Conditioned Social Structure Vs True Natural Capacity…

Conditioned Social Structure Vs True Natural Capacity…

People commonly think in a bubble…

This bubble tends to consist of their own personal experiences, and customs of the culture they grew up in [and possibly spent their entire life in]…It is the structured norms, under which they have developed a world view.

Typically…people fail to perceive things, which exist outside of their own psychological bubble…Often times, because they’ve never seen tangible, concrete examples of something, they refuse to believe that it exists…or that it is real.

It is under these circumstances, that a lot of people outright refuse to believe in the existence of positive pedosexuality [or positive pedophilia].

Many such people will bring up a wide range of social complications, which are largely based in social perception, as well as on an institutionalized social expectation for certain outcomes…and they will mentally connect these things, along with the effect of such social conditions, with the natural, biological sexual capacity of a human being.

Or, to state it another way…they will psychologically meld these two, distinct things together…an individuals natural capacity for sex, and the effects of living in an environment hostile towards sexual expression.

…They commonly take for granted, that because children in one country might be conditioned to be scared of sexual contact [or ashamed of it, or to have any negative emotion attached to it], and because those conditioned children will mostly follow the pattern they have been conditioned to follow…somehow, this “must” mean that all children, everywhere, under every condition, must react in the exact same way, as those socially conditioned children they are so familiar with.

Of course…children in the USA break down and cry, when they are placed on the spot, and questioned over “who touched them in their private spot”, when they’ve known no other life, other than that which frames sexual contact in very dark, shameful ways.

These are not children who have been allowed to develop naturally…They have been severed from the natural process, of discovering and exploring their own sexuality…and they’ve been saddled with astounding degrees of sexual baggage, often long before they’ve even been able to try it with a partner.

Of course…children in these situations will carry a lot of guilt, experience a lot of depression, feel their is something wrong with them [because they were involved in a sexual experience]…specifically because, that is exactly how “we” have trained them to think and respond.

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy…Those children do not know any better, and they will typically grow into adults who still do not know any better…who go on to train the next generation of children, to not know any better.

This is quite probably, the single biggest travesty in human sex rights…The senseless saddling of people, with life long sexual phobias and an inability to accept their own sexuality…Not to forget, the incredibly life destroying myth, that one is irreparably damaged by certain sexual experiences, and that crippling trauma will be with such people, for the rest of their lives…no matter how tame the experience factually was.

An answer to this, exists in the process of widening one’s own field of view…reaching further, and studying those things with which one is unfamiliar.

It is not true, that the natural sexual capacity of a child is limited to the same culturally imposed boundaries, which we find in children of the USA.

Quite the contrary…many different cultures deal with sexuality [including that of children], in vastly different ways from the USA…And no, it is not all rape…nor is it all child prostitution…But, children are not universally severed from their own sexual inclinations, all around the world…Not even today, right now.

I’m reminded of this television show [there is a clip online, I may eventually find and link it], which features a guy traveling to, I believe, an African country…and interviewing males, including young boys…about this cultural practice, in which males are not discouraged from having sex…but instead, at about the age of twelve, thirteen, they are regularly sent out to the family donkey, with which they are expected to engage in sexual intercourse…That is how their culture deals with young, male sexuality. There is no cultural stigma…”All the boys did it”, so it is the norm…and people accept it.

One boy who admitted to doing this, did not break down and cry about it in front of the camera…At worst, he was merely a little bit shy about talking about it…A far cry, from what would happen to/with a kid, who was caught doing the exact same thing in the USA.

People react and behave, based upon what they have been made to believe is expected of them.

There are many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many examples, of cultures who’ve allowed children to engage in sexual practices [check out “Growing Up Sexually”, on my Links Page]…and the sky did not fall…the rivers did not burn…the children accepted it, and grew into healthy enough adults, not haunted by this.

The only question is…who will break out of their mental bubble, and discover the reality of natural, human sexuality?

A plethora of facts are out there…The problem, is that many people are unaware of them…or even refusing to see them.

Of course…Many of us [pedosexuals] have gone out of our way, to acknowledge the current existing social complications surrounding our sexual orientation…We want it known, that we understand outward expression of our sexuality, may be fraught with extreme social consequences…not only to ourselves, but to children involved.

You can visit some chat boards, and find this repetition of dialogue…We understand this issue, and articulate it relatively frequently…

For outsiders…a stumbling block in communication often arises, because they are trapped in that bubble, which we were just discussing…and they’ve mentally pulled human [especially child] sexuality into the constraints of that bubble…They cant seem to bring themselves to see, what exists outside of their bubble…

Many of us pedosexuals, on the other hand…have either busted out of, and transcended that bubble…or we were never forced to live in that bubble, in the first place.

When we speak of a child’s natural capacity for sex, it is commonly with a wider global view…and it actually focuses on a child’s true natural capacity for sexual behavior…It acknowledges their natural inclinations.

I think, usually…this is why we so frequently speak around each other…Most people are hung up on cultural emotion, and rigid social constructions in human relationships…

…Others of us, however, simply accept the naturalness of human sexual touch, and the natural hunger for it which nearly all of us share…We accept it, as it is…and try to make a place for it, where it can peacefully exist, and where people can mutually benefit from the natural beauty and benefit of it…if they so choose.

I hope, this essay has perhaps been enlightening.