Leave General Feedback Here

Leave General Feedback Here

This is the page for miscellaneous messages regarding “Our Love Frontier”, or my other blogs and projects.

Please do not treat this as a private messaging system.

If you need to send me a private message, then please follow the instructions on my Contact Page.

If you find something out of order, wish to suggest something, or just want to leave a few words [ie: “I LOVE Your Blog!!!”], this would be the page to do so on.

Feel free to shower your love and praise… 🙂

Thank you!

– Steve Diamond

3 thoughts on “Leave General Feedback Here

  1. Adult

    Concerning UK former sexually liberal ‘Red Ken’ now damning all so called ‘Paedophiles’.

    The Fascist phoney Anglophone 80% Right wing media-misinformed Learned Lefty Livingstone. Is just ignorantly playing safe, not wanting to be seen as ‘sadistically cruel to kids’ by backing the most misrepresented and demonized sexual minority (majority?) in the half century. About which (like the dumbed down shallow ignorant mainstream mind raped masses) he knows less than squat !

    Perhaps Ken is like ineffectual intellectual pedo O’Carroll might be if unfairly asked, out of his depth, to comment in depth on perceived wholesale cruelty in the greyhound racing industry where some dogs are destroyed after age four.

    To go a tad further, or more, where even Star Trek didn’t go. A sound case can be made that the modern Fascist phoney Anglophone 80% right wing bent media is the root cause and constant driver of today’s post-WW2 three biggest negative issues.

    1: The 1950s ongoing mid East/World crisis, Isis, terrorists, freedom fighters, millions of dead victims, EU massed migrants, et al.

    2: The 19Hateys ongoing Fraud Marketeers, leading inevitably to the ’08 ongoing World financial crisis Wall St/London City criminal ‘Banksters’, millions of victims EU-Euro et al.

    3: The 19Hateys ongoing all fake – World Pedo Panic with millions of dead & alive victims of the modern Fascist phoney Anglophone.

    Quote Kirk’s learned Vulcan Mr Spock (not Earth kid expert Doc Spock), “Strictly logical Capn!”

    For in depth more on the modern Fascist phoney Anglophone post WW2 ongoing mass murdering 10 million including millions of innocent children – in the name of their so called Democracy, please check:

    *Note: The Fascist phoney Anglophone, very odd home of choice to persecuted pedo masochRist O’Carroll, paraphrased, “I prefer to live in a well policed civilized country.” Then quote the late great Brit broadcaster & positive pedo John Peel last interview last lines, (The Independant On Sunday, 29 Aug ’04), “Rupert Murdoch has destroyed most of what was good about this country.”


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