Laws Don’t Serve Minorities?

Laws Don’t Serve Minorities?

“Go Away!…We Don’t Make Laws to Serve the Minorities!”…

Do Child Lovers and Teen Lovers have no right to speak?…

From what I have observed over many years…this largely comes down to a matter of the majority refusing to make allowance, for individual sexual experiences that don’t fit preconceived social notions.

Should we Child Lovers and Teen Lovers be compromising [or silencing] our own honest voices, just because “you” don’t want to hear them?

I think that is one of the single most awful missteps of society…telling people they cannot speak truth, because their truth is socially and politically unfashionable.

…There is no true freedom of speech, for minorities who are treated like that. Those minorities, are robbed of the ability to speak freely and openly…and this deprives them of the ability to better their situation, and effect positive change.

…In addition, you cannot look at what is happening with gays, lesbians, transgendered, etc. minorities, and honestly believe that laws are not made for minorities…Certainly not in the U.S. and many other “western” countries.

Truth be told, many, many laws exist to protect minorities from aggressive majorities…or even other minorities…

…The question is…why are Child Lovers and Teen Lovers denied these same, basic rights of protection?…Why have people conspired to take these freedoms away from us?

If you want to respond with a trite, “It’s because you want the right to fuck little children!”, then you are dead wrong…I have never wanted, nor fought for the right to fuck little children…

…And the fact that so many people would be inclined to express such a thing [I’ve seen it so many times over the years], clearly points towards a severe breakdown in communication [largely caused by censorship and marginalization], and a saturation of paranoid social phobia surrounding Child Lovers and Teen Lovers.

For the record…in all of my years, I have yet to encounter a group which campaigns for the right of adults to fuck little children…If such a group existed, I would have no part in it. Fucking little children does not fall within the scope of behavior, that I find humane, acceptable or reasonable.

It speaks volumes, that so many of us Child Lovers and Teen Lovers have been out here for years trying to effectively communicate…yet people throw these kinds of accusations at us, when it is blatantly clear to anyone that actually pays attention to what we are doing, just how indefensibly wrong and malicious such accusations are.

Those kinds of malicious, ugly accusations defame our characters…and they are often followed by calls to silence us…Many times, these vicious lies and intimidation succeed.

When things get this bad…the aggressive actions taken against any minority are no longer about protecting the interests of the majority…They are about keeping minorities dis-empowered, so that they can be easily exploited for the social and political intent of other aggressive and intolerant minorities.

Nobody should be able to rob another, of their voice and an accurate representation of their true character…Nor should anybody be allowed to pass judgement upon others, based upon conveniently designed phantoms…Nobody…Not under any circumstances