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Welcome to the MAP Educational Center.

The MAP Educational Center exists to educate the general public, on matters concerning Minor Attracted People [MAPs].

What is a MAP?:

MAP stands for Minor Attracted People [or Minor Attracted Person]. This means it is used to reference people, who are attracted to other people deemed legal minors.

Sub Categories of MAP:

A MAP can be one, or more, of the following…

a) Nepiophile: Attracted to infants and toddlers.

b) Pedophile: Attracted to older, but still small children.

c) Hebephile: Attracted to children entering and going through puberty.

d) Ephebophile: Attracted to teenagers past puberty.

Is this a sexual orientation?:


From what we know about this subject, it is the natural sexual orientation of a MAP.

MAPs can also be attracted to other adults:

MAPs can also have attractions which are considered mainstream. This includes common heterosexuality, with an age mate.

Many MAPs get married, and even raise a family.

A MAP can also be a Pansexual…meaning they are attracted to all other humans, including the elderly [of which the proper term is Gerontophile].

Is it against the law to be a MAP?:


As being a MAP is a biological phenomena, this makes the base status a simple state of being…not an action.

Are MAPs of good moral character?:

Often, yes.

Sexual orientation is not an indicator of moral character. People are sexually oriented towards all manner of things…yet they typically manage to direct their attraction, in a socially responsible direction.

What does the research say?:

We don’t have deep, vast research to draw upon. Being a MAP is socially taboo, in most places. It is very difficult to assemble groups of MAPs, and conduct research.

What studies do exist are commonly skewed, because they only have cases involving institutionalized MAPs to draw upon. This means they will normally be centered upon extreme cases.

We have been working for many years, to change this state of affairs.

Can MAPs control their sexual urges?:

Humans can live a sexually celibate life. This has been done openly, for thousands of years…specifically amongst monks, and other religious people.

Not all MAPs are in circumstances, where it best serves them to live a celibate life. Some MAPs can find good sexual companionship with other adults.

Some MAPs cannot find adequate sexual companionship of a legal nature…These MAPs are commonly celibate.

Does this make them a “ticking time bomb”?

Many people don’t understand the social pressures a MAP lives under…nor that MAPs are typically of good intelligence and sound judgment. MAPs will generally know that treading into illegal activity is perilous, regardless of the reasons behind this.

MAPs will commonly forgo sexual relations, out of both a concern for children [and youth], and a sense of personal self preservation.

We do know that many MAPs are sexually celibate, and they get along in life without violently attacking anybody.

What is illegal in relations to this orientation:

a) Physical contact with the genitals, pubic area, breasts, anus or other body part of a legal minor, for the purpose of sexual gratification.

b) Allowing a legal minor to come into contact with one’s own genitals, anus or other body part, for the purpose of sexual gratification.

c) Producing, trading, purchasing or possessing anything that falls under the umbrella of “child pornography”.

d) Propositioning a legal minor for sexual relations, or having cyber sex with a legal minor.

Different jurisdictions have a wider ranging definition of “child pornography”, than others. For example…Canada criminalizes the publication and trading of written fiction, concerning minors having sex [though you can legally write it, and keep it to yourself]. Most western jurisdictions are not this severe.

In addition, the UK criminalizes what it refers to as “indecent images”…effectively criminalizing simple nude pictures of children, which have no sexual connotations.

Can sexual relations between a MAP and a Minor work?:

There is much anecdotal evidence, that it can.

There is much historical evidence, that it can.

Given enough latitude for research, we might once again establish that it’s entirely possible…even in the modern world.

At present…most cultures are overwhelmed with a sense of fear, surrounding these types of relationships.

This appears to be based on a variety of influences, including religion, health scares, a predetermined social model of “how to live life properly”, and panics based upon rare and extreme cases of child abduction, child rape and child murder.

Aren’t these fears warranted?:

Given what we know about statistical dangers to children and youth, it is unreasonable to alter one’s life [and that of one’s children], based upon the phobia of child abduction, child rape and child murder.

These simply are not a statistically credible threat to children and youth.

Given how the human and social mind works…it is understandable why so many people think and behave the way they do, considering how little clear information is available to them.

Nearly everyone cares about their children…and they should.

The balance comes in learning to understand, what the credible dangers to children and youth are…as well as what they are not.

Are all MAPs adults?:

MAPs come from all age demographics, perhaps with the singular exception of infants [because of their lack of ability and cognition].

Children and teens can be MAPs.

As the participants are legal minors, child with child sexual experiences [especially when enjoyed, desired and repeated], can be recognized as a sub-category of MAP.

The same holds true for teenagers…with the very awkward exception, that if they are only attracted to other teenagers who are eighteen or nineteen years old, and no other teenagers seventeen years old or below, then they would not be considered a MAP.

“Minor” is a legal terminology, and MAP is based off of that rigid model, in regards to where the line of age is drawn. If you are sexually attracted to anyone who falls within the category of legal minor…then you are a MAP, whether you want to be or not.

Do many MAPs understand or accept themselves?:

This is complex to answer.

Unknown numbers of people are MAPs, by virtue of the fact that they privately hold these attractions for having sexual relations with minors.

Many will recognize that they have these attractions…but they won’t cognitively equate themselves with being a MAP, because they’ve not outwardly committed themselves to being part of this demographic.

There is also the internalized stigma at play…and many MAPs disassociate themselves from what is going on in their own minds, because they still possess plausible deniability to the outside world.

Other MAPs attain greater self awareness, and a cognitive sense of the world around them, by virtue of their past life experiences, and deeper searching and study. This often leads them to a place of self acceptance, on some level.

Most MAPs who live in a culture hostile towards them, struggle with self acceptance [and other] issues, for a substantial portion of their lives. In some cases, it can last a lifetime. This has been known to cause psychological and health problems, for some MAPs.

What issues do MAPs face?:

The issues are wide ranging, but here are a few examples…

Social expectations to get married and raise children, when you are not attracted to the opposite sex or adults, is a recipe for disaster.

Most social models are not designed, to take into account the very real needs of MAPs…and most especially, exclusive MAPs.

The dangers for a MAP in seeking, or attempting to build, a social support structure for people like themselves, are a major problem.

Isolation and ostracizing, also cause serious social, psychological and health problems for MAPs.

Regarding religion, health scares and social models:

It is, of course, of no small consequence to be ostracized from one’s community, to contract a bad sexually transmitted disease…or to be forced to live a life, feeling that “you don’t belong”…or “there is something wrong about you”…

It would be wrong not to acknowledge this.

It is at present, an especially harsh and inhumane time in human history…to be either a MAP, or a sexually active child or youth…because they never openly, freely get what they need and desire…and they are always made to feel diminished, shamed and punished, over seeking what only comes naturally to them.

Being a sexual being, is not an age trait…it is a human trait…an animal trait, if you will. It is in our biology to behave this way, even while we are still young…because this is exactly the animal, that the human being is.

Sometimes we have to learn, that living and growing stronger consists of allowing ourselves [and others] to engage with situations, people and activities…that aren’t always 100% safe in every way imaginable.

For whatever good intentions may be behind religion, health scares and social models…It’s important to understand and acknowledge, how they have also held us back and harmed us.

If we ever learn to accept the entirety of our collective humanity…the day will come when we learn to keep these fears and pressures, in a healthy social framework…Meaning, we do not let them dictate what is most important in life.

Thank you for visiting the MAP Educational Center. Comments and feedback may be submitted below.

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