I Promise Not To Offend With Malice

I Promise Not To Offend With Malice

As a humanist, I promise never to go out of my way, to offend people.

I will never say anything, for the goal of seeing someone else suffer…or become distressed by it.

Understand, however…

…Often times, “being offended” is more a symptom of culture [and personal] differences, in customs and ethical concepts.

In order for me to properly talk about things, which are vital and important in “my world”…and in order for me to address serious problems, which menace “my world” [and typically, by extension, “your world”, also]…I may have to boldly confront issues, that “you” are not comfortable with…or that your mind has been trained to interpret as “evil”…

But, don’t mistake your “personal offense”, with misinterpretations of what I am honestly saying…or misdirected notions of my true motivation.

…and understand it, for the shock you are experiencing…from just discovering that people actually talk about these things…

You are reacting, to something new and foreign…to your existing thought conditioning.