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Note: Piecing together an old archive of recordings like this in chronological order, can be very difficult. While I expect most installments have remained in the order I recorded them, even after transfer to my PC…I don’t absolutely know this to always be true. In order to simplify the process…I’ve given precedence to complete content, over any strict adherence to timeline. These are loose recordings, and some are in more than one part…Some have several parts. My plan is to browse my “Diamond Raw” archives, find the files where dialogue starts, find all files that go with it [ie: any addendums], put it all together, clean it up a bit, recode it, upload it, write and post the “Diamond Raw” post for it…and link everything properly, with the “Diamond Raw Project” website.

Also Note: As of January 01, 2021, The Diamond Raw Project Index will be kept on the In Self Defense Index page. All future additions to this project will be indexed at the following link.

Diamond Raw Project

This website will remain accessible, but will not be updated.

The “Diamond Raw” Archive:

—–) The Grand Re-Opening August 02, 2015

000) Diamond Raw: The Preface November 26, 2008

001) Diamond Raw: Elections Tomorrow November 4, 2008

002) Diamond Raw: One Year YouTube Anniversary June 21, 2011

003) Diamond Raw: Words Definitions And Those Who Control Them March 03, 2009

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