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Jordan Chariton GOES OFF on Neo-Fascists and Fake Leftist Grifters…

Date: August 14, 2022

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I haven’t openly stated this before…but it has been bothering me for a while now, how much Jimmy Dore has evolved to remind me of watching Alex Jones.

I like Jimmy…but he is what he is…and he has never been the vanguard of integral investigation…What he is, is someone who looks at the news, and gives voice to the pissed off and ignored population…He calls the assholes and fuckers, “assholes and fuckers”…IMO, he does this rightly 99% of the time.

I don’t have a problem with dialoguing, even when it is with extremists…because it serves a broader purpose…and there should be constructive communication available…especially with groups who largely feel/function isolated.

A ton of people, including children and youth raised all their lives in those cultures, need the exposure to outsiders. Many of them will be looking for a way out…Many of them are abused and oppressed, by the culture they were born into.

As to the infamous Boogaloo Boy Jimmy Dore interview…I’m on record [on this blog], pointing out the sloppy lack of research done by Jimmy. He interviewed one person…That person is a human being who deserves a voice…but he does not speak for the entire Boogaloo movement…and you cannot treat him like he represents the typical Boogaloo Boy.

I don’t agree with all the backlash Jimmy received [in fact, I condemn most of it I’ve seen]…But I also didn’t like the way Jimmy went on to spin it all, as merely “the majority refusing to hear the unwashed”.

You would think…Jimmy would give some weight, to the fact that Boogaloos are documented to have targeted and threatened individual people…They are legitimately recognized as a domestic terrorist group…Which is why Jimmy really stepped in it, by the way he handled this and its fallout.

It’s still fine that he interviewed the guy…but ignoring the elephant in the room?…No…That was not right, at all.

Jordan Chariton says some shitty, ignorant things from time to time, also…But, I think out of all the people who’s media I share…he is among the top, where I respect their journalistic integrity the most.

As a MAP, I could go off on a lot of people in the media…Some thoughts…

We need far more MAP voices out there, to inject real integrity and insight into the media world.

One of the recurring issues [even with my personally chosen regulars I share]…is that it’s only a matter of time, before they slap us in the face with demeaning, dehumanizing, hateful and vicious accusations…and stereotype us.

The sad reality is…when you are part of a group so demonized by the broader culture…media sources that actually respect you, are virtually not even available…and those that are get censored quickly, on most platforms…

…You are forced to rely on the voices and views of “outsiders” and their media, if you want to share media at all.

This is why I normally turn a blind eye anymore, when “my regulars” start behaving like assholes towards MAPs…I’ve spent years calling people out [including them] over this…I’ve said my piece…I am spent, with regards to chasing after this problem…

…You cannot just “throw people out”, because of these shortcomings…You’ll be “throwing everybody out”…You’ll just isolate yourself, and whatever communities you are attempting to strengthen.


Trump Under Investigation for Violating Espionage Act, Obstruction, MUTILATION…

Date: August 14, 2022

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“Jordan Chariton Goes over the latest developments in Trump’s ongoing war on the FBI. After FBI executed a warrant on Trump’s Mar a Lago residence uncovering classified documents, speculation as to the nature of the documents has surfaced.”


Move over ACLU, FIRE is the New Champion of Free Speech…

Date: August 12, 2022

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“The expansion of the Foundation of Individual Rights in Education marks the end of an era, when free speech issues were the sole province of American liberalism

After years of planning, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, better known as FIRE, announced a major expansion Monday, moving “beyond college campuses to protect free speech — for all Americans.”

FIRE was the brainchild of University of Pennsylvania history professor Alan Charles Kors and Boston civil liberties lawyer Harvey A. Silverglate, who co-authored the 1999 book, The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America’s Campuses. To the modern reader the book reads like a collection of eccentric cases of students and teachers caught up in speech code issues, most (but not all) being conservative.

To take just one of countless nut-bar examples, Kors and Silverglate told the story of a professor in San Bernardino reprimanded for violating sexual harassment policies because, among other things, “he assigns provocative essays such as Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal,” as the court case later put it. This was apparently the “cannibalism” portion of the accusation that he delved into such subjects as “obscenity, cannibalism, and consensual sex with children.”

The book triggered such an overwhelming number of responses from other faculty members and students that the pair decided to set up an organization to defend people who found themselves in tricky speech controversies on campuses. They soon found they had plenty of work and, by 2022, enough of a mandate to expand beyond colleges and universities into America at large. According to FIRE CEO Greg Lukianoff, as quoted in a Politico story, the group has already raised over $28 million toward a $75 million “litigation, opinion research and public education campaign aimed at boosting and solidifying support for free-speech values.

As noted in another story I put out today, FIRE will be doing a lot of stepping into a role semi-vacated by the American Civil Liberties Union. I spoke with Nico Perrino of FIRE, producer and co-director of the excellent documentary about former ACLU chief Ira Glasser (see review here), to ask what the expansion would entail:”

Cause for optimism?…We shall see.

Do go read this.


“I’m just going to the heart of the inferno”: Interviewing Alex Moyer, Director of “Alex’s War.”…


Date: August 12, 2022

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“The director of the controversial new movie about Alex Jones on media blindness, misleading labels, and America’s mental health crisis

Alex Moyer has now made two movies in a row, TFW No GF and Alex’s War, that sound too much like journalism for today’s media. Even though most reviewers seemed to know exactly what they thought about both subjects before they even saw the films, Moyer was criticized for not planting enough signs telling them — and audiences — what to think about disaffected loner men, or InfoWars villain Alex Jones. The Guardian review of TFW No GF was typical, saying the film:

Pretends 4chan and other gathering places for this particular subculture are mostly harmless, perhaps populated with a few bad eggs. (By “bad egg,” I of course mean mass murderers.)

The movie does nothing of the sort, instead capturing a story of alienation that’s been running through our culture for ages. Moyer’s version merely shows the phenomenon worsening and expanding. She takes characters reduced in panicked media treatments to two-dimensional monsters and renders a nonjudgmental, tautly edited Herzogian treatment of who they are and how they came to be that way.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been enough to prevent her from being called an apologist for everything from right wing violence to misogyny. Even without reviews, she’s taking in interest, with Alex’s War topping Apple pre-order charts as of this writing. I asked her about the genesis of both movies and how she’s handled the schizoid public response [Matt Taibbi]”

I’d very much like to watch this.


Alex Jones Must Pay $45.2 Million To Sandy Hook Parents…

Date: August 12, 2022

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“A jury in the civil suit against Alex Jones has determined that the online agent provocateur and supplement enthusiast must shell out $45.2 million in damages for the pain and suffering he caused the Sandy Hook families. This outcome arose independent of the widespread deplatforming and censoring that Jones has faced in recent years, and shows that sometimes “the system” DOES work the way it’s supposed to.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether this jury decision represents justice being done and shows that censorship is never the answer to “problematic” speech.”

This mirrors my own views.


Marjorie Taylor Greene Proudly Proclaims That She Doesn’t Believe In Reality…

Date: August 10, 2022

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“During a recent conversation with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, Marjorie Taylor Greene said that no one could convince her that the Capitol Rioters – or at least those who “instigated” the riot – were actually Antifa soldiers. This means that Greene is going to continue to reject reality and instead live in the fantasy world that she has created in her own brain. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


*This transcript was auto-generated. Please excuse any typos.

During a recent interview with MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell representative, Marjorie Taylor green, proudly proclaimed that she does not accept reality. Nope. Reality is no friend to Marjorie Taylor green and she rejects it. Here’s what I’m talking about. This is what she told Mike Lindell speaking, by the way of the January 6th capital riot, I was very upset. I never expected anything like that. And when that happened, I thought this is Antifa. Uh, and no one can convince me. It was so called Trump supporters. And we know there’s a lot wrong there. And I cannot wait for investigations, a real investigation so you can’t convince her that these people weren’t Antifa or Antifa or however you choose to pronounce it. It’s a made up word. So pretty much use whatever pronunciation you feel is best. So she who has been to and advocated for these people that she calls political prisoners still believe somehow was Antifa.

That did all of it, you know, instigated, it, got all these poor, innocent Trump supporters to do these horrible things. On that day, she continued, okay. They got charged for things they shouldn’t have done. Okay. That happened. They deserve their day in court. They deserve their due process rights. But honestly, my gosh, what’s happening to these people is so heartbreaking. I was in that jail. Yeah, we wish you were. I saw them. It’s so sad. They hadn’t bathed. They didn’t have haircuts. They couldn’t shave because they weren’t vaccinated. They were treated worse if they weren’t vaccinated. But what kind of country are we? We’re a country that, uh, has a real problem with our jails. I’ll give you that, but see, you don’t want to talk about reforming our jail systems here in the United States. You just want your political prisoners as you call them freed.

The reason they’re not able to go in there and bathe with the general population is you correctly pointed out is cuz they weren’t vaccinated. We, we were in the middle of a pandemic, which by the way, is still going on it. Wasn’t safe to make them go sit in a barber’s chair when they weren’t vaccinated and could potentially spread disease to other human beings. I mean you you’re a self-proclaimed Christian nationalist. I would think the most Christian thing you could do is not get other people sick, especially in a nation that doesn’t have universal healthcare. So, you know, uh, that’s probably a really dumb idea not to mention the protection of the prisoners themselves. They’re not vaccinated. They’re in highly, you know, confined and, and cram together quarters. You wouldn’t want them to get sick in an area like prisons where we already know the healthcare is garbage. So you would want them to be put in danger. I don’t understand your rationale for that. But none of that matters because you’re still out there denying the

Basic reality that these people were Trump supporters. They had been posting on social media for weeks leading up to the insurrection, which, which we talked about, talked about it here and over at ring of fire, all the posts they were putting on social media saying they were gonna do these things that wasn’t Antifa doing. That that was your people. Cuz the people you claim are political prisoners. They made it very clear what they were gonna do that day. In fact, some of them were actually arrested when they arrived in Washington DC before the stop, the steel rally even happened. So we knew they wanted to do this. That wasn’t Antifa. That was your crazy followers. Those were the followers of your guy, Donald Trump. So you can deny reality all you want, but that doesn’t change reality. See, that’s the best part about it being reality, just because you don’t accept it doesn’t mean that’s not the way things are.”


Police force scraps ‘hate crime awareness courses’ as UK veteran arrest sparks outrage…

Date: August 09, 2022

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“A UK police force has backed down and announced it is scrapping its so-called hate crime awareness courses following backlash over the arrest of a British ex-serviceman, Sky News host Rowan Dean says.

“Last week a British ex-serviceman was threatened and harassed by the British police for reposting an anti-transgender meme on Twitter,” Mr Dean said.

Mr Dean said Reclaim Party Leader Laurence Fox and the party’s Chairman Harry Miller attended the scene in defence of the army veteran.

“Harry was arrested – and then released,” he said.

“The police realising they had gone too far backed down. And only a few hours ago the Hampshire police force backed down and announced they were cancelling their so-called “hate crime awareness courses”.”

Mr Dean discussed the issue with Mr Fox and Mr Miller.”