If You Wish To Judge

If You Wish To Judge

If you are of the mind to judge me, please do me this common courtesy…

Judge me based upon what you have seen me do or say, not based upon what others claim I have done or said.

There are a number of lies out there, aimed at me…Some of my biggest detractors, seem positively gleeful, over any chance at running their mouths and spreading lies about me…Basically, any way they can verbally and socially hurt me, is entirely “okay” in their own minds. They do not care, that they are in the wrong.

You cannot get a fair or balanced understanding of me, based upon the things such people claim about me.

If you want to understand me…then come to me, and ask me to explain something.

If you are unwilling to do this simple thing…Then you are actively refusing to know or understand me…and you never will.