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If you’ve not yet watched my Twitter Bulletin for May 24, 2015…please do so. It’s hardly exhaustive in information I’d like you to know…but it is a decent starting point.

Of course, I blog about far more than sexual minority issues [which honestly takes a back seat to all sorts of content here]…but this is a delicate issue about me, which I wanted to finally address.


Are you offended and inclined to get uncivil with me?…I’d like to share some experiences and thoughts with you, that will, hopefully, give you a broader respect and appreciation, not just for what I stand for and do…but for the abuse, threats and vitriol people like myself [including myself, many times over] face on a chronic basis…spanning years, and even decades…yet we persevere, because we fight for things which are important and vital. This page linked is focused on these same, historic behaviors of abuse and aggression, which I’ve seen manifesting on Twitter…but they are encountered, all over the internet.


I support and promote the #talkwithpedophiles project, on Twitter.

Also Note:

Do not follow me, if you engage in illegal activity. I report “child porn”, and accounts that post it.

Fake MAP accounts are not welcome in my sphere of companionship.

“Child Porn” Report Form

Main Statement:

My name is Steve Diamond…and I just thought I’d explain a few things, regarding my blogging activity and how I use Twitter.

Of course, Twitter provides me with an additional place to touch base with my readers, online…which is always useful, and sometimes critical, when you’ve got a thriving resource [or several] to maintain.

Twitter is also one source of information for me, and a venue to keep up with what friends [and others who are like me] have been up to.

My use of Twitter is entirely, and intentionally, legal and ethical beyond question…My behavior on Twitter, is akin to that of almost anybody else…I seek and share information, thoughts and opinions…The only demographic I am decidedly unlike, is the trolls. I have a standard of behavior to maintain…and a personal disdain for intentional trouble causers.

My blogging activity is a hodgepodge, of publishing [sometimes re-publishing] a very large library of personal content I have written, composed, recorded and created, over the last fifteen plus years…and publishing information which I have collected over the years, such as links to articles, studies, various media…At least once a month, I try to publish something entirely new…

…My blog, is my “scrapbook” of stuff, which I wish to share with the world…It really is just that simple…and services have not always been kind or understanding towards me, over the years…so I have had to [and still have to] repost a lot of content, more than once…I am currently [and for the foreseeable future] rebuilding my “scrapbook” of stuff…

If you found me on Twitter, and you follow me on Twitter…you may have noticed that a lot of my tweets link back to stuff, which I wrote years ago…

…This is because I want Twitter to highlight almost all of my posts, as I publish them…Much of my old content, which has not been online for years, can stand to get a bit of advertisement, letting people know about it…Much of it is still relevant, to the issues we face today.

I use Twitter at my blog, to help point readers in the direction of these newly republished posts…Because I back date them, so that they show up in relatively the same order that they did, on previous blogs [or websites]…

So, that is what is going on, when you see links to content from 2006, etc…I hope this does not annoy my Twitter subscribers…I know my writing can sometimes be long and taxing, but I have always striven to bring valuable content, and true human passion, to the projects I engage in…and I hope this has come through clearly.

In close…I am overjoyed to have you as a subscriber and reader…I hope you enjoy and benefit from, what you find at my blog.

The main blog can be accessed by clicking the link below, or the banner at the very top of this page…or by visiting http://ourlovefrontier.com which will always redirect you to my current blog.

Thank you for stopping by…If you have any questions, I have an easy to find contact page…I encourage you to visit my welcome page…and many of the links on the left, below “About Steve Diamond”, go into detail about myself and a number of my various stances and intentions…It’s like a quick primer, in getting to know me and what I am about…Though I know you could spend a lot of time, if you intend to read through it all.

Happy exploring! 🙂

All the best…

– Steve Diamond

Please Note:

Every now and then, people send me a private message through Twitter. I am unable to respond, however, because Twitter does not allow users to send private messages to people who are not following them. If you anticipate a response from me, then you need to follow me.

Second…I do not follow “tinyURLs”, sent to me by people I am unfamiliar with. I need to know where I am going, who is sending me and why, before I click on any URL. To those who intend on attacking me with a malicious virus…don’t bother.