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What follows are the CLogo historical Documents, which were part of the original CLogo website.

No contact information, nor offers, should be presumed active.

The Official Introduction:

THE CLOGO – official introduction

“Child-Adult Relationships? Support Lovers’ Rights!”

With this letter we officially introduce the CLogo to all those who are currently involved in discussions about child-adult relationships on on-line forums and mailing lists.

April 9, 2002

Hello to all,

Most of you will be familiar with the BLogo; the boy love logo. It consists of two connected blue triangles; the outer one symbolizing a man or an older boy, and the inner one a (younger) boy. It has been in use for years among men, older boys and young boys, mainly as a means to silently communicate to other men and boys what they stand for. The logo creates a sense of togetherness as an answer to societal oppression.

Unfortunately, this sign of solidarity has its drawbacks. Men who feel mainly attracted to girls have little use of the BLogo. And women, even when they are attracted to boys, can hardly identify with the outer blue triangle. The logo thus causes a split among a minority that is vulnerable enough as it is. Other reservations about the BLogo involve the question of whether the inner triangle does not convey a lack of freedom, and the question whether the crucial role of love comes sufficiently to the fore.

Late June 2001 saw the design of a logo that may be used by everybody: the CLogo. It shows a butterfly symbolizing the search of men, boys, women and girls for more freedom. It also reminds us of our vulnerability. The logo may be used by male and female boy lovers, girl lovers and child lovers: in fact, by anyone who recognizes and supports what we stand for.

We believe, on the basis of experience and documented experience, that erotic and sexual relations between adults and children can be healthy and wonderful so long as they are voluntary and respectful – and that these relations ought to be accepted.

The CLogo has been registered with the Benelux Trademarks Office. A vectorized version (compiled using formulas and scalable vectors) of the logo is available, as well as buttons and stickers digitally printed on adhesive vinyl. The stickers and buttons are distributed free of charge to anyone who is interested.

More information about the CLogo can be found on: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ndejonge/CLogo/ [Dead Link]

With kind regards,

The CLogo Team

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The Four Proposed Guidelines:

The CLogo is a ‘butterfly hearts logo’ which is used by many to show their solidarity with the four proposed guidelines for physical intimacy in friendships between children and adults. The logo has been registered with the Benelux Trademarks Office since 15 February, 2002.

1. consent of both child and adult,
2. openness towards the parents of the child,
3. freedom for the child to withdraw from the relationship at any moment,
4. harmony with the child’s development.

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CLogo – ABOUT:

last update: 2002-04-20
This page is intended to address questions that the CLogo Team are asked repeatedly. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, e-mail us your question. We’ll try our best to get you an answer, and if it’s a question we’ve seen before, we’ll consider adding it to this page.

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CLogo Pamphlet:

Printable Pamphlet [PDF – English]


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Unfortunately, several sections of the CLogo website did not get archived.

These include:

1) Child Love TV – A video series.
2) Archives Overview
3) Pedophile’s Quest – A 3rd-person 2D adventure game for GNU/Linux.
4) Support of Activism

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