Homosexuals Hate Me?

Homosexuals Hate Me?

Statement: It is dumb to associate or connect yourself with vanilla homosexuality. Most homosexuals reject you…Many attack you.

What I support or defend, is not based upon the criteria of how many people are mutually defending and standing up for people explicitly like me…Instead, I go back to the default stance, of defending those who are being unjustly attacked, who are being denied a voice, who are being denied the ability to fulfill their own needs and seek a happy, good life which fits them by their own nature [not what is imposed upon them, by people unable or unwilling to identify with them].

My focus is the little guy being ganged up on and squashed by the system…Or the underdog, who through no fault of his own, is finding himself being attacked and injured by others.

Many of these sorts of individuals happen to be vanilla homosexuals…Many of them are youth and children, who are not even participants in the system yet, and who have not played any part in shaping our current social atmosphere.

In my opinion, it is deplorable to abandon these types of people, even if they are adults…

People who are having wrong done to them, are people who are having wrong done to them…period.

If you cannot take a stand based upon that…then your sense of morality, ethics, right and wrong, is not worth very much.

We should not be confusing discrimination and hypocrisy amongst the vanilla homosexual population, with the behaviors and viewpoints of all sexual minority individuals…Further, we should not be penalizing individuals, based upon “official stances” of “representative groups”…

Official stances claimed by those with the largest profiles, are often distorted from true sentiment which is spread out amongst the masses…and it would be good of us, just of us, to remember this.

When I speak out about wrongs done to gays and lesbians [of any age], it is not because I am attempting to blend in with vanilla homosexuals…In fact, I defy anyone to point out where or how I have ever tried to pass myself off as part of the vanilla homosexual population…I don’t use their symbols, and I have always been up front about what makes me uniquely individual and different from gays and lesbians…

I speak out…because I find the things they are being subjected to by others, to be deplorable on principle…I find those things, to be a source of social conflict and social ill.

The world would be better off, without those types of things.

As a BoyLover…if I cannot even muster up the empathy, outrage and care, to stand up for a young gay boy who is experiencing much of the same abuses I had to endure in my own life…that does not make me much of a decent human being, now does it?

This can be extended to any individual…sexual minority or not…any minority or not…

…We should care, first and foremost…about the well being of other human beings…and about the injury inflicted, when human beings are abused by any source.

If more of us Child Lovers and Teen Lovers lived by this base principle…perhaps it would start to become a more obvious socially defining character trait for us…

Closing ranks and being selfish, is the wrong approach.

I will not allow the worst amongst the mainstream homosexual community, to dictate how I treat individual human beings…Individuals never deserve being judged or condemned, for the bigotries and abuses of others.

Individuals have a clean slate with me…until they have established by their own hand, that they are someone of poor character who does not deserve my empathy and support [ie: someone who knowingly and willfully perpetuates, these things which injure others].

I will not give aid in any form, to those who I know are doing wrong against others.

I will not, however, start from an assumed premise that someone is engaged in such behaviors.