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Mission Statement:
TAP-Net exists for the purpose of raising awareness, to the many threats and perils facing pedosexual individuals today. TAP-Net is here to educate and warn pedosexuals, so that it may help keep them safe.




This is not a resource to discuss how things should be in the world…This is a resource to warn the unaware, of the real perils which are out there, looking or waiting for “you” to show up.

People often get hurt very seriously, through reckless behavior…and it is infinitely worse out there, for pedosexuals…A lot of people are out there, looking for absolutely any excuse to do you wrong…Some of them have the muscle of the legal system behind them…Some of them are criminal hoodlums, who can wreak extreme havoc over your life.

The goal of this resource, is to give pedosexuals [new to the internet, or not] a brief guide to the dangers of life online, which are uniquely focused towards us. It is hoped that through greater awareness, and through encouraging smart personal behavior, some amount of people can be spared from a bad fate.

Your first line of defense, is always your personal choice of behavior. When you choose poorly, you have already surrendered.

It is time to take seriously the dangers we face online and in the world, as an unprotected sexual minority. This resource has been created, in order to present a stark look at what is happening to real people “like us” [who share our sexual orientations].

This resource is not here to act as a mere cautionary tale…But I am imploring you, not to behave foolishly. Understand, there are very real, severe threats against us…The people who got caught up in the traps highlighted here, have learned this the extremely hard way. Don’t just think of them as a nameless face, or a dumb schmuck who is nothing like yourself…

We all share the same fate, regarding our sexuality and the world around us…But by the grace of lucky fate…any of us could have been these naïve individuals, especially when we first came online [as untold numbers of us have done for years, and continue to do].

If you are new to the internet, then educate yourself…and determine that you will not be a victim of these entrapments, because you’ve sworn off ever seeking out these kinds of things. It is hard to deny ourselves…but it is infinitely harder, living under constant personal threat.

If you are someone who has been around for some time, and you engage in these types of activities [with illegal partners]…I beg of you, to value your own life enough to step back and see the larger picture. No, it is not right…all that we are expected to live without…But if you go down to this sort of thing…then you will be living without so much more.

This world needs you, not to be rotting in a prison cell…but to help build a better way into the future…


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Relevant cases and news in recent history.

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Official Invitation:

To those with experience and knowledge, your insight is both valued and wanted. If you believe something is missing and needs to be on this website, by all means, please contribute such content to this website. Original articles on issues relevant to Pedosexual safety are welcome, but so are useful links to good websites, and even checklists and brief notes regarding personal advice. Please share your experience, with the rest of us.


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