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………….A page to commemorate International BoyLove Day

………………………………………Next Observance:
…….. Janus: June 21, 2022 …. Sancus: December 21, 2022


International Boy-Love Day is a day of observance, taken part in by those who appreciate, support and celebrate loving relationships with boys. It is also a day of commemoration and reflection for many, focusing on the social plight of those who are naturally inclined to love boys.

This is a day of mutual dignity…a day of self awareness…a day of belonging.

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    Most of my online activity surrounding IBLD happens, anymore, as posts on Our Love Frontier. As such, it would be wrong of me to neglect inclusion of this link. Here you can scroll through any and all IBLD posts, which I have authored [and/or recorded] for Our Love Frontier. This will likely be the main venue of new IBLD content from me. I cannot guarantee whether or not individual posts will be included, or linked to, in any other section of this website. – Steve

  • International Boy-Love Day: For Those Who Do Not Know…

    Standing up for your own human dignity is never easy, when you are a scapegoat.

    Many people have been making extremely ugly accusations regarding IBLD, ever since it was first observed back in 1998. Certain people, through what I can only describe as their own personal sick fanaticism, have had the audacity to equate IBLD with things such as rape, violence, assault, kidnaping, child abuse…In short, they want you to believe that IBLD is for the purpose of celebrating, and making mainstream, some of the worst of violent criminal behavior.

    Those particular people are either ignorant to an extreme [this likely represents most], or they are acting with extreme personal malice.

    International Boy-Love Day is fundamentally about human respect and compassion. It focuses on relationships between males, where at least one participant is a boy [teen or younger]. The emphasis has generally been on intergenerational relationships, though there is no rule excluding same age, or minor with minor relationships. What is celebrated, is all things positive about a loving, uplifting and beneficial relationship.

    There is nothing…not now…not ever in the past…There is nothing about IBLD, that is tolerant of violence in any form.

    Perhaps with the exception of mourning the victims of physical, sexual, psychological, social and political violence…IBLD does not focus on the theme of violence, nor on violent acts…Perhaps we should put more emphasis, on commemorating the victims of these social ills in a more concrete manner…But IBLD is our day…our moment to step back, soak in and emphasize the positives.

    Why should we not have such a day?…What is so “offensive”, about a few days each year where we reflect upon the good in life?…And why “must” it be marred, with negative themes and hate from outsiders? There is no logical argument, which arrives at such a conclusion.

    If you do not understand the many personal reasons why we observe and celebrate IBLD, then ask us to explain…If you are dead set against accepting any of our explanations, then you were never willing to understand in the first place…and you should just leave us alone in peace. IBLD is not a day for fighting, and nobody is hurt in the act of its observation and customs.

    Is IBLD about sex?

    In one word…No.

    As described above, IBLD is about loving relationships…Whether or not any of these relationships might have a sexual component, is a private matter between their participants. People are not included or excluded, based upon who they have as a sexual companion, nor based upon whether they are sexually active.

    As one point of reference…I [Steve Diamond] have spent most of my life sexually celibate…Yet I have observed IBLD, every year since it began. I am not alone in this regard.

    Isn’t IBLD really all about pedophiles, and entirely pushed by them?

    So long as they come in the spirit of peace and love, all people of every age are embraced during IBLD fellowship. Children of all ages, are both welcome and safe. Anyone with the ability to articulate themselves, is welcome to express themselves and mold the events of IBLD.

    It is my opinion, that the voices of children and youth are most valuable…they should be welcome and treasured, alongside those voices of pedophiles and ephebophiles.

    Do we “pedophiles” carry the brunt of the work, in giving IBLD momentum? …Yes, I think we clearly do…There is nothing wrong with that…If it wasn’t for those affected, who have the means, stepping up and taking action, nothing would ever get done.

    A second part of this answer, deals with the fact that IBLD observance is unique to many of us…and it can include multiple topics.

    Again as a personal reference…IBLD has continually come to remind me, of the many BoyLovers who I have known and lost contact with…some have died…some are political hostages of the state…some have suffered many tribulations…some I just don’t know what has become of them…They have meant a tremendous deal to me, over my lifetime…and IBLD is a day when I reflect upon the memories, from within that hole their absence has left.

    …IBLD can be “about pedophiles”…It can be about BoyLovers of every stripe, just as it can be about children of every stripe…in any situation.

    This is our day…a day for scorned and cursed lovers, where the issues are those which mean something to us.

    IBLD is observed twice a year.

    I’ve personally longed to see a “World Boy-Love Day”, for many years…And it has often felt “wrong” to me, that the observance has effectively been splintered into two separate observations with the exact same name. It seems like disorganization, or overkill…or lack of imagination, since I am sure we could have developed numerous ways to uniquely employ both of these days [and others], by now.

    …I guess, this is why these days are not called “World Boy-Love Day”…They are only international…People from multiple nations, observe each day…but not people from all nations, observe each day…and these sets of nations are in different hemispheres, experiencing very different weather…Everybody wanted IBLD on a sunny day.

    Who can blame them?

    It still seems unfortunate to me, that both days have never attained any unique distinction, that would have made them more like two unique observations, appealing to all of us.

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