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Completed Work From an Aborted Project: The Tell-a-Dummies…


Date: August 14, 2021

As a sort of aside to my different Magix Music Maker projects, I also have a history messing around with Anime Studio…which I’ve rarely mentioned in the past, because nothing really came to fruition…and I never really became proficient in using the software.

I had this idea, though…to create some sort of a video comic [or, possibly still images…maybe even PDF “comic books”]…Nothing real deep, or demanding of talent, where it comes to graphics…In fact, if you’re familiar with South Park, then you have a good starting place, in understanding roughly where I was envisioning this going.

…You’re never going to get anything professional out of me in this realm…I promise you that much.

Anyway…There was no specific show, or movie…or series actually in motion yet…I simply started creating visual elements that were to be used…a lot of character models, and several “stages”…They were very simple graphics, that would be altered easily, to create a wide range of custom characters and locations.

The Tell-a-Dummies Studio:

I named the folder where this project was supposed to be based the “Tell-a-Dummies Studio”…I don’t believe I ever intended on making that name the basis for any finished product…I just wasn’t sure what else to call my homemade avatars…and this made about as much sense as anything.

I’m not sure how well they would have worked with Anime Studio…but I put a fair bit of work into creating these…and it’s a shame to do absolutely nothing with them…especially since I’m kind of proud of some of them…I did them all by hand and mouse…and some capture the character of those they mimic quite well.

I’ll be sharing my completed avatars and stages here, in this series.

Let’s start with some of the base template avatars.

Oh…a few of these are “nude”…I trust there aren’t any pearl clutchers out there, who are going to be triggered by funny, little “nude” sprites…All the “nude” ones are “adult” avatars…The child avatars are too small for such detail…There will be a few more instances of “nude” avatars in the future…I hope this does not tarnish anyone’s opinion of me. 🙂

The original avatar…I created this for a YouTube account, years and years ago…It was the foundation on which I built the rest of my avatars.


Base 2

Base Bikini

Base Child

Drag Queen Base

Base Dress

Base Dress 2

Base Dress 3

Base Dress 4

Base Fat Female

Base Fat Male

Base Nude Female

Base Nude Female Barefoot

Base Nude Male

Base Nude Male Barefoot

Base Nude Male 2

Base Nude Male 2 Barefooot

Base Shirtless

Base Shirtless Shorts

Base Super Hero

Base Underwear

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The Pedophile-Phobic Brain…


Date: March 03, 2021

This goes back a loooooong time…

As I was getting better with using photo/graphics software I made this…

It was intended for a satirical web page, discussing research on the brain scans of pedophile-phobic people…

Can you guess which scans were those of the pedophile-phobic?

An abandoned project that never came to fruition.

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Album: Songs of the Winter Château – Yule in Strings III

The Expressions Forum [Xmas]

December 09, 2020

Songs of the Winter Ch̢teau РYule in Strings III [14:25]

01) The First Noel [spanish guitar]

02) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [Acoustic Guitar]

03) Boars Head Carol [acoustic guitar]

04) Come Little Children [spanish guitar]

05) Hark The Herald Angels Sing [Folk Guitar Cathedral]

06) Gather Around The Tree [Acoustic Guitar]

07) Angels We Have Heard on High [Acoustic Guitar]

08) Light The Advent Candle [acoustic guitar]

I’m happy to release a new holiday album for 2020!

If I have time and feel up to it, I may release a brass, or choir, or harp…or possibly some other form of Yule Time album…I have a substantial enough back log of completed tracks, that I can make several small holiday albums.

I want to see if I can get some new songs to add to the collection, though…A lot is rehashed…but these are still nice.


Album: Serenity…


Date: July 09, 2020

Serenity [19:55]

01) Swimming In Light

02) Widdows Path

03) Serenity

04) Shadow

05) Stirring

06) Thorax

It’s been a while…so, let’s release a new collection of tracks.

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