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This museum is dedicated to the history of Our Love Frontier.

An Intro to Our Love Frontier:

“Our Love Frontier” was first opened up, in mid 2008, on Baywords.com.

For six to eight months, scantly little was posted…only four or five brief posts were made.

It took me a while, to really get back into blogging again…but, with this blog, I made a shift in focus and style, from my previous blogs [In Self Defense…Project CELIBATE, etc.]…

I finally started leaning a lot more heavily towards atheist issues…and I returned to the practice, of writing in response to other people [as opposed to the spontaneous, completely personal writing, of “In Self Defense”]…

I’m glad for this, because it opened up the door, to so much more…and it expands the mind.

Somewhere in 2009, Baywords went down, and stayed down…leaving me looking for a new home…And Our Love Frontier was reborn, on Blog.com [a service which, seemingly, does not exist anymore].

Our Love Frontier thrived happily there, and really started it’s expansion into the “universe” of projects that it is today.

Sadly, after two [maybe three] years of productive blogging, this was also the incarnation of Our Love Frontier, to be callously censored…Leaving me in limbo for many months, and eventually striking off for a new home.

In 2013, the WordPress.com incarnation of Our Love Frontier came into being…And this blog has never been more full of life, and purpose driven.

For most of a decade, Our Love Frontier has served those with the capacity to think and comprehend, and those who wish to make the world a better, more humane place.

– Steve Diamond

The Archives:

There are presently four archives for Our Love Frontier, three of which embody the three eras of this blogs existence. The fourth gives home to content, which was not originally produced for Our Love Frontier. These archives are as follows…

Baywords Archive

Blog.com Archive

WordPress Archive

Diamond Vault Archive

There is also the BlogSpot Archive, but this is an Archive for the original “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of an Atheist BoyLover”, “The Expressions Forum” and “Project C.E.L.I.B.A.T.E.”, which predates Our Love Frontier.


Graphics have been an important element to Our Love Frontier, as they give a certain life and ambience to the blog.

This is Our Love Frontier’s very first header.

Baywords was very slim in options…So, I only had a tiny header, for the small space it was given.

Various blog headers have been retired, and a wing of this museum has been built, to give these headers a home. You may visit that wing by clicking here


100 Post Months:


…………A 100 Post Month!


There is a small celebration, of sorts, which happens at the end of every month hitting a minimum of 100 posts. The Phoenix comes out to remind us all, that no matter what has happened to us…no matter what will happen to us…we will always rise again…This decision is in our hands…not those of our oppressors.

The accompanying music is Exodus…And serves to remind us, that we have left all fear and submission to our oppressors behind.

Be sure to check out the Introduction to the Sub-Blogs website.

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