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MWF Roster:

Buddy Slam


Power Bob


Welcome to The Magnificent Wrestling Federation!

The most Magnificent in fake sports entertainment!

The MWF Network:

Shows and Events can be watched on the MWF Sub-Blog!

Meet the Roster:

The Governors Office (Stable – Heel):

Governor MoneYes:
Governor of the Internet (possibly un-ellected), his philosophy is that “All things are possible, with a lot of palm grease”…Governor MoneYes is credited with the establishment of the MWF…A peculiar incident which saw an entire 27 city blocks of the internet cleared out, to make way for the MWF Arena, as all 3,537 residents and business owners were “on vacation” at the very same time…all later committed to a psychiatric institution, for exhibiting the “mass hallucination” of having once lived there.

Commissioner Bliss Ransom:
A former television host, who revels in kicking other people while they are down and making a circus out of it for entertainment, Bliss was down on his luck until he got a call offering “the perfect job for him”…Commissioner of the MWF! Bliss hides behind his goons, but is contractually obligated to face anyone who defeats his goon squad in a series of matches.

The Twitter Creep:
Fink Rotten derives great enjoyment, by accusing and abusing random people over Twitter. A “better than thou” harasser, Fink has a penchant for insulting and spreading vicious lies…for no obvious reason.

Ring-a-Ling the dingaling is a self righteous sociopath, who has spent years phone stalking and trying to intimidate Steve Diamond.

Hellelujah! (Stable – Neutral):

Straight from Hell…Baphomet decided he could not pass up the opportunity, to be the MWF’s number one heel!…But then…the fans started to cheer him.

Haggas the Witch:
The right hand general of Baphomet [aka “The Devil”], Haggas is a formidable opponent.

Hell Skull:
Summoned by Haggas, Hell Skull is a lowly demon doing the bidding of Baphomet and Haggas.

The NeverEnding Orgy (Stable – BabyFace):

Childlike Empress:
aka Moon Child, the Empress and her companions kept running away from The Nothing, until they arrived at something…that being the MWF Arena!…

Atreyu was accompanying Moon Child, and Sebastian Oliver.

Sebastian Oliver:
Sebastian Oliver guided Atreyu and Moon Child out into the real world…Where they became very good wrestlers, from all the hot n steamy wrestling they began doing with each other…daily…three or four times…each day…

The U.N. (Uneducated Nitwits – Stable – Heel):

U.N. Chairman Moo (The Sacred Cow):
Chairman Moo is head of the U.N. office, located in the MWF Arena. Moo believes he is “the anointed protector of all things innocent, vulnerable and good”…and he rarely misses a chance to let it be known.

Buddy Slam:
An old, wily veteran, Buddy rarely wins a match…but sure knows how to stand in judgement of others.

Wildabeast…a would be “enforcer” for the U.N…she’s largely just there, because the U.N. was so hard up for members.

Power Bob:
Bob Power is an aspiring rookie, who got signed as a jobber…and was quickly taken under the hooves of Chairman Moo.

The BabyFaces:

As it happens…our MWF Arena was built over the crypt of this legendary BoyLove Vampyre…Discovering all the cute, hot and sexy boys attracted to our arena, Viamund said it was okay…so long as he could write haiku’s about the thousands of boys in attendance…and compete for the MWF Championship Belt.

The original celebrity Loved Boy…He turned his back on Zeus, when Viamund won his hand at IBLD!

Cyborg Boy:
Likely from another planet, Cyborg Boy was purchased by Steve Diamond from a pawn shop. In addition to being a sex robot, he’s also a phenomenal wrestler! Who’d have thought?!

Steve Diamond:
After years of setting on his ass, writing and blogging, this embodiment of love and awesomeness decided to step into the squared circle…and mostly get thrashed…Ouch!…

Teddy Love:
The chosen alter boy of Pope Francis, Teddy has arrived at the MWF to help spread the good word…some have speculated, that word being “sex”…but we must not gossip!

Pope Francis:
At eighty some years old, Pope Francis isn’t much of a wrestler…but he had to take a pilgrimage from the Vatican, in order to bless the MWF Arena. He decided to stay, in order to fight the forces of hell…and because we have the most scrumptious root beer floats at our concessions stand…We suspect he’s mostly staying for the floats.

Part of our foreign roster, Loli-Con was born on March 18th, 2019. A living piece of Japanese art! Some complain that Loli “flaunts too much”, for her age.

Shota-Con is the loving, pink clad, “twin” brother of Loli. The two have arrived at the MWF, to win Tag Team Gold!

The Heels:

The god who loved Ganymede…

Fat Fabio:
He couldn’t believe it was butter…So, he just kept eating more and more…and more and more…and more and more…Being aged and obese, Fabio had to bitterly take the first “celebrity” job opportunity that came along…Welcome to the MWF, Fat Fabio!

Many people believe that Pan is supposed to be Satan…But rumor has it, Baphomet married a goat [which is entirely legal, in Hell], but abandoned their offspring…Pan, believing his father has come to the MWF, has arrived to win the approval and acceptance of his father…or, get revenge…Who can say?


Pedo Bear:
Assumed to be an escaped circus bear…this animal has a thing for inappropriately grabbing people!…He walked through MWF headquarters door, refusing to leave…So, being short on talent, we signed him to a contract!

Peter Pan:
The boy who never grew up, somehow arrived at the MWF…Caught stealing hot dogs and cotton candy from our concessions stand…we put him to work, to pay off his debt!

Dick N’Balls:
Born this way, and known legally as Dick Nester Balls [Dick N. Balls]…Dick’s life has always been very hard…But this does not stop Dick from getting up to all sorts of ambition! Dick has come to the MWF, to conquest all challengers!

If he only had a brain, he might be able to tell us how he got out of OZ…and why he doesn’t really resemble himself, so much…Hmmmm…

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The Shows:

MWF Midnight Zone

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NPPVs [No Payments Per View!]:

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The Champions Ledger:

Magnificent World Champion

Pedo Bear
April 05, 2019

Teddy Love
April 25, 2019

Pedo Bear
May 04, 2019

Magnificent World Tag Champions

Loli-Con & Shota-Con
April 25, 2019

Glorious Lightweight Champion

Teddy Love
June 16, 2019

Prime Time Champion

Fat Fabio
June 10, 2019

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