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………….A page to commemorate International BoyLove Day

IBLD Traditions:

International BoyLove Day is customarily observed in a more personal way, that is of significance to the individuals involved.

Some of the traditional things to do on IBLD:

  • Light one or more blue candles, in commemoration of your love for a special someone, to remember those we have lost during our struggle, to celebrate those who stand in defiance of oppression towards love, and as a symbol of unity against the war on love.
  • Spend time with those you love, including boys and boylovers. Have a gathering, or an outing.
  • Make a donation to your preferred charity, in commemoration of IBLD.
  • Distribute information with the positive and wonderful message of man/boy love.
  • It has also become something of a trend for some of us, to design and maintain websites dedicated to IBLD awareness, and education of the greater public, as to the meaning and significance of this day.
  • Also, those who are isolated, or not ready to take the step of “face to face” contact with other boylovers, typically turn to their online communities…which often hold festive, day long events, where you can socialise and a lot more people are there and active.

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