One Voice Does Not Fit All

One Voice Does Not Fit All

I have been elected by no group…Nobody has appointed me, to speak on their behalf…

It is not my intention, to pretend being some form of “messiah” for the disenfranchised minorities.

I make no claim, that my ideas and words are the only ones, or the dominant ones of any group…

…I do not claim, there is no merit in other people’s words…and further, I believe everyone has the right to speak and be understood for what it is they are trying to communicate.

If anyone deems that my words do not describe or fit themselves…I am inclined to do what I have done, all along…and I invite them to actively write, blog, record, discuss…have a visible presence and put forward their own viewpoints and experiences…to share their ideas.

To spend ones time stewing in sour grapes, over some notion that I am degrading or harming you by my mere activity…is to dismiss ones self to irrelevance, by retreating to petty and immature behavior…

I invite people not to disgrace themselves, in that way.

It is true, that a lot of people disagree with me about any number of issues…and I fully expect this…I am resolved to the fact, that this is just how it is…and I did not become active in this capacity, with any notion that it was going to make me popular…or better liked.

I say this primarily, to other Child Lovers and Teen Lovers out there…that if you do not like what I am saying…it is not for you, to tell me to be quiet…I do what I do, because it is part of who and what I am…I have to do this, just as literally as I have to breathe…For you, if you disagree…are offended…whatever the case may be…it falls upon you, to exercise your own voice and add to the conversation.

A large part of what I do, is prompting people to actively engage issues which affect us.

…I am not…I cannot dictate truth…but I can open up dialogue…and I can evoke, or even provoke thought…

If you don’t think I am good enough…well then, step up and show us how you think it should be done…

I neither can, nor wanted too, speak for every one of us…and I am far from perfect, so I have never aimed to be seen as “the standard setter”…nor even so much as “above the fray”…This is just how I do the living and existing, as a BoyLover struggling in this world.

…You have no right, to having a problem with that…And if you somehow feel slighted by the mere fact that I am out here doing what I do, I tell you this…Get over yourself…The world does not evolve around you, nor do we all have to conform to your personal ideologies.

The world will continue to abound with activity, whether you like it or not…and it’s best to learn, you cant change this point.

Even people like me, have both a need and a right to self expression and to pursuing meaning in life…

…You simply have no right, to squelch this out.

If you don’t like my voice…I’ve been prepared to live in this knowledge, all along…For some, I knew this would be the case right from the start.

Don’t complain to me, that I don’t meet your expectations or bow down to your demands…Either respect me as someone taking a hard stand for something, and appreciate me for what good I do bring to the table…or constructively do what you think is inferior about my projects, in the way you want to see it done.

I won’t waste my time, on immature spats and obnoxious nastiness…and neither will anybody else waste my time with it.

– Steve Diamond