If I Respond To “You”

If I Respond To “You”

I just thought I should clarify something, and that being this…

Yes, I do tend to make a lot of responses to the discussions of a wide range of other people, who are participating on other websites.

In general, and I hope this clearly comes through, I do not tailor my posts/essays directly to the individual who has inspired me to write.

…I merely talk about one or more issues, which have been broached by that person.

I am not necessarily talking to “them” personally, just because I linked to them and made a post in response to something they expressed, or to their behavior, etc.

I just found something there, which was worth responding to.

So don’t anyone immediately take offense, should I have linked to “you”, and ensued upon an essay which was not flattering to some behavior, outlook or argument.

I’m not throwing any stones at people…I’m just critically analyzing beliefs, thoughts and behaviors.

– Steve Diamond