BREAKING: Elon Musk Offers $41 Billion to Buy Twitter…

Date: April 14, 2022

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“Breaking News: Elon Musk makes a host of promises while offering $41 billion to buy twitter such as reinstating Donald Trump’s twitter account. Is Elon Musk the free speech advocate we need right now? Probably not.”

Sure…but this is a ton of fun to watch unfold!

If he does take ownership, I just want to know where to contact, to petition for the full restoration of my @EQFoundation account.

Get the stooges out of there…and we’ll see what happens.

This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving platform of abusive a-holes.

When you’ve been unjustly screwed over this bad…it’s all just a shit show to set back and watch…I don’t have any real stake in it, anymore…

…At most, maybe I could openly return and freely use the platform, and MAP related hashtags…Maybe, there would be a wonderful sense of freedom, and finally a return of integrity and respect…Maybe I could resume some of my project lists there…and vindicate myself, by bringing my historic twitter activity back out into the open again…where people can judge it, for what it factually is.

…Maybe I could actively converse with the population again…like I used to…like twitter allegedly exists for.