On Who’s Coattails?

On Who’s Coattails?

For those who would naively suggest, that many of us Child-Lovers and Teen-Lovers are actively attempting to “melt into the gay movement” in order to exploit what they now have…I offer the following…

When I think of “the gay movement”…I think of a politically correct, sterilized face on homosexuality…a corporate creation, of sorts…a face which barely even resembles, that of those “sexual deviants” who started the whole movement. I see something which, while having greatly benefited from its past…is thoroughly disconnected from the realities of its own past…I see a movement so decadent and self absorbed, that it lives in its own fantasy world.

I do not think of a group or culture, which cares for the plight of other sexual minorities…I do not think of a group or culture, which is empathetic and realizes that the exact same things they have suffered…many others have suffered also…many continue to suffer these things…And for many, their suffering has eclipsed that of “the gays”…Yet, so many gays seem oblivious…as though they were the only ones who could ever suffer…and as if those other people “just deserve it”.

I personally do not identify as “gay”, nor as part of “the gay culture”…I have not been trying to build or maintain, a “gay identity”. Never in my life have I suggested, that I have a standing alliance with organized gay groups.

What I have done, is expressed an openness towards good relations with “the gays”…I have striven to treat them fairly, objectively, humanely and with integrity…I have accepted there is humanity and good amongst gays, and that these people are worth standing up for and defending.

I think it is wrong to withhold fair judgement from entire groups of people, as retaliation for some of them having done very wrong against us.

When I give an accepting voice towards gays…it is separate from the ugly past, of our two communities…I am voicing a social, political and human perspective…and tapping into how I believe we all should be treating each other…with compassion and empathy.

Just because many people amongst “the gays” cannot seem to bring themselves to the point of being humane and compassionate towards us…it is no excuse to discredit our own ethical standards…”We” should not be lowering our own behaviors, to get back at anybody.

I think “the gays” should be free to pursue a happy life, just as I think heterosexuals should be free to pursue a happy life…Just as I think children, teens, Child-Lovers and Teen-Lovers should be free to pursue a happy life…

…And that largely gets down to the crux of it, for me…Because I don’t see any serious or critical differences, when it comes to the various sexual demographics…We all seek the companionship, that comes naturally to us. We all fight, to defend ourselves from those who would dominate us, and from those who would fight to make certain, that we will never have a full and happy life…from those who would wrongly blame us, for every ill in life.

There is no question of “good or evil”…but merely a question of if, or when, the majority will finally make room for us…if, or when, there will be empathy.

There is no riding on coattails…The Child-Love and Teen-Love movement, stands on its own…as its own entity.

We don’t need “the gays”…But at the same time, it is a disgusting shame that “the gays” have not collectively been better towards us…All so called “sexual deviants” share a kinship…one of suffering, and one of fighting the exact same social war, to simply exist and live in peace alongside everyone else…a feud to own ones own dignity, and a right to pursue a happy, meaningful life.

No…we are not riding coattails…Likely, most of us do not wish to take anything away from “the gays”…nor do we want to hurt them, in any way.

All the same…I, for one…will continue to point out social fallacies, which are magnified all the more intensely by wider acceptance of “the gays”…Because those sorts of social dishonesty, are wrong and unethical…Those places of hypocrisy, need to be confronted…Because these examples discern how the rest of us, who remain disenfranchised till this day, are being done wrong.

If we as a culture can wrap our minds around men having anal sex with each other…certainly, we have enough depth in our cultural imagination, to afford dignified, sound and sincere acknowledgement of all other forms of human sexuality.

“The gays” can keep their coattails…I for one, am not interested in riding on them…As far as I am concerned, “the gays” as an organization have a lot to learn about empathy and integrity…And they could learn a tremendous deal, from Child-Lovers and Teen-Lovers and the plight we live in this world.