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………….A page to commemorate International BoyLove Day

History In The Making: An IBLD Journal:
Here, you will find a range of issues and happenings, which have occurred on, or around, IBLD and have, for many of us, colored the tone, atmosphere and emotion of “that”, individual observance.


  • IBLD: June 27, 2009 (summer)

  • Our Love Frontier IBLD Post Archive
    Potentially, content which falls into this theme might be found amongst the IBLD posts on Our Love Frontier

    Explaining This Project:

    The whole idea behind “History in the Making”, was to document things going on in the lives of BoyLovers [and Loved Boys, too], on every International BoyLove Day. It was to capture those thoughts, feelings and emotions, which gave each observation character. It was meant to document IBLD, year after year…by giving it a human touch from our community. In theory, we would be able to look through these many writings, and be taken back to those days…or see how we have changed…or rediscover something, we had forgotten…We would have something we could share.

    I have ultimately failed at making this project happen…and nobody else pitched in when I asked, which is what this project really honestly needed most of all…It needed a well rounded collection, of voices who care…and who shared in this vision.

    It is a great idea…and maybe I have a few more things I can add here…or maybe others will care enough, to help fill in the gapping holes? There is a submission form on this IBLD website…Any sincere individual is welcome, to add content here.

    It is up in the air, just when I will write another installment…I find it very difficult to write these days, as life seems to constantly run me ragged.

    – Steve

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