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MAP = Minor Attracted Person
PJ = Perverted Justice
AZU = Absolute Zero United
Doxing = Publishing the private information, of a private individual; usually, someone who is wishing to remain anonymous. It is often done for intimidation, and out of malice.

A Brief Description:

Why does this page exist?…

I’ve written a few pieces below and linked to several others on this blog, in order to attempt explaining [and putting into accurate perspective], just why I have periodically written about specific people, sometimes in unflattering ways…Though, trust me…they do nothing to flatter themselves…Anyone of moderately decent ethical standards, could only agree with me on this, when looking at the historic behavior of these people…

Years ago…I found myself unwittingly sucked into a very nasty war, started by PJ and AZU, and waged against the legal online MAP community.

This was not a war waged against people trading child pornography, or trying to seduce children online…It was targeted against people who openly admitted to being MAPs, who were also willing to discuss it…

…We’re talking about the target being people like me…MAPs who just really get into discussing social issues…

For the first time ever…rigidly legal, online MAP communities were being targeted, terrorized and threatened, by an established, powerful organization…based on their sexual orientation…based on difference in viewpoint…based on the mere fact that they were expressing their voices…based on pure, unadulterated hate and intolerance…

Some of these aggressors are people who managed to successfully incorporate their personal hatred and contempt towards MAPs, into financially gainful endeavors…For others, it was a thrilling, malicious hobby…tormenting other people, who are not socially protected…

…For MAPs…this was our lives and everything we had managed to build online, under assault.

Oh sure…many aggressors will appeal to hyperbole…and claim that MAPs were up to the worst evil imaginable…and if allowed to continue, the sky would fall and burn…But reality of what we were doing, was far more positive…non-threatening…even mundane…

The experience of going through all of this…has been one prong, which has galvanized me. If you want to understand why I do what I do…this long phase of my life is critical.

…It’s established just how petulant, extreme, dirty and scummy some people get…when you are not part of a protected class, and you just want to be part of the public dialogue…Some of them decide that they are out to get you, over this alone.

This is why I’ve repeatedly told you, that being a sociopath is entirely acceptable in todays society…The only secret to this strategy, is that the sociopaths need to target stigmatized people…and they’ll almost always get away with it…They’ll often even be encouraged and rewarded for it.

Many of the people who’ve targeted MAPs, need to be in a prison cell…or a mental institution…Their vicious obsession literally is just that bad.

A Personal Message:


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Note: Cynthia kept Evil-Unveiled online for several years, despite being habitually kicked off of her hosts. It was insane, how hard she tried to keep this online. Few hosts wanted anything to do with it, because it is prime grounds for a law suit. Despite this, she still managed to keep it up, for substantial periods of time. I fear the above article, failed to clarify this point.

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Note: Because AZU is now defunct, this blog focuses on other terrorists of similar form…But a lot of information on AZU is archived at this blog.

The Price of The Liberated MAP Voice:

If you want to presume that it is “me”, who is maliciously beating a dead horse…

…let me just inform you of the fact…that one of these psychotic idiots has continued to call my private home phone number, for the past several years…apparently attempting to intimidate me, by calling me whenever I post something to my blog [or BoyChat, or wherever].

In addition, they’ve seen fit to report me to my local ISP [Internet Service Provider], despite that I am doing nothing to anyone at all [merely responding to severe behavior done against me, and my associates, and other MAPs]…

…Which has gotten a local individual [another fanatic], with some seriously bad psychological issues of his own, to stalk me at my place of employment…several times over…and spew slurs like “Fuck you, faggot” at me, while driving past in his car…probably drunk…This is a guy [a total jerk (and I could have said that, long before this)], who works for the local ISP…or at least has, for many years…With any luck, karma or poetic justice, he’s been deservedly fired.

The point is…these people have consistently continued to encroach on my personal, private life…and have advanced to making real world, threatening confrontations with me…on the insane, stupid grounds…that it pisses them off…the fact that I am forced to maintain a pseudonym identity online, in order to reach out to the larger public and discuss issues which deeply impact me…when I have every valid reason in the world, to keep my private information private.

They have made it their insane obsession, stretching over a decade…to force me to stop…Because they simply don’t like it, that a MAP is discussing what he thinks about this world.

Keep in mind…I’ve never done anything to these people [or anybody else], yet this crap [in it’s various forms] has been stretching on for at least a decade…They’ve decided that because I am a MAP, they have some self appointed “right” to torment me…and I am not joking about that, nor using the term flippantly.

…I tell them to go fuck themselves…because the days of MAPs cowering from these kinds of people, is in the past…and we are not going back. Even if my own visions of “utopia” never come to pass…we are still never going back, to the day when MAP voices were locked out of mainstream discussion…

…And the sad, sad people who continue to hold onto this grudge…by now, they know that I am not going to fold…and that I have been fighting for something much more base and fundamental, than the mere sharing of my personal viewpoints…

…I’ve been fighting so that other MAPs might see it, and take a stand against what is keeping them out of the public dialogue…

…I’ve been fighting to establish with the fanatics…that you cannot win this…The tipping point has already happened…and you have lost this war…And for whatever insignificance some people may ascribe to myself in this struggle…I am proud to have been out here fighting on this battlefront, for the past two decades…This has been a far more critical social issue to spearhead, than 99.99999% of all social injustice issues.

I’d rather be a forgotten name, in a social struggle this important…than a celebrated name, pushing politically correct causes, which have largely already been won…

The liberated MAP voice, is a cornerstone of my own motivation in all of this. I am thrilled, that we are starting to see real advancements…and witness resistance breaking down.

Today…MAPs can finally, openly exist and speak their minds on various, mainstream platforms…Not everywhere online…but at enough places, to make it a substantial change.

I am grateful, to have lived to see this day.

Addendum: The Habitual Violation of My Mail Packages…

If I order anything from a major, U.S. distributor…I seemingly cannot receive the package at my home, without the telltale signs that it’s seal has been tampered with.

No…this is not paranoia…it’s an obvious change in pattern…one I’ve taken up documenting, in video and picture.

I have a long history of ordering from Amazon.com, for example…I know what to expect, from years of having received packages from them…I never had an issue with them, or their professional service…About two years ago [in 2014], I suddenly started receiving packages from them, where the seal had obviously been damaged…I didn’t think anything of this initially [except that it was a fluke]…but then, every single package I received from them arrived the same way…clearly tampered with.

It’s annoyed the hell out of me, too…because more than once, I’ve been forced to leave a package setting for days, until I had a chance to video document the condition it arrived in.

Somebody has been violating my privacy…and nosing around in my purchases…and it’s another chronic problem, that’s been going on for an extended period of time…a couple of years.

I cannot prove this…but, I’m thinking these idiots also sent my name and information to the postmaster general, or someone in the Post Office…and they’ve been trying to find something on me, that they can prosecute me for…as if…Yeah…I’m a relatively high profile MAP, hounded by mentally unbalanced fanatics, who does not cross the line of legality…and I’m supposedly going to order something illegal through the mail?…

You know the real bite in the ass, in all of this?…

…I have no way of knowing, that one of these scumbags isn’t going to plant something into one of my packages.

Doxing and Outing: “You’re no different from them, Steve!”

I have given legal names, and linked to a number of different expose articles, over the years…And more recently, I’ve been interested in building an accurate assessment of what actually took place.

I am amongst the people who have been getting targeted, harassed and threatened by these people…long term…chronic…and it has become of a serious nature. In the event that anything happens to me…I want [and deserve] an accurate accounting of what took place…That is the reason behind this page.

There are clear, qualitative, fundamental differences in the nature of my own behavior here, which sets it apart from the behavior of the people from PJ and AZU [and still others, I’ve not specified].

This issue of stalking, threats, harassment and sociopath obsession [from a group of fanatics] is ten years in the making…and it still straggles on, because a few immature, malicious and petty people wont let it go. I would not even be discussing any of this today, if it were not for them.

They have always maliciously spewed venom at people, defamed their character, accused them of illegal behavior…and published the private information of private people [without their knowledge or permission], associating it to their vitriol.

They are ideological supremacists…If you don’t agree with their strict ideologies about something…they believe they have “a right” to destroy you…This sums up a lot of their behavior, which has been ultra vicious…and occurred out in the open, for several years.

You cannot reason with these people…You either agree with them, or they are here to hurt you.

I have wanted primarily one thing…being respectfully left in peace, to simply discuss issues which impact upon my world [and life], and the world issues I care about…and to be able to do it, in the same common venues as anybody else.

I did not want to have to hide on resources, owned and operated by Minor Attracted People [MAPs]…I did not want that separation from the rest of [online] human population…After all, my issues are human issues…and the rest of humanity is an integral part of the solution.

It is important to have enough courage, conviction and integrity, to stand with your issues amongst the main population…to interact and discuss…to openly establish your sincerity and humanity…to gain respect.

In addition, MAP resources have not kept up with online evolutions. They are trapped in the era of bulletin boards, from more than ten years ago. There is no mainstream social network…there is no media service, specializing to the media needs of private MAPs…There has been no specialized MAP blogging service…We don’t have our own community resources of this nature…If we aspire to do more with ourselves…we are forced to venture out into the general online population.

These are the reasons why I have stubbornly refused to be pushed out of the online, public arena…Because it’s either “here”, or nowhere…And the issues I carry with me, are much too important to abandon in “backstreet” realms of the internet…where they either die from lack of attention…or attract and build an echo chamber bubble, when other disenfranchised people [who are also kicked out of the mainstream internet] find and huddle with you.

…And I’ve continued doing this for over a decade, in the face of chronic abuse and threats…and in the face of several awful attacks…A few on resources I’ve put years of work into.

…My resolve is greater than theirs…and this massively angers them.

Over the years…most people have fallen away, or reinvented themselves under a new persona…PJ and AZU are no more [neither is our primary front against them, Newgon, honestly]…Most individuals don’t seem to be involved with this fight, anymore…I’m one of the sole people involved [possibly the only], who remains under my original identity…an identity which stretches back almost twenty years.

All top PJ members were identified in this struggle, and most AZU members were also identified, quite early on…Yet, with the exception of those few who were already openly using their legal names, in connection with their activities…we held back, and did not out people…This information was held, and passed, through private methods…and only for the purpose of alerting people, as to who has been attacking them…in the event they need to take legal action, of one form or another.

Though I don’t keep this information within arms reach, and it’s likely out of date…I’ve known the legal identity of AZU members, for the lions share of this malicious tyranny of theirs…Yet, I’ve never researched deeper…and I’ve never published anything that can be characterized as a proper “outing”. By the time I mentioned any names, or linked to any articles…the identities of these people had long been well known.

These are people [PJ and AZU] who could have done the mature thing…and seeing that we were just people discussing social [and political] issues, walked away and left us alone…

…But, no…They had to be obsessed…They had to habitually disrupt…They had to behave like an insane, unholy terror…when confronted with intelligent, sound speech, and a marginalized community willing to speak it. That they could not strike fear into us and strike us down, enraged these sociopaths all the more.

…We stood and fought for our simple right to be here, and to speak…a simple, human right…And they wanted to destroy us for this…

That right there, sums up the whole conflict…We only fought back, because of their extremes…and the fact that they would not leave us alone.

What is so astonishing…is that this still lingers on…It’s pathetic…It’s not right…There is some clear mental illness being displayed…and frankly, I’m done being passive about this matter.

…But my actions are still clearly restrained, and following an established structure…

The very few people I have chosen to openly mention directly…are core people, who have gone to uncommon [or even epic] degrees, to facilitate and carry on this terroristic assault on MAPs [including myself].

After all these individuals have viciously done to us…they have no right to expect anonymity, when any MAP discusses them…In fact, they are already known individuals in the MAP community…Whether they wanted to be, or not…Their information has been out there for many years.

When I discuss the people behind a long term assault, which has harshly impacted upon the MAP community [and myself, personally]…I do not refrain from citation of who they are…especially the more nasty ones, who keep this whole nonsense of theirs going.

…I’ve had years upon years of leniency, which go back almost a decade prior to even this conflict I am speaking of…After this many years, dealing with that sort of group, containing those sorts of individuals…my leniency is gone…I’m going to talk about these charlatans, exactly how they deserve to be talked about.

Their course of action was personally chosen…

…Mine has been forced and personally unwanted…

That is the difference between what I am doing [when I mention these people]…and what they have been maliciously doing, for years.

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