Hive Child: a boy for Anonymous and Allison Shea…

Hive Child: a boy for Anonymous and Allison Shea…


Date: May 12, 2013

Posted on BoyChat by Bernie Najarian:

…Hive Child: a boy for Anonymous and Allison Shea…

…Hive Child: a boy for Anonymous and Allison Shea…

Prologue. On May 2, a Boychat poster called Randy suggested writing an article in the style of mainstream journalism about the interactions between the Minor Attracted discussion boards like Boychat and the Pedophile Hunter wing of Anonymous. I have been browsing this website for some time, but have never written anything here. I have experience writing magazine copy, especially for East Coast weeklies and monthlies, though not under the name I’ve given as my username. I decided to take up the challenge. The article that follows is not exactly in the commercial magazine style. It includes more of my own ideas and opinions than most commercial editors would allow. I think, though, that emailing a copy of it would make a good response to naive journalists who write articles praising the illegal actions of Anonymous. This is a free article based on work that would ordinarily earn me over a thousand dollars, so please make use of it.

A child needs rescuing urgently. He is a young teenaged boy living in the Midwestern United States, possibly in Marion, Iowa. Adult strangers on the internet are trying to lure him into illegal acts. They are grooming his mother to obtain his trust and hers. Are these strangers pedophiles, you might ask?

No, they are Anonymous. Usually thought to be a spontaneous social movement akin to the student protesters of old, Anonymous is actually a growing cult of slogan-chanting, mask-wearing, lawless, self-appointed internet censors and punishers. They want what they call ‘#newblood,’ new recruits, and that’s what this boy and his mother are to them.

As evidence, following the example set by some bloggers, I’ve collected some actual feed from public Twitter channels. (There are separate ‘direct message’ channels in Twitter for any private communications among friends, as well as ‘protected’ accounts that are private, for accepted ‘followers’ only. So nothing that follows is an invasion of anyone’s privacy.) For anyone not familiar with this social networking site, the format of each ‘tweet’ is that the sender of the comment appears at the top, nickname followed by account username. The main contact person(s) to whom the comments are particularly addressed then follows, with an ‘@’ symbol in front of the corresponding account name. In the tweet below ‘Evey Hammond @ AcousticKitteh’ is the sender, ‘@Th3Pr1est’ is the nominal recipient. The tweet is published in the open for all internetters to read. (Note: while this article was being written, both these accounts became non-functional, and the two people involved are currently tweeting from other accounts.)

“Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 28 Apr

@Th3Pr1est Btw, “introduced” my son to you today. He’s quite impressed with your particular line of work. Beginning to ask questions…”

@Th3Pr1est (‘The Priest’ written in hacker script) is a male senior Anonymous member who is involved in multiple illegal actions every week. ‘Evey Hammond,’ the female sender’s nickname, is not her real name, but rather the name of a character from the comic book novel ‘V for Vendetta’ by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. In the book, the character Evey is about to be raped when she is “saved by a mysterious man in a Guy Fawkes mask and black cloak, calling himself ‘V.’” Anonymous members use Guy Fawkes masks as one of their principal symbols.

In real life, Anonymous members tend not to be heroic street-action figures. For the most part, they are a secretive group of basement adventurers dedicated to acts such as website and database hacking, distributed denial of service (DDoS: crippling websites with overwhelming numbers of phoney internet access requests), cyberstalking, and the intense personal and electronic harassment of their designated victims.

Nearly everything they do is in violation of the laws of the nations they live in. In the USA, they routinely break the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 U.S.C. § 1030), which prohibits unauthorized access to ‘protected computers,’ a category that includes government computers as well as any computer anywhere in the world “which is used in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce or communication.”

What internet computer doesn’t affect communication? In Nov, 2009, 19-year-old Dmitriy Guzner, of Verona, New Jersey, was sentenced to a year in prison, and ordered to pay a $37,500 fine to his DDoS target, the Church of Scientology. Scientology is one of the top Anonymous targets. A second man was also jailed for his part in the DDoS attacks on Scientology. This case shows that the target organization need not be governmentally approved to make a DDoS attack on its website illegal.
In the UK, the Police and Justice Act specifically outlaws DDoS and sets 10-year maximum prison sentence for participation.

American Anonymous members also routinely break the federal cyberstalking law, 47 USC sec. 223. Generally, they count on raising enough moralistic opprobrium against their targets that the breaches of law are overlooked. For example, a person depicted in a youtube video doing something considered cruel to an animal may be exposed with all identification details, and may find that material denouncing them has been sent to employers, schools, parents, and journalists. The harassment may continue for an extended period. To enforce the many federal or state cyberstalking or cyberharassment laws against the accusers would appear to sanction the act shown, so nothing is done, even in cases where an error has been made about the target.
Reading the public Twitter accounts of Anonymous members reveals a culture of bored, sometimes malevolent people, often unemployed, sitting around and bantering for hours while looking for websites and personal accounts to hack and DDoS. Targets are chosen sometimes on the basis of political or moralistic principles, but many are chosen simply on the basis of ‘lulz.’ A study of what ‘lulz’ may mean (beyond its origin in ‘lol,’ laughing out loud) reveals that in reality, it usually means ‘sadistic glee.’ The websites of schools in developing countries may be defaced with slogans in the name of ‘lulz;’ a favorite jest is to deface a church website with some garish emblem of Anonymous braggadocio. Attacking US and other government sites is a common aspiration.

For example, here is hacker ‘Anonymous Jaye,’ a close ally of Th3Pr1est, lolling and lulzing about a huge download (1.6 gigabytes) of stolen credit card numbers (abbreviated ‘cc’s’) and social security numbers (ss’s) obtained by hacking into backdoors in a long list of benign government, commercial and NGO websites. One of the targets, for example, is, a regional government website for potential adoptive parents in central Ontario, Canada. Also included are such robber barons as,,, and

Anonymous Jaye ?@AnonymousJaye

@rob_bieber wait for it…. lol

Anonymous Jaye ?@AnonymousJaye

1.6 Gbs dump coming… Oh teh lulz! (1.6 gigabytes of stolen information – ed.)

Anonymous Jaye ?@AnonymousJaye 23h

1.6Gbs dump: cc’s, ss’s.. Your information is not safe.. These corporations leak your shit, be mad.

Yes, those nasty corporations, like, “leaking your shit” – how very mad you should be at them. Not at the self-amused idlers who sit around making the leaks happen.

Supporting the recruiting of young teenagers into this cult of boredom, sadistic amusement and cybercrime should seem unthinkable, and yet, Anonymous is one of the most strongly glorified and protected themes on the Twitter network. You’ll be shocked to learn why. Keep reading. The causality of all this is much simpler than you’d think.
What Anonymous puts forward in its own justification, to mitigate its ugly, gangland qualities, is the idea that it serves as a popular vigilante justice system against social and moral crimes that otherwise go unanswered. Like the temperance activists of old, breaking into bars and demolishing them with hatchets and stones, Anonymous strives to uphold a kind of moral crusade. Though it first gained momentum as a movement of hacker’s mischief in the long-running dirty-sex website 4chan, it slowly built up a reputation for extracting secret information from governments and corporations, as well as ‘chivalrously’ exposing security flaws by breaking into supposedly secure online systems, as you’ve just seen. It became associated with the Occupy movement that bloomed briefly in America and some other countries, and its signature Guy Fawkes masks were often seen at demonstrations against the 1% hyper-wealthy. Over time, it migrated from 4chan to Twitter, a seemingly ideal website that allowed publicizing online attacks while at the same time carrying on semi-private conversations about the illegal methods that were being employed. Now, the main holdover from the movement’s 4chan past lies in a strong tendency of male members to tweet about ‘fapping,’ the 4chan slang for masturbation.

Major targets of Anonymous moral outrage in recent years have included Scientology, the gay-hating Westboro Baptist Church, and feared corporations such as Monsanto, the main purveyor of genetically transformed crop seed. The group has attacked the U.S. Justice Department’s Sentencing Commission, a U.S. Federal Reserve database, Bank of America data, and the email and credit card databases of the private security firm Strategic Forecasting. The last case led to arrests, as did related cases involving the Anonymous splinter group LulzSec (who sometimes disavowed Anonymous membership).

In circa 2010, Anonymous began to launch highly publicized attacks on real or perceived sex criminals. Decoy web links were used to lure child pornography downloaders from the forensically impenetrable ‘dark web.’ Sites associated with perceived underage sexuality, bestiality, and rape scenarios were DDoSed, hacked, and denounced to their internet hosts. The attacks on perceived pedophilia were a particularly strong attractant for some people.

This is where AcousticKitteh comes in. She seems to be concerned about her son’s development, except that she can see he’s a whiz at computer games. She would like to point him in a socially useful direction.

She says (on her public channel) to her friend Darkzey, an Anonymous member represented on his profile with typical Guy Fawkes mask:

“Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 9:18 AM – 2 May 13

@Darkzey You think I’m joking. He plays legacy on Halo 4 but he can’t tie his shoes. Wtf???”

Darkzey, responds, then Kitteh, then another friend, Eric Strauss, chimes in:

“Darkzey ?@Darkzey

@AcousticKitteh – Lmao !! That’s funny xD (xD = ‘big grin’)

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh

@Darkzey …and he idolizes Priest (hacker @Th3Pr1est – ed.). Asks me now what he’s up to.

Eric Strauss ?@EricStrauss2

@AcousticKitteh @Darkzey Your kid and I have something in common. I’m a big fan of Priest too. He does good work.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh

@EricStrauss2 @Darkzey Very good. I’m totally impressed, and what a role model for my son, who I suspect will be in those shoes soon 😉 (wink emoticon)

1 Favorite – Darkzey (Darkzey has proclaimed this tweet a ‘favorite,’ giving strong positive reinforcement to Kitteh for setting up her son as a new vigilante internet criminal)

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh

@EricStrauss2 @Darkzey I may never have the ability, but the kid is a sharp cookie, and nothing makes him angrier than bullies and pedos.”

The last tweet alludes to a series of Anonymous campaigns (Ops). One, #OpAntiBully, listed by Th3Pr1est as one of his concerns, targets creeps involved in cyberbullying teens online, as well as any rapists or perceived rapists who are thought to be insufficiently punitively handled by the justice system. A frequent type of campaign is to hack into social networks and release the names, addresses and other personal information of alleged bullies, or of alleged underaged rapists whose identities cannot be legally released. Another common target is anyone who seems overly vehement in supporting the innocence of an accused rapist.

The other Ops Th3Pr1est is involved are anti-pedophile campaigns. Anonymous members use the journalistic definition of pedophilia, referring to sexual interest directed toward anyone under the legal age of consent. They do not acknowledge the psychiatric definition, which is restricted to interest in prepubescent children. Their campaigns against pedophiles, as they perceive them, were broadened in early 2011 to include online discussion boards and information sites where all content was strongly moderated to remain legal. Included were sites that at least sometimes contained content that advocated liberalizing the age of consent, such as and, as well as sites where all members encouraged other minor-attracted people not to become sexually involved with minors, such as the Christian Boylove Forum, None of the sites permitted illegal acts or advocacy of illegal acts. The Anonymous campaign against these sites, #OpPedoChat, also attacked other categories of sites thought to be associated with pedophilia, such as sites showcasing barely-legal 18+ pornography, sites serving as bulletin boards for gay teenagers, sites showing barely-legal photos of clothed, underaged models, and sites where minor-attracted people (pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebephiles, i.e., those sexually attracted to young children, young teenagers or older teenagers) were in dialogue with non-minor-attracted people. The attack mowed down dozens of websites where erotic photographs were posted, but eventually reached an uneasy détente with the highly web-hardened legal discussion sites, which had weathered many hacker attacks in the past.

#OpPedoChat was largely replaced by campaigns such as #OpPedoHunt, which was focused at first on finding individual social network users who interacted in a sexual way with online minors, or posted apparently erotic or pornographic visuals involving children. On April 25, 2013, #OpPedoHunt emanated a spin-off called #OpAliceDay, which targeted a list of discussion boards and photo-posting websites on a little-known festivity called Alice Day. This commemoration purported to recognize the day when the clearly pedophilically interested, but sexually abstaining Charles Dodgson (pen name Lewis Carroll) first met the then four-year-old Alice Liddell. Alice later, at age 10, inspired him to write his famous novel, ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

When the legally compliant discussion boards again showed resistance to the attack upon them on Alice Day, Th3Pr1est became heavily involved in organizing DDoS and other attacks intended to silence them. It was these attacks that AcousticKitteh was using to inspire her son. One attack in particular used a computer program to post ‘fuckpedo’ over and over on the open bulletin board. Here she is telling Th3Pr1est about her son.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh
@Th3Pr1est So he’s getting to be quite fond of you guys.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh
Th3Pr1est One of his best friends…same age, birthday, was molested by her stepdad and even at his age my kid would rip them apart.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh
@Th3Pr1est Showed my son the “fuck the pedos” page this morning and he laughed his ass off.

It is very revealing that Kitteh, as her Twitter friends call her, says that her son is angry at ‘bullies and pedos,’ and brings up a case of familial incest. The association of ‘bullies and pedos’ evokes a particular image of the ‘pedo,’ that is, an exploitative, cruel person who causes children to suffer for his own vile pleasures. This representation of the ‘pedo’ is very common in Anonymous communications, as it is in society in general. It would seem that perhaps there is a good reason for Kitteh’s son to be encouraged to direct his anger against ‘pedos.’

The problem with this logic is that the Anonymous members involved in anti-pedo attacks exchange links with each other about most major news stories about pedophiles and other minor-attracted people. For example, one of the main attackers involved in #OpAliceDay, an ostensibly collectively run Twitter channel labelled “ReportAPedophile ?@ReportAPedo,” advised all readers to inform themselves by reading content on an anti-pedophilia website called ‘’

ReportAPedophile ?@ReportAPedo 1 May

#Pedoawareness get involved! Pedo targets.

That mommy-vs-monsters site, however, links an article, originally from a 2001 edition of Newsweek, that clearly states some basic facts that all researchers agree on. Firstly, many of the adults who are attracted to legally underaged people do not attempt sexual interactions with them. Secondly, many of the people who do have sex with minors are opportunists who are not primarily pedophilic in orientation.

As writer Sharon Begley explains, “Not all pedophiles sexually abuse kids. And not all child molesters are pedophiles. Many molesters typically spend little time around children, interact with them only sexually and even hate kids … Molesters tend to be predatory, antisocial, impulsive and exploitative…” whereas a pedophile “desires children for companionship… “To a classic pedophile, children are true love objects,” says psychologist Robert Prentky of the Justice Resource Institute in Massachusetts. “He is happier and more comfortable in the presence of children.”

More recent scientific material, well known to everyone following pedophilia-related research or news, is even more clear on the facultative association between pedophilic orientation and sexual acts with children. The Virtuous Pedophiles website, dedicated to discouraging those of pedophilic orientation from becoming involved in pedosexual actions, gives the following quotes from top researchers:

“People do not choose to be attracted to children or adults any more than they choose to be attracted to males or females.Not all pedophiles are child molesters (or vice versa). Child molesters are defined by their acts; pedophiles are defined by their desires. There are pedophiles and hebephiles who never act on their sexual attraction towards children. They cannot be blamed for what they feel, and they should be supported for the constant self-restraint they must exercise in order to behave ethically.”

— Dr. Ray Blanchard, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto.

“My heart goes out to people to whom nature has given something as powerful and as distracting as a sex drive and no healthy way to express it. Pedophiles are not the only folks in this position, but they are by far the most demonized, regardless of whether they have ever actually caused anyone any kind of harm. There is no known way of turning a pedophile into a non-pedophile. The best we can do is help a person maximize their self-control and to help them build an otherwise happy and productive life.”

— Dr. James Cantor, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine.

There is also a widely publicized 2012 German study showing that most Catholic priests involved in sex abuse cases in that country were not primarily pedophilic in sexual orientation, but instead acted as sexual opportunists in the same way that heterosexual prisoners deprived of women do.

“A forensic analysis of the psychiatric and psychological profiles of 78 German Catholic priests accused of child abuse between 2000 and 2010 shows that only nine were pedophiles. Four showed homosexual tendencies towards adolescent boys. Of the remaining 65, 54% were heterosexuals, 37% were homosexual, and nine were bisexual.”

There is no valid reason for anyone in the Anonymous community, seeing these links go by in their Twitter feeds, to treat all pedophiles as bullies who cause children to suffer.

There is, however, a psychologically powerful, INvalid reason. Pedophiles today are clearly the inheritors of all of the reflexes that our cultures formerly concentrated into homophobia. A complex set of 19th-century beliefs, based to some extent on earlier religious beliefs, equated sexual deviance with a combination of weakness, rapacious self-interest, and the moral destruction of youth. Anonymous members, though routinely criticizing each other as ‘fags’ (e.g., in the stock phrase, ‘no fame-faggotry’ – i.e., no focus on personal glory), tend to strongly reject homophobia. They detest the Westboro Baptist Church, which asserts that ‘fags’ are hated by God. However, they are still intuitively sure that the cultural phenomenon of the youth-destroying, weak, oblivious deviant exists. The whole myth complex has been transferred to pedophiles. The transfer leaves pedophiles who decline to interact sexually with children at a disadvantage, since, unlike gays, they cannot claim their orientation is associated with socially acceptable marital-type relationships. They have nothing to show for their abstinence except a clean legal track record. A clean track record can be re-interpreted arbitrarily as belonging to someone who hasn’t been caught yet. A hypothetical catch-22 is thus set up that tends to cloak the existence of the pedosexually abstinent pedophile.

In my own reading on this topic, I find that certain clues can aid in distinguishing people who are truly concerned about child welfare from people who are indulging in transferred homophobia. Those mainly interested in child welfare show emotions ranging from concern to outrage, and are mainly interested in whether children are being hurt. Anyone who is clearly taking pains not to hurt children is exempt from blame.

On the other hand, persons affected by transferred homophobia show visceral revulsion, and often claim to find their mental visions of pedophilia sickening or nauseating. The psychological root of this nausea, at least in anyone who has not experienced sexual abuse personally or in a close loved one, lies in a nightmarish scenario that our human psychology finds fundamentally revolting. To put a complex reaction into a nutshell: we tend to fear adult self-control being lost in sensually crazed oblivion that then contaminates innocence with its solipsistic weakness.
The nausea this scenario brings on extends not just to visions of pedosexual acts, but also to any mental speculations about how pedophiles might think.

This same feeling of nausea over morally dissolute sexual deviation was once strongly attached to mixed-race relationships. People claimed to be sickened to see an adult couple with a black member and a white member. Such unions were highly illegal until the 1960s in several US states, and were also classic targets for public lynch mobs. The same cultural nausea was the mainstay of violent, queerbashing homophobia. In modern times, with homophobia on the wane, this deviant-revulsion is now in the process of concentrating itself into pedophobia. Press disclosures of thousands of formerly hidden abuse cases from the late 20th century have obviously accelerated this process.

To the intuitively reacting pedophobe, the knowledge that a pedophile is conscientiously abstinent and has no sexual contact with children is of no interest. The person is still sickening by nature. He must be hounded without mercy and prevented from having conversations with anyone who might support him in any way. Queerbashing is called for, and pedophiles are commonly urged to commit suicide.
The deviant-revulsion impulse is strongly related to the primordial bullying impulse, in which schoolchildren pick on those who seem weak and deviant. There is a built-in human compulsion impelling young people to reassure themselves that they are competent, popular and in-control, in contrast to the disgusting wimps and saps who serves as the emblem of everything they wish not to be. Every classroom has its goat. Pedophiles, whether conscientiously abstinent, law-abidingly dissident, legally transgressive or sociopathic, have collectively become the principal goat of large sections of current society. To the people affected by these ideas, minor-attracted people who cannot be accused of abuse are as vile as the worst abusers. A pedo by nature seems to be the equivalent of a menacing bully, but in a sickening, out-of-control form.
This explains how a hacker like Th3Pr1est can proclaim himself to be an anti-bully and yet, at the same time, engage in bullying behavior against legal discussion boards for the minor-attracted. He joins in the common desire of legal offenders to become heroes by beating up someone they can imagine as morally inferior. Conrad Black, the Canadian newspaper magnate who became an English lord and then served time in a U.S. prison for fraud and obstruction of justice, vividly described the compensatory bully-heroism he saw directed against child porn convicts in prison: “They are apt to be beaten up at any time as unlucky props in the sociopathic frustrations and belligerency of other prisoners, dressing up their aggressivity as righteousness on behalf of the defenceless.”

AcousticKitteh appears to claim that she was a battered child from a constrictive religious background.

Emperor of Darkness ?@4rkain3 28 Apr

So, unsurprisingly, a study from a while ago found that atheists and agnostics know the Bible better than Protestants and Catholics.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh

@4rkain3 I’m an expert on church abuse. Have to be raised in one to know how horrible they can be.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 28 Apr

@4rkain3 One explanation…many atheists/agnostics are ex hostages of Christian churches, which created them in the first place.

Kitteh identifies strongly with those who were sexually abused, such as her Anonymous friend Jesstastic, but it seems her church-going family was more inclined toward physical violence. They ‘beat the snot out of’ her ‘and worse,’ but if the worse had a sexual component, it is not disclosed.

?Ma-jess-tic ?@_jesstastic 8:53 AM – 4 May 13

@AcousticKitteh @Darkzey saam (Sexual Assault Awareness Month – ed.) was rough for me. I was getting triggered almost daily.

Evey Hammond Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh

@_jesstastic @Darkzey Oh, man…got ya there. I want to do the child abuse/peso (pedo – ed.) ops, but already stirring up shit.

?Ma-jess-tic ?@_jesstastic 4 May

@AcousticKitteh @Darkzey I can’t do the pedo thing. I was sexually abused, bad bad bad triggers.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 4 May

@_jesstastic @Darkzey pedo…spend most of childhood getting the snot kicked out of me on a regular basis and worse. Have a bone to pick.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 4 May

@_jesstastic @Darkzey So yeah, Jess, I relate.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 4 May

@_jesstastic @Darkzey was going to ask how you dealt with that. Even reading through #childabuse is hard for me. (‘#childabuse’ uses the hashtag cross-referencing function in Twitter to list all tweets that discuss child abuse, where the tweeters have added the hashtag to connect their specific tweets to the list – ed.)

Kitteh does state, perhaps with some hyperbole, that there are sexual abusers somewhere in her family. She reveals this in an exchange with a Anonymous conspiracy theorist.

AKilluminati ?@An0nkn0wledge 3 May

#Offline You are Controlled by Four Families of Wealth banksters who call themselves the Illuminati they own the banking the oil, coal, gold

AKilluminati ?@An0nkn0wledge 4 May

Its not a Conspiracy its a Monopoly when the Same Four Major banks JP Morgan, BOA,WellsFargo & CITI own the Oil,coal and gold Corporations.

AKilluminati AKilluminati ?@An0nkn0wledge 4 May

Whether or not they are actual satanist doesnt matter what matter is they control more than half worlds wealth & own all natural resources

AKilluminati ?@An0nkn0wledge 3 May

Very few people got the BALLS to stand up against them because they will kill your family and then you but something has to be done.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 3 May

@An0nkn0wledge They’ll kill my family??? For free???? Do you have a phone #??

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh

@An0nkn0wledge My family is the pedos and child abusers that you seek…go get em. I’ll point you to the right states. Lol.

Kitteh, who often quotes poetry and song, is an educated person despite some incompatibilities with the system.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh

@CIApressoffice Current stats: 4 schools 4 dropouts 0 degrees 1 1/2 houses in debt. Going back for more? Probable.

She seems to have gained much of her knowledge of sexual abuse from the arts. Here she is discussing songs by the band Tool.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh

@rb102175 Sober is my favorite song, but the video for Prison Sex blows me away.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh

@rb102175 Probably because it’s about child abuse and gets the point across in such a unique and horrifying way.

If she has a ‘bone to pick’ with ‘pedos’ because of her history of beatings and ‘church abuse,’ she has found an avid fellow bone-picker in Th3Pr1est. On the other hand, in the ten or so days I read his Twitter feed, he made no claim to have been abused. He is a hacker who loves life, and the glee he derives from DDoSing his targets is ebullient. In the snippet below, ‘Tangodown’ means that a site has been DDoSed to the point where incoming internet queries are unable to connect with it.

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 30 Apr parent company of boychat and related pedo sites. You’re #tangodown too. Eat me. #OpPedoHunt

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 30 Apr

Boychat pedos: You want my ip? Put up a link. Maybe I’ll click it for you. #OpPedoHunt #tangodown (the taunt refers to the phishing-related practice of luring an internetter to a link that discloses his or her internet protocol – IP – address, the numerical address unique to his or her internet account’s connection to the internet. ed.)

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 30 Apr … #tangodown Report me. d0x me! I could use the positive PR! (‘d0x’ means ‘find and give out my personal identifying and locating information.’ The ‘downforeveryoneorjustme’ website tells you if a website is truly off the air for everyone on the internet, or if your computer or service provider is simply not connecting with it properly based on a more localized interruption. –ed.)
Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 27

My favorite frustration is when I go to find something on a pedo site and it won’t load because it’s being hammered! lulz! #oppedohunt

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 29

Ahahahahahahahaha Fuck pedos!!

Th3Pr1est is well aware that the websites he is bombarding are legal, but he doesn’t care in the slightest.

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 27 Apr

@atkantic @Raider123 I like taking down their forums best. Thats annoying as shit! 🙂

One of his friends queries how minor-attracted people can possibly be allowed to hold open online discussions.

PS Burger ?@Raider123 27 Apr

@Th3Pr1est @atkantic Seriously how is this legal?

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est

@atkantic @Raider123 Its legal in the US too as long as they don’t show CP. They can say anything they want. (‘CP’ is child pornography – ed.)

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 27 Apr

@ashsultana TL:DR – We’re kiddie fiddlers and hate when you turn our websites off.

As far as he is concerned, despite all the evidence to the contrary, everyone on the discussion forums for minor-attracted adults (MAA’s) is a ‘kiddie fiddler,’ and any attempt to carry on legal discussion among MAAs in the open is an invitation to electronic harassment.

Th3Pr1est is a person of unknown age who is highly guarded about his offline situation and origins, perhaps apart from the occasional call for Wisconsin-area snacks like ‘beer brats.’ He is a great enjoyer of life, an always-on bon vivant who is the life of the cyberharassment party. His witticisms are original and often hilarious, and his running jokes are played out with infinite variation. By far the favorite topic for jest, other than blasting the enemy, is his penis.

Here’s a typical exchange that greeted the news that an online vendor was having great success with a toaster that browned an image of Jesus onto the bread.

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est

@HammurabisCode @n1gg3rchr1st @Darkman_WV103 @tehSasuke @AldoNotarandrea @Mind_Sec . Checking amazon for jesus toaster. I NEED ONE.

His contact Sasuke jokes back.

Sasuke ?@tehSasuke

@Th3Pr1est I’m going to buy one to get a Jesus pic on my penis so I don’t sin while having intercourse

Then Th3Pr1est cuts to the chase.

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 11:58 PM – 6 May 13

.@tehSasuke I was thinking about getting a plate for that toaster made OF my penis and serving it 2 guests. “Whats this?” O thats ma dick 🙂

Sasuke ?@tehSasuke

@Th3Pr1est 😉 seems legit ill be the second buyer so I can pretend its my dick so people think I don’t have a 2inch

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est

.@tehSasuke Outta luck. I only got 1.75 here. We’ll go with yours.

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est

.@tehSasuke Anybody got a dick bigger than 2″ for a bread-related project?

This amusement theme works well for friendly banter with female friends:

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 30 Apr

Here’s a picture of my huge cock.×370 (shows a man beside a man-sized rooster – ed.)

kim rhodes ?@kimrhodes4real 30 Apr

@Th3Pr1est it didn’t cross the road, I was across the road.

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 30 Apr

.@kimrhodes4real Seems you only come round when I’m talking about my cock.

And it’s also a good theme for friendly ribbing with gay friends. The friend here is a prolifically tweeting Canadian, Rob Bieber, who, among other things, is semi-renowned as Justin Bieber’s gay uncle.

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 29 Apr
@Shadow__Creeper @rob_bieber all rob sees in me is a big gorgeous cock… Sigh

Sadistic Joker ?@Shadow__Creeper 29 Apr
@Th3Pr1est @rob_bieber oh Christ #dead (apparently Rob didn’t respond – ed.)

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est
@Shadow__Creeper @rob_bieber Dude! We were counting on you to be the fluffer! (a fluffer is a semi-legendary member of porn shoot crews whose task is to orally stimulate the male star to full hardness for the next shot –ed.)

On other occasions, Rob is happy to chime in with the gang gathered around the celebrated organ, as he does at the end of this mini-convo.

#0Fuxer ?@A_Honeypot_

@Darkzey why did U do that? @LulzRav3n

Priest ?@iampr1357 6:29 PM – 9 May 13

.@A_Honeypot_ .@Darkzey .@LulzRav3n I’m still fappin’!

#0Fuxer ?@A_Honeypot_

@iampr1357 Happy 4 U!!! *Move along, nothing to see here….* @Darkzey @LulzRav3n

Priest ?@iampr1357

.@A_Honeypot_ .@Darkzey .@LulzRav3n It’s not a monster cock but I wouldn’t call it nothing… damn.

#0Fuxer ?@A_Honeypot_

@iampr1357 it’s average then. *fap away* lulz @Darkzey @LulzRav3n

Priest ?@iampr1357

@A_Honeypot_ .@Darkzey .@LulzRav3n By now you’ve probably noticed my fierce commitment and dedication to all I do. TO ALL I DO.

#0Fuxer ?@A_Honeypot_

@iampr1357 I know U R! A 200% true trooper at everything U do. #dedicated @Darkzey @LulzRav3n

Priest ?@iampr1357

@A_Honeypot_ .@Darkzey .@LulzRav3n You can just call me “Mr. Multiple”

Rob Bieber ? ?@rob_bieber

@iampr1357 @A_Honeypot_ @Darkzey @LulzRav3n wha? yer young enough for tha— oh…

Clearly, Th3Pr1est is a role model a young teenaged boy can relate to.

Rob Bieber is a likeable character who admires Th3Pr1est’s all-out attacks on people trying to bully gay youth. His machine-gun tweeting and retweeting (republishing the tweets of others in his own twitter feed) often includes retweets of Th3Pr1st’s witticisms.

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 28 Apr

@DeviLyn_Chaos Maybe we should fire at conspiracy theorists’ websites to make them really paranoid…

Th3Pr1est is a good and supportive friend. For example, when an Anon from Missouri decides to berate Rob Bieber about his nephew Justin’s behavior.

Sam White ?@Anons_Missouri 20 Apr

@rob_bieber @darkzey You should be ashamed of your shit nephews (@justinbieber and the less famous @Jaredmarion, ed.) ..and their rolls in people’s life. HE YELLED F YOU AT A REPORTER. YYY?

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est

.@_that_white_bro .@Darkzey .@rob_bieber Whoah guys. Chill out. .rob_bieber is cool as shit and a friend of anonymous

Sam White ?@Anons_Missouri 20 Apr

@Th3Pr1est @darkzey @rob_bieber LULZ brah. I be trollon right meow (I am ‘trolling’ – being an internet nuisance – right now – ed.). No harm done.

Rob Bieber ? ?@rob_bieber 20 Apr

@Th3Pr1est @_that_white_bro @Darkzey s’ok they troll like lil gurls. 😉

Bieber and Th3Pr1est appear to have shared ideals. Here’s Rob.

Rob Bieber ? ?@rob_bieber 9 May

Like I say all the time, kids and teens, don’t inherit your parents’ biases and hatreds. Choose #peace & #love. Heal the world. YOU can!

Rob Bieber ? ?@rob_bieber 9 May

I have friends who are jewish, muslim, christian, buddhist – and we all hang out and get along great. No conflict, just friends. #peace

And here’s Th3Pr1est.

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 19 Apr

I have no time in my life for racists, sexists, homophobes, or any other person who relies on hate for self definition.

Why exactly Th3Pr1est, in his proclaimed rejection of hatred, is so avid to clobber minor-attracted people who have restrained their sexuality for decades, and who only seek free association, is not clear. Is he so offended by the subgroup who hope to democratically lower the age of consent that he feels compelled to blast those with differing views just for being there? And then again, why a humanist like Bieber wouldn’t have some misgivings about the deviant-hunting company he is keeping is also mysterious. After all, thirty years ago, he would have been on the identical target list as a despised sicko queer. But it seems that very little time is needed to wash out cultural insight – much of the LGBT community today appears to feel that any and all minor-attracted people are fair targets for the deviant-basher response. None of them, I expect, would imagine that they “rely on hate for self-definition,” even though they would be among the first to point out that they’re not like those pedo queers.

Anastasia ?@JDBinBelarus 9 May

Taking a bow because @rob_bieber inspires others to feel good about who they are. Proud there are still such people like him in this world.

I hope we can all be equally proud of him some day, even those sincere and loving young teens who realize not that they are gay, but instead that they like people who are problematically younger than they are. Today, ‘it does not get better’ for them.

Rob Bieber’s support of Anonymous obliges him to acquiesce to acts like the stolen credit card numbers that you’ve already seen Anonymous Jaye tweeting him about.

Anonymous Jaye ?@AnonymousJaye

@rob_bieber wait for it…. lol

Anonymous Jaye ?@AnonymousJaye

1.6 Gbs dump coming… Oh teh lulz! (1.6 gigabytes of stolen information – ed.)

No doubt Rob is aware that even his favorite Anonymous action, intimidating people believed to be bullies, sometimes gets a little ugly. Here’s Th3Pr1est and a mob of Anons piling up on one member of a group of friends who supported a male teen friend accused of rape. It seems the teens exchanged some tweets criticizing the female accuser – thus appearing to join the dismal tradition of prejudicially blaming the victim in rape cases.

Stoned Anon ?@StonedAn0n 18 Apr


Alicia Johnson ?@AJ37_1D 18 Apr

@StonedAn0n she is not a victim, he is innocent until proven gultiy so at the moment, he is not a rapist and she is not a victim

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 18 Apr

.@AJ37_1D I will make this crystal clear: Leave her alone.

Alicia Johnson ?@AJ37_1D 18 Apr

@Th3Pr1est I will make this crystal clear; leave ME alone.

Priest ?@Th3Pr1est 18 Apr

.@AJ37_1D We will if you stop targeting the alleged victim. Agreed?

Alicia Johnson ?@AJ37_1D 18 Apr

@Th3Pr1est Agreed, I will wait until the jury comes back with a verdict.

Christina ?@ofthestardust 23 Apr

@AJ37_1D Alicia, retweeting abusive tweets is not “waiting for the trial.” Please stop – 1 day someone u care about could be a victim.

Alicia Johnson ?@AJ37_1D 25 Apr

@ofthestardust and you know what, I am allowed to retweet whatever the fuck in want to.

ChexNBalanzZ ?@BothPartiesSuk 25 Apr

@AJ37_1D & we’re allowed to tell u what we think of your tweets #PossiblyCriminal #DefinitelyStupid #KarmaHappens @ofthestardust @Th3Pr1est

Alicia Johnson ?@AJ37_1D

@BothPartiesSuk @ofthestardust @Th3Pr1est how about you hop off my dick and leave me alone. I done with all of this shit.

Most of Alicia’s friends’ Twitter accounts, the ones that were listed with hers on the Anon target list for the Op, had been deleted or self-deleted at the time I read this exchange.

Closing the circle, Rob Bieber is also a contact of Kitteh. He has no known objection to her tendering her son as a promising future Anon.

The recruitment of Kitteh and son is undertaken with the friendliest sort of persuasion. Hashtag ‘newblood’ is proposed as a reference source for the aspirant.

#OpBowe ?@ComediAnon 29 Apr

@AcousticKitteh #Anonymous is an idea. There’s not really a “join”. Check out this hashtag #newblood

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 29 Apr

@ComediAnon I guess I’m hung up on what I would be able to contribute. I wish my computer skills were sharper.

#OpBowe ?@ComediAnon 29 Apr

@AcousticKitteh Its an idea. Is there something you believe in?

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 29 Apr

@ComediAnon Absolutely. This is where we meet 100%. Justice for the innocent and punishment for the guilty. Especially for kids.

Anyone who’s had extended conversations with hopeful Baptists or Mormons can recognize the tone of this interaction. Here’s another installment of the process.

? PSY ? ?@AnonPsyOps 30 Apr

@queerninja people are so touchy ^_^ Muhahaha #PaperThinSkin

qn ?@queerninja 30 Apr

@AnonPsyOps It’s all jokes mane 😀 All of it 😀 When i day I reckon God will be sitting there pointing and laughing at me 😀

? PSY ? ?@AnonPsyOps 30 Apr

@queerninja God is Trollface 🙂

Rustle Crow ?@rustledcrow 30 Apr

people are touchy, and perhaps that’s why this was needed. @AnonPsyOps @queerninja

(The text in the pastebin file is a short essay asking for tolerance of different views. It ends with “so please, instead of ‘battling’ and ‘conquering’ online trolls – which generally ends with you blocking them or calling for help from your other friends, which is basically a victory for the troll anyways – i suggest you use the time more productively in developing opinions, learning more about online privacy/security or doing something really productive like doxing/v&ing pedophiles.”) (d0xing/v&ing means disclosing identities and vandalizing websites and social networking homepages).

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh

@rustledcrow @AnonPsyOps @queerninja Note from noob: Reading things such as this settle concerns re Anon as a hive mind. Big plus.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 29 Apr

@ComediAnon What I don’t like? Example from couple days ago:

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 2:40 AM – 29 Apr 13

@ComediAnon Hey this lady stole money from my friend. Let’s all spam her cell phone 24/7. That stuff bugs me.

#OpBowe ?@ComediAnon 29 Apr

@AcousticKitteh Ya gotta take the good, the bad, and teh lulz… 😉

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 29 Apr

@ComediAnon True. Allowances for people being people. After all, they have to put up with me too.

#OpBowe ?@ComediAnon 29 Apr

@AcousticKitteh And errybody knows #Anons love cats!
Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 29 Apr

@ComediAnon The biggest issue right now is my health, which is crappy. I don’t want to commit to this and then do nothing.

#OpBowe ?@ComediAnon 29 Apr

@AcousticKitteh That’s the beauty, there is no commit, its just an idea… And yes, ideas are bulletproof.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 29 Apr

@ComediAnon I would feel useless, and think that others would (rightly) see me that way. Not a good way to start.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 29 Apr

@ComediAnon That’s hard to wrap my head around. It does feel like a commitment, to do what I can. Might have to “chimp” on that one lol

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 29 Apr

@ComediAnon Kitteh loves cats (left angle bracket) 3(heart emoticon – ed.)

Kitteh is not an easy sell, but she knows who she’d really like to have connected to Anonymous.

@M0rphyyy 2 May

@Darkzey @AcousticKitteh if, persay, i were to find it, what multiplayer games do you have that we could play together? (heart emoticon)

Darkzey Darkzey ?@Darkzey 2 May

@M0rphyyy @AcousticKitteh I’ve got Battlefield, Call of Duty, and a lot of others. But my account doesn’t work have the time 4 some reason

?@M0rphyyy 2 May

@Darkzey @AcousticKitteh Fuuuuck, i woul’dda played some COD w/you and spanked you 😦

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 4:46 PM – 2 May 13

@M0rphyyy @Darkzey My son would LOVE to play with both of you…hang on…he’s home. Need gamer tags.

1 Favorite
Darkzey (notice another favoriting of the connection to the son – ed.)

Darkzey ?@Darkzey 2 May

@AcousticKitteh @M0rphyyy My gamertag is: (information treated as private –ed.)

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 2 May

And, on another occasion:

Darkzey ?@Darkzey 2 May

@M0rphyyy @AcousticKitteh I don’t have COD3, but I have every CoD after that.

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 2 May

@Darkzey @M0rphyyy He’s getting on now

Darkzey ?@Darkzey 2 May

@AcousticKitteh @M0rphyyy I’m not on, Lol

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 4:54 PM – 2 May 13

@Darkzey @M0rphyyy Ok, his is (son’s gamer ID information treated as private –ed.)

Darkzey ?@Darkzey 2 May

@AcousticKitteh @M0rphyyy OK 🙂

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 2 May

@Darkzey @M0rphyyy I have ulterior motives. Lol. Might as well introduce him to some anons, even though he doesn’t know it.

Darkzey ?@Darkzey 2 May

@AcousticKitteh @M0rphyyy Cool 🙂

Evey Hammond ?@AcousticKitteh 2 May

@Darkzey @M0rphyyy Never underestimate the sneakiness of moms. 🙂

Some would say that a mom who was connecting her boy to an organization of habitual lawbreakers, completely in the open, was not the sneakiest person around. But Twitterers do suffer a strange illusion that their public channels are private just at those moments when they feel like they want them to be. In fact, Kitteh’s channel is now completely marooned in the public domain, and she can no longer access it; she now uses a new account that I have deliberately chosen not to quote from. The account I’m quoting from was mysteriously locked out, but not deleted, by Twitter. Friends advised Kitteh that this may have happened because she added too many new contacts and responding back too frequently to tweets, triggering an automated detection system for spammers.

Th3Pr1est’s account has been deleted repeatedly by Twitter, for unknown reasons, also suspected to be mechanical. The accounts of his collaborators in DDoSing have mostly remained intact. There is a quote from his latest account above.

Is there any chance these account problems show that Twitter is ineptly trying to promote a legal environment? Is it making some attempts to limit the number of openly lawbreaking hackers and DDoSers congregating and assembling their cyberweapons on its platform? I think it is possible, but I doubt it.

There is something very strange about Twitter. A colleague once noticed that a contact he acquired purely in the context of a Facebook game was accumulating a surprising number of ‘friends’ with beautiful, young male faces. He suspected a porn ring might be forming. Every move on Facebook is traceable, and he had no wish to go exploring. Just a few days later, though, he noticed comments in this ‘friend’s’ timeline complaining that hundreds of accounts had just been deleted by Facebook. All the pretty young male faces were gone.

If the Twitter administration wished to, they could cull Anonymous completely out of their site within days. The Anonymous members almost all reference the Guy Fawkes mask, and many have ‘anon’ in their usernames. They use extremely static, distinctive terminology – terms like laz0r (DDoSing equipment) and ‘teh lulz’ would yield a high proportion of Anons on a simple search. Use of state-of-the-art dialect recognition software would be intensely accurate in detecting them.

Granted, Anonymous members use proxy server facilities of various kinds, and traditional website exclusion by banning IP addresses would be ineffective. But if Twitter were to do effective recognition searching, either automatically or by human inspection, and if they followed long-standing suggestions to proclaim zero tolerance to gang insignia, as many schools and clubs do, they could soon be Anonymous-free. The actions would involve, for example, turfing out anyone who affected a Fawkes mask or an ‘anon’ handle, or who took part in any of the routine open planning of illegal actions.

The reality is that Twitter is so very Anonymous-friendly that it offers no obvious way to report illegal hacking conduct on the site. The Twitter Help Center allows reports on selected violations and problems: impersonation, trademark and copyright infringements, harassment, spamming, suspended accounts, apparent intent to self-harm, or offensive ads. None of those categories would allow someone, for example, to report a Twitter user who had posted a link for a DDoS webhive that allowed dozens of people to simultaneously DDoS a target website. Moreover, many of the reports that can be made identify the complainant by Twitter username. You can guess the result of that when hacker gang members are the subjects of the complaints.

Bullyville ?@BullyVille 30 Apr

To the person who tried to get me suspended, your IP address is 107.1.3x.x, you live in Reading Manor, PA & a full dox is incoming. #GFY
Retweeted by Priest

The ‘GFY’ in that tweet is an obscene suggestion starting with the word ‘go.’ One has the impression that Twitter itself echoes the sentiment.

On the other hand, if you see child pornography on Twitter, you need only discreetly email link info to

Why is it so difficult, then, to anonymously report illegal cybercrime gang activity on Twitter?

Very simple. The website’s security department is run by a veteran cybervigilante who may have a major soft spot for others of her kind.

@delbius, Twitter’s Director of Trust and Safety, is Allison Shea, who came to renown as one of the predator-trappers on NBC’s ‘To Catch a Predator’. She used the pseudonym “Del Harvey” and worked full time as secretary for Xavier von Erck’s organization Perverted Justice. She had ideal vocal skills for imitating teenaged girls and young teenaged boys when online seducers were being drawn in for exposure and arrest, and she gained extensive experience in these roles while taking part in Perverted Justice pedophile-luring operations in years before NBC became involved. Perverted Justice also ran an auxiliary site called Wikisposure, now defunct, that specialized in gleaning online information about minor-attracted people on discussion boards and exposing them in their communities. As secretary, she was partly responsible for the administration of this pedo-hunting operation that combed for both lawbreakers and law-keepers. Many of Perverted Justice’s actions were legally marginal, brushing the edge of entrapment in luring encounters, and relentlessly infringing the copyrights on images taken from the web postings of targeted people.

Although Shea left Perverted Justice as it declined from the height of its fame, she has clearly carried over a tolerance for online vigilantism to her new job. Much of the ascendancy of Anonymous on Twitter has been on her watch. Her Twitter feed shows minimal concern about the teeming communities of illegal activists and mischief-makers who have become a world-famous feature of her website. It would be easy to speculate that Shea relishes the pedo-hunting activities of people like Th3Pr1est, and has no intention whatever of cracking down on U.S. cybercrime law violators on Twitter.

Shea would perhaps also be proud of Kitteh’s son as he games with cyberharassment specialists, and dreams of his brilliant career as a law-flouting smasher of bullies and pedos. Yes, he too, like many Anons, may cause his thousands or millions of dollars of damages to governments or corporations, as he learns to hack for political purposes or for lulz. That is simply collateral damage.

The irony that Twitter, a website riddled with openly conducted illegal activities, is the home of those dedicated to pulverizing websites that restrict themselves completely to legal activities.

Target a few pedophiles, it seems, and you can break all the laws you like.

Oh teh lulz!!