[Page] The Fear, Threat and Attack Files



This is an archive of the more insane, nasty and vicious comments I’ve received over the years, on this blog, on Twitter and through other venues of communication. These are people who deem themselves “better than me”.

If you’d like to leave a comment about anything you see below, please do so Here…Alternatively, you may also leave your comment at The Idiot Zoo.

* Some inclusions here were made during exchanges which in some way involved myself, though the person behind the comment may not have responded directly to me. If it shows up in my notifications [Twitter, or otherwise], in relations to expressions [threats, etc.] which somehow involve me…then it counts for inclusion here.


Our Love Frontier:

“Pedophiles you are the most ungrateful, cowardly and miserable beings on earth, I hate you all, and I wish painful things happen to all of you.”
April 14, 2017

“You guys are a bunch of worthless obsolete juggle clowns you should shut this website down or suffer the consequences”
April 25, 2017

“Sex-hostility and immorality. Yeah. They rape children. If you talk to one of you pedophile friends as a underaged commentator, he’ll say that, when it comes to porn (which he tells you is likely going to happen to you if youre minor,) they, “not leave young girls alone… usually.” Usually. As in not always. As in they sometimes FUCK LITTLE GIRLS.

I don’t care if everything else they touch turns into rainbow fucking sprinkles, I don’t care if being a anti-pedophile is literally Hitler, that is not acceptable.”
February 19, 2017

“What a dick face that has the sissy kid in the drawing.

Homosexuality is a mental illness, this scientifically proven, homosexuals are promiscuous, traitors and violent by nature, given to outbursts and hysteria, unable to have a stable partner except filthy lesbians who adopt and traumatize children, let’s admit that homosexuals are an error of nature, sexuality is not changing, it is the same for all, and healthy people are heterosexual, they do what Nature tells them to marry and procreate. Lesbians and fagots can not marry, yours is a pantomime, and to adopt children? thank you for killing our children with your fag madness, homos can not have children, homosexuality is a mistake, and their illness should and will be cured.”
January 24, 2017

Linked due to length
January 24, 2017

This insane bozo invented a story, insinuating that I murdered a ten year old boy, that I’m part of a child porn pedophile ring, and other such nonsense…They threaten to contact my family, the police and the prosecutor [of my alleged case, which has never existed]. They left almost entirely the same comment on another MAPs blog, no more than a week later…Only, he “murdered a teenage girl”. – Steve

Addendum: They did it a second time, during October 2017…It went straight into the trash. 🙂

“LGTB+ has nothing with P perverts. As for Clive, of Heart Progress…since I now know what he looks like, I’ll be spreading his picture to every group, social media platform and to the Copenhagen authorities.

There are many more that I have information on as well as places of work and for some their residences. I’ll find you out as well. Because like I keep telling people, the Internet is one of the easiest things to use.”

“Fuck you, you deserve to die.

America was on the wrong side in WW2. People like you would have been thrown in the gas chambers as well. Fucking subhuman.

“We’re just an oppressed minority.” For a fucking good reason. There’s a reason most of humanity winces at the thought of pedophilia. It’s not cause we were taught that it’s bad. It’s cause we inherently know it’s bad. Why? What the fuck is the golden rule?

Open your fucking wrists on live television so I can enjoy watching your blood poor onto the floor as another subhuman is cleansed from this Earth.”
June 08, 2017

Charles Martines
“Well,above all I wanted to say that all those who insult you are all cool people and you an asshole.”
June 23, 2017

“You people are unreal! Any time you have to remain anonymous your involved with something immoral! You are the people mothers go nuts protecting their children from! You and people like you, so mentally ill that you rally for rights like the LGBTQ freaks all want. I knew 20 years ago this agenda would be the entry point for more sinister acts and I was absolutely correct! God help us all especially our children if people like you are declared legally allowed to take our children sexually! What kind of a world will be left for them? I can finally imagine what hell looks like and it’s a terrifying image! God help us!”
July 08, 2017

Concerned American
“In a fascism, pedophiles would be castrated, brutally tortured and executed. Let Fascism return!”
July 11, 2017

Worst enemy

“Tick tock

Expect a visit from guys with badges. And not bobbies.



They placed “yourworldisabouttochange” in the URL box.
– Steve Diamond

December 25, 2017


“Funny how you say you’re against illegal activity, isn’t pedo sexuality considered illeagal? How does a child who’s brain hasn’t fully been developed and still doesn’t know how to make decisions like an adult be subject to this? No child should ever have to suffer like this. This is sick and twisted. And who ever ingages in pedo sexuality will be found and reported to the police.”

January 19, 2018

My Response – Steve

Vlad the Impaler

“I was watching a documentary in Discorey Channel about Vlad the Impaler and they said that the impalement was used against pedophiles and robbers at that time.

I think that documentary was making unveiled advocacy for impaling living pedophiles through the anus. I also believe that we must never give up good habits. Get the Vaseline ready. I’m going to carve a stick with a sharp point that bears your name… extra pain for pedos like you haha.”

January 26, 2018


“He’s only 17! she’s just a kid.

Seriously dude, you don’t deserve a place on this planet. Just go die and leave a space for someone who isn’t fucking worthless. You don’t deserve human companionship. Youre an entitled, spoiled little brat. You’re a piece of shit. You should have been an abortion. I feel sorry for your parents being stuck with a failure like you.”

January 27, 2018

This is “Dereck Mench”…who decided to change their name, for this rather nasty, abusive comment. – Steve

Dirty Harry

“You deserve a shot in the mouth with a Magnum and fill the wall with your sick, child corrupting brain.”

February 03, 2018

Chuck Boris

“Sometimes witch-hunts are a good thing. Especially when pathetic pedo loosers like you are still alive and advocating hurting children and women bc you cant get laid. You´re a pathetic piece of shit. Wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire.”

February 05, 2018


“You are a worthless subhuman. I fantasize about pissing on your dismembered corpse daily.”

February 05, 2018


“It makes you feel better your atheism, as if it were a seal of quality, but you’re nothing but a pedantic fool. You’re a spineless worm.”

February 07, 2018

On the contrary…My atheism is quite sobering…But I would not trade coming out of the fog into clarity, for anything. – Steve


“You left-wing shithead, you’re organic waste.

You…..find a person that it’s just a ten year old boy……sexy?

God, I hope you are a registered sex offender and not one of the ones who hasn’t been caught yet.”

February 08, 2018

I am entirely free…and always will remain so, thank you. – Steve

Lis Beth

“I am a Vampire high school girl and I can spot a chimo like you before he gets the chance to do harm.”

February 12, 2018

…because nothing is complete, without the projections of “a Vampire high school girl”… – Steve


“Sexual activity is addictive and should be prohibited in any form under the age of 18.”

February 12, 2017

Julius needs explained to him, the difference between a sex drive and a sexual addiction…They are not the same thing. – Steve


“This way all pedophiles must be executed, until they bleed through all the holes. Offenders or not, I don’t care.”

March 13, 2018

Anonymous Deatheaters



March 13, 2018

Well, that’s all so terribly interesting…liar…

…What a pathetic snowflake. – Steve


“99.99% of child rapists are pedophiles.
95% of child murderers are pedophiles.
30% of pedophiles would rape children if there were no criminal consequences.

But I am very unfair because I generalize.

PS: And of those 5% of non-pedophiles murderers, it was found that more than half killed in self-defense.”

Click Here For Response

March 15, 2018

POTUS Donald Trump

“The Supreme Court of the United States is hereby commanded to try Steve Diamond for Sick Paedophilia against of our Federal authority and prerogatives, and if found guilty, behead him or send him here to black the President’s boots.”

Since this is coming from Los Angeles, California, via Sharktech.net…I’m guessing this is an imposter. – Steve

March 17, 2018


“Every pedophile deserves the following:

Tie him to a stick.

To be quartered alive and conscious.

Finish the job with decapitation or removal of a vital organ.”

March 18, 2018


“You’re the gay famous for saying it’s normal to fuck 16- or 17-year-olds?

First, they’re only 17. Sick.

Second, dude, those of 17 look like adults but they are not, they are children, you sick fuck, that’s why people ask for their ID to check if he or she is over 18 because normal men do not try to sleep with a minor. which is, in addition to a crime, is disgusting.”

Caroline is so concerned, about IDs and age barriers. – Steve

March 21, 2018


“On April 1, I’m going to beat Steve Diamond to death with a blunt instrument! I’m totally going to kill him!
I won’t get caught, because the American police are incompetent and hates pedos!
Go to hell! Dirty Steve! Die! You idiot!”

March 31, 2018


ISP: NForce Entertainment B.V.
Country: Netherlands
Time Zone: Europe/Amsterdam
Operating System: Android 7.1.2
Browser: Chrome 64.0.3282.137

The Mighty V

“Whatever you say, pedophile.

Sex crimes are always violent because they violate the victim’s psyche and their personal autonomy. The emotional and psychological damage is worse than the physical damage. Good luck getting through life without a soul.

Statutory rape is an abuse of power. And although it is consentual it is illegal for a reason. There has to be a cut off line and that line is adulthood. It’s why we don’t let minors vote, drink alcohol, join the armed forces, enter contracts, etc. Don’t be so obtuse”

April 01, 2018

Ah!…I see you are a member of the Cult of Crotch Politics. – Steve

To the Idiot Zoo with you!


“Pederasty, pedophilia and any kind of abuse of a child is the basis of the jewish talmud, the desire to normalize this aberration is the ultimate goal of these subhuman excrements.

For this we are the real fathers and mothers who love our children, not those women who have simply pulled them out between their legs and say they call themselves mothers.


Or those men who think that parenting is giving their child 20 euros every now and then when it’s their turn to spend the weekend with them and run.

I said, protect your families.”

June 26, 2018

An anti-Semite has spoken! – Steve

Oy vey
“You are good Goyim…. Steve Diamond knows!

“Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal.” – Talmud, Sanhedrim 59a
“Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.” – Talmud, Abodah Zara 26a
“When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.” – Talmud, Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D
“A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated” – Talmud, Aboda Sarah 37a
“Show no mercy to the Goyim.” – Talmud, Hilkkoth Akum X1”

June 27, 2018

“You didn’t justify shit. You can’t ask a child to accept an invitation like this when they’re too young to fully grasp it. Fucking sicko.”
July 11, 2018

“Dude you are so disgusting. It has nothing to do with Christian ideals, I just don’t want you fucking my children who can’t even understand algebra. Children are exposed to sex through sex education and experiences they have with one another.

I was abused as a child and most children approached by an adult are too fearful and don’t feel right to stop the abuse. You’re taking advantage of innocents.”
July 11, 2018

Ah!…The innocence fallacy…and a purveyor of sexual segregation…because dominating, ultra strict and cruel social structures, imposed with an iron fist, work out so, so “lovely” for society…


“People like you bring shame to the Anti-establishment and Atheist cause – I, and many others, believe and want to show the world that the average Anti-establishment and Atheist is an ethical person, who puts the children well-being and needs first. Your paedophile agenda has offered you a route by which you can legally fuck a child, but at the price of the child being treated as livestock, and you have not been able to resist that offer – you are eager to throw the well-being and rights of the child under the bus so that you can drain your spuds. You have not so much as lost your moral compass, as deliberately thrown it into the mud, stamped on it, pulled up your burnous and voided a copious flow of foul-smelling paedophiella all over the shards and fragments that remain of it.”

November 2, 2017

Linked due to length.

…If you cannot tell from the taste already given…this one truly gets paranoid and insane…Threatens to make a “NAMBLA expose video”…based on John Podesta and “Pizzagate”…

…I’m still waiting to be sent the link to that, as the invitation is still open.

I was really quite nice, decent and supportive of this person, for well over a year…and I got slapped in the face, for it.

It’s strange, how people who cannot psychologically deal with the idea of a civilized, ethical MAP, lash out at you for being one. – Steve

“One should burn to death if you think for a second incest of pedophilia is acceptable
I am non denominational, but ya’ll need jesus
Sidenote, I will engage in mutual combat to the death if fitting”

August 06, 2018

Is that a terrorist threat against my life?…Calm down, Zippy!…A bit of friendly, honest discussion, is no excuse for these kinds of violent outburst.

You get an exhibit, at the Idiot Zoo!

Please seek counseling, for your condition. – Steve

“I’m not surprised that a child rapist wants to mock and hurt these people further.”
November 09, 2018

This crazy comment was attached to my How Dare I Take Any CSA Victim to Task? page.

“child rapist”…Who are you even talking to?…Because it clearly cannot be me.

“…mock and hurt these people further”…Did you even take the time, to read and comprehend the short, rather clear statement you left this comment on?…Did it honestly go over your head, this badly?

If you don’t understand, then ask for clarification. – Steve

The punisher

“What are you going to defend the rights of children? you bunch of liars. That you no longer deceive anyone. That you are a cult paid for by left-wing ideologies, that you have no personal ethics, that you do not tell the truth even if it knocks on your door.

When a blog stops reporting truthfully to tell the lies that interest pedophile apology groups, you realize how rotten the thing is.

Pedophiles are infantile, you are dictators, you insult parents (those who kill themselves to work to feed their children and that part of their taxes goes to subsidized pedophilia associations), and those who think otherwise you call them fascists, right-wing extremists or Nazis.

Well, I am a father and I tell you that my balls would fall to the ground to loose day after day such lies, hoaxes, falsehoods, manipulations, lies and biases. You have to be very miserable to be a pedophile in our times, writers of ideological leaflets that try to indoctrinate the people. I have seen toothless prostitutes consumed by drugs with more dignity than you.

Keep put the ass for Boychat, who are not extremists and don’t say nonsense, of course not! You can hardly hidden who’s paying you, can you?”

November 18, 2018

A response – Steve


“Que sois unos malditos que debéis ser exterminados del planeta,nos asesinais en vida, nos destruís psicológicamente, sois los culpables de que haya cada día más pornografia infantil, más niños y niñas con su infancia destruida

That you are cursed that you must be exterminated from the planet, you assassinate us in life, you destroy us psychologically, you are the guilty ones that there is more and more child pornography, more children with their childhood destroyed”

April 01, 2019

They didn’t like the EQF IBLD website. – Steve

It’s Me you scared little bitches

“Lol yes I hope anyone who touches a child under 12 causing them to suffer the life long affects of Child rape should be immediately put to death! If MAPs want acceptance starting beef with public child sexual assault survivors will be your own trap you set to never be accepted and, for my words to ring true and loud! You people are VOID HUMANS. You have zero fucking sense of humility or boundaries and pnly mimic compassion for what your sickness does and is doing to society! You’re mad people who think people who rape infants and toddlers should be denounced and put to death! Sorry not sorry! You look dumb and like I said PYSCHOPATHIC to complain someone in the world thinks infant rapist should be put down and discarded! Think about that you fuxking cry babies! Maybe 1 or 2 of you want to be safe and get help but to DENY YOUR “CLUB” ATTRACTS VERY DANGEROUS PEOPLE WHO HUNT AND RAPE CHILDREN IS WHY YOU WILL NEVER BE ACCEPTED IN SOCIETY!!!!! You keep pretending your friends don’t have secrets they don’t tweet in public! I know a lot of you keep getting locked up for CHILD PORN!! dumbasses posing about porn on sociial media like its normal. Stay off the internet freaks. Grow the fuck up! Yes Sharika Soal wants a federal JUDGE to LEGALLY murder all humans who rape infants, toddlers and Kidnergartners. Get used to it idiots.”

June 28, 2019

Left in response to this post

and a response

Hey dumbasses

“And never forget your url belongs to the host if I see my name on here again I will have your entire blog banned FROM the server . TEST IT OUT AND SEE”

June 28, 2019

Of note: They left this through an M.A. Voice post, from 2018 [over a year old]…It’s mighty peculiar, especially given there’s only links to BoyChat or other MAP’s…

…A drive by troll?

I’ve never blogged about anyone named “Hey dumbasses”.

I suppose you’re as free as the [likely] thousands of others who’ve filed an outrage report against this blog.

As things stand, it is still within the terms of service to share links, quotes and commentary about social issues…and things going on, online.

I have no concern about your neutered threat…Go right ahead.

– Steve

All three of the following are from the same person, posted during the same brief tantrum.

youfucksdeservedeath [pussypedophilefaggots]
“I can’t believe this pedophile defense site is allowed to have a platform. You’re a bunch of sick pedophile fucks that want to prey on children. You fucking pussies. I know someone is reading this. I’d love to smack the fucking life out of you.”

usukbigtime [pedodefendersickfuck]
“Aight so, I’m assuming this is to the person on youtube catching pedos… Only a pedo would try and paint it as something bad. You fucking child molester.”

Previous two posted in response to this post

pussypedophiles [youwillgetdeathsoon]
“Fuck you pedophile sick fucks”

Posted in response to a CLogo Archive post.

February 07, 2020

These sorts often invent creative URLs to place in the “website” field of the comment form. I’ve included the relevant bits in brackets. – Steve

A Response




“Are you so lost to not see what happens when a child is sexually assaulted? Do you not feel their pain? Do you not see their confusion and every-night delusions. Crying out to God “why! why! why!”…”why me!???” I just wanted to be a child can’t you see?

You think it is normal what you do? How dare you prey upon children?! How dare you think you can rip away their lives with years of anger?!!? Do you want someone to prey on you? Do you want someone to force you down and destroy your sense of self worth? How dare you!

What you suffer from is demons whether you know it or not and I cast those demons away! BEGONE! Step aside from your desires and imagine what a child feels like being assaulted by a smelly grown man like you. No amount of cologne will disguise the filth! BEGONE DEMONS BEGONE!

In the name of Yahushua, the son of the almighty Yahweh, I cast out the demons. I command them to leave you! Change your ways before you find a cold jail cell as your home. Prisoners do not take a liking for people who abuse children. Do you want to be the prey?”

…A Twitter exorcism?…

– Steve

December 25, 2017

Mellisa Zaccaria @TheHoneybee_

“Hahaha, you fucking pigs! Keep promoting child raper love and acceptance. We see through your bullshit and will never stop pushing back against your twisted ideology. Pray that your website survives the New Year.”

This exceedingly insane sociopath has called me a “child rapist”, and rarely missed a chance to throw ad homonyms at me and make threats against the existence of Our Love Frontier. – Steve

A growing journal on her “activism”

December 23, 2017

Jason @KehoeJasonT

“You are a disgusting human. You will face karma one day for your sickening behaviour. Hopefully karma is a nice cell mate of yours.. Could be bad

You are a weirdo.. You are going to hell. Please stay away from children until that day

It is such obvious projection.. This weirdo definitely does things the mind can’t imagine in his spare time from his activism(??).

No.. If I see you, no peace what so ever. You are lucky to be able to hide in corners of the internet and “express yourself”. No one accepts you at all.

I understand why people sell drugs, assault, Rob, murder in some cases.. But pedos?? No gain at all, only hurt.

If we put them in prison with no PC they will be dealt with incredibly swiftly.. But the prisons protect them so weirdos like this guy don’t cry and complain

I seriously hope this guy dies… I don’t care about anything normally.. But this guy is beyond anything I’ve ever seen

I am sure they have reported me a couple of times.. I will lose another account for this weirdo.. F**k him

You are wrong ALWAYS. Once you are attracted to children, your opinion becomes permanently invalid in society. You and your 5 pedo friends can go to hell

You think you are… Only you. Your family hates you, don’t they? You have a wife? NO. Any friends? Support partner from pedos anonymous doesn’t count.”

December 27, 2017

Debbie Hardin? @d_hardin56

@EQFoundation It is morally wrong and Illegal to rape or have sex with children. Stop trying to normalize it STEVE?? Our society will NEVER accept pedophilia. #unbelievablysick”

December 27, 2017

BasedTXPatriot @BasedTXPatriot

“Well, if you like diddling kids you deserve to be named, shamed and outed in every way possible. What’s the problem here? Keep your pervy eyes, hands, feet and over all pedo ways away from our kids and there won’t be a problem.

Don’t call me dear. Do you or do you not find children sexually attractive? If the answer is yes. That’s sick as hell and no amount of sugar coating it will ever make it ok and you will always be ostracized from society for good reason.

Anyone who would put their own sexual desires over the well-being of someone more defenseless than them, is beyond help. Whether it be actual sex or CP. It’s devastating to children and their families. But y’all don’t care, all y’all care about is that nut &feeling accepted.

Misunderstood? That might actually be funny, if it wasn’t so sickening. Stop trying to normalize and rationalize pedophilia. It’s not going to happen. Just be lucky that you guys don’t have pitchforks and angry mobs chasing yall out of town.

I don’t give a sh*t about what is good for a pedophile.I don’t care about welcoming them into society. Pedophiles are the scum of the earth, and they will do whatever they can to weasel their way into getting what they want. Even the “nice” ones.

Yep. At the very least, they should be castrated and exiled from society.”

December 27, 2017

quickjr.quick@gmail.com @Nestlesquickga1

“Words, words, words…u r a deluded idiot that thinks putting words in varying orders makes your thoughts & beliefs valid…..they r evidence of soulless disobedience 2 the common GOOD, Silly!”

December 27, 2017

Marianne Faithfull? @MarianneTexas

“All cultures throughout history recognize good and evil.”

December 27, 2017

Network Radio? @networkradious

“Enabling pedophiles to be proud isn’t what society seems as a human right. You’re fighting for the most abhorrent of causes. Is there no better use of our energy?!how denegrated can your life actually be? And if so, signs are obvious you should take a different path. Clearly.”

December 27, 2017

Curt: veteran LT. @toewSC

“This guy should be in jail… his ideas will get a young child seriously wrecked!

You already told us you were a coward, firstly by saying you plan to block, secondly you prefer children that you can manipulate and bribe with candy, no harm in blocking at this point.”

Brazen distortions and lies. – Steve

Dec 28, 2017

AmBEAR @Amber_E_Leonard

“Dear God, why are you around children? You are a sick, disgusting, individual…whether you have acted on your urges yet or not, you will…whether it starts with kiddie porn…which is highly disgusting and illegal and NOT a victimless crime…it will devolve into worse”

Dec 28, 2017

* BasedTXPatriot @BasedTXPatriot

“Um “Steve” works with kids. How is that safe? For the kids, not him. No one said concentration camp. But you and your kind won’t be welcome in society. YOU are the sickos.”

Not a direct response to me, but don’t you just love the projection, paranoia and insinuation aimed at me? – Steve

Dec 28, 2017

Jason @KehoeJasonT

“There really isn’t words to describe these delusional bastards.

But now that you mention these camps… Sounds like a good idea”

Concentration Camps. – Steve

Dec 28, 2017

* K Mochuille
“When the pendulum swings, down comes the guillotine. These people are gasping the last breathes of their deviant culture. Not quite there yet, but the information age leaves them nowhere to hide.”

…A cheerleader for the Pink Haired Witch, who’s been trash talking, lying and making threats against myself, and this blog, for about six months…probably longer. – Steve

January 10, 2018

* Floyd-1979?

“WTF is wrong with YOU….your kind need fucking one to the back of the head and forget the grave let the worms feast. #Nonce”

They even place three rodents in their tweet, for extra effect. – Steve

January 11, 2018

Feckless deplorable

“Excuse me? I don’t understand pedophilia and that’s my fault? I’m not listening?? You touch my child and what happens to you will not be pretty.”

August 01, 2018

Thank you for being Exhibit A, on someone who should talk way less, and listen way more.

Mighty fine example of talking over me, and infusing incorrect notions into this thread.

…And don’t threaten me, sweetheart.

It violates Twitter’s terms of service…and internet thugs are pathetic. – Steve


“Who is that person Steve Diamond? Children are NOT for sex. How can people be so evil and destroy children this way. Without any regard they destroy their mind, body and soul. Some days this is just too much….breaks my heart….”

October 02, 2018

Oh!…Don’t be so mellow dramatic with the hyperbole! – Steve

The Dragon’s Den

“No, now we know the literal history behind your malicious terrorism ran by disturbed sociopaths on #Children & #PedoHunters else that opposes your sick ideology that having a sexual attraction 2 kids is somehow virtuous, not 2 mention everyone that has been protecting you #SikFux”

October 02, 2018

This one is confused, all over the place. – Steve


“creepy steve’s health is rapidly deteriorating so we probably won’t have to be subjected to his stupidity for much longer. while we’re waiting for his hopefully soon demise, here’s something from 2008 that he’s still crying about [Propaganda YouTube Video]”

October 02, 2018

…They’re still trying to milk past glory, out of something from a decade ago?

It’s peculiar how they bring this same old video up [and what it represents], over and over and over…and accuse me of “still crying over it”…I’ve been too busy running a thriving blog, to cry about anything.

I think the true venom spewed here, is over the fact that I’m rebuilding my old blogs…including the one they are so gleeful, over having dealt such a heavy blow against me. My resolve will always be deeper than their hate.

…Plus…I’m going to live as long as possible, just for that nasty remark! – Steve

A Rare Deepwater Jew @FriedD_O_N_G
“You’re fucking delusional”
December 08, 2018

No attempt to address the issues raised in my constructive post…

…Only an attempt to smear my integrity, with a false claim about my mental state.

This is a typical tactic of attempting to steal someone’s voice, by subjectively designating them some form of “invalid”.

– Steve

“Pedophile is the correct terminology though. And we hate pedos .

Pedophiles just don’t get it ! They think they’ll be able to use protected characteristics to jump on the bandwagon. They don’t realise that they are not part of the LGBT community and this is the hill ordinary people will die on. Paedophilic behaviour shall never be tolerated”

February 20, 2019

What is with this notion, that the LGBT are the only sexual minorities with any right, to human rights, free expression and access to social and political discourse?

MAPs have their own valid groups and presence. We are not part of the LGBT.

Laws and culture both effect us deeply, all while taking from us mentally, physically and financially…

…We MAPs have every right, to mold and shape the laws and cultures, which feed off of us as a resource…and dictate the quality of our lives.

Nobody has to be part of the LGBT, to understand and appreciate the gravity of this.

In addition, what Bartholomew ascribes to me is a complete, and total, red herring. I have always put up front, that I reject the notion that we are part of the LGBT [though we can have far better relations, than we currently do]. There is no excuse for attempting to talk over me, and ignore what I’ve been saying for decades. – Steve

“Artistic & spiritual? Beast! @EQFoundation

They can jump off a cliff the khnats!”

February 20, 2019

Yes!…I am a very artistic and spiritual person.

You are clearly mean and cruel. – Steve

l u n a tanjila
“ugh. why is it sooooooo hard to understand adults should not be fucking children

it’s not about being rational or whatever… it’s about being responsible and looking out for our children, a concept you clearly have no grasp on.

biology isn’t an excuse for harming children weirdo

right, and you think its ok to fuck children”

March 07, 2019

A Response

The Great Smokesperson
“This is the most insane entitled pedophile ranting I have ever seen.

The only thing being criminalized is you sick fucks wanting to take advantage of a developing human.

Jails are swelling bc of mandatory minimum sentencing, not bc everyone’s a diseased fucking animal like you.”

March 07, 2019

A Response

Kameel Beylant @securitysconcer
Imposter of Kamil Beylant @Securityconcern

“it`s only kiddy diddlers that are dumb enough to boast about being kiddy diddlers , paedophiles are as thick as shit as a rule, dumb as fuck and deviant ,vile humans i`ve been told”

14 May 2019

gay rat rights
“imagine sugarcoating the fact that you are a piece of disgusting human scum and grope children/want to by saying “uwu i’m a Minor Attracted Person”
shut the fuck up.


call yourself a pedo like you actually are bro.
get help.

May 15, 2019

Some people are in a huff, because Minor Attracted Person “MAP” has been in usage for about a decade longer than Multi Animator Project “MAP” has…yet, the animator project people decided to also use “MAP”. It seems a few people are attempting to instigate some completely needless conflict between our communities. – Steve

Miro. slav

“No one is embracing pedos

As a gay uncle to several boys you’d have a personal reckoning with me and my husband if I even caught you lookin”

June 01, 2019

Some people are embracing pedophiles, actually.

Oh, gee… …a spontaneous appeal to an ignorant stereotype, complete with an implied threat…All for no reason…

Thanks sweetheart…I’ll add you into the Twitter branch of my Fear, Threat and Attack Files.

Miro. slav

“you rotten, damaged, gnat. I’ve watched my nephew deal with repercussions of having the misfortune to come into contact with a damaged goods like you when he was 9.

Put me on whatever branch you want gnat, it’s an honor”

June 02, 2019

Miro. slav loves to dehumanize other human beings.


“Don’t try this culture shit with me . Your an evil sick ass person !! HELL for you”

June 29, 2019

Not sure who this bozo is, but I steadfastly repeat myself…

The dignified clarity of “Minor Attracted Person” is important to us who are MAP’s.

It really doesn’t matter what outsiders think. We have every right to use this term within our community…as do our allies.

Objection to this is nothing more than outrage culture.

– Steve

Eat Shit And Die

“All I can say is, rest in piss you piece of shit. Stop freeloading off of us like the parasites you are.

The LGBTQ community.”

This was left in response to the David L. Riegel – 1931-2019 memorial post.

July 10, 2019

My hope for you is that someday…you learn what it means to be human. – Steve


“You are a bastard !!!”

Actually, my parents were married prior to my conception, from what I am told…

…But, thank you for your thoughts. – Steve

August 06, 2019


“U filthy animals!”

January 08, 2020


“You are sick and should be jailed.”

January 08, 2020


“There isn’t anything else to say. They’re pieces of shit.”

January 08, 2020


“You’ve told your self a lie in avoidance, common defense mech. I heard the best way to attract some chicken to your place……..you need a garage…start the car and bbq…..here’s the trick….close the door…after 30 min you will have arrived!”

January 09, 2020


“All Pedophiles must die.”

January 10, 2020


“Well that was an asshole remark, well we obviously see where you swing!
Noted “keep children away from Steve a Diamond and the @Eqfounfation”!”

January 10, 2020

What an utterly strange, abusive response to my tame, mild and honest tweet…and who is the Eqfounfation?
– Steve


“Believes adults that rape kids are as dangerous as your gran”

January 10, 2020

Such a strange thing to imply…most precisely because I’ve never expressed that, nor would I ever express that.
– Steve


“Pedophiles are narcissists lacking empathy for others. Pedophiles are a huge threat to the society.”

January 10, 2020


“Welp that put a flag on you.”

January 10, 2020

The Twitter nasties of the last few days, are friends of Larry Sanger @lsanger, who decided to sick them on me. They seem to range from homicidal to delerious. He’s not much nicer, to be completely honest.
– Steve

“Well we can hope they are putting you fucking sickos under vigilance, you need to be put behind bars ASAP. For the safety of children and yourselves.

Sure thing fucking pedo, stay mad and fuck your self with a baseball bat wrapped in rusty barb wire.

The core sickos of that hashtag should be kept in prison, for ever since they can’t be cured. Fucking pedos.

Yeah, sure pervert, fucking degenerate, now get lost and go fuck yourself.”
April 05, 2020

I was expressing an opinion, on the people who flood the #mappositivity hashtag with vitriol and abuse…Twitter seriously needs to clean it’s website up, and show a lot of people [who are violating TOS to no end] to the door.

Andrew @RealAOstrihon
“I will cut a pedos head off with a dull penknife. What are y’all finna do? Call the police? Freaks.”
April 9, 2020

Chaotic Gay @Red_pp_boi
“Ah. So I am Infact, allowed to bully you. Epic.”
April 15, 2020

Actually, no. You cannot. If you try, you can face the same consequences as others have. – Steve

Avanax @Avanaxator
“Ok child fucker”
April 15, 2020

You are truly lost in the head. – Steve

EtheriousRaiden @EtherRaiden
“You think you’re entitled to have a normal debate while you’re supporting the exploitation of children who cannot consent? You’re “pro-human rights” and “anti-abuse humanist” and you pull this kind of shit? You’re a disgusting degenerate and a hypocrite, fuck off.

You call the truth a “lie” when it doesn’t fit your narrative, don’t you? Go fuck yourself.”
April 15, 2020

Kindly stop lying about me. Thank You!

I never call the truth a lie, not even when it cuts against me. I’ve spent my life conceding to truth…But I expect the same level of integrity, when truth is in my favor. – Steve

billy bob boux jomns lovebot! @usercrumbs
“why are you hiding all the replies trying to knock some sense into your fucked up head[?]”
April 15, 2020

Behaving like you’re not a low IQ animal raised in a zoo, goes a long way.

These incoherent “responses” as you charitably call them, are nothing more than spontaneous abuse, which adds nothing to the tweet.

They’re hidden so that us mature MAPs don’t have to dredge through them – Steve

My Tweet Which Offended So Many

Kiwyn @LTheoleyre
“I hate pedophiles and so should everyone, you guys belong on a guillotine”
April 15, 2020

corongavírus @tafodagarsom
“Killing maps should be considered a sport”
April 15, 2020

The Cringey Boi @YaBoi78179327
“It doesn’t matter what happens to us. If you’re a map, you deserve to be shot, beheaded, burned, torn apart, skinned, hanged, crucified, crushed, drowned and mutilated. I’M NOT AFRAID MOTHERFUCKER! FUCK YOU, FUCK MAPS, AND KILL YOURSELF!”
April 15, 2020

An abuser on Twitter got a time out. Many of their friends threw a hissy fit. – Steve

WoahItsBuckle @WillJoestar


Aright then I want you to go around your neighborhood and tell all your neighbors that you like kids sexually and see what happens since its LeGal you fucking weird piece of shit

stfu pedophiles should die

And to be FRANK maybe you should get coronavirus because PEDOPHILES ARE A SCUM TO THE HUMAN RACE”
April 15, 2020

The LGBT is not the source of culture…nor does it own the concept or model of culture…

People who form communities have their own culture.

I agree that screwing kids, in itself, is not a culture…a singular activity of any sort does not constitute “a culture”. – Steve

amelia @__gamergf__
“or!!!!! instead of crying like a baby, maybe you’ll go fuck one!!!!!”
April 17, 2020

Using the rape of an infant as humor?…Keep typing, amelia…I don’t mind showcasing what you are really like. – Steve

Ben_Verder_Niks @UltimateDestro9
“Hope someone puts an. 50 cal bullet right between your fucking eyes.”
April 19, 2020

Charlie @LeftWingGunman
“D1e in a fucking fire”
April 20, 2020

Zencii77 @zencii77
“You need fucking shooting you sick cunt”
April 21, 2020

Punished Gman
“Steve if i ever see you near a chils i will not hesitate to slap you”
June 08, 2020

TheAntiMAPOfficer #AntiMAP #ReportMAPs
“Pedos like you deserve to die painfully.”
June 10, 2020

Paper Sticko
“Get the fuck off twitter if you make MAP version flags of anything.”
May 27, 2020

If you’re so bent out of shape about flags and symbols representing communities, that it makes you demand somebody leave a platform…

…then your only true option is that you leave.

I shall be staying. – Steve

FckMaps @PHunter42069
“There should be no positivity for maps. You are wrong, you are disgusting. You should get therapy, and get the fuck off of here.”
June 30, 2020

I pity you…

…Perhaps one day you will not only learn what it means to be human…but also what it means to be a decent human being.

I invite you to start that journey of change.

– Steve

FckMaps @PHunter42069
“I need to learn what it means to be human? That’s fucking hilarious. Im not the one who sexualizes children and minors, I’m not the one who fights for the rights of people who do. I need to learn to be human? Take a look in the fucking mirror you scumbag.

Have you gone out of your way to get help for it? I very much doubt it. Instead you come onto this platform, and try your damned hardest to normalize this shit. Newsflash fuckface, it’s not normal, I have seen the effect pedos have on people, it is disgusting, you scar them. Cunt”
July 01, 2020

All this unsolicited bile, in response to my request that MAPs and MAP Allies be decent to each other, in the #mappositivity hashtag…The original message being:

MAPs and Allies of all stripes…

Would it be to much for me to request, that this hashtag remain a neutral ground of respect among all of us, and that we all refrain from in fighting, or getting in snide jabs, at each other?

This hashtag is for the non-political spreading of positivity among MAPs and Allies…

…It’s not for a certain few to relentlessly inform others of us, just how inferior they think we are.

Attitudes should be checked at the door.

And they have the gall to employ the “pedophile hunter” persona, so popular among these types of abusers.

Reread my tweets you are responding to, until you finally understand them.

You need to deal with your own psychological baggage, before you go around wagging fingers, accusing and insulting people who’ve had a lifetime to work through their own issues, who’ve long ago arrived at a place of peace which works.



Poll Respondent

“shove your filthy blue candle up your ass, steve”

June 27, 2018


“perfect description of the existentialist rationale in every elite pedo Luciferian mind.”


“This crap is making me homicidal!”


“He missed the part about needing to predator groom and that a young boy is intellectually undeveloped know to know what’s right and that a young child isnt his fcking demonic plaything.

Can we just start killing these pedophiles yet or what?.”

Religion born strawman, and nutty conspiracy…appealing to murderous violence…another strawman, with more nutty religious impositions forced in, with an expressed desire to murder me in a snarky kind of tone…

…VOAT has such a lovely population of posters… – Steve

Found on August 30, 2018

Citation Link: VOAT

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