my own airplane…I’ll let you know any future addendums, if the need arises.

Short of this [and likely even then]…you will never, ever, ever, ever, under any circumstances imaginable, shackle me or place me in a cage. I will die fighting, if need be.

You want to treat me like a rabid animal?…

…Then I can take up that role, in facing down any assailant…It’s only fair.

When it comes to survival, in the face of people trying to take it away…there is no gentlemen’s rule to abide by.

Comment on the linked essay:

I’ve only browsed it…It starts off with a pedophile horror story…but looks to wander through different social questions. It may be worth a read.

Speaking to this dehumanizing question:

…And yes, fine…the original term chosen was “isolate”…not imprison…but I don’t see much of a difference, in the context of this question…Frankly…it is ostracizing from society…which is unconscionable.

Truth be told…given the kinds of things “normal” people say too us, about us, wish upon us, threaten against us [much of which is lies, or indefensibly sick and demented violence]…we are at least a thousand times more justified to be paranoid of them, than they are to be paranoid about us.

Carl Sagan – The Demon Haunted World (FULL)…


Date: December 29, 2015

01) Carl Sagan – The Demon Haunted World (FULL)

“Carl Sagan muses on the current state of scientific thought, which offers him marvellous opportunities to entertain us with his own childhood experiences, the newspaper morgues, UFO stories and the assorted flotsam and jetsam of pseudo-science. Along the way he debunks alien abduction, faith-healing and channelling, refutes the arguments that science destroys spirituality, and provides a “baloney detection kit” for thinking through political, social, religious and other issues.”


Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke – God, The Universe and Everything Else (1988)…

Date: December 28, 2015

01) Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke – God, The Universe and Everything Else (1988)

“Stephen Hawking, Arthur C. Clarke and Carl Sagan (via satellite) discuss the Big Bang theory, God, our existence as well as the possibility of extraterrestrial life.”

Old show…but good stuff.

Judith Levine on Misguided Sex Offender Laws…

Date: December 23, 2015

01) Judith Levine on Misguided Sex Offender Laws

“Published on Dec 9, 2013

Author Judith Levine (Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex, Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping) discusses how the recent explosion in sex offender legislation has created public hysteria about sex crimes and civil rights violations, yet has failed to decrease crime or increase public safety.

She came to St. Francis College for the Fall 2013 lecture series, Wrongful Convictions, Miscarriages of Justice, and Other Critical Perspectives on the U.S. Criminal Justice System, organized by Professor Emily Horowitz.”