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May 17, 2016:

This project is currently shelved…But as you can probably tell from looking at this page, I have played with the idea of bringing it back. I was going to reboot this podcast, with a new personality [re: the “Show Host” link]…This probably wont happen, however.

This was an alternate plan, while exploring the “Our Love Frontier Podcast”…[in addition, I was also thinking of bringing Steve-D’s Midnight Zone back, as a more personal podcast]…I was only going to do one of these [potentially two, if I kept them short, and got the process down to a tight formula…It would have been interesting, to have done alternate styles of podcast]…I walked away from these projects a year or so back, due to deteriorating health issues.

…I may still take a stab at this, at a later time…but it’s difficult…I should have been doing this years ago.

One of my biggest regrets, is that I never evolved and refined this project.

– Steve Diamond


Show Pilot: January 20, 2008

A bit about this file, and it’s content:

The Culture Shock Podcast: Episode 01 from January 20th, 2008.

This was the pilot episode of “EQ Audios Culture Shock Podcast”, and remains the sole episode, produced and released. It was more an experiment in “what can be done”, than a commitment to move forward with this style of a show.

Like so many of my other projects, I sometimes refer to this as a “prototype”, because I was [and still am, in some regards] feeling my way around, and trying to discover what works best for me…and the audience, also [of course].

It got fairly good response, but it was only released on YouTube, and through a few other, obscure places online.

I mostly just wanted to produce an example show, and exhibit my potential…to get some feedback, and find out whether there was any interest in this kind of production.

The subject matter, is what seemed to be an obvious road to go down, at the time this was recorded. The big Blogspot fiasco was several months in the past, and some jerk on YouTube was flaunting and taunting, the fact that a lot of us got screwed over by Blogspot. They even created a taunting video, defacing the blogs of several different people [two of the blogs featured, were my own]…So, naturally, this became a de facto response to that, contemptuous video…

Of course, the gutless wonder I attached this as a response to, never had the bare bones decency [or integrity], to approve this response…So, most people who watched their tripe, never got to learn the true history, behind what was going on…and, they just continued to lie to people, making up whatever they liked along the way.

Given the very long amount of time, in which they could have approved…it became obvious, they could not deal with having to actually answer for anything they had done…and, they just refused to acknowledge it.

Cannot take the heat, when exposed to truth, apparently…which is not surprising, at all.

No matter…I hope you enjoy listening to this modest production…and feel free to let me know what you think of it.

All the best…
Steve Diamond

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