How Dare I Take Any CSA Victim to Task?

How Dare I Take Any CSA Victim to Task?

[CSA = Child Sex Abuse]

Some of them are traumatized…

…and they never really develop the social skills, to get along in life well with others. They maybe become so hyper fixated, that it turns them into a social menace…and a problem, for those who have to deal with them.

I’ve been building and maintaining online resources out amongst the “normal” masses, for most of a decade [well, blogging; but my activity of this type goes back much farther.]…and I’ve crossed paths with at least a few, extremely abusive and warped, self identified victims of child sexual abuse.

Some such people are riding on top of their own victimhood, as they’ve figured out it gains them immediate allies, and shelters them from criticism…It gives them automatic privilege and status.

Thing is…there is all manner of crap, which some of these sorts get up too…which is entirely uncalled for, out of line…in some cases, it is obvious they are just using something else, as an excuse to attack and violate other people…Or in other words, what they are doing is a manifestation of their own personal malice…But they are hiding behind their own victimhood, so that nobody has the nerve to call them out on it.

…And they know the person who does call them out on it, is going to get a lot of heat and vitriol, from a lot of other directions.

I believe the most true form of respect, is to be honest with people…

…And it is not being honest, to imply that this type of behavior is okay.