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The following are a few different statements I have given in the past, in attempt to define my intentions behind the “Diamond Raw” project…I offer them once more, here and mostly unedited…Plus a new one.

Date: January 14, 2014

This is an archive…

I do not actively record for this series, anymore. This does not mean that I will never record anything new for “Diamond Raw”…But, mostly I just intend on placing online, what I have on hand in my archives. It does take a fair bit of work, to get one of these files ready to upload…But a lot of them are short…So, it all depends on when I get around to doing the work.

Please note, that public speaking is not my forte…and I am largely “a fish out of water”, when it comes to doing a lot of speaking…[Well, okay…Some days are better than others, regarding this.]…I initially started doing this, because I wanted to introduce a more personalized, human element, to what I do online…Not because I wanted to impress anybody, or have anyone cheer me on…I wanted to more obviously be present, be accessible and be relatable.

…I also wanted to put the power of convicted speech, behind what I have been doing online…I want the rest of the world to know, this is real…This is real life…And these are some of the realities of life, which so many people out there never even learn of…which so few of us even realize the liberation to speak of, at all.

I have a love/hate relationship with this project…To me, it is imperative that Child Lovers and Teen Lovers find their voice, and learn how to use it…It is imperative that others understand our need for a voice, and learn to tolerate it…even understand it…empathize with us…

At the same time…I know painfully well that by publishing this…I open myself up to a great deal of public ridicule…and even a genuine embarrassment, in exposing some of my own imperfections…

…I chose to go forward with this project, because I believe the greater need exists within the question of having a voice at all…And that my own personal issues, are petty in comparison.

Date: May 22, 2010

About the “Diamond Raw” Project…

Shortly after I began producing and distributing media, back in 2007, I purchased a digital voice recorder with the capability of rendering reasonably good quality recordings. I then took this device around with me [at home, driving around, etc], and talked about a wide variety of issues.

Some of these recordings ended up being for the “EQF Public Podium” [periodic, media update messages, for my website]…but, most were recorded for a project I was titling, “Diamond Raw”.

These are very raw, primitive recordings, giving a glimpse into “my” life…the life of a secular humanist BoyLover.

They were recorded over the period, of about a year and a half…and they range in duration, from less than one minute, to an hour or longer…and range in subject matter, from trivial movie reviews, to much more profound and personal issues.

As it happens, only one installment of “Diamond Raw” was ever released to the public [on YouTube]…The vast remainder, has yet to make it’s debut. This blog, is where I intend to release this content.

I don’t know what the long term prospect is for this project…as I do not intend on doing a lot of regular recordings anymore, like I once was doing…but, I may produce new content, if the need strikes me…

…I may even reboot the whole project, and morph it into something new, at some point in the future…We shall see.

Thank you for stopping by.

All the best…

Steve Diamond

Date: November 26, 2008

Clarifying “Diamond Raw”…

“Diamond Raw” is going to be free form chats (or rambling, in some cases). There will be no physical depictions of myself.

In fact, this series is an off shoot of my tendency to take personal notes, by using a digital voice recorder. I’ve done this for a few years now, and I quickly capture a lot, which otherwise would be lost, by merely reading or saying it into my voice recorder. Initially, I would come back to it later, and use it in my writings…

Then I thought to myself…”It’s a pain setting up all my hardware to do professional recordings, and by the time I get any free time to do it the right way, I’ve lost these spontaneous expressions”…Maybe, I could treat the “raw notes” as a sort of production, in and of themselves?…Of course, I’d have to change my tone and style somewhat, but I think it is a novel idea, to “take you around with me”…out walking around…riding in my car…in bed at night…giving you frequent “mind molestations”, as it were… 😉

I incorporate you into my world…That is the whole idea behind “Diamond Raw”…It is “raw” because there is not going to be much refinement to the original recordings…and while clearly, they are not high quality recordings…I think they will be on the same general level of quality, as the Culture Shock podcast…with environmental sounds mixed in…

As a side note, I contemplated using a very brief audio introduction, but I am opting not to…at least for the time being. Maybe later I will incorporate something as an introduction…and something to end each recorded segment with. I don’t want that to be a nuisance, or get in the way, anyway. For now, I will just upload the plain audio files…and you’ll just hear me launch into a greeting [or no greeting] and then start talking about something.

In short, this will be a sort of “no frills” podcast…Just me talking about issues, and topics.

We shall see how this experiment works out…

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