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For those concerned about active and engaged pedophiles [aka “paedophiles”] on Twitter [or the internet, for that matter]…

I: What Is Happening

People fear what they do not understand…

…One of my fundamental intentions, has always been to inform people about pedosexuality and pedosexuals…the reality, as opposed to the myths and hyperbole. It has always been my intention, to combat phobia and hate aimed at pedosexuals, human sexuality and other minorities.

…Another of my fundamental intentions, is to document things which are relevant to our struggle as a minority…and things relevant to our existence…things which celebrate us, and our contributions to the larger world around us…testimony that we were here, and these are the things we endured…these were our triumphs…this is how we faced our plight…this is what we have learned.

I fight for a future…where these kinds of alienation and social abuses of minorities, are a thing of the past…a day where no mutual human intimacy is demonized, or saddled with vicious stereotypes of mythical proportions.

My motivation is not merely to help others cope with their own phobias of human intimacy…but it is to help forge a path, to a world where intimate and loving humans no longer have to face the social cruelties of the world I have been forced to live in.

What I do…it is for posterity…it is for remembering mistakes of the past, long into the future…it is for a better future, for all.

This is not activity aimed at injuring anyone at all, in any manner at all…It is fully humane and optimistic in scope. It strives to keep everyone’s wellbeing at the forefront.

Don’t fear the hand which has come to help.

II: Unrest and Conflict

I have taken notice of various trends in behavior on Twitter, which seem to come from an abusive and paranoid minority in Twitter’s user base. I’ve also collected a sampling, of most of the sorts of abusive behavior I am about to discuss. I share them with you here.

III: First, Two Principles

Many people claim to hold the right to free speech near and dear to their heart, even acting as though they were a champion of free speech…all the while, attacking other people’s right to free speech, as well as all rights to peaceful association, peaceful assembly and peaceful activity.

Many of these individuals do not know the true virtue and foundation behind free speech rights.

Thankfully, we have eloquent and thoughtful people like Noam Chomsky, to remind us of such things.

…If you do not support my right as a pedosexual, to exercise my voice to speak freely without obstruction, abuse and discrimination, on equal footing with all others and in the public sphere…then you do not support the right of free speech.

Some people don’t care about free speech rights, because they are not, themselves, negatively impacted by a social tendency, to rob them of personal expression, or to rob them of the ability to represent themselves in the public sphere. These people lack an empathy, and an understanding of just how awful…how unlivable and intolerable it is, to find ones self in such a state of existence.

There are many, many social problems…which spring out of denying people their right to speak on behalf of themselves…and on behalf of those issues which affect them. It is dangerous to alienate people in that manner.

If you cannot have empathy for the individual and what they are going through…at least have understanding of the fact, that you are sending away someone with genuine grievance, to fester and come back to haunt you…in ways you probably wont like.

Alienating people is never an answer to social conflict…It just makes things much worse.

Everyone out there, should care about and defend my right as a pedosexual, to stay engaged, to own my own identity and to express what is on my mind…

…This line of communication is vital to all people, in all social issues that we find ourselves in.

You don’t need to agree with me, ever…But you do need to understand and respect both my need and reasons, for expressing the things that I do.

I took this from a project, dealing with homosexual history.

Bernadette Brooten puts into words very well, what has tugged at my heart and mind for many, many years…

…We, as pedosexuals, must not allow our lives and existence…our culture, and contributions to larger culture…we must not allow our knowledge, our wisdom, our ingenuity, our struggles, our hopes, our love and triumphs…our true nature, to be lost to the winds…as though we never existed at all.

We are an important part of humankind…We are a relevant part of history, and of progress…The world should never be allowed to forget this.

IV: Twitter Nannies, Who “Know Best”

I’ve had this curious repeat experience on Twitter…It’s probably happened about three times now, I guess…maybe four…

…Someone I’ve never seen before decides to tweet me, and inform me that I am following “a pedophile”, “a registered sex offender”, or something to this nature…Sometimes they even drop a link, to a website where they’ve taken it upon themselves to completely drag the individual in question through the mud…spread the name and private information about this person, presumably to intimidate, threaten or even harm them…but almost certainly with expectations to alienate them from me.

Mind you…I do not knowingly follow anyone on Twitter, who is doing anything illegal or demonstrably unethical.

…I do, however, follow a number of people that happen to be pedosexual, like myself…Some do have past conflicts with the law…some don’t.

These are human beings, who have experience and insight to offer us all…I chose to follow them, because they have offered something on Twitter which I have found value and interest in…It is as simple as that.

At one point in time…I was left feeling nearly interrogated by one of these “Twitter Nannies”, over why I am following a certain person on Twitter…They soon after blocked me [having been following them for a bit], without just reason.

I was respectful to them…And this person who blocked me, was someone who’s views and experiences I was sincerely interested in knowing…Because unlike some people, I do not aspire to live in an echo chamber…and I welcome diverse viewpoints into my world…I welcome all people freely speaking of their troubles in life…How else are we to see to it, that our problems are resolved?

This was strange behavior on their part…and not the only time I’ve experienced it.

The most recent repeat of this behavior, came compliments of a Twitter user known as @NotASympathizer…

…I checked out their Twitter channel, just to soon after find them making the inhumane and demented comment shown above, towards the targeted person in question.

This comment is of a nature, that I would recognize as clear hate speech…I would further suggest it is sociopathic…and potentially a death threat.

The person this was aimed at, was targeted because he is a self aware pedosexual who stands up for himself, and who stands up for issues he cares about…

…There was never excuse, for any innuendo on his right to be alive, or whether his life should be forcibly ended…That was just vulgar hate and dehumanizing cruelty, which was being expressed.

…You will no doubt understand, if I refrain from giving this assailant any amount of trust, in light of their own behavior.

I thanked them for informing me of who I am following, and…well…here is the text of my cordial response to them…

“Thank you. I know who Nigel is, consider him a friend & greatly admire him. I’m glad he is around and active.”

“I also find it curious, those seeing fit to vet my follows, to inform me of who I follow. Truly redundant.”

…Shortly after, @cathywathywoo asked me why I admire him…a question I took seriously, and cordially responded with…

“He speaks from experience, rarely spoken truth, with deep and consistent personal conviction.”

“I am not thrown by his orientation. It is mine, also…with a bit of variance.”

“We live our entire lives with these issues, and understand them deep…different from you.”

“Different from your perception, I should say.”

“Reality is, most people will hang us out to dry, unjustly and out of ignorance…blind hate.”

“We’ve come to understand, we cant rely on a system which has completely failed us.”

“Therefor, people like us stand up and defend ourselves [our lives], facing what is in front of us.”

“I have tremendous respect, for those of us who have this uncommon courage.”

…When I came online the next day, I found “cath” had thanked me for “the lecture”, dropped a strawman about “knowing a few victims, injured for life”…and that she had promptly blocked me from her channel [I was never following her, however]…

…I was later informed of her hyper sensitivity to stigmatized reality, by another person who is blocked by her.

It has become clear to me over time…that there exists on Twitter some sort of group and/or mindset…which is obsessed with who is following who…And which disapproves, when people they are fixated upon are gaining attention and responses…maybe that they are being allowed to take part in any social exchange, at all?

It seems to me…these people are attacking the ability of others, to reach out and communicate…That they are actually trying to break down communication, held amongst those who are most in need of it.

V: Hyperbole, and Poisoning The Well

This next artifact of distortion was not posted on Twitter to my knowledge […though knowing the source, it likely was], but it is espoused at the website owned by Shy Keenan…a fairly prominent, dogmatic purveyor of hate and intolerance against pedosexuals.

This individual has seen to it the concept be spread, that pretty much anything intelligent a pedosexual has to say in their own defense, is somehow tantamount to terrorism…Actually, it’s not even that generous…She claims such speech to be an outright “act of terrorism”…

…Because people are allegedly so “terrorized”, by encountering pedosexuals rationally discussing important issues which affect their lives.

Of course…this is nothing more than poisoning the well…It is a cheap assault, on people’s very ability to speak…to say things.

It is an assault anyone of moderate intelligence should be able to quickly see through, and dismiss.

….But, there it is…It is another element of phobia which is out there, that we face.

…Isn’t it just astonishing, that anybody could believe [let alone express in a public place], that any other human is “a terrorist”, for merely existing and discussing issues of relevance to them?

Some of the people who fixate on us, are very detached from the real world…They have issues of their own, which are not being properly dealt with.

…And they are trying to take their own, personal problems…and turn them into serious problems for other people.

VI: Factual Terrorism and Threats

Speaking of terrorism…how about a sample of real terrorism?

This incident occurred at the hands of several individuals, who self identified as members of the online terrorist hacker group “Anonymous”.

…I captured one of the more telling threads, as this group of circling hyenas was ganging up on, and trying to torment, a pedosexual who peacefully uses Twitter.

Of course, this example of terrorism is one which a lot of people laugh off, because the victim was a pedosexual…Yet what is happening here, is a stark look into the black heart and dark mind, of an Anonymous member.

Do take note of the dehumanizing condescension…And that a threat is being levied…

…Also consider, there were at least two others involved in this torment frenzy.

VII: The Outraged “Moral Authority”

Here we have an individual with a history of finding and reporting “pedos”…and getting outraged, when the officer confirmed, that the “pedo” was doing nothing illegal…hence, the officer could do nothing about this “pedo” using the resource.

We have societies so conditioned and trained…that a lot of people honestly believe, some law is being broken when a pedosexual starts using social media…As if being a pedosexual on social media, were against the law.

The mistake here, is in not knowing the law…and not distinguishing between illegal activity and legal activity.

…Obviously, this individual believes it should be a crime…and is willing to toss the human rights of others into a trash can…

He is outraged, that there is no law against pedosexuals being online?

VIII: Naked Bigotry

This one really speaks for itself…and I totally meant what I said in response to it.

Dana “I don’t have any proof or facts. I am too lazy to look up shit but all I know is you are disgusting and should be arrested.”

This beautifully hits the main bases, describing when most people come on the attack against us.

They don’t know what they are talking about. They don’t even care enough, to actually get their facts straight. And they are swept away in the hysterics all about the boogyman.

Thank you for the honesty, Dana!

IX: Of Note

Here are a few more links, which discuss the problem of malcontents on Twitter.

  • Poisoning The Well: How Low Does Anonymous Go?
  • Anonymous, Twitter and DDOS Against Chatango
  • Hive Child: a boy for Anonymous and Allison Shea

    I was going to include a link, concerning a group of zealots which puts on a podcast…I posted about their abuse, and verbal admission of intent to target pedosexuals on Twitter [with an anti-spam glitch on the website], on BoyChat…Apparently, I have yet to post about that here.

    One of these people contacted me out of the blue, just to tell me I “should be room temperature”…

    X: Conclusion

    Generally speaking…I’ve seen a lot of crazy, crazy, crazy behavior online, over the years…And most of the people providing these spectacles, were not pedosexuals.

    They were…”normal” people who didn’t know how to behave, when stumbling upon a stigmatized issue and the people discussing it.

    Some have been extremely nasty, abusive and malicious…including towards me, personally.

    …But I think most have just been “fish out of water”…who feel like if a few threats, shaming and insults don’t work…then they need to retreat by just throwing a strawman or two…and blocking…

    I acknowledge that many onlookers might not know what to do, when in the presence of a self aware pedosexual, who knows how to defend himself…

    …But you don’t need to feel intimidated by this.

    …You don’t need to behave, in the way those people displayed on this page have behaved.

    It serves no purpose to go there…and people like us are not going away…So you are better off just accepting that we are here…And we are here to stay.

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