Comment Posting Guidelines

Comment Posting Guidelines

For the record, you can express any opinion you like, in response to my posts on this blog, so long as you follow a few, simple rules.

I am no “communication nazi”, so if a conversational exchange evolves in any posts comment section, I am inclined to allow it…however…

If you expect your comment to be posted, or to remain intact, you should:

1) Stay on topic, at least initially [I am very liberal, in interpretation of this].
2) Do not maliciously attack other individuals.
3) Do not threaten other individuals [including myself].
4) Do not attempt disseminating the private information of others.
5) Do not post links to pornographic web sites [they are not relevant here].
6) Do not spam my blog [this is not a forum, to make money off of].
7) Do not behave in an obviously disruptive manner [ie: chronic posting of nasty slurs].
8) State your points, and move on to other posts/issues.

I am not going to tell anyone to be nice…

…However, understand that it is at my sole discretion, what will ultimately show up on this blog, and if I have reached my threshold for certain kinds of bad behavior, you can rest assured…I will curtail it.

I want this blog to have a “reasonably nice” atmosphere.

Please contribute to this, in a constructive manner.

Thank you…
Steve Diamond