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………….A page to commemorate International BoyLove Day

IBLD, A Personal Memoir by Steve Diamond:

This is a collection of my own, personal content dealing with International BoyLove Day. It includes a few odds and ends, which I was thrilled to stumble across online…and realise, they had remained all of these years…

In spite of the fact that some, such as “Stevie’s IBLD Page”, are not all that amazing, it is still a piece of history and something I am proud to have been associated with…and I am pleased to display some of these old artifacts of activism, from years past…[it’s fun to peruse them].

Note: During earlier years, my spelling was down right awful and I did not have convenient access to a spell checker. Because of this, some of the following content might be a tiny bit embarrassing for me…but I’ve left all grammar intact. With a bit of exception, this is how the following content appeared upon initial publication.


  • My IBL Day (A BoyChat Post)
  • Ten Years On: A 2008 IBLD Address…
  • IBLD Reflections
  • Stevie’s IBLD Page [1999]

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