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………….A page to commemorate International BoyLove Day

Please Contribute:

No legitimate project can thrive, without the participation of diverse voices, viewpoints and opinions.

The EQF IBLD website was originally created back in 2009. It was never meant to be “the pulpit of Steve Diamond”…It was created for, and given to, the BoyLove community. My hope has always been, that others from the community would embrace this resource, make it their own…and turn it into a beautiful touchstone, for our community.

Mostly, content will be collected and shared through the IBLD Journal, “History in the Making”…But BoyLovers [and Loved Boys] are welcome to submit original content for other, or for entirely new, sections of this website [which you are welcome to suggest, or even create]. It is only asked that you keep your submission in the spirit and tone, already established by the EQF IBLD website…and only submit things which compliment, or build upon, what is already here…In other words, things which enhance IBLD and our expression of it.

Please use the form below [or catch me at BoyChat, or e-mail me], if you are so gracious, as to wish adding something of yourself to this IBLD website.

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